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Episode 6:

Is it possible to murder someone and not get arrested? Yes, if you have power. Do I have power? Yes! Maybe I can escape with the charges but will I be able to neglect the guilt of killing someone when I’ve already killed one? When that one happens to be my Mom.
Yes I wanna kill this Priyanka girl. Yes I have power. Yes I can kill her without getting arrested but my principles won’t allow me, though her every cell of her body deserves to die. From the very first moment I sat here she’s is going on about that Charity Event and not to forget the taunting and commenting between every then and now.

No doubt Laksh and Priyanka are those sickly sweet golden couple for media ’cause of Laksh’s father. Two months back when me and Laksh were a couple we attracted a lot of media’s attention. But soon after the news came ‘Laksh Maheshwari Dating Priyanka Malhotra’ which I thought was a rumour. Silly Me. The way Laksh lost his interest in me, media lost theirs too.

Last thing I would want to do is hype the news of me and Laksh’s breakup which was burried months ago. It won’t matter to him because he already moved on neither to me because I DAMN CARE ABOUT THAT BASTARD!

“Some people are just gold diggers but me and Laksh have a pure relationship.” The b*t*h spoke again.

“Oh Priyanka from where did you brought that bracelet” Misha said in the same fake pitched voice as hers.

“Oh this. I know this one’s nice. But sadly you won’t ever be able to afford it. Laksh gave me this on our 2 weeks anniversary” She said with an evil smile plastered on her face.

Who the hell celebrates their 2 week anniversary?

“Oh my! You just contradicted yourself darling” Misha said and everyone started snickering while I rolled my eyes at their childishness.

Misha doesn’t need to prove it because we all know how Priyanka is…….except one person….

“No! What Laksh gave was a present” Priyanka scoffed.

“More like you whined or should I say begged to bring that for you” Rehann said nonchalantly.

Our table then broke into fits of laughters while Priyanka looked at Laksh to take a stand for her who looked rather bored.

“Anyways. Back to the event I’m happy that I won’t be able to see some unwanted faces.” She stomped her foot and walked out of the cafeteria.

“Tch-Tch poor girl is going to get her heart breaked” I thought aloud at her retreating figure.

Few gasps were heard and I realised that they were still here.

“Rage! It’s like the biggest event ever. Are you going there?” Misha asked rather dramatically.

“Why wouldn’t I?” I smirked.

“God I can’t wait to see the face of that Priyanka when she realises that she was just blabbering” Rehaan laughed.

Me neither.

The lunch was over and we all went to our respective classes. It was decided that I’m going to that Charity Event. I know the consequences of my decision. Maybe it’s the last day when I’ll be able to walk freely. Where there’ll be no media to pamper me with questions. When me and Laksh were spotted as couples there were always cameras and microphones with us. When they’ll find the height of my business then I doubt that I’ll be even able to walk freely to the washroom.

People do know that there’s a business that has gained heights and has become one of top company in the world but the thing they are unaware is the CEO of the company.

It wasn’t meant to be a secret but I didn’t want it to reveal so soon. I’ll have to face it sometime and today’s the time. From today the world will no longer know me as Laksh Maheshwari’s ex but as Ragini Gadodia.

Soon it was the music class and we were dismissed to compose a song which we will have to present at the end of the month. If we consider Priyanka as a part of our gang then the only people who can sing in our gang would be Laksh and Priyanka. People’s opinion about my singing? They think it’s worse than a crow’s voice.

“Rage try not to break glass this time” Abhi snorted.

You see what I meant!

When I was in standard 5th I tried singing for the first time infront of whole class and instantly made a fool out of myself. The glass of windows shattered into pