RagLak – Innocence of love (part 2)


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Innocence of Love – Part 2

Scene 1 starts with the black Mercedes stops outside a big house (just like Maheshwari House but its Singhania Mansion) Meera and Ragini come out of the car Meera is mesmerized with the beauty of the house
Meera smiling as a baby: Mama this is our house
Ragini sits on the floor next to Meera and pulls her cheeks: Yes my lovely princess
Meera – But in this big house (using her hands to express the word big) just me and you will live?

Ragini smiling at her daughters innocence – Yes my sweetheart in this big house only me and my sweetheart Meera
Meera so happily she hugs Ragini – You know mama you’re the best mama in this whole world.
Ragini breaks the hug – And you’re the best daughter in this world. She kisses Meera on her forehead. Meera and Ragini walk inside the house and find that someone in a black trousers and black leather jacket with a white tee-shirt and a black slim tie, is already inside the house
Man – No put the vase on the other side
Meera: Mama who is that??
Ragini confused – I don’t know beta. Ragini walks up behind the man she taps the guys shoulder. The Man shoulder when he turns around Ragini is left dumb struck he is no other than an a handsome hunk Armaan Malik (Karan Singh Grover)

Ragini shocked – Arm….aan…… Armaan
Armaan smiling holds Ragini by the shoulders – Yes Armaan Malik naam toh suna hoga
Ragini hugs Armaan out of excitement breaks the hug and hits him – Idiot you should have told me that you were coming
Armaan – Ragini calm down what bad manners such a beautiful girl is waiting there and you are talking. He walks up to Meera and brings his hand for a handshake – hello who is this beautiful girl
Meera shy in a low voice – Meera
Armaan sits on the floor on his knees – woow Meera what a lovely name, hi i am Armaan my name is so boring i sound like a old man and starts making faces
Meera laughs at the fact of him making faces

Armaan laughs to, Armaan picks Meera up in his arms and is about to place her on the sofa
Ragini – nope not on the sofa Meera is going to sleep now
Meera makes a sad face – Mama i want to talk to Armaan uncle
Ragini – no you can speak to him tomorrow right now you have to go to sleep so tomorrow you can go to school.

Armaan jokes- Meera your mama is so boring Ragini if Meera wants let her stay
Ragini – Armaan Meera has school tomorrow, Turns to Meera come on upstairs and i will send a glass of milk for you. Meera sadly walks upstairs
Armaan – Princess (Meera turns he goes to her and gives a kiss on the cheek) Good Night.
Meera Leaves.

Ragini and Armaan are walking in the lawn
Armaan- A lot has changed Ragini in you
Ragini- what do you mean?
Armaan faces Ragini- Ragini you have become more mature
Ragini looks in to Armaan’s eyes- Armaan i had to change myself in order to forget him
Armaan- Then why did you come back Ragini i was handling your business here so you could have stayed in Mumbai why did you come back?
Ragini- Armaan you have done a lot for me but business is my responsibility and i need to fulfil it. While walking the reach Meera’s room they both stare at Meera sleeping
Armaan- i think Ragini you should tell Meera about Laksh….
Ragini cuts him off- No never Meera can never find out about Laksh Maheshwari as he is no one to him

Armaan- Ragini how long will you hide this truth from Meera now that your back in Kolkata he might find out about Meera or worse Meera might find out about him
Ragini- Armaan Meera needs to stay away from Laksh and all his family members
Armaan- what happened 5 years ago i know it is not easy to forget but Ragini you have started fresh now and i think it’s right time for Meera to know about her father Laksh
Ragini- the only thing her father know to do is hurt feeling and break hearts i can bear anything on myself but not on Meera thats it Armaan i don’t want to talk about this anymore Laksh is the past that should never come in front of Meera he should remain as an secret.

Episode 2 finished

Precap – Maheshwari Family

Nisha Malik <3

Credit to: Nisha Malik

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