RAGLAK : hatred lust love and betrayal (Prologue)

Hi guys sriya here with next episode of my ff. Hope you guys like it too guys everyone who commented I want to know are they all are raglakians because I am not the one anyways I am swasanian to tell the truth and a sanskar and varun kapoor crazy stupid fan. But actually to tell I like Ragini more than swara and tejaswi more than helly I think she is more talented than helly. guys it will be not the continuation of promo. Anyways I will now stop my bak bak.
We see a boy doing party with his friends and having drinks and there he sees so many girls with lust. He was enjoying the party fully and was drunk he goes to one girl and starts dancing sensuously with her the girl gets irritated with him and jerks him and gives him a tight slap. He holds his cheeks and was getting angry on the girl because it is first time a girl slapped him. The girl was our cute sweet Ragini and the boy was laksh. Everyone starts badmouthing about him and feels insulted and leaves from there. He goes to his room and locks the door and says how dare that b***** cheap girl slap me till now no girl is there who didn’t want my body and slapped me. I will take revenge from the girl I will make her life hell that she can’t show her face to anyone. Miss Ragini kapoor now u will pay for your slap and smirks. There a girl comes and she sees laksh with full of lust in her eyes and laksh also sees her in the same way he goes to her and kiss her lips it was a passionate one now they fall on bed laksh is on top of the girl he undresses her. They both romance and the lights goes off.

Precap: – raglak second meet and sanskar entry.

So guys I know u didn’t like laksh romance with girl don’t worry our Ragini will change him soon. So guys did u liked the prologue except romance one anyways I love temish so I also didn’t like this laksh character so I am very sorry guys puppy eyes. Anyways I want to know your opinion suggestions are always welcomed. So guys what do you think laksh deserves this slap or not and I want each and every raglakian to comment on this. Sorry for the short update today I am not well so I cannot write more and this is for raglak ss: a horror love story readers I will post its next episode tomorrow and may be maine tumse pyaar kiya ( raglak ) also tomorrow. Stay tuned guys and this ff next episode if I get free time on Saturday then I will post on it or otherwise u will get this ff next episode on Sunday only. Love u guys bye take care don’t forget to drop your comments

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  1. Dharani


  2. Snehahari

    superb dear

  3. Megha123

    Awsm prologue hope rags changes laksh soon ……..

  4. Sindhura

    Nice yar

  5. Jwala

    sriya I don’t agree with your comment tej more talented than helly.. helly is highly talented. and you can’t compare two actresses like that. both are talented and comparison is not good.. it may hurt other fans..

    1. AnuAnn

      Agree with u jwala.. Both helly and tejaswi are talented.. Don’t compare them.. Sorry to say it really hurts when it heard from you sriya whom I admire due to your writings

      1. Sriya

        sorry Anuann and jwala i am very guilty and sorry i should not have compare them i am no one to compare them i actually don’t deserve your forgiveness but forgive me guys if u can i am sorry from the bottom of my heart

  6. SPP


  7. nice,make it long please

  8. Akshata

    Awesome, waiting for the next long update. but first take care of yourself.

  9. Concept seems good

  10. Moni

    LAKSH is perfect bad boy??..i liked it..hehe?? and it will be fun to read how ragini changes him

  11. Moni

    LAKSH is perfect bad boy?..i liked it..hehe?? and it will be fun to read how ragini changes him

  12. Interesting dear and plz continue. Waiting for next episode

  13. Awesome

  14. Yashasvi

    awesome dear!!!!!!!!!! loved it . waiting fr epi

  15. Ruhani

    Amazing yr.. Hahaha he deserved it.. It would be interesting to see her changing him… Wow u r a swasan fan n u r writing abt raglak that’s amazing

  16. nice story looks interesting next part soon

  17. Just lvd it yr….No words 2 say…

  18. Awsm prologue… Nd yeah Laksh deserves this slap…. Nd I m a Raglakian….I love them a lot….

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