Raglak – His Sins and her sacrifices part 4, 5 and 6

In diya’s room…
Ragini was helping  diya get ready..
Ragini was wearing this same jewellery and hair style and makeup and dress ?

She finally put the mangteekha made of flowers on diya forehead..

Done..  U look so beautiful diya..  bilkul pari jaise.. Ragini said looking at diya..

At that ragya and raksh came running into the room to see their diya aunty.

Aunty..  U look so beautiful..  but.. raksh said and looked at his sister.. who conitiued..

But u dont look like a pari . Thats always our mom.. ragya continued..

Omg I know I know..  diya said and laughed while Ragini glared at the trio. .

” mamma.. you know what.. We were playing and this raksh went and dashed onto an uncle . ..  “

Ragini was smiling listening to the kids talk..

” and mamma.. He looks somewhat like raksh only..  The uncle smiles same like him.. ” ragya continued..

And immediately Ragini’s smile dropped…She thought how similar raksh and Laksh smiled.. He used to always remind her of Laksh..

What if its Laksh she thought for a second.. No.. how can they come here she thought and brushed off her thoughts mastering a smile ..

“Aur maa. Wo uncle hume kisses bhi diya.  Mujhe wo uncle bahuth pasand a gayi.. ” raksh said..

Ragini was feeling really uncomfortable.. something big was gonna happen her mind told her..

” raksh ragya.. how many times I told you not to talk to strangers..  What if they were some kidnappers.. .. U know na how much mamma loves you.. And i cant afford to lose you you both are my only lifelines.. there is no one for me. Pls be careful…”

Sorry mama.. both of them said in unison..

” mamma.. dont say you dont have anyone except us.. you have papa too.. even though he is not with us now we are sure papa would also love you even more than us..  ” said ragya making it hard for Ragini to control her tears..

” hmm .. ” she faked a smile hugging her kids and wiped the tear which was threatening to fall from her eyes. ..

Down in the hall all the guests were present. Including the maheshwari ..

Laksh was wearing this

He was actually feeling good after six long years.. something was telling him that good things are gonna happen in his life.. aftr seeing ragya and raksh he felt like a wave of peace has washed over him……

Sir drinks .. a man with a tray of drinks asked him..
He took a glass of sprite and turned collided into yash and it fell over his hands..
( note : it didnt fall on his sherwani … Its sabyasachi costly one yaar.. i dont wanna spoil it.. )

Oops im so sorry ..  yash said

Hey . Its ok yash.. Could please tell me where is the washroom .. Laksh asked..

Oh yea sure .. yash said and guided Laksh to the washroom in the guestroom ..

Back to Ragini..

She couldn’t control more she send the children away to play and immediately rushed to the guest room ..
She sat on the bed and cried her heart out ..

She remembered once again all that happened in her life.. Her children think that their papa loves their mam.. But they didn’t know that it was the same papa who kicked her out of his life by betraying her..  by using her body..  by taking advantage of her pure love..

She wondered why she was feeling close to him today.  She could feel his presence somewhere close to her.
Even though she tries neglecting that sensation it caught her attention again and again..

She was sitting in the room .  unaware of the fact that someone was there in the washroom..

She looked at the clock.  It was time for the ceremony to start.. She quickly wiped her face without ruining the makeup.

She immediately got up and went towards diya’s room which was adjacent to the guest room..

Laksh got out of the washroom and saw a lady clad in yellow sari get out of the guetsroom ..

He just saw her smooth back and her silky hair which was upto her waist..
So familiar it was that he just stood there staring at the way she went..

Was that Ragini .. He thought

Oh ho .. i cant let go of her.  He thought and rushed out side the too to get a glimpse of that lady.. But unfortunately .. there was no one…

Here Ragini was in she’s room ..whispering sweet nothing to her .. And doing her final touch up.

Laksh reached down and was scanning his eyes through the people around him.. in case he finds his Ragini there.. He had a gut feeling that he could see the love of his life today.


Finally the mahurath arrived for the haldi ceremony.. mrs mehta asked Ragini to bring diya down for the rituals..

Downstairs Laksh was feeling restless.. his heart beats were increasing.. He could feel something inside his stomach..

He felt a cool breeze..
He turned towards the stairs….
He stopped breathing for a second..
She was there.. the one who was madly in love with him..
The one who happily sacrificed her happiness for him..
The one whom he betrayed..
The one who was the victim of his sins..
The one who stole his sleep for the past six years..

The one who was the love of his life.. And the mother of his children.. his Ragini..

