Raglak hum tum episode 6

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Laksh reaches home and sees his door open. He cautiously walks inside and grabs a vase. He is about to hit the person when the person turns around.
Laksh: Ragini what are u doing here?
Ragini(smiles at him sheepishly): he he I was missing u so
Laksh: Ragini we met just now
Ragini: no we met 2hrs back that means 120 min
Laksh: I know maths ok but tell me the actual reason and how did u come inside. Don’t tell me u know how to pick up locks?
Ragini: yew how mean do I look like a thief for u
Laksh slowly:u stole my heart
Ragini what? I came here to give u your house keys as u dropped it
She keeps a angry face and starts moving to the door when he catches her hand. She turns back
Laksh holds his ears and says’cholly ‘
Ragini looks at him and starts laughing .she goes to him and pulls his cheeks
Ragini: oh Mera pyaara sa cute as bacha
Laksh: konsa bacha? I am not a kid samjhi.
Ragini: acha Ji
Laksh: ha Ji but if u have a doubt let me show u how much grown up I am
Ragini: but how

Laksh starts coming close to her Ragini starts walking back. She hits a table and falls on the table top. Laksh comes above her and pins her to the table.
Ragini: laksh what are u doing ? Leave me
Laksh: until I prove u how much grown up I am I wont leave u
Ragini: u proved it Laksh. U are a highly grown up boy I agree please leave me
Laksh: yeh hui na baath
He leave her and gets up. Even she gets up. She starts leaving when Laksh .again holds her hand. She doesn’t turn back .
Ragini: now what laksh?
Laksh: u are beautiful.
Ragini: hmm why didn’t u tell me still now?
Laksh: well u never allowed me to see u so closely
Ragini smiles and starts leaving when he again holds her hand
Ragini: offo ab Kya?
Laksh: kuch nahi
Ragini: laksh
Laksh: ach baba I will drop u come
Ragini: no actually Ritika is waiting so I will go bye
Laksh: bye
He sends her off and closes the door.

He starts leaving when the bell rings again.
He opens the door expecting it to be Ragini.
Laksh gets shocked.
Dp comes in. Laksh closes the door hurriedly.
Laksh: what happened dad ?
Dp slaps him
Laksh: dad
Dp: shut up Laksh don’t call me dad. U cheated me
Laksh: but what I did?
Dp: what u did? Why didn’t u inform me that Shekhar gagodia came to meet his daughter?
Laksh: but how do u know?
Dp: I am ur father. What u thought I will leave u alone. U were also under surveillance.
Laksh: u didn’t trust me
Dp: yes I was sad to hide this from u but now I am happy that I followed my instincts. Otherwise I would never know.
Laksh: dad it’s not like that I was about to inform u but I was busy it’s just that
Dp:it’s just that u were busy with that girl.u fell in love with that filthy girl.
Laksh: Ragini her name is Ragini dad and she is not filthy. She is a pure soul
Dp: o so now she is more important to you than ur father’s respect. U promised Laksh that u will help me to catch Shekhar . My reputation will be
ruined if u run away with her.
Laksh: don’t worry dad nothing like that will happen. I will fulfil my promise.
Dp:if it was up to me I would pull u out of this mission right now but I can’t as I saw love for u in her eyes and that love will help me to reach her dad.
Laksh: no dad I won’t allow u to take advantage of our love.
Do: shut up laksh u will pretend to love her and trap her . Don’t u dare mess it up otherwise u will se my dead face and I will make sure that she will rot in jail.
Laksh: dad please what is her mistake in all this? She never got her father’s love. I am the only one for her dad. If she comes to know about all this she will break down.
Dp: stop this nonsense do what I say otherwise u will face the consequences
He leaves from there angrily while Lakshm falls on floor and cries
Laksh: I love her dad, I love Ragini. God please protect her please God take all her sorrows from her life and give it to me please keep her happy.

Episode ends on laksh’s depressed face

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