RAGLAK : hatred lust love and betrayal (first episode)


Hi guys here I am with the next chappy of my ff. Hope you guys like it too. Thanks guys for your encouraging comments keep supporting and reading. Guys I know many of u did not like laksh character but u have to bear this and u see in the story is laksh a womaniser.
First episode

We see laksh get up and saw the girls clothes and his clothes lying on the floor he pecks the girl forehead and the girl also gets up. The girl is none other than kavitha. Kavitha says laksh baby let’s have shower together laksh agrees and they both have shower together kavitha starts seducing him and giving love bites to him laksh too starts kissing and sucking her everywhere. After having shower together they both come out. Laksh and kavitha wears the clothes laksh says babes now I am leaving for office as I am getting late kavitha says babes come fast from office because I want to make my night special with u today after you come from office. Laksh says okay baby now I am leaving for office he pecks her forehead and leaves from there.

At Ragini house
Ragini thinks about yesterday’s incident and thinks the boy is disgusting womaniser I hate him to the core of my heart what he does think about himself he is rich and he can do anything he knows nothing else than playing with girls feelings and emotions.

Laksh pov
I have to teach Ragini kapoor a lesson get ready Ragini I will make your life hell for slapping me now see how will I make you fall in my trap and about kavitha she has a s**y body I must say but not than you I will make u fall in love with me and then I will enjoy with u and afterwards will leave u and go to that kavitha or any other girl anyways every girl dies for me except you Ragini kapoor. Now I am must finish my work fast and leave for home my babes must be waiting for me today I and my babes will have a special night together and I will start my planning to make your life hell miss Ragini kapoor get ready.
Laksh pov ends

He smirks and finishes his work. He was going to home by his car and he sees Ragini playing with some children she was wearing a crop top and her belly was visible laksh was seeing with her full of lust in his eyes.
Laksh ( thinks) ; she is looking damn hot and s**y body I want to spend a night with her now only but no I will not do that now I will first make her fall in love with me then only I will enjoy with her.
He leaves from there Ragini sees him and gets angry.

Laksh home
He rings the door bell and kavitha opens the door. He goes to her and hugs her kavitha says baby I missed you so much (this kavitha I hate her overacting ki dukaan hehe lol ). Laksh says I missed you too they both go to their room. He gets surprised seeing rose petals in his bed and decoration with candle lights and a candle light dinner. Kavitha says how is my surprise baby laksh says I loved your surprise kavitha says really I love you so much and hugs him laksh too says I love you my babes and they both cut cake together she goes to washroom and comes back wearing a s**y nightie laksh gets mesmerised seeing her and starts seducing with her he unties her nightie and throws the nightie on the floor she was now fully naked kavitha throws his shirt on the floor and laksh starts kissing her lips she too starts kissing him he bites her lower lip she moans in pain after few minutes he stops and he kisses her cleavage and br**** she also starts kissing him everywhere they both fall down in bed kavitha is on top of laksh they romance and the lights goes off.

Precap:- laksh to start his plan on Ragini. Sanskar entry.

So guys did you liked everything except kavlak romance. Guys sorry for their romance but I have to show laksh this character also na in every ff laksh is too good so I wanted his character to be different so I make his character like this and this kavitha I hate her she is too overacting but this character will suit kavitha perfectly. Love you guys bye take care don’t forget to drop your comments in the comment box.

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    Lucky is perfect spoilt brat and Ragini will change him, I liked the way you say he is spoilt and Ragu is cute to the core to make him realise his mistake

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    Very nice Sriya! This chappy was amazing! Keep it up! Keep writing…


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      zuha thanx for the comment and i am writing twinj ff a story of two different people yesterday i have posted its intro today posted its first episode but first episode is not posted till now hope u read it dear its intro is on 2nd page of tei

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