RagLak – Innocence of love (part 5)


Part 5 – Innocence of Love – Continuing from part 4

(I know you all want a big face off between Ragini and Laksh but i will make a big face off between them when they find out about Meera, sorry for breaking those hearts but i have something in mind)

Conference room

All three are waiting for Ms Singhania to enter, Just then the conference room door open and all three stand up shocked at who it is, The person standing at the door at dropped all the files from the person but she was to shocked to pick up the files.
Swara: Ragini??
Laksh an Sanskaar where to shocked to see Ragini that they were out of words, But Laksh was just staring at Ragini as he just found a reason to live again, a reason to breathe again, he was just standing there absorbing her beauty with his eyes.
Swara ran to Ragini with some tears in her eyes, she cups Ragini’s face- Rag……ini…. my sister Ragini, You don’t know i have lived without you Ragini, I am so happy to see you again, Ragini please don’t leave us again please don’t leave your sister again. Saying this Swara hugged Ragini but Ragini didn’t hug Swara back instead Ragini pushed Swara away from her. Swara, Sanskaar and Laksh were shocked at this action of Ragini
Ragini angry but serious stern face- What sister are you talking about MRS SWARA SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI? Swara shocked at Ragini’s words, she steps forward to Ragini
Swara- I am your sister Swara, please don’t tell me you have forgotten me have you lost your memory?
Laksh listening to Swara’s last word about her forgetting her memory he looked at Ragini with her to answer quickly as he can’t see his Ragini going away from him again he knows he did wrong with her and he couldn’t face her but still he didn’t want Ragini going away from him.
Ragini- I wish i had forgotten my memory but God isn’t that blessing Mrs Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari
Swara serious- Why do you keep calling me Mrs Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari? Call me Swara please Ragini why are you behaving like this Ragini (she steps forward to Ragini with tears in her eyes)
Ragini who also had tears in her eyes but kept an angry face while Swara was coming forward to her Ragini moved back- Swara please don’t come near me. Swara hurt by Ragini’s word
Laksh gathered his courage to speak, he steps towards Ragini – Ragini why are you behaving like this, your MRS Ragini Laksh Maheshwari, the girl who loves her sister a lot and today she is behaving like this why?
Ragini gets angry and looks towards Laksh with angry stern face- Oh look who is speaking MR LAKSH MAHESHWARI (he walks to Laksh) , and corrections i am not MRS RAGINI LAKSH MAHESHWARI anymore i am MS RAGINI SINGHANIA head of Singhania group of industry don’t forget that. Pointing her finger at Laksh. Laksh hurt by her words but deep down he knows that he deserves Ragini’s hatred. Swara then looks at Ragini’s dressing she scans Ragini from head to bottom and is shocked at Ragini’s dressing as she is wearing black skinny jeans with a white plain shirt on top of the plain white shirt she is wearing a nude colour blazer and nude heels.
Swara- Ragini you have changed look at you the girl that only used to wear anarkali suits and sari’s is now wearing smart clothes, you have changed
Ragini- Yes Swara sometimes to achieve something in life you need to change that Ragini is no more Ragini so instead of living in the past we should start to live in the present and think about the future as if we live in the past we will only think about the pain, (She said this while looking at Laksh) so Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari I think we should proceed with the deal as this is professional and i don’t think it should turn personal.
Sanskaar shocked at Ragini’s attitude- Ragini……. But he gets interrupted by Ragini
Ragini- Not Ragini but Ms Singhania as this is professional so i would prefer if you called me Ms Singhania Mr Maheshwari.
Sanskaar shocked looked at Swara and Laksh and then thinks about something- Actually Ragi…. I mean Ms Singhania i am not ready for this deal at the moment as it was a last moment deal so can we reschedule the meeting because i don’t think you’re ready either, and we both know that this deal is important for the Maheshwari’s and the Singhania’s
Ragini thinks for a while about Sanskaar said as it is true that Ragini is not ready either for this deal but this deal is important so she can’t deny it either- Okay we can reschedule it
Sanskaar- Thank you Ms Singhania. (Laksh and Swara look at Sanskaar as he was smiling to himself as he was thinking about something) Swara, Laksh lets go.
Swara shocked- Sanskaar what are you saying how can i leave without any answers to my questions. She looks at Ragini with a pleading face.
Sanskaar- Try to understand that the Ragini we know is long gone now so there is no point talking to Ragini Singhania
Ragini, Laksh and Swara confused at Sanskaar’s words
Laksh- But Bhai..
Sanskaar- I said lets go from here. He takes them by holding their hands and sends them out but he turns around to look at Ragini- Ms Singhania if you don’t mind we will pick the place of meeting thank you. Before her she could reply he quickly left the room.

Swara angry with Sanskaar- What is wrong with you this was my time to get my sister and what did you do?
Sanskaar doesn’t reply but he continues to look at Laksh who is lost in his own world
Laksh (in his mind) – Ragini you have changed a lot, i know the reason behind this change i am but Ragini i am ashamed of myself Ragini, theses five years have changed a lot of things between us but i promise that i will clear everything out soon……very soon.
Swara- SANSKAAR!! I am talking to you?
Sanskaar- Shhhh Swara you know you speak a lot.
Swara- Sanskaar i want to know why didn’t you let me talk to my sister?
Sanskaar- Because Swara right now Ragini won’t listen as she is hurt didn’t you hear her
Swara looks at Laksh- I know why she is hurt
Laksh- Swara i am ready to apologise to her but you saw that she didn’t even let me speak?
Sanskaar- Can you both stop fighting and you know why i postponed the meeting?
Swara and Laksh- Why?
Sanskaar- If we get the meeting done in Maheshwari house then everyone can ask Ragini what they want and maybe Ragini’s heart which at the moment which is stone hearted after seeing her Mum and Dad that heart might turn in to gold again. Laksh and Swara are amazed at the plan.- But in order to do this i need you both to sort out your differences, please become that best friends that you were SWALAK please.
Swara and Laksh look at each other.

Episode 5 finished

Precap – Ragini and Family face off

Please tell me if i boring you all?

Nisha Malik

Credit to: Nisha Malik

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