Raglak hum tum episode 7

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Ragini: I
Ritika: hey guys what are u doing here?
Laksh: we were just talking
Ritika: classes are going to start come fast
Ragini gets up
Rag: ab chalo laksh
She hands him her hand. He takes it and gets up. They both start walking hand in hand.
Rag: are u ok? Why have u become so senti?
Lak: nothing I just got this thought and felt to share it with u
Rag: oh mere cute se lover boy don’t use ur mind too much what will u do if it gets completed?
Lak: Ragini I won’t leave u
He runs behind her . Ragini gets scared and runs. Someone takes their photo in which it looks like someone is running behind Ragini .
Ragini enters a classroom and falls down. Laksh also falls on her and pins her to the ground. Someone takes another photo of the scene.
Laksh: what were u saying?
Ragini: I was saying that u are too intelligent
Laksh: a ha
Ragini smiles sheepishly
Laksh: u have to face punishment
Rag: what punishment?
Laksh: kiss
Rag: have y become crazy? I won’t kiss u
Laksh: but I will
He starts laughing and she starts shouting(in a funny way)
Another photo taken. To stop Ragini Lakshm keeps his lips on her lips . The person takes another photo and leaves from there.

Ragini starts moving but Laksh holds her tightly and kisses her more deeply . Her hairs come on his face . He inhales her scent and kisses her hairs. He kisses around her neck and goes to her shoulder. He pulls down the sleeves and kisses her bare skin. Bell rings and they both come into their senses. Laksh gets up . Ragini also pulls her sleeves up and stands . She keeps an angry face and starts leaving when Laksh holds her
and pulls her towards him. He keeps his hands on her waist.
Laksh: Naraaz Ho?
Laksh: why?
Rag: because of u we missed our class
Laksh: what u are angry for this?
Rag: I am angry on many more things
Lak: acha baba won’t u ask me why I did all this?
Rag(looks in his eyes):why?
Lak: because I
Rag: u
Lak: love
Rag: love
He is about to say something when Ritika and omi come inside. Raglak separate .
Omi: where wre u guys? Sir is really angry on u guys go and meet him soon.
Ragini gives an angry look to laksh while Laksh runs behind her
Sir: I know u both are stars but it doesn’t mean u don’t attend the classes
Rah: but sir
Sir: enough u both will go to the music shop and bring all the equipment needed in our music room
Laksh: ok sir
Rag: but
Sir gives an angry look. to her and she runs away with laksh
In car Laksh switches on the radio
Laksh: I hope some romantic songs come
Ragini looks at him angrily and is about to switch off the radio when’mere nam joker’ song comes.
Ragini looks at Laksh and laughs. He changes the channel.
‘ naina barse'( a ghost song) comes . He gulps and looks at Ragini. She rolls her eyes like a ghost. He gets scared and changes the channel.
‘Meri ma'(from taste zammen par). Laksh gets cry(in a funny way) and switches off the radio
Ragini laughs crazily
Rag: what happened to ur romantic songs hero?
Lak: cha what to do? I will sue them for spoil img my mood.
Rag laughs while Lakshm looks on irritated.
Police headquarters
Dp: don’t worry sir I got a plan to trap Shekhar gagodia my sub is coming
A woman enters
Woman: inspector Ritika reporting sir
Dp: good have u brought the photos
Ritika: yes sir (she gives them to him)
Dp:Finally Shekhar gagodia get ready for ur arrest

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  1. awesome

  2. Akshata

    awesome… i always feel bad for ragini. true that laskh loves her but his way to arrest shekhar is really bad, afterall she is a human being with many feelings.

  3. I too agree wit akshata…but wat to do anyways nice episode

  4. Superb superb superb episode

  5. Iam also agree with akshatha..poor ragini…how could she feel when she come to know about laksh identity…anyway waiting 4 next part and plz upload soon..i became adicted to ur ff yar..it is one of my favorate

  6. omg pata nahi raglak Ka kya hoga plzz don’t separate them but tasan wala ishq between them

  7. Megha123

    It’s too awsm ☺?????????
    & also very hilarious hahaha ????

  8. Raglak romance was hot but omi n ritika spoiled everything.. Car wala scene was damn funny.. Omg nw wht will happen poor shekar

  9. Prateeksha

    Awesome as always. Waiting eagerly for next episode ☺

  10. A really nice update. RagLak were hot with all the kissing ??. And lol poor Laksh, he didn’t get his romantic song on the radio ?. Can’t wait to read the next part ?

  11. SPP

    Awesome Superb
    Lovely epi DEAR…..
    Waiting for the next one…….

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