RagLak – Innocence of love (part 1)


Guys its Nisha Malik inspired from other good fan fictions so i thought i should write a fan fiction for Ragini and Laksh lovers hope you all like it 😀 My fan fiction is when Ragini finds out that Laksh is lying and doesn’t love her but in real he is betraying her but i wrote this in my own way so enjoy guys 😀 All the cast is the same to the serial except
Gadodia family.

I started with posting this fan fiction on Facebook then i felt like i should share it here as well, and before someone uploaded this part of my fan fiction on this page by stealing it of Facebook and claiming it to be theirs but the rightful owner to this ff is Nisha Malik (Me). So enough of my bak bak here is today’s part:

1st part

scene 1 is set outside the God Shiva Temple where a black Mercedes car stops outside the temple, the girl steps out of the car the camera zooms into her shoes she is wearing high nude colour heel, the camera zooms into her outfit she is wearing black skinny jeans with a white plain shirt on top of the plain white shirt she is wearing a nude colour blazer (Smart wear) she gets out off the car the camera zooms up to her face and its shown that it’s no other than our beautiful Ragini. She takes her sunglasses off and looks outside she is about to close the car door
Bodyguard- Madam shall we come to?
Ragini- No you stay here i will manage.
she walks up the temple steps remembering her past with Laksh and her family that she loved a lot. She is standing in front of the idol of Shiva.

Ragini- I have come back after 5 years back my place where i belong a lot has changed here and within me, in these 5 years a lot has changed i have come a long way from Ragini Gadodia to Ragini Laksh Maheshwari and now to Ragini……Singhania head of Singhania group if industries in these 5 years after Nanu (Nana ji Ragini’s mum’s dad) died i have brought the company to leading industries in this country along with Maheshwari company, please give me the strength to face my past, please give me the strength to keep my Meera away from that Laksh Maheshwari……..
Meera- Mom, Ragini turns around
Ragini- yes Meera
(Meera is Ragini and Laksh’s daughter which is played by Ruhana Khanna) Meera has big brown eyes just like Ragini and long dark brown hair just like her mother.
Meera walks up to Ragini and hugs her – Woow Mom what a nice temple so beautiful
Ragini breaks the hug – My princess likes it
Meera- Yes mum i love it

Ragini- lets go home princess
Ragini climbs down the stairs holding Meera in her lap they sit in the car.
Ragini to the driver – Singhania Mansion
Meera- Mansion?
Ragini- Yes my princess mansion our house
Meera smiles happily hearing that and looks outside the window to enjoy the new sites that she has never seen before, looking at Meera smile Ragini is also smiling at that fact and thinks in her mind- Meera i love you so much and i can’t bear the fact of you going away from me thank you for coming into my life if it wasn’t you i would have dies, i will make sure you never ever see Mr Laksh Maheshwari i will keep you away from him at any cost.

Episode 1 finished

Precap – Surprise

please guys tell me how you found it heart emoticon
Nisha Malik

Credit to: Nisha Malik

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  1. Very nice

    1. Thank you sooo much ?

  2. Nice. Sry if I’m wrong. But I have read same kind of story about raglak a long back. It started exactly like the same way but I think it was not continued. Anyways nice start. Please write regularly

    1. Yea prateeksha even i read that. But the owner if the story is NISHA MALIK. Because she write it on fb after that someone write story on tellyupdates by there name.

      But nice NISHA i liked it. If you can also post love or fate on tellyupdates it will be great for me.????.
      In love with your story SIS.????

      1. Yeah your right Roshini and thank you soooo much for the lovely comment 😀 and i will post love or fate after a little while 😀

    2. thank you so much and yeah someone copied my ff and posted it here but thanks for the comment 😀

  3. Nice ep contiune ur story

    1. Thank you sooooo much 😀

  4. I have read this ff in Facebook and I’m eagarly waiting for u to post the next part so please try to post the next part in fb soon

    1. Thank you sooo much 😀 and i will post next apart on fb hopefully soon 😀

  5. Awesome start plz continue

    1. Thank you soo much 😀

  6. Superb dear and plz continue

    1. Thank you sooo much 😀 😀

  7. Nice start……

    1. Thank you sooo much 😀

  8. Love your ff alot waiting for the next update

    1. Awwww thank you sooo much 😀 i also read your ffs and they are amazing 😀

  9. Awesome

    1. Thank you soo much 😀

  10. Continue…..very good …..Does ragini talk with all except laksh?????

    1. Thank you sooo much 😀 and no Ragini went away to live with her Nanu after knowing about Laksh and when she reaches her Nanu’s house she finds out she is pregnant so she cuts off relations with Maheshwari’s and Gadodia family. Hopefully this answered your question as i tried explaining it without giving away the twist 😀

  11. Awesome but I guess dis story was updated very long back dat to only one episode….I hope u ll continue it atleast now….?

    1. Thanks soo much :d yeah someone copied my ff from fb and uploaded as their own 😀 but thank you

  12. Hi can anyone give link of fb for this story

    1. Hi Nisha Malik here uhmmm have you read it upto part 20?? or is this your first time reading this??? anyway thanks for the comment 😀

  13. you know i ur ff ‘s some chap on fb but then lost account.
    thank u so much for posting it here.

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