RagLak- The Journey (2)

Hi guys, hope you remembered this story. If not, check the previous link once…
As many of you requested RagLak instead of TeMish.. I’m making it as RagLak only.
So, pairs will be Ragini Laksh instead of Teju and Nami.

Let’s go into the part 2

All shocks to see Laksh and Ragini was lying unconscious in the seat beside. Daadi rushes to Ragini and takes her in, Daadaji was looking at Laksh confused.

“Actually Dada, i have seen Ragini on bridge, she was about to..” Laksh was continuing.

Then Dadaji says in tears,
“This was all because of you..!! if you didn’t like the marriage, you would have said it..!! but, eloping on marriage day..!!” Dadaji was trying to continue, but he holds his chest in pain.

Laksh rushes to him and other family members too. As doctor was available, soon treatment is given. Laksh was looking at him in guilt.

“why are you standing here?? Go away..! i don’t want to see your face..!!” Dadaji says weakly. Laksh turns back and wipes his tears.

Laksh comes out sadly near his jeep. He looks at the all decorations of the house which are ruined. He has broken dreams of a girl today..!

Then, his phone rings. ‘swara’ name displays.

“Laksh, are you coming?” she asks from other side.

“Swara, i can’t come at this moment. Ragini.. ragini tried too..” Laksh was saying.

“Laksh, even i will die if you won’t come. I can’t marry any other except you..!” she cuts the call.

Laksh takes deep breath and looks back at the house.

“I want to ask you apology once Ragini..!! just once..!” Laksh says.
He sits in his jeep looking at the balcony of Ragini’s room.

He places his head on steering and sleeps looking at that side.

Next morning,

Ragini opens her eyes heavily, her Daadi was changing the wet cloth on her forehead all the night.

‘Daadi maa..’ Ragini calls.

Daadi cries, “what is this Ladoo? If marriage cancels, everything is over?? You have decided to leave all of us..!!”

Ragini gets tears, “I’m sorry daadi maa..”

Daadi hugs her. Just then, Dadaji enters the room with walking stick.

“Ladoo beta, get ready..!! let’s go to your favourite village..!!” Dadaji says.

Ragini wipes her tears and looks at him. Dadaji sits on the bed, “let’s see all the fields, temples, ponds.. and..” Dadaji is continuing,

Ragini says, “and eat tasty curd rice..!!”

“Yes..!!” Dadaji says and Ragini hugs him.

Ragini was feeling very sad deep inside her heart, but… she acts to be happy before her grandparents. Even they both don’t say to Ragini that he got mild stroke before night.

Ragini is orphan, and her grandparents looked after her from childhood. She is everything to them, and they are everything to her.

Ragini takes bath and gets ready. She cries a lot of time in wash room while taking shower. Only she knows how she is going to face society now. All will start staring at her as alien. ‘her marriage was stopped..!” this is the mark she has to bear.

And, all the above. She has loved. She has loved her groom as all other girls does..! she expected ‘Laksh’ would be her husband.

But, on the time of muhurtha, she only heard that ‘groom is no where’ who was sitting on wedding planks waiting for him.

‘The groom has eloped..!” those words have shattered her. And, still they are revolving in her mind.

Ragini finally comes out of balcony to dry the towel. Then she looks down at Laksh’s jeep and he was standing before it staring at her. He was looking at Ragini in guilt and sad. He waves his hand to her, but Ragini simply goes inside. Laksh bends his head and sighs.

Dadaji and Daadi are talking.
“we have to take Ragini away from this mess for some days. When, she feels good.. let’s come back..!” he says. Dadi nods head who was arranging some bags.
Ragini just comes with her bag. “I’m ready” she says. Daadi smiles and kisses her forehead.

Laksh was still waiting for Ragini out.. who was roaming in front of jeep. Then he sees Ragini’s reflection in side mirror and turns back.

Ragini was standing before him. Laksh calls, “Ragini..” and comes near her, but Ragini moves back. He stops.

“Ragini… I’m..” Laksh is about to say…

“your sorry is not going to make any change Laksh..” Ragini says. Laksh looks at her.

“I need not explain you what is my condition now..! you know everything..! and, i don’t need your pity..!” Ragini says holds her hands near her waist and turns her eyes away.
Laksh bends his head.. a brief silence.

“Ragini, it’s my mistake. I know. But.. i have loved a girl previously. But, she never accepted my proposal.” Laksh was saying.

Ragini looks at him and keeps listening.

“But, i have loved her always. But, it remained as one sided. Then, my parents fixed my marriage with you. I thought to forgot her, but… she called me on the marriage day..” Laksh was telling.

A slight flash back,

“Laksh, i love you. I want you. I will die if you don’t come for me. My parents are preparing for my marriage unlike my wish..!” swara says in phone in tears.

Laksh shocks listening to it.

Fb end.

Ragini keeps looking at Laksh.

“That’s why, i had to go. My parents never agree if i say this. This side you, and that side a life..” Laksh was saying. Ragini silently bends her head.

“Ragini, i know you will be angry with my words..” Laksh was saying..

Ragini, “no Laksh, why i will be angry? It’s your life, your wish.”

Laksh keeps looking..

“Don’t worry. Past is past..!! Go and marry your love..! i’m excusing you..!!” Ragini says looking straight into his eyes.

Laksh was still feeling guilty, “no Ragini, i know no girl can accept this very easily.. but you..”

Rag: Laksh, I have said know. Please, don’t worry about me. Let’s start a new journey..!!

Laksh looks at her.

“All the best” Ragini says and raises her hand to give him shake hand. Laksh who was just looking at her gives hand to her. Ragini feels emotional inside as soon as she touched his hand. Laksh was still looking at her.

“Ladoo, come fast..!!” Daadi shouts. Then Ragini frees hand from him, “Bye” she says and runs back. Laksh keeps looking at her.

Ragini sits in the back seat beside daadi and she looks at Laksh who was looking at her from mirror.

The car starts… and Ragini was still looking at him from side mirror, even Laksh was luking at her.

A tear drops from her eye and falls on her hand which is covered with mehendi..

The screen freezes on the hands of Ragini’s mehendi… (which was just symbolic to her unsatisfied dreams)

To be continued….

From Astra’s creation box.

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