raglak journey of love and trust (episode 12)


Kavya calls that person to meet her
She goes to house kavitha is also waiting their
Swara: sanskar don’t know what’s happening what laksh did
Sanskar: I know swara but I am just worried what this kavya is upto
Swara: u r right don’t know what to do
Sanskar: swra I am going to MM kavya is definetly upto something big
Swara: u r right
Sanskar: swra u be here take care of ragini
Swara: u also be careful
Sanskar arrives in car to MM he sees that kavya is going out In her car

Sanskar: where is she going know he follows her
Sanskar: why did she come here
He sees kavya going in he sliently follows her he sees she is talking to someone and kavitha is also their
Kavith:a:what happened why u called us here
Kavya: after what laksh toady did we all should be tensed
Person: what has he done
Kavya: today in samanth’s party laksh said in front of everyone that he loves ragini

Kavitha: what ………………….
Person: no I can’t lose know after so much troubles no……………………..i can’t (in anger tone) so many years I have waited I can’t let my plan flop
Kavitha: what do u mean u so many years
Kavya: because of those maheswari’s we faced so many problems we should ruin them at any cost
Person: u r right I want that dp to bend on his knees and beg me he spoiled my whole life just for one mistake I did…………………
Kavya: relax dad…………………………. we will only win we have to think of a plan because in drunken state laksh said that
Kavitha:as soon as we have get the property on our name
Person: yes kavya as soon as he gains consciousness get the papers signed
Kavya: ok I would leave know………………
Sanskar is shocked to hear their conservation as soon as kavya leaves he also leaves to badi
Ragini’s room
Ragini has opened door swara Is sitting with her
Swra: ragini u have to be strong u can’t be weak know
Ragini: swara I am trying to but when I have moved on why he’s again troubling me(she started to cry)
Swara: ragini……………..(she consoles her)
Just then sanskar comes

Sanskar: ma where is swara
Sumi: she’s in ragini’s room
Sanskar: ok ma
Sumi:what happened u r tensed
Sanskar: nothing ma I’ll meet ragini and swra
He comes to ragini’s room
Swra: sanskar u here u went to MM na why r u tensed
Sanskar: u were right this kavya is upto something big she is not alone in all this along with kavitha their is someone
Swra: what r u saying sanskar
Sanskar tells her everything what just happened
Ragini: that means kavya wants property and she wants to break family
Sanskar: I have no idea who that person was but I am sure they have perfect planning they r not planning from know from many years they r upto bade papa
Swara: that means he is from past he wants to take revenge from bade papa
Ragini: but what had happened
Sansakr: he was telling about a mistake don’t know what’s that
Swara: it is all confusing……………… wht is happening

Ragini: wait we can ask papaji about this
Sanskar: no he’ll never tell us
Swra: sanskar rember u said that their is a store room in house where no one is allowed to go right
Sanskar: ha swra but
Swara: sanskar we may get any proof or any clue before asking bade papa we can search right
Sanskar: u r right
Ragini: then what r u waiting for go to MM kavya will try to get signed papers u have to stop her and find any clue
Sanskar: ragini is right we should go that kavya will not leave any chance to get papers signed
Swra: ok ragini take care
Swasan leave for MM
Sam’s room
Sam: should I call her or not let me
he calls ragini
sam: hello ragini

ragini: hi sam
sam: r u fine
ragini: yeah
sam:r u ok u r tensed
ragini: ha woh just thinking what happened
sam: just forget about it
ragini: I am trying to
sam: ms.attitude I know u can do that
ragini: thank u for supporting me sam u always their for me
sam: ok ok I am getting bored of these emotional dramas it doesn’t suit u
ragini: oh really

sam: ha u look good when u get anger u r a good jagadalu not when u become senti
ragini:what do u mean by that I get anger very fast I am not a jagadalu ok
sam:see see u got anger I said na(he started to laugh)
ragini: ok …………………ah…………… r u free tomorrow (she is giving a wired look)
sam:ha may be or not but leave that u wanted to talk to me about something na
ragini: yeah woh …………………..
sam:ok meet u at abc restaurant for lunch at 12.30pm
ragini: why not at ur office
sam: woh ajay or dad may come their it may be disturbing
ragini: ok gd ngt
sam:good nght
Swasan at store room
Swra: sanskar u serach their I’ll their
Sanskar and swra r searching
Swra found a box
Swra : sanskar see this what I found

