raglak journey of love and trust (episode 11)


At Rathod’s office
Sam has singed deal with amheswari’s he has invited them for the party
Laksh and sanskar r at sam’s office ragini’s comes to meet sam
Sam’s cabin
Sam ngets to know that ragini came he called her in
Ragini: hi samly =khu
Sam: hi ragini r u fine know
Ragini: yeah I am fine whoh actually I wanted to talk to u about something
Sam: yeah u can tell
Ragini: why did u arrange this party to find ur ma’s brother
Sam: yeah u r right
Ragini: do u think I will work and what reason will u give to all
Sam: woh the reason is we signed deal with maheswri’s amd today is mom dad’s mairage anniversary so
Ragini: I want to talk to u about something else
Sam keeps his hand on ragini’s
Sam: tell me don’t hestitate

Ragini: woh actually
Then raj comes their with ajay
Raj: ragini u here
Ragini: yeah I had some work and by the way happy marriage anniversary
Raj: thank u dear they have side hug
Ajay: bhai ragini gadodia the rockstar here in ur office
Raj: ragini meet my son ajay and ajay u know her as rockstar she is also my frnd shekar’s daughter
Ajay: nice to meet u
Ragini: same here
Sam’s PA comes their
PA: sir sanlak sir’s want’s to meet u
Sam: yeah I am coming u gues talk I’ll come
Sam goes from their he meets sanlak
Raj, ajay and ragini have some nice talk ajay is impressed by ragini they also become good frnd
Ragini: ok I think I am getting late

Raj: wait for sometime sam would be comig
Ragini: its ok I’ll talk to him later
Ajay: u can tell me I’ll infrom bhai(he gives a naughty simile to her)
Ragini: (similes a bit)I’ll talk to him later and I am getting late I should become ready also for tonight party
Ajay: so sory I know gril’s need hrs to get ready
Ragini: mu have good experience I think what say
Ajay: ha ha mom and brunal went to parlour a long time before to get ready still they would take more time
They all laugh
Ragini: ok I should leave
She goes from their
Ajay:dad she is really so sweet
Raj: ha I am shocked when last time she came ur brother had a fight with her and when ever they met they were fighting only
Ajay: what I can’t belive ha bhai can fight but she………………. I don’t think so
Raj: ask ur bhai he’ll tell more about her
Ajay: ok we’ll see I felt that bahi likes her
Raj: may be or may be not

Ajay: bet that bahai likes her
Raj:ok fine bet that sam don’t let we see who wins
Ragini is walking in corridor laksh is also moving their
He see ragini
He is shocked to see her
Laksh: u here
Ragini: its none of ur business
She moves from their

At RM their’s a PARTY held
Rm Is beautifully decorated all guest have arrived their sam is wearing a hot black blazer a bow he is looking handsome
He is waiting for ragini
Just then gadodia’s come raj welcomes them

ragini is wearing a beautiful blue with white combination dress she is looking very beautifu(u can see the picture ofdress here
sam is memorised to see her
raj introduces them to his family brunal and ragini became really good frnds
ragini, ajay,simiran r having chit chating
mean time maheswri’s comes their sam welcome them
simiran is shocked to see them they too have same reaction
they don’t show their tension
dp to rp
dp: wht’s she doing here
rp: no idea bhaiysa
ap: what happened ji is everything fine u both look tense
rp: nothing bhabhi everything is ok

dp: don’t worry
sam introduces them to his family
he didn’t see their reaction they behaved quite normal
sam was tensed that his this idea also flopped
ragini: sam did u get to know anything
sam: no she behaved quite normal to all
ragini: who knows she was just acting to be
sam: u r right it can be
ragini: leave u can try again the moment is imporatant
ragini, swasan sam, brunal r talking
sam goes towards stage he takes the mike
sam: I welcome u all today here today is a special day today is my mom dad’s marriage anniversary
(he brings them on stage) and today we signed a big deal with maheswari’s so congrats to all for that

