raglak she is my hope (episode 2)


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Episode start with lakash sleep thinking about that girl and next morning he wake up from bed early to meet that girl and after sometime docter comes and check him and lakash ask him to go in garden and docter hearing this get happy and give her permission as after 2 months he want to go out of his room as its first sign of improvement and lakash goes to garden and wait for that girl to come after some time the girl come and lakash lost in seeing her looking like a angel is coming she is wearing a pink top with full length skirt and having a smile on face which increases her beauty and she goes to a old couple
girl: dadi dadu see your angel has come
and hugs them happily and they bless her
girl: see dadi this is your cream will help as you pain in legs na
old man: and for dadu
girl: for my dadu i bring a sugar free chockalate eat it
they both bless her
lucky is seeing all this and think how can someone be so pure hearted suddenly their come childrens
child1: di lets play
girl: but we will play
child: we will blind fold you and you will catch us ok
girl: it is so much fun
and they blind fold her and she start cathing children but none is coming near her and suddenly she start going towards and lakash see this and stand up and start going but see that due to balance loss the girl about to fall but lakash run and hold her girl shout
girl: oh god

lakash first time see her from near she has s fear on her face and innonent face on which anyone can fall fir her and looking like god has put all her love in that girl girl open her eyes and see her in someone hand and they share an eyelock and bg music janan janam plays and childrens come and they compose themselves
child1: di are you ok na
girl: i am fine you all go and play
childrens go from their and start playing and girl turn to lakash
girl: thnk u for saving me
but lucky is lost in her
girl waves hand across his face and he come in senses
girl: thnk u
lakash: its ok
girl: so you have saved me so lets be frnds
lakash: today we just meet a frnd
girl: see i have only one logic in life we have to live ib present and as you know kal kisne dekaha so enjoy your present only and yeah make every one our frnds what say
lakash hear her
lakash: so you are a philospher
girl: me and philospher i think you are kidding with me see i am cute little girl and i work in a ngo make my wish ok
laksh: cute little girl
girl make a pout face

girl: dont i look cute see and move front and back and lakash smile seeing her actions
lakash: yeah write you are cute little girl
girl smiles: i know all say this only
and she gave him a chocklate
lakash: why this chocklate
girl: we have started a new relationship of frnd ship you lets start with some sweet
and lakash open the chocklate and feed her and she also feed him and suddenly she see watch
girl: oh i am getting late i have to go

laksh: so you come tommarow
girl: definatly
and goes to children smiling and say which is audible to lakash
girl excitedly: see i got a new frnd and point towards laksh and laksh smile the way she is telling and then she goes to old couple and hug th and started going by jumping and then take her cycle and goes
lakash: what crazy girl but sweet and innocent but wait i forget to ask her name shit ok let it be i will ask her tomarrow my crazy girl
lakash think whar he said and hits his head and smiling goes in hospital and then un his room docter come in his room and see a shining face insted of dull face and happy as these sign are of improvement and check him and goes and lakash start thinking about that girl

Credit to: Pooja

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