Episode 6


Episode 7:

So far the charity event was uneventful. Media and reporters were hot on my tail. But everything was worth it when I saw the shock and disbelief on Priyanka’s face which changed into the deadliest glare. As if she could affect me!

I went to the manager of charity who also happened to be the host of this event and gave him a cheque of 50 Lakhs under the name our company. Gadodia Industries. He gave me a warm smile before looking cheque. Once he read the name of my company the grateful features of his face transformed into shock and fear.

“M-Ms. Gadodia” He stuttered.

He was the first person who came to know about me and he was already stuttering. What will happen when the world will know!?

I gave him a warm smile and he relaxed.

“It’s a pleasure having you here Ms. Gadodia” He said glancing at the amount of crowd which surrounded us.

I looked at the media who was staring us in utter confusion. But the clouds of confusion were cleared when their eyes went to the screen behind us which displayed the donation info.

Reading the name of the company, their face turned into sudden realisation. I smirked and spoke tilting my head “Never knew our media could be so dumb to put two and two together” Watch out people! This is the new Gadodia!

Having too much of tonight I still craved for a dramatic ending. Seeing Laksh and Priyanka there standing with their eyes as huge as football and mouth practically resting on the chair nearby seems to ease my heart.

How much I waited for this moment where I will be no longer in the shadow of Laksh Maheshwari’s shadow. How much I ignored people’s dubious glares as to how a walking talking s*x god can be in a relationship with a freak like me. How much I denied dinners and parties like these with him just to ensure myself that no one would be able to brain wash him about a weirdo like me. How much I changed myself for him!

This is finally happening! Ragini Gadodia is finally going rule over Laksh Maheshwari.

After their not-so-mini-session of staring me and averting their eyes out of terror people settled in ease. Of course their were whispers and gossips but who cares!?

After the huge revelation no one tried to approach me. Definitely there were some ‘brave’ reporters who think so highly of themeselves, tried to schedule an interview but my deadliest glare and cold voice did it all.

So far only few businessperson and celebrities talked to me and congratulated me for the success of my business while others maintained a space of at least a ft. After all everyone was aware of my cold attitude!


I gave the donation and my work was done. That’s what I thought when I came here but here I’m discussing some business project with one of the businessman who happens to take the business world by storm. I, on the other hand have no interest in it. You wanna know why? ‘Cause I’m not only one with whom this project is being discussed with. In fact, Laksh f**king Maheshwari is also standing here with his f**king girlfriend who just cannot keep her hands to herself.

Why does this affects you?

I hope I knew the answer of this question but I dont.

“Well it was nice meeting you ladies and gentlemen and I hope we can continue our meeting officially, later.” The other man finally excused himself leaving me with him and that b*t*h of a girlfriend.

Examining the b*t*h’s face I knew that a nasty comment was on the way.

You better not speak trash girl ’cause I will no longer care that we are in public!


Glad that someone interrupted her!

I turned around and my gaze settled on the boy who was standing so close to me that our body almost collided. Looks like he’s of the same age as us. His expressions were something which took my confusion to another level. He was looking clueless and confused as if his mother just lost him in the mall.

He was undoubtedly good looking, well built, a face which was no less than god itself and a body that can put models to shame.

Was I checking him out? Yes. Do I feel something? No.

“Are you wi-fi?”


“Because I’m feeling a connection”

f**k off!

I rolled my eyes at him and walked past him.

“I would offer you a cigarette but you’re already smoking hot”


I ignored him and his cheesy pick up lines and continued walking.

“You’re lips look lonely. Would they like to meet mine?”


Ignore. One step ahead. Ignore.

“Are you ignoring me?”


That got him my attention.Ā  I spinned on my heels and spoke with a smirk of my own “I’m not ignoring you. I’m just waiting to see how long will it take for you to realise that I don’t like you.”

What? I visit those sites too.

I can finally rest in peace that I got to say the last words.



My stomach churned when I heard her voice. My throat was dry and aching due to all the screaming I did in past fifteen minutes.

“Help us! Please!”

No one gave us a second glance after listening to our voices. Everyone out there ignored us and ran for their lives. Who wouldn’t? But I still prayed that someone might help us. For once they’ll think to risk their life and save a woman. That time I wasn’t scared of death, hell if it was possible to kill myself numerous times just to save my mother once I would’ve killed myself that day.

When the ambulance came into view I breathed a sigh of relief but the smoke in my system forced me to choke resulting me in blacking out.


I jolted from my position just to see myself lying on the bed in my room. Did I really fell asleep last night? Well that’s a miracle.

I closed my eyes and gripped the bedsheets in order to calm my heart beats and adjust my vision. Once I opened them I was immediately struck with the idea that a mini earthquake just had a visit in my room. Everything was out of place. The small cupboard which was placed near the bed was now lying in the other corner of the room.