The celebration is also for the success of the music competition I congrats ragini fro her win
Brunal: so let the party begin
They cut the cake
Bruanl goes to satge ahe takes the mike
Brunal: so know its time for some entertainment I mean time for couple dance
All cheer
Raj simiran , swasan, laksh kavya and shekar sumi strarts to dance on song tera hath me mera hath ho sari janathe mere sath ho
Ajay approaches ragini but she denies
Sam: ms.attitude would u damce with me
Ragini: but I don’t know I have never done dance
Sam: ok then it would make great pair because I also don’t know much what say
Ragini: she starts to laugh if we both don’t know people will laugh at us
Sam: ok no problem they will laugh at us both now comeon
Ragini and sam dances they r lost in each others eyes laksh becomes jealous of this he leaves the dance he standing seeing them he sees waiter carrying drinks he drinks wine
Ragini and sam r very close to each other they both r lost in eachother’s eyes the song gets over they r disturbed by claps
Ajay comes to ragini where sam buranal and swasan r stabding

Ajay: trhis is not fair when I asked for dance u denied but when bhai asked u danced with him
Ragini: woh…………….. actually ur bro told that he don’t know to dance nd I too didn’t knew so we made pairs
Brunal: bhai from when u started to lie u know ragini he lied to u he’s to dance verywell
Ragini: sam what’s that
Sam: woh nothing why r u bothering about it
Ajay: bruanl for ragini bhai has started to tell lie and the person who deines to dance with anygirl approached ragini to dance with him something is fishy ha(giving a teasing simile)
Brunal: u r right bhai sam bhaiya is no more our old bhai
Sanskar: ha their is something fishy over here u know ragini also don’t dance with anyone and today she danced with sam without any quarrel its really magic
Sam: Is ur nonsense over nothing Is like that what u r thinking ajay
Ajay: brunal did I say anything what do mean by that bhai
Sam: u know what I mean then stop it right know
Sanskar: what’s wrong with u sam what does that mean plsz explain to us also
Ajay: sanskar ji bhai and ragini r hiding something from us
Swra: I think ur right
Sam: know u both also started
Sanskar: yeah its our right to know

Ragini: and sanskar jjiu plsz stop it
Sanskar: ok if u both r not interested its ok
They all laugh sam and rag r feeling little embracing
Laksh is totally drunken he comes to ragini
Laksh: ragini I want to dance with u
Ragini: laksh u have drunken
Laksh: I said I wana dance with u
Ragini: I don’t want to
Laksh: u want to dance with that sam
Ragini: laksh u r out of ur mind just leave
Laksh forces her to dance with him
Sam sees these he gets angry on laksh he sees ragini Is denying and he is forcing her to
Sam comes their
Sam: see laksh she don’t want to dance u leave her
Laksh: who r u to speak in btw us I know my ragini she wants to dance with me
Sam: laksh see all r watching plz stop that
Laksh: who r u to speak in btw us
Ragini: sam leave he can never understand
Sanskar come their he tries to take laksh from
Sanskar: lucky come with me

Laksh: no bhai I want to talk with ragini
Sanskar: u can talk later come with me
Laksh: no bhai plsz
Ragini plsz listen to me once
Ragini: laksh go with sanskar right now we’ll talk later
Laksh: no right know plsz ragini don’t leave me plsz don’t leave me I can’t see u with anyone else
Ragini,kavya, swasan , sam and everyone r shocked to hear that
Kavya: laksh ur out if ur sense come with me
Laksh: no ragini I am sory I can’t lose u, I can’t leave without u,(* he comes near ragini hold her by her shoulder) I love u ragini I love u I love u a lot
Plsz come back to my life plsz…………………….
Sanskar : laksh come with me
He forcefully takes him from their
Ragini is shocked to know that she quickly runs from their she is crying maheswari’s return to MM swasan r their only they come back with gadodai’s at badi
Ragini locks herself in her room all r tensed
Sam is sad after knowing that he is tensed
Simiran: sam r u fine

Sam: mom I am fine
He goes to his room
At raj simiran room
Simiran tells about maheswri’s to raj raj Is tensed raj tells to meet dp and rp once she denies it

PRECAP:kavya’s plan……………….. the person is revealed…………………
ragsam moments
Rag’s entry in MM

Gues plsz plsz comment……………………………………
Brunal: bubul from kukum bhaya
Ajay:vivan from satrangi sasural
Simiran: yammini from nagin
Rajendra:rajnath goeyanka of ek hasina thi
Gues plsz plsz comment……………………………………

Credit to: kaira

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