raglak she is my hope (episode 5)


So guys this is the the last episode of my story I am happy that you bear my story and appricate it and I want you to give comments what you think about it please
Todays episode start with lucky cuts the call and goes to ap and hug her ap sit on sofa and he sit on floor and keep his head on her lap and ap cares his face
Lucky: ma I am so bad she is in trouble and I am here thinking that she betrayed me my love is not true ma don’t know how was she what happen with her
Ap: no beta don’t say like that you will find her and this time we will not allow her to go
And after some time lucky gets a call he see the name and stand up and take the phone and shocked to hear something phone from his hand fall on floor and ap get tensed and stand up
Person: sir I got to know where is she now
Lucky come in senses and take the phone and person tell him the address

And lucky cut the call and tear start flowing from his eyes and ap get tensed and goes to him and ask reason but he is standing still with tear in his eyes ap shakes him and he come in senses and hug her and cry
Lucky: ma how can she be have a smile on her face after this much happen with her my pain is nothing in front of her pain why god did this with her
Ap: what are you talking beta I cant understand
Lucky break the hug and tell
Lucky: ma she has seen the worst days and betrayal which we cant even imagine
Ap: lakash tell me clearly
Lucky make her sit

Lucky: yeah ma you know ma I get to know that when she 16 her father get died abd she is living with his brother and mother in poverty and for money his brother sell her to a money whose business is selling girls and tear come in both of them eyes
Lucky: and you know ma in that hell she live their 3 years their she take all the pain and the pain which is big for her is his brother betrayal and ma she has face the hard time which every girl doesnot want to face at age 19 she run here with her mom and start living here and doing job here
Tear start coming from ap eyes
Ap: don’t know from which thing that girl made after this much happened with her and she doesn’t having a single pain on her face only smile how strong she is
Lucky: yeah ma I tell you that day she is here in the hospital but that men whome her brother sell her see her so she run from here to Kolkata that men comes their and kill her mother and take her with him
Ap: what
Lucky: yeah ma I have to go Kolkata to save her from that hell mom
Ap: yeah beta go and take my daughter in law I will proud to have a strong and strenghtfull girl which have this much positivity as my daughter in law
Lucky smiles and take blessing from ap and goes to airport and their his pa give him tickets and he goes in flight and flight take of he start remembering the days which he spent with ragini and thinks ragini don’t worry I am coming from now I will give you all happiness and closes his eyes
After some time pases flight land at Kolkata and lucky comes out of airport and their he see the person who gave him information and they go to police station and go to the place with police where ragini is kept police make raid and serach the place and lucky found ragini tied and faint her face is dull and having marks of injury all over body he gets angry seeing this and goes and hold copllar of that men
Lucky: how dare you to touch her and start beating him and police interfere and take him and lucky take raginito hospital docter check her and comes out
Lucky: how is she docter
Docter: she is fine but due to weakness and lot of injury it take time to get her improved we have to admit her for 2 days
Lucky: ok docter can I meet her

Docter: yeah but she is sleeping now as she want gull complete rest
Lucky: ok docter
Lucky goes inside and see her sleeping and cry seeing the marks on her body and a tear fall on ragini hand she wake up and see lucky
Ragini: lucky I know u will come to save me
Lucky started crying
Ragini: hey what happen don’t cry I have injury I should cry but see u are crying and smiles little
Lucky: how can you do this after bearing this much u have smile on your face
Ragini: lucky see we get only one life in which we face bad and god time as my bad time has gone why I rememeber that and destroy my god time I want to go with all sweet memories not with bad memories so we have to happy in any situation
Lucky: yeah you are right and from now I will make your life heaven and its my promise and now you take rest I have to tell mom
And ragini closes eyes and sleep and lucky call ap and tell her all thing and ao get happy
Ap: take my daughter law to me fast I am wating for her
Lucky: yeah mom

And smiles and then go in ward room
After three days ragini get discharged but she is weak so lucky is holding her hand and they go in flight and go to Mumbai lucky has told to ap that they are coming so she is wating for them only
They about to come inside ap stop them and do aarti and ap hugs ragini
Ragini: thnk u aunty
Ap: from now no aunty from now I am your mom
Ragini hearing this a drop of tear come from her eyes and lucky take the drop
Lucky: this are not come from your eyes bcz you look beautifull while smiling and crying duty is of me not you I will cry and you will console me
Ragini and ap laugh hearing this and they take her in and after 5 days she get comletly cured by love and care of ap and lucky she get all the happiness of her life
Ap: now I want you both get married
Ragini get shy and lucky nodes
Lucky gives a gift to ragini
Lucky: be ready we have to go somewhere
Ragini noded and lucky goes to office at evening ragini get ready in pink sari which is given by lucky and get ready and comes down lucky see her and get lost in her ap prase her and they go from their
Whole journey ragini ask lucky where they are going but lucky tell that it’s a surprise
And they go to a reastuarent it is completly dark and when ragini comes all light comes and ragini surprised seeing the decorations

Ragini: you did this for me
Lucky: yeah my love
And then lucky sit on knees and hold ragini hand
Lucky: ragini before you coming in my life my life is dark colourless and I have no hope of living I want to die but when I first see you your smile don’t know what happen I attracted towards you your come in my life and make my life full of lights and your smile make my life colourfull and when you left me my life left me but when you come my life also come you thought me about life that’s in every situation we should be happy I have lost my hope you come and become my hope and now I want to live my whole life with u will u aceept this tubelight your better half
Ragini hearing this cry and noded yes

And lucky stand and make her wear ring and they spend the quality time and after some days they married and happily living
Lucky: so this was my story she came in my life and become my hope
All has tear in their eyes
Repoerter4: so sir can we meet your life hope
Lucky: yeah their she come all see
A lady holding a hand of 4 year child wering a red sari coming and stand with lucky
She is my wife ragini and my son rahul
Reporter3: mam congars for your husband great success
Ragini smiles

Reporter4: sir do you want to tell anything to your readers
Lucky: yeah I want to tell that in life we have to face all the things but don’t lose hope of living I get my hope you also get it just wait for it and thnks for reading my book
Reporter1: sir one family pic
Lucky take rahul in arms and side hug ragini and smiles and reporter take the photo and screen stop on their smiling face

Credit to: pooja

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