Stepping out of my bed, there were big cardboard boxes lying in my room. Many inflated balloons were kept in one of the box which was lying just next to my bed. The side table which was temporarily attached to the bed was lying near the dressing table and had hanging danglers lying on them.

I actually wonder how come these things managed to fit in my small room!

“What the f**k!?” Someone screamed and I instantly got alarmed.

I turned to see the person who managed to sneak inside my room. I swear to god he’s dead. Totally dead.

There were, ladies and gentlemen, my younger brother, my beautiful friend Misha and my unbiological brother Arjun.

“What are you guys doing here?” I asked glaring them.

“You told us that she would be sleeping for three more hours” Misha said to my brother, completely ignoring me.

“I don’t know but she has never woken up this early” Sid said scratching his head in confusion.

Only if you knew young brother…

I can tell Misha was getting frustrated second by second. God knows what’s the deal.

“Guys!” Came a soft voice beside me. Of course! The peacemaker has to do its job!

“Rage… Happy Birthday” He said hugging me.

Birthday? It’s my birthday! I lived another year, another year without mom. Another year came and she couldn’t be here without me.

” Happy 17″ Misha said her frustration gone within a second. Yup! I too think she’s bipolar or something.

(A/N: so I think you guys would’ve figured out by the age and her room size that it’s the flashback going on. It’s the flashback after the charity event. No one’s thinking or narrating it)

“Th-Thanks” I stuttered. I was never used to celebrate my birthday. My birthdays are never good.

God knows which dreadful thing is there that I’m yet to come across with.

“Well go and have a shower and we’ll set your room” Arjun said.

I was reluctant to celebrate my birthday but they were giving me no choice. Seems like I will have to get ready.

I took the pair of sweats and other clothes from my cupboard and went towards the bathroom.

“You’re not wearing that. Wear that blue dress” Misha said eyeing the sweats I had in my hands.

For starters I hate dressing up. I don’t know why but I stopped spending time on myself long time ago. These dresses aren’t meant for me.

“But that’s old about 1 year. My aunt gifted me that on my last birthday” I said building up an excuse.

“And those are what? About f-o-u-r years old!” She said emphasising on four.

“Nope. I’m wearing this and that’s final. I’m the birthday girl my wish should be your command” I said stomping my foot childishly.

After a shower of fifteen minutes I was mercilessly kicked out of my room. I was sulking in living room when my brother popped the idea of visiting the near by park.

“You know Sid I can easily beat you in basketball”

My brother just pulled a face at me. How mature?

“The game’s on”

That’s all we need to lose the world and start playing like our lives depended on it.

When I was prepared to shoot the ball through the hoop, I disbalanced and that’s when I knew that the ball hit someone.

“f**king Hell!” Someone cursed.

I’m in a deep trouble…


“Ms. Gadodia” I heard Xavier calling me.


“Have a look” He said handing me the newspaper.

‘The Business Tycoon Ragini Gadodia, whom the world was searching for, finally revealed herself in the charity event conducted last night. She was found to be none other than the ex girlfriend of Laksh Maheshwari. According to sources, it was found that Laksh Maheshwari dumped her and moved onto Priyanka Malhotra. But people tend to oppose it. It was found that Ragini Gadodia started her company the same time when she broke up with Laksh Maheshwari. People also say that it was Ragini Gadodia who dumped Laksh Maheshwari ’cause her business was successful and she didn’t need Laksh Maheshwari, the irresponsible brat who lived on his father’s money, in her life. Well the revelation of Ragini Gadodia just changed people’s point of view on her and Laksh Maheshwari’s breakup. Both Laksh Maheshwari and Ragini Gadodia have refused to comment on this matter’

I smirked triumphantly. Serves that bastard right. The outcome of charity event wasn’t as bad as I expected. This was just the beginning of my sweet and ugly revenge, you’ve a long way to cover Mr. Laksh Durgaprasad Maheshwari.

“Make sure that no one manages to remove the news” I said to Xavier who nodded at me.

Now, now, let’s see how Mr. Maheshwari will save his only son. This is Ragini Gadodia you’re dealing with Mr. Maheshwari.


“Girl you’re trending!” Karthik screamed as I got out of my car.

“I know” I said in a low voice.

“So you were that heartless b*t*h” Misha said tapping her index finger on her chin as if thinking deeply.

Trust her for the bluntness!

You wanna know my epic reply to her? Well I just rolled my eyes at her comment.

“I was reading a book of numbers last night. And I realised I don’t have yours” A distant voice said. When I and other students turned towards it I was shocked, as in shell shocked.

Well this was unexpected!


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