RagLak – Innocence of love (part 4)


Part 4 – I am continuing from part 3 guys and thank you once again for the lovely comments

Part 4 – Innocence of Love

Ragini’s Office

Ragini- Why did i feel like Laksh just called my name no matter where i go why i can’t i forget you Laksh why are you always stuck in my mind? Ragini closes her eyes tightly to forget Laksh

The scene shifts to Laksh’s Office
Laksh has also closes his eyes to remember Ragini. In his mind he can remember Ragini’s smile, her big brown eyes and her cute angry face. Remembering all this Laksh is smiling to himself- Ragini why can i feel your presence in me, whenever i remember you i smile to myself, i miss your smiles your angry look, i miss everything………I LOVE YOU

Scene shifts back to Ragini’s office
Ragini- Laksh i have done everything to forget you but why do i feel like you’re thinking about me, how much i hate you Laksh i still love you Laksh ….. I hate myself for ever loving you Laksh Maheshwari, or letting you ever touch me……I HATE YOU (shouts)

Maheshwari Mansion

Everyone are present in the hall as Dp has called everyone for an important announcement, Swara, Sanskaar and Annapurna were waiting for Dp to speak.
Swara- What happened bade papa why have you called us all of a sudden??(But Dp doesn’t reply to Swara) Where all here bade papa
Dp looks at Swara with anger- Not everyone is here as MY SON LAKSH isn’t here yet.
Swara looks down with anger as well hearing Laksh. Just then Laksh enters the house and looks at Annapurna, Dp, Swara and Sanskaar and wonders. Swara looks at Laksh and is about to leave when Sanskaar holds her hand and through his eyes he tells Swara to stay
Laksh- Ma whats wrong why is everyone standing here??
Dp- Laksh, Sanskaar and Swara we have an important deal that we have been waiting for a long time now they have given the deal
Laksh- What deal dad?
Dp- That Singhania industry deal after 5 years we have got this deal and i don’t want to lose it at any cost.
Swara- For 5 years you have been after this deal?
Sanskaar- Yes Swara but for some reason the Maheshwari’s were kept on hold but now Singhania’s have decided to give us this deal.
Dp- So i want Laksh, Sanskaar and Swara to go to this deal tomorrow

Singhania Mansion

Ragini- Armaan what do you mean i have an important deal tomorrow?
Armaan- Sorry Ragini i forgot to tell you this
Ragini- Armaan it is okay but at least tell me who the people are?
Armaan is confused on what to say as he doesn’t want to tell Ragini that its the Maheshwari’s- Uhm Ragini they are very influential business industry in Kolkata i can’t remember the name at the moment. Saying this he runs away.
Ragini- Armaan……. what a weird guy

Next Day – Swara and Sanskaar Room

Swara- Sanskaar i don’t think i should come on the deal with you an i won’t feel comfortable with…….
Sanskaar- With Laksh? (he cups her face) My sweet sweet innocent Swara Lucky isn’t that bad anymore he has changed.
Swara removes his hands of her cheek- Obviously you would say things like this because he is your brother. Swara turns around and acts to be angry
Sanskaar hugs her from behind- My love is angry with me then what should i do to make her happy, maybe a kiss might cheer her up. He is about to kiss her when someone comes
Laksh- Opps sorry i think i have come on the wrong time
Sanskaar- No Lucky whats wrong
Laksh- i am leaving in my car
Sanskaar- Okay

Ragini’s office

Ragini is sitting in her office chair and is going through some files- Armaan is so stupid he didn’t even tell me who the deal was for and who i am meeting really he is stupid. (Ragini is wearing the same outfit from part 1 but with her open hair)
Laksh, Sanskaar and Swara reach outside Ragini’s office Singhania group of industry.
Ragini sitting inside her cabin feels a weird feeling in her heart- Why do i feel like Laksh is here?

On the other side Laksh gets the same feeling towards Ragini. They get inside and ask for Ms Singhania?

Lady- Please enter the conference room as Ms Singhania will be there.
Laksh- Okay
Ragini gets up from her seat an goes to the window and to see but she finds no one there- Maybe its my imagination as i have come to Kolkata so i feel his presence.
Inside Conference room

Laksh, Sanskaar and Swara are already there waiting for Ms Singhania.
Swara- Isn’t weird that a famous, influential company like Singhania is run by a women
Sanskaar- Yes Swara it is weird but let’s see
Ragini- Susan where are the people for the meeting
Susan- I sent them to the conference room
Ragini- Okay. Ragini leaves for the conference room
Conference Room
All three are waiting for Ms Singhania to enter, Just then the conference room door open and all three stand up shocked at who it is.

Episode 4 finished


Nisha Malik

Credit to: Nisha Malik

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