raglak journey of love and trust (episode 1)

Hi frnds this is my first ff so I hope that u all like that. I would like to continue frm the present track of swaragini. The episode starts with
At badi:
Sumi: I am really worried shaekar about ragini. I am unable to see her in this condition.
Shekar: I hope ragini come up in life why don’t she forget the past incidemce and move on in life
Sumi: shekar it is difficult for her to do so we have support her.
Dadi: shekar see what ladoo is doing
Shekar: what happend why r u worried is ragini fine
Sumi: ma where is ragini
Dadi : she is fine she is in her room come along with I’ll show u
Dadi shekar and sumi come to ragini’s room
Shekar: I am happy today that my ladoo is trying to move on in life
Sumi: ha shekar it’s long time that ragini is playing her sitar today. I am very happy we got r ragini back.
Dadi: ladoo what r u doing
Ragini: nothing much dadi am just practising for a music competition which auditions are soon going to take place in Kolkata. I am going to take part in it
Shekar: when u decided that u even didn’t inform us about that
Ragini: papa relax I was planning what to do so I got that idea
Sumi: no more questions I am happy for u ladoo. I will inform swara she will be very happy
Ragini: no maa I will only surprise her
Dadi: by the way ragini from u got that idea
Ragini: daid ma I was just watching tv and I saw promo about the competition so I decided to participate in it
Shekar: ma let it be na I am very happy

Swasan room
Sanskar is discussing to lawyer regarding the case lawyer said that at present they don’t have strong proof against them so we have to wait and try to collect proof against them. Sanskar gets tensed to hear this.
He sees swara who was in deep thoughts
Sanskar:swara what r u thinking
Swara: I am just worried how I’ll habdle things here in mm kavya crates troubles for all and in gm ragini how she will come up in life
Sanskar: just relax everything will be fine soon
They share a hug suddenly they hear kavya’s voice
Swara: why r u screaming
Kavya: do u don’t have manners that how to talk with owners
Swara: uu
Kavya: just wait I don’t wish to waste my energy by talking I with u anyways I called u all to infrom that soon a press conference will be held here as u know
Swara: we know that u r a star so what
Kavya: so don’t misbehave as u did last time
Swara: why media again
Kavya: its none if ur matters

In lakask room laksh is sitting on chair and is thinking about ragini
Kavya enters the room but he don’t notice her
K: u now laksh I am soon going to take in a musical competition as I am already a big star I am entering directly in semifinals
She observes laksk and sys laksh r u listieng to me
Laksh: u when did u come
Kavya: what r u thinking
Laksh: I WAS thinking about ( he stops as he was about to say ragini) nothing
He leaves the room
Kavya: what the hell he is upto I should be everycareful
Suddenly she gets a call
Person: what r u doing
K: is this a question to ask ?how many times I said u to not call at this time
Person : ok leave it do ur work fast laksh may anytime realise his mistake
Kavya: I know that. I will soon do my work
Ok I will call u later as its risk to talk to u at present
Kavya: I should soon plan something big ortherwise I will fall in trouble
(Swara hears all the conversation and thinks that what’s dhe is upto and whom she was talking to)
Laksh is sitting in garden and feels sry for what he did he has guilt and care towards ragini

Precap:will swara be able to kavya’s truth…… how would ragini react to that
Will raglak unite

Thank u
Plsz plzs gues comment wheter u all liked or not

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