His eyes were filled with tears..

The whole maheshwari family was dumbstruck seeing Ragini there..

They wanted to meet her soon but never expected that it would happen this soon..

They were also teary eyed..

Whereas Ragini didn’t see them as she was busy whispering sweet nothing to diya making her blush..

As soon a they came down the other laidies and all came and took diya along with them.. Ragini was about to follow them when she felt someone stop her holding her wrist..

” ragini…. ” she heard his voice in a whisper ..

She knew who it was. The voice was so close  to her heart..
Even if she tried to hate the owner of that voice she couldn’t
She loved him truely with her whole heart and soul.. But.. What did she get in return..
Pain if betrayal..
But one thing he did good was giving two amazing kids like raksh and ragya ..

She was shocked .. how did he come here.  What if he finds about the kids.  What if he snatches her kids from her the same he snatched everything from her.. But how could she deny his rights..

Gaining all her guts she turned to him.. And there eyes met…

The whole maheshwari family was witnessing this.. while the others were busy with the haldi ceremony…

Their happiness couldn’t be explained.. They had always wanted Ragini to be their bahu.. They never expected Laksh to cheat her this way..

For six years they were waiting for this day..

Raglak were stuck in their own world…
Their eyes met ..  They were having a silent conversation with their eyes..
Ragini’s eyes had pain anger love but Laksh eyes had love which was overpowered by his guilt..

He opened his mouth to mumble a sorry that was when mrs mohan called Ragini for applying haldi on diya..

Ragini immediately turned away from Laksh jerking his hands..

” Ragini .. Pls.. ek min.. ” laksh whispered with his choked voice..  But she went away wiping her tears not paying heed to him..

Laksh was about to gi behind Ragini when dp held him back ..

” laksh thoda wait karo beta.. We can’t create a scene here.. After all its a good function happening.. “he said. …

” par papa what if Ragini leaves me again.. ” laksh asked dp with tear filled eyes..
Dp’s heart ached seeing Laksh in that condition..

” beta.. im sure she will be here till the function ends.. ” ap said.. caressing her sons face..

” haa chore.. ye mera wada hai .. hum Ragini ke bina idhar se jayenge nahi.. ”
Sujatha tried consoling Laksh..

” arrey.. app log.. aajayiye na… kuch tho kha lo.  ” yash said whole coming to Laksh..

He took them to the dining area which was noticed Ragini who was besides diya.. She was totally disturbed.. why did he even come back.  She thought..

She didnt want an encounter and so decided to leave immediately before he sees her ..  She told diya that she had an urgent meeting and left from the venue with her children hoping that she never gets to encounter Laksh again..

It was not that she didn’t want to see him or she didn’t love him..
She loved him madly even now after all those betrayal..
But she was afraid of his presence what if he breaks her heart again.. She didnt want her to see that side of their father.. even though they haven’t seen their father they had a great opinion about him.She didnt want that to be erased.



Finally the haldi ceremony was over and Laksh was searching for Ragini..

He a searched every book and corner of the house but ended up being disappointed..  disappointed was actually not enough to describe his condition..  He was devastated..

He was sitting in th courtyard and was thinking of his pathetic condition..

He got her .. So close.. But still he lost her..

No he had to find her.. now since he knows she is her she would do anything to gain her forgiveness and lead a life with her and their child ..

But where could she be.. mumbai was not a familiar place to them.

The whole family was sad that Ragini had left them once again..

Dp knew laksh would be devastated..

He came to Laksh and kept a hand on his shoulder..
Lakh turned to him with His tear filled eyes..

” I am afraid pappa.. i swear I cant lose her once again.. i will die without her papa.. i cant carry this guilt any more.  Did u .. did u se w how angry she was when i held her.. There was a time when she blushed even sending my presence .. But today she behaved as if she hated me papa… Let her punishment as much as she wants.. But.. But.. i cant bear her hatred papa..i want a life with her.. i want her love back.. i cant I cant lose her once again papa.. ” he sobbed hugging dp.. which was witnessed by the whole maheshwari family .. It was difficult for them to see their fun loving and charming lucky in this condition.. .

That was when mr mehta spotted them..

” arrey dp ji kya hua Laksh ko. ?” Mr mehta asked..

Laksh immediately went to mr mehta holding his shoulders..
” uncle you know na where Ragini is..
Pls tell me uncle.. i cant lose her.. i told you right how badly I wanted her.. you know what i got her in front of me today.. But she escaped .. She left me once again uncle.. i cant bear it..  why aren’t  you telling  me uncle  where Ragini is …. Pls uncle I wanna meet her. I want her back into her life.. ” he begged sitting on his knees..

