RagLak- The Journey (4)

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Journey part 4

Next morning,

Laksh and Sanskar are in a restaurant. Laksh is waiting for Ragini. She just then comes out from ladies rest rooms side. she has fresh up. Laksh smiles looking at her. Ragini was holding her bag and coming, her dupatta stuck to a nail, Ragini turns back and about to remove it, but Laksh comes already and takes her chunni properly out and gives it to her hand. Ragini smiles and bends her head.

Laksh takes bag from her hand.

Rag: it’s ok laksh…

Lak: no problem ragini, I will keep the bag in jeep… meanwhile you order whatever you want…

Laksh says and goes. Ragini keeps looking at Laksh and sits opposite to Sanskar at table. Sanskar removes eyes from menu,

San: what would you like to have Ragini?

Rag: what did you order..?

San: for me I ordered chapatti and Laksh said he would like to eat puri…

Rag: I will also have puri…

Sanskar nods his head and orders everything. Ragini keeps her eyes at entrance when Laksh would come.

“Laksh come soon…” Ragini thinks and Sanskar sneezes, ‘athum..!”
Ragini looks at him.

Rag: I think you have good time for sneezes..!

San: haha, everyone says that..

Rag: btw, why you guys are going to Mysore?

San: you know, that swara is there naa.. she was eating Laksh’s brain that she will die if he won’t come and take her away. Her mind is like a twist roads.. what happens in other second, we can’t predict.

Ragini’s eyes become sad as soon as she heard her name.

Rag: whatever, Laksh loves her know.. that’s why he is going…

San: actually….

Just then Laksh comes,

Lak: what you guys are talking? Did you order something or not…

Just then their order arrives. “Yum… puri..! I love it..!!” Laksh says rubbing his palms looking at it. Ragini smiles looking at him.
Laksh remembers something and looks at Ragini… she was already looking at him.

A tiny Fb…

Before the engagement during the causal talk when Laksh’s family came to see Ragini… they both talk like this,

Lak: I love puri of everything in eatables.

Rag: but, I’m afraid of frying in oil…

Lak: no problem, I will cook it then…

Rag: no no.. I will try to prepare it…

Lak: hey no problem, it’s ok…

Fb end….

Ragini turns her eyes away after remembering that. Laksh too bends his eyes.

They finish the breakfast and come out. A high music is played in big speakers out of that restaurant. Ragini closes her ears.

Sanskar looks at a small tea stall. “Dude, let’s buy newspaper.. come..!!”
Lak: bro, you can see in mobile…
San: come dude..!!

They both talk loudly and Sanskar drags Laksh there. Laksh gestures Ragini to wait near jeep. Ragini turns back and about to go, but… she shocks looking at some men a little far from her. they are looking at her and they smirks. Ragini scares and shouts, “Laksh..”
But, due to music sound no one can hear her voice.

Those men keep coming towards her, Ragini turns back and runs near the stall where Laksh is standing, he wasn’t looking at her. “Laksh..” she shouts again.. but he can’t hear.
Ragini runs and holds Laksh’s shoulder tightly hiding her face in his arm. Laksh surprises and looks at her. she was holding his shirt tightly in her fists. And she seemed scared. Laksh turns back to see some men are standing and he can clearly understand that they came for Ragini.

Laksh tights his fists. Those men keep approaching Ragini, but suddenly the jeep stops between them and RagLak. Sanskar has brought the jeep. He winks eye looking at Laksh.
{I’m leaving this to your imagination, how this happened in fraction of seconds}

Laksh opens the door and Ragini soon gets in, Laksh too gets in. Sanskar drives away very fast. Before they could note the vehicle number, they will disappear from their sight.

“Please go slowly..!!” Ragini shouts in fear. Sanskar makes the speed slow. Ragini was panting. Laksh was looking at her, and he holds her hand which is shivering.

“It’s Ok Ragini, they are gone..!!” Laksh says and Ragini suddenly hugs him. He is amazed. Ragini was crying holding his shirt and keeping her head on his chest.

Laksh gently pats her back. Sanskar smiles in himself looking at them from mirror.

Lak: Ragini, who are they? Why did they…

San: what can she say bro..? they are some awara batch. Might be teasing Ragini…

Ragini looks at Laksh’s hand which has their engagement ring still. She amazes and slowly moves from him. Laksh looks at Ragini when she was slowly dispersing from him. Laksh was still holding her hand.
“Ragini, I’m with you. You are my responsibility until I drop you in your place. I won’t leave you alone forever..!!” Laksh says her. Ragini looks at him with her teary eyes. Laksh smiles and raises his hand on wipe them, but Ragini turns her head and wipes them herself.

Sanskar looks at them, “hmm, I have to change their mood..” he says and puts a song.

“maana ke hum yaar nahin…” song plays. As the song starts playing, RagLak both moves far and both looks other side from out of windows. The song keeps playing.

The jeep goes through from the roads where the both sides are with farm lands. Laksh opens the windows and the breeze touches Ragini. She closes her eyes. And Laksh looks at her.

“Phir bhi nazrein na tum milaana
Dil ka aitbaar nahi..” (song keeps playing)

After a while, Sanskar stops the jeep. Three gets down. Ragini is looking silently at the green farms and she smiles as she loves nature.

She looks at Laksh who was talking in phone who is standing at some distance from her.

In phone it was swara.. “Laksh, I’m waiting for you like anything. You have to take away me as a hero from my marriage..!!” she says.

Laksh just gives reply, ‘hmm’

BG song plays…
“Raaste mein jo milo toh
Haath milaane ruk jaana”

Ragini was looking at Laksh and Laksh looks at her, his eyes stuck on Ragini. He smiles looking at her, but Ragini was looking at him silently.

“Ho… Saath mein koi ho tumhaare
Door se hi tum muskaana”

‘I love you’ says swara from other side. but, Laksh was silently looking at Ragini.
‘say it laksh’ she asks.

Laksh who was looking at Ragini says, “I love you”. She cuts the call in smile.

“Lekin muskaan ho aisi Ki
jis mein ikraar nahin
Lekin muskaan ho aisi Ki
jis mein ikraar nahin..”

song keeps playing.

Ragini and Laksh sits in front seats as Sanskar wanted to take rest at back. Laksh was driving silently. Ragini was looking at the road. Both remembers their engagement.

“Nazron se na karna tum bayaan
Woh jis se inkaar nahin
Maana ke hum yaar nahin…”

Laksh looks at Ragini’s hand which has engagement ring still. Suddenly he feels weight on his shoulder. Ragini has fallen asleep unknowingly on his shoulder. Laksh just smiles looking at her.

The screen freezes on both of them..

Screen shifts to Mysore…

Shekar: “what? You didn’t find them?”

One man: no sir. We have searched them in railway station and airport.. but, we didn’t find Laksh..

Swara is listening their convo.

Shekar: then keep an eye on high ways too. Watch all the entrances of Mysore..

RagLak and San have reached Visakhapatnam of Ap by evening 6 after taking breaks etc.

1,173 kms more to Mysore.

Ragini looks at the sign board… ‘what’s my destination..?’ she thinks.

To be continued…

From Astra’s creation box.

picture credits to ganga sis.. who made this awesome edit for me..

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