Sanskar: let open the box
They found a picture
Swara: this picture
Sanskar: swara this is bade papa and papa but this lady I don’t know her
Swara: they r close to her see they both r hugging eachother
Swra saw one more photo
Swara: sanskar see this
Sanskar: who is this badepapa papa and that lady and this man is the same who I saw with kavya their
Swra: who’s this lady we have to find about her and that man
Sanskar: swra lets go
They take the photo and move out
Dp is talking to rp
Swara: sanskar shhh……………. listen
Dp: rp what she was doing their
Rp: bahisa she is samanth’s mother

Dp: what
Rp: ha bhaisa…………. we should be careful we should not talk about it it’s not safe
Dp: u r right
Rp comes out swasan hide their
Swasan’s room
Swara: sanskar what’s happening what is connection btw all these
Sanskar: I too not understanding anything
Swra:should we talk to sam about it
Sanskar: don’t know
Swara: may sam’s mom help us to find who’s that person
Sanskar: she may also not help
It’s afternoon
Ragini informs dadi that she has some important work and she come soon
AT restaurant
Sam is waiting for ragini ragini comes there

Sam: u r 10mintues late
Ragini: I am sory
Sam: ok come I am feeling hungry
Ragini: we came to talk not to have lunch
Sam: u r right but know I am hungry just stop wasting time come with me
They both go in restaurant they r seated
Sam: waiter ragini what u’ll eat
Ragini: u order I am ot feeling hungry
Sam: can’t u stop ur drama I know very well after so much drama u didn’t had dinner and breakfast know at least orde
Ragini: how do u know that
Sam: I just know know

Sam orders lunch they both have their lunch
Sam: know tell me what happened
Ragini: u know what swra said at hospital and after what laksh did
Sam(he gets sad hearing this): so what have u decided
Ragini: I am unable to I need ur help
Sam: ok I’ll help u
Ragini tells him everything what sanskar saw
So what should I do
Sam: do u love laksh still
Ragini: I don’t know may be not(sam gets happy hearing this) or may be(he gets sad again)
Sam: so ur problem is u don’t know what do u feel
Ragini: at present its not about me but about a family about my sis
Sam: so u want to help ur sis
Ragini: ha I want to help her
Sam: then go for it
Ragini: but their is laksh their
Sam: ur problem is not laksh but ur emotions

Ragini: what u mean
Sam: see ragini u have moved on u wish to help swra but ur past is not letting u too am I right
Ragini: ha so what should I do
Sam:help swara don’t let ur past spoil ur future
Ragini: thank u for helping me
Sam: not again see I am bored of sentimental drama plsz show some mercy on me
Ragini: sam this’s not fair
Sam: yeah its fair I can’t see u like that when u say thnk u or sory it is like someone shooted me I feel like I am getting heart attack. (he joins his hand) so plsz rago mata show some mercy on this poor guy
Ragini starts to laugh seeing his expresions
They finish their lunch
Outside the restaurant

Sam:com’ll I drop u
Ragini: where r u going to office
Sam: no to meet someone
Ragini: whom
Sam: someone’s called me and told me that he can help me
Ragini: ok can u come with me at badi
Sam: why
Ragini: I’ll infrom ma and baba about going to MM
Sam: why me
Rag: to support me
Sam: r u sure u want me to come
Rag: yeah

Ragini: I’ll infrom swra she calls swara and tells her everything

PRECAP: sam slaps laksh………………
Shekar ask sam to marry ragini………………….

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Credit to: kaira

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