It broke the hearts of all the maheshwari’s
Mehta made Laksh stand … And wiped his tears..

That was when mrs mehta , diya and yash entered…
Yash blood boiled listening to Laksh..
Ragini was his best friend.. in fact more than a friend to him.
He knew his feelings will never be reciprocate by Ragini but then his feelings will remain the same..

Mr mehta started speaking..
” first of all I wasn’t sure of the Ragini you were talking about and the Ragini I knew were the same or not…
But now its confirmed..
Ragini is like my daughter Laksh.. from the day she came here I have never differentiated between Ragini and diya.. She fulfilled the duties of a daughter even better than diya..
Laksh how can I tell you easily where Ragini is.. before that you have to know na what my daughter had to face… ”
“Ill tell him papa.. ” diya said with rage in her eyes…

” you have no die Laksh what Ragini had suffered..
She was fully shattered the day we found her ..  She was being followed by some senseless men.. They were trying to molest her.. due to god ‘s grace yash bhai found her.  It is all because of you Laksh.  ”

” my daughter faced a lot because of you Laksh..  Pls dont ruin her life again.. ” mrs mehta said.

Yash’s anger reached its peak..

He went and held Laksh’s collar..

” not done.. Mr maheshwari.. The amount of criticism she faced from the society…. some called her characterless due to the child in her womb.. She was framed as a bad omen.. But god was with her.. with her hard work she became a famous singer.  A strong business woman.. She took care of her children in the best way..  why are you like this Laksh.. now why are you going back to her life.. cant you bear seeing her happy… She is such a pure soul who loved unconditionally.. ” saying this he pushed Laksh away..

” I wish she never loved you Laksh.. i was ready to accept her with her kids.. because i loved her that truly .. ” yash said.. making Laksh lose his temper.. He was controlling it Dude to his guilt..

” but.. you are lucky Laksh she can never forget you.. She can never give your place to anyone else.. That is called pure and try love Laksh.. which you failed to recognize.. ” continued yash..

Laksh fell on his knees crying butterfly.. He felt good listening to the amount of love Ragini has for him .. But immediately it was covered by guilt..

He went to mehta..
” uncle please uncle I am begging you.. i want my Ragini back..  Pls…i want apologize to her for everything… only you can help me uncle.. please..  ” He was literally begging mr mehta falling on his feet.

” ill take you Laksh.. because  i know u genuinely love her now.. And the other thing I want Ragini to have a happy life ..  She has lies to your kids that you are abroad for work..  They waiting for the arrival of their dad..
Please dont make them sad.. We will leave now.. ”

” laksh of next time a tear falls from her eyes.. i am never gonna spare you.. ” yash says.

” I promise I will fill her life with happiness ” laksh says..

” acha then everyone fresh up and come .. We wil leave now.. ” mr mohan

The screen shifts to Ragini’s house..

Ragini and her kids were having dinner..

She was lost in thoughts .. The thoughts of the past..  why did he comeback now.. But his eyes had true love which she didn’t fail to notice..

Is he really loving me.. She thought..
But then she didn’t want any false hopes.. She could not bear one more heart break..

” mamma .. why are you upset.. ” ragya asked her breaking her chain of thoughts..

” kuch nahi beta..” She said faking a smile..

” mamma you are lying .. And your faking your smile too..  ” raksh said with a serious face..

She wondered how her children understood her a lot.. Even if she doesn’t express her feelings they never fail to notice her change..

She felt blessed to have them as her kids..
She though how unlucky Laksh was as he lost the chance to experience this love from his kids..

” mamma why arrey you telling anything…” ragya asks..

” wo kuch nahi beta.. i was just thinking of some old things.. ”

” mamma..  Pls.. whatever you think.. We want you always happy and smiling..  promise.. ” raksh ask.

To which she nodded ..

After some time their dinner was over..

” mumma.. i dont feel sleepy.. can we play something.. asked ragya.

What will we play.. raksh replied..

Hmm we will play catching catch Ragini said.. And all the three started playing..

They were having hungama..

After playing all three were sitting in the sofa and laughing at raksh who lost …

He was posting anthem and Ragini got remainder of Laksh.. when he was faking his love..

As she drowned in her past.
She heard a knock on the door..

She went and opened the door.. But stood rooted.. She saw the mehta ‘s as well as the maheshwari’s standing their..

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