Raglak – His Sins and her sacrifices part 7 and 8

She stood rooted..

She didnt know how to react.  This was something she never expected even in her wildest dreams..
And why was mehta uncle supporting them .. she thought..
Then her mind went to the fiercest thought she could ever think..

Did they come to snatch her children away from her… no.  She knew her children would never go away from her.. But still her mind was getting filled up with insecurities..

” Ragini.. ” laksh was about start a conversation when he heard a familiar voice..

” hi uncle.. ap yaha.. ” screamed raksh who came to see why his mother was taking so long..

And reality struck the maheshwari’s that raksh was Laksh’s son…

Ap remembered how she could relate raksh and Laksh when she met him during the haldi ceremony.

Laksh eyes was filed with tears looking at his son.. He badly wanted to take him into his embrace..

” mamma.. what’s taking you so long”
Screamed ragya as she came towards the door..

She became shocked as  soon as she saw Laksh..
” hey  uncle .. wow. How did you come here.. do you know mamma.. ” she asked with  excitement

And the realisation dawned upon maheshwari ‘s that Raglak were having twins..

They were in a dilemma to be happy that they met their kids.. or to be sad. What iF Ragini is not willing to come back..

Laksh looked at Ragini who was lost in some other world..

He turned his gaze towards the kids…

He badly wanted to scream out to them that he was their papa..

But he was afraid…will His kids hate him for leaving their mumma alone..
Will he be able to become the best dad..

He somehow gathered his strength and bend down to the kids level

He held their hands in his and finally uttered ” ragya raksh…mei tum dono ke papa hu.. wont you hug me.. ”

Ragya and raksh were shocked as well as happy..

Ragini didn’t know how to react .. their was a turmoil in her mind..
Will Laksh snatch her children away from her..
She wouldn’t be able to bear that..  They were her lifeline..
.She wouldn’t let them away from her..

But at the same she couldn’t take away the rights of a father.. She couldn’t deny the fact to her children..

She knew she had to let them meet their father some day and that day was today..

Ragya and raksh looked at Ragini to confirm whether it was true..

” ma aa kya yeh humara papa hai.. ”

Ragini closed her eyes letting a tear fall from her eyes and nodded in a yes..

Without wasting a second both kids jumped into Laksh’s embrace.
They felt special.. It was the first time in their life they were so close to their dad..  hugging h im.. feeling his love….

Laksh slowly broke the hug and kissed on both their cheeks..

” apni dadi ke paas nahi ayenge.. ” asked ap and the children looked at them…

” kyaa app sab log humari parivar hai.. ” asked ragya who was damn excited knowing that she had a huge family…

” wow . ..  Im so happy… now we will spend a lot t of time with all of you.. “said raksh holding we’d hands..

” but before all that.. mamma pappu.. we wanna spend time with you both.. ” said ragya pulling Ragini and making her stand close to Laksh..

Laksh was staring at her lovingly..
How badly he missed her..

But she didnt even look up at him..

” ha.. Sure beta.. ” laksh said and Ragini glared at him..

He could see a lot of pain and hurt in her eyes..  It felt as of he was being ripped apart..

The kids were jumping happily..

Somewhere Ragini felt good seeing all her family and seeing the happiness of her kids in seeing their father..

Here Laksh badly wanted to sort out everything with Ragini..

” Ragini .. mujhe tumse baath karni hai..” Laksh uttered mustering his courage..

Ragini was about open her mouth .. when mr mehta interrupted..

” beta.. first let them in.. It wouldn’t be good standing outside and talking.. ” mr mehta said as a matter of fact and also to divert ragya and raksh..

She moved away and let them in…






Ragini moved away and let the Maheshwari’s in..

As soon as they got in she asked diya to take the children to the room ..

” Mr laksh maheshwari .. ” Ragini said standing ..

” what did you want to talk to me ?”she asked.. somewhere she knew what he wanted to talk to her..

Allah took a deep breath and came closer to her and took her palms into his..

Both of them felt a shiver run down their spine..
This touch was something they had been wanting since years..
They felt blissfull ..
Their eyes met .. And both of them didn’t want to break the eyelock ..

Suddenly the flashes of the past came to her mind….I them spending the night together.  He using her and marrying kava in front of her.. how he insulted her and her love..

She wasn’t being able to control her anger ..  She immediately jerked his hands.. And yelled..” don’t dare touch me Mr Maheshwari…wo hak aapne kho diya hai.. ”

This was a shock for the whole family.. they had never seen Ragini like this she was always the calm and composed one.. even when she was acting as the mall on she respected everyone and never raised her voice..

” I am sorry.. Ragini…” Laksh whimpered..
He looked pathetic.. his eyes were red and teary..

” im really sorry Ragini.. I know ki maine bohoth galthiya ki hai tumse.. but I regeret it Ragini… I have realised my mistake and have even got the punishment for it.. pls forgive me Ragini.” He said sitting on his knees in front of her..

She remembered the day when she was in the same situation .. she begged him to accept her.. but he insulted her more and there her out of his life..

But she wouldn’t do it..as she is Ragini…and Ragini has her own class and standard..

” I wont forgive you laksh.. because we forgive people whom we have relation with..  but according to my knowledge .. we have no relation between each other.. ” Ragini said trying to control her emotions..

” Ragini .. pls dont say like that.. I love you Ragini.. I realised it when you left me.. Ragini my life had been hell with out.. I had been cursing myself for not trusting you and betraying you.. pls Ragini…atleast for our children cant we be together.. ” he pleaded her..

” our children ?? Excuse me mr maheshwari.. they are just my children.. I have no rights on them…” Ragini said .

” and one more thing.. I dont want any relation with you or your fAmily.
I have a family here.. who only knows love and trust me unlike you ..  I wont leave them all for you Laksh.. ” Ragini says with determined voice..

Laksh eyes were flowing with tears..

” arrey chori.. but they are our grand children too… already Swara and pari cannot be mothers ..  You are our only hope.. ” suna tha said without thinking..

” Ohh tho yeh rahi baat.. when both of your dils cannot make you grandparents.. That is when you remembered and my kids.. Ohh I forgot.. Ragini was always a substitute right..She was always used for others benefits.. par I think app log nahi jante hai ki woh Ragini mar chuki hai … jis din uske pyaar hi usse apne shadi ki hi din par dhoke diya.. .. the day she had to leave the city with her unborn babies… ” she said. But she couldn’t continue as her voice dried out thinking of the past..

” Ragini im really sorry.. I know o cant change the past.. but now since I have got you.. I cant leave this city with out you and our kids.  I want you both Ragini..please…” Laksh begged her once again..

” and its not because Swara and pari bhaabhi cannot give birth.. I have been wanting you since the day I realised kavya’s true face.. I wanted hug you and say a sorry to you .. but then i was too guilty to face you Ragini… “he says

” you have to be guilty Laksh.. ek baar bhi you didnt try to know why I did that all.. You claimed us as br*ast friends right.. did you really think that i would try killing my sister and do all that you guys.. You know what one way its is good that our relation was broken .. because even of our marriage took place I dont think it would have worked out with out the basis of trust..  and now i dont want you in my life Laksh.. pls go away .. some where away from my life .. pls.. ” Ragini said joining her hands..
While Laksh shook his head in a no..

Thats when Annapoorna interrupted..

” Ragini beta.. I very well know what you might be going through.. and I wont blame you for all these. We deserve this for the sins that we have done to you.. but just think of your kids …You saw right how happy they were knowing that Laksh was there papa.  Ragini I was always against Laksh for whatever sins he did .. and even u say you shouldn’t forgive him that easily.. but ragya and raksh dont know anything.. they are craving for their papa’s love.  Atleast for them think about it Ragini.. ” ap said cupping her face..

Ap was the only one who was genuinely there for Ragini from the day her engagement with Laksh was over..
She knew whatever ap said was true and she cant let her children suffer more.. but she needs time to accept .  She cant forgive and forget everything that easily..

” Ragini.. ” mrs mehta spoke up..
” you call me maa right.. even I consider you  and diya in the same way.. with that rights I think its a mothers duty ti show the right way to her child..
Laksh ko maaf kar do beta.. for your children.. pls.. That will be good for you and everyone.. You can’t keep grudge throughout your life.. give him a last chance ..  ” she said caressing her hair.

While Ragini nodded..

” but I need time  to accept everything.. and im not ready to leave mumbai as this place is what made the really Ragini.. an”
Before Ragini could continue further Laksh interrupted ..

” hume thumhare har shart manzoor hai ragini… bas thum aur humare bache chahiye hame… ” he said with teary eyes .. and both fell into an eyelock..

Thats when they hear ragya and raksh ” mamma paappa… diya aunty is not allowing us to come down..”

” diya send them down..” Ragini said.. and the next the kids mrs to her..

” mamma papa.. Can we all spend time together today.  ” asked raksh excitedly..

” raksh .. not today.. all of us are tired .. let them rest… ” Ragini said ..

” but pap is al ready for his bachas .. Laksh said picking raksh in his hands and peckng ragya forehead.. ”

” maamma .. app bhi hamare sath time spend karo na…”ragya said…and laksh looked at Ragini with hopefully eyes.  He had dreamt of him being with Ragini and his child when he came to know she was pregnant while he kicked her out..
He badly wanted Ragini . But it was now after ao many years that he got her.

” nahi beta..I have to do arrangements for their stay her na.. “Ragini said …She could feel Laksh’s gaze on her.. but she chose to ignore it..

Swara and pari helped Ragini and diya in the arrangements..
After some time the mehtas left and it was really awkward for Ragini to be with the maheshwari’s.

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