RagLak โ€“ Innocence of love (part 3)

Thank you guys for the very nice comments love you all. So not wasting more time let’s get started with the fan fiction. I know you all are asking for a longer parts but when there is more drama then i will upload more longer parts.

And i have name for my Fan Fiction which is called “Innocence of Love”

Innocence of Love – Part 3
the scene starts with a big house the Maheshwari’s house. The house has changed a lotin the 5 years and the people there have changed a lot to.
(lets go inside to see how things have changed)
A old man bald is sitting on the dining table chair reading a newspaper, the man is bald and wearing a green sherwani (you all must have guessed who it was Durga Parsad), he looks up at the dining table and finds no one is there he looks at the time and is nearly 8
Durga Parsad- Its nearly 8:00 and no one is down stairs for breakfast yet what has happened to this family. (A women comes and puts her hand on his shoulder, the women is wearing a yellow marwari ) Annapurna where is everyone?

Annapurna- They are just coming you now that everyone fell asleep late last night so everyone woke up late as well.
Just then a girl comes down the stairs fast wearing a long yellow anarkali suit leaving her hair open and wearing long earrings, she reaches the dining table and looks at Durga Parsad and Annapurna- Sorry Bade Papa, bade maa last night we fell asleep late as we all were talking and cracking jokes so sorry……
Annapurna- Swara its okay i explained to your Bade Papa he is okay with it
Swara looks at Durga Parsad and understands he is not happy she was about to say something just then a handsome boy wearing a white shirt with jean and a very light pink coloured blazer comes down smiling (he is Sanskaar) just then the smile disappears when he realizes that Durga Parsad isn’t happy with everyone he comes and stands next to Swara and signals her with his eyes what happened, Swara signals back with her eyes that bade papa is angry with everyone. Swara and Sanskaar keep staring at each other with love that Sanskaar doesn’t notices that Durga Parsad is talking to him
Durga Parsad angrily shouts- SANSKAAR (Sanskaar and Swara stop staring at each other and look at Durga Parsad) if your done with looking at your wife can we do some work now
Sanskaar embarrassed: Yes bade papa
Durga Parsad: Lets go office now
Annapurna- But Sanskaar hasn’t eaten breakfast?

Sanskaar- Its okay Maa i will get something from office
Durga Parsad and Sanskaar start to walk to the door, but Durga Parsad stops and turns around
Durga Parsad: Where is Laksh?
Swara who was smiling that smile fades away from her face after hearing Laksh’s name
Annapurna- He didn’t return from office till last night he said he had important work so he stayed in office all night
Durga Parsad- Okay. Sanskaar and Durga Parsad leave
Annapurna- God knows why Laksh is getting punished
Swara- Maybe he is getting punished for his sins. Saying that she walks off to the kitchen.

A Man is sitting in his cabin working on a file he is wearing a blue buttoned shirt with a black blazer, He is too busy working on the file that he notices, his cabin is full of files and on the desk files are place everywhere but on a clean spot there is pictures of his mom and dad and the last picture is of him and Ragini his pen isn’t working for so long he his trying to make it work but it won’t out of anger he chucks the pen he looks at the side to the picture of his and Ragini, he picks up the picture and looks at it for a long time. As you would have guessed who this is yes its Laksh.
Laksh- I know what did was wrong i played with your feelings but when you left i felt like someone take my heart away with them, please Ragini come back i have tried to do everything to find you but i always fail. He starts to cry he places the picture back in its position. He stands up and walks to the window (as his cabin is in the top floor so when he stands and looks out his window he can see whole of Kolkata.
Laksh he screams- RAGINI!!!!

Ragini’s Cabin
Ragini is wearing a grey trousers and a grey shirt with a white blazer on top of fit with her long brown curly and wavey hair opened and pencil heal shoes (how it looks in the picture but with light make up) she is in the cabin working on the file when she feels someone calling her name she looks up and looks around
Ragini closes her eyes- Why did i feel like Laksh just called my name no matter where i go why i can’t i forget you Laksh why are you always stuck in my mind?

Episode 3 finished

Precap – Surprise for everyone

Nisha Malik. Hope you liked it ๐Ÿ˜€ <3

Credit to: Nisha Malik


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