RagLak- The Journey (1)

Hey friends,

I’m writing a new story on the random idea I got.

It will be small and I don’t know how will be the story..? Just taking it on rails directly…


This time, pairs will be TeMish, means.. Teja and Nami. Aka our RagLak.
Hope, all will be fine with this..

First note b4 start of story…
Guys, in this Teju’s character will be soft and silent.

Let’s jump into the story…

(Imagine teju in general Ragini getup and Nami in Laksh getup)

A guy is driving the jeep in the dark street of that night. He happens to pass the bridge and looks at a girl who is standing on the edge of the bridge.

“Oh gosh..!” he exclaims, and runs to her.

He is Nami and she is Teju.

Nami runs and holds her hand. He can sense her body is very hot, that means fever. Her eyes are bulged and her face has the marks of tears. Her hand is full of mehendi.

“Excuse me..!!” Nami calls but, Teju loses her conscious and falls… Nami holds her.

Now, Nami gets shocked to see her face.

“Teju..!!!” he exclaims in wonder.

Nami carries her into the jeep and places her in beside seat. After placing her, he looks at her.. her eyes are showing pretty clear that she was hurt a lot and gone through lot of pain. The tear marks on her cheeks upon her bridal makeup is the proof for the shattered dreams of her.

Nami sighs in guilty. He drives the jeep to her home.

At Teju’s home,

All family members are tensed.
‘she forgot phone at home’

‘where did she go?’

Daadi, dadaji’s voices.

Then all look a jeep has stopped in front of the house. Nami gets down, all shocks looking at him. Then, he opens other side of door..

All gets even more shocked to see Teju is unconscious.

Screen freezes on Nami’s face who is looking at everyone…

To be continued…

//Guys, tell me whether all are comfortable with TeMish or shall I make it RagLak??


about my incomplete ffs like ragini n her hus, dreamz came to end, mom’s kid, my land… i will continue everything.. just some more time wait…

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  1. IQRA222

    asthu di this is wonderful idea
    i am eagerly waiting for this ff to start
    and didu u can go be any just be sure i will always be there for you
    waiting for your stories
    take care
    keep writing and smiling
    love you!!<3 <3

  2. AMkideewani

    Fabulous dear

  3. Very interesting nice

  4. Mindblowing

  5. When will u update dear to nobody????????

    1. Astra

      will update soon..

  6. Superb di…post next soon


  8. Superb dear

  9. Awesome episode

  10. Asra

    awesome astu dear….what happen to ragu….eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

  11. Awesome start

  12. TeitokUn1718

    Let it be Temish ff only…

  13. TeitokUn1718

    Astra Post Dear to Nobody soon…

    1. Astra

      sure kun…

  14. Akshata

    yello pahle hi update me shock de diya, now tell me fast what happened to her? chappy is awesome as always.

    1. Astra

      nothing will happen to her… haha, giving shocks is my pakka plan.. hehe..

  15. Awesome

  16. Fabulous dear

  17. Astra??You are my only hope in this TU page.Because these soo called Rag–San writers/fans are snatching almost all ffs.Why they involve Raglak in it if they planned it to make it a Rag—San story.Why give false hopes?Anyway make it Ragini&Laksh.Ab iski adaat ho gayi hai na.Teju & Nami r nt suiting here.

    1. Astra

      don’t worry dear, there are many raglak writers here,. it’s their wish about the pairs naa.. but, I will be here for raglak always..

  18. Interesting plz make raglak instead temish

  19. Superrrrb

  20. Very nice

  21. Astra

    hey nikky, how r u? glad that u r back.

  22. Awesome episode

  23. Awesome

  24. Jiyani

    Awesome episode….loved it

  25. Amazing part nd cant wait for next

  26. Loved it, keep going

  27. Laashya

    Awesome dear and can’t wait for next

  28. Elizabethlovely


  29. Sorry for the late comment and it’s really interesting episode dear. What happened to Ragini???? Thanks a lot for another Raglak story. Eagerly waiting for next episode and please post next part ASAP. Love you a lot dear and take care

  30. Superb nice

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