raglak she is my hope (episode 1)

Guys I am writing a ff it’s a small story of 5 episodes hope you all like it and if you like it please comment

My story start with a guy sitting and giving interview
Reporter1: so mr. lakash maheswari what are you felling after this much great opening of your book she is my hope
Yeah he is lakash
Laksh: yeah it’s a great moment for me in my life and I am very happy
Reporter2: so mr. lakash how you get idea of this story please share with your fans
Lucky: well this is my personal exprince and I would like to share it with all of them who lose the hope to live
So its my story and laksh started his story
The story start with a big hospital is shown as we move in we see a room as we enter inside the room we see a guy lying on bed and he is looking sad after sometime docter come and check that boy
Docter: mr. lakash maheswari there is chances for your survival but you have to cooprate with us
Lakash smiles sadly: soory docter but this cant happen now I don’t have any hope with my life I am wating for death

And hearing this docter go from their and laksh stands near a window and see outside and then closes eyes in pain suddenly he hear a laughing sound he open his eyes and see a girl playing with childrens and smiling and jumping with them and as she is smiling whole nature is also looking like smiling on her childness and lucky started staring her and suddenly a old couple come and that girl run and goes to them and hug both of them and they pull the cheeks of girl and girl make a pout face and then they take out chocklates and give it to her and seeing chocklates she jumpe in excitement like she has see a diamiond and take the chocklates and old lady kisses on her cheeks and she runs and goes to childrens and start showing them chocklates and smiles and giving them chocklates lakash is seeing all these and unknowingly a smile come on his face
In lakash room a lady enter and see lakash smiling and tear come in her eyes the lady is none other than ap mother of lakash
Ap thinks it have been 2months that I have seen smile on my sons face thnk u god for this
Ap: laksh beta
Lucky stop smiling and turns and see ap
Ap goes and hug him and ap make him eat food and then she goes as it is the process from 2 months lakash not talk to anyone and stay alone in his room and don’t allow any one not his mother also so ap come only to make him eat food and then goes

As lakash eat the food and then he go towards window and see the girl already gone and thinks who is that girl and he gey curious about her


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  1. awesome but y only 5 episodes

  2. superb dr its really very nice and intresting i think she is my angel ( ragini)

  3. Wow… Exciting episode… Continue..

  4. Awesome

  5. Superb superb superb introduction dear

  6. Superbbb starting… But y only 5 episodes???

  7. Nice intro yaar

  8. Awesome …??

  9. Nice start…

  10. Superb dr plz continue

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