RagLak- The Journey (3)

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Journey 3

“Kolkata to Mysore..36 hours.” A guy is seeing in Google maps. Just then Laksh sits in driving seat of his jeep.

“Dude..!” That guy calls him.

“Yes bro..!” Laksh asks.

“Why not in train? Why to take this risk in vehicle?” He asks.

Lak: bro sanky, swara’s father’s men are spying railway stations and bus stands. In this time, this risk needed? So, private vehicle is better..!!”

Laksh starts the jeep, and Sanskar sneezes. “Dude..!!” Laksh shouts, “sorry bro.” Sanskar replies.

The journey starts, Laksh is driving. It’s early morning when they have started. Laksh opens the window and wears goggles, the wind touches his hair and he enjoys it. Sanskar was sleeping in beside seat. Laksh looks at him and intentionally horns the horn, Sanskar trembles and wakes. He beats Laksh on head funnily.

They are enjoying journey…

On other hand,

Ragini takes her bag and peeps out from side of a wall. Some men are watching all the ways.. Ragini slowly goes from there without making noise, and she hides behind a wall as soon as some one comes.

“Take care, keep watching properly” that man says with other men. Ragini looks at that man in scary eyes, he goes away. Ragini wipes her sweat and slowly jumps out of wall, she runs with her bag. She covers her face with her duppata and she gets into an auto which is crossing that village.
She holds her palms tightly with each other to suppress her nervousness.

On some high way at a side, Laksh stretches his hands and takes deep breath looking at green fields, who was standing in front of the jeep.

Sanskar comes at passenger seat, but Laksh beats his legs with napkin and sends him to driving seat. Sanky starts driving and Laksh was starring at those green fields who sat beside.

“I love green fields a lot. That fragrance which comes over the crops is awesome.” Laksh remembers Ragini’s words who says it in shy face once ago.. before their marriage..
Laksh sighs.

There, Ragini gets into a bus and she sits in a seat looking around in fear. Then she looks at some men who are in bus stand, she hides her face taking a newspaper beside. She looks at them with her innocent scared eyes. The bus goes away crossing those men, she takes breath in relief.
Then Ragini looks at the engagement ring. She remembers Laksh’s words,
“I don’t like villages all much.. but, I promise.. I would take you to your favorite village every month..!!”
Ragini shed tears looking at it.

On the other way.. on high way, where their jeep is going…

Laksh was looking at the engagement ring which Ragini wore him,

San:: you didn’t forget Ragini right..!

Lak:: I would never..!!


The day becomes dark.. it’s already night 8.

Lak san just comes our of a daaba after eating parota. Laksh just then gets a call from Swara.

Swa:: laksh, do you at least have love on me or not??

Lak:: that’s why I’m coming for you swara.

Swa:: this long?? My marriage is in one week. And, you still are in journey. You need not come, I hate you..!!

She cuts the call. Laksh looks at phone confused.

San:: shall we go back dude?

Lak:: shut up bro..!!

They start their journey again.

“Bro, we have to take rest somewhere..” sanky says..
They are in Cuttack in Odisha now.

“Yeah dude, I’m searching a place…” Laksh says and looks aside and gets amazed to see Ragini is standing at the road side with a bag in her hand.

“Ragini..? what is she doing here at this night time alone..!!” Laksh says and takes jeep near her.
Ragini gets tensed as a jeep was approaching her, she starts going away… but she hears Laksh’s voice, “Ragini”
Ragini gets amazed and she don’t know why but she gets strength as soon as she listened his voice. She turns back happily, while Laksh is looking at her confused.


Laksh gets out from jeep and goes in front of her.

Lak: where are you going? And where are your grandparents?
Ragini looks at Sanskar in jeep. He was looking at her as owl.

Rag: where you guys are going? (she asks in reverse)

San: we are going to Mysore.

Ragini: i’m also going to Mysore.. so, i’m waiting for any bus…

Laksh: Ok, then chalo. I will drop you in Mysore. We are also going there…

Ragini: no no no… you guys carry on…

Laksh: what no no? Don’t know? You are coming that’s it..!!

Laksh takes bag from her hand and he places it in the back seat of jeep and he opens door and asks her sit. Ragini sits in jeep hesitatingly.
Laksh closes the door and puts his hands on window looking at her,
“Ragini, don’t be insecure. I’m a nice guy. I promise, i won’t harm you.. or won’t let get you any harm. Your safety is my responsibility till i drop you in Mysore.”
Ragini looks at him amazed and she can’t understand why, but she feels to believe him whole heartedly.

San: you won’t even get bored.. with my continuous blabbering..!!

Lak: bro…
San: ok dude..!
Sanskar becomes calm.

Laksh stops the vehicle at a forest like place beside the road. Ragini gets worried again thinking so many things. Laksh and san takes tent and some other things to sleep out.
San: train journey wouldn’t have these many risks bro…
Lak: i said why already dude…
Laksh gives jeep keys to Ragini. “Ragini, you sleep inside. And lock the doors.”

Ragini keeps looking at Laksh who was setting all the light and tent for their stay for that night. They kept fire so that no bugs or any other animals might come. They both lay futon bed which is rolled as bag. Ragini looks at their arrangements interestingly. Sanskar goes into sleep soon. Laksh sleeps on bed covering himself in comfortor and looks at Ragini from glass window. He waves his hand to her, Ragini smiles… laksh falls asleep.
Ragini lays her head on her bag on back seat and she tries to sleep but… she remembers her daadi and dadaji.
“ladoo, don’t worry about us. You go away…” Daadi says and sends away Ragini. Ragini gets tears remembering that scene. She holds her tummy being hungry.
Then, she hears knocking sound of glass. Ragini wakes and sees Laksh. She opens the glass.
“I think you are very hungry. Your face is seemed thin and black circles around eyes.. hmm,..” Laksh says looking at her.
Ragini just looks at him.
Laksh gives her sandwich, with sauce and some chocolates. And a water bottle. “have them Ragini, let’s eat good breakfast tomorrow morning..” Laksh says and goes to his place.
Unknowingly the tears in her eyes evaporates. She doesn’t know why.. but, she is feeling happy with him..??

To be continued….

From Astra’s creation box.

/* Guys, you might have feeling Laksh as selfish guy, but… there is a suspence why Laksh is doing like this and it is revealed in last episode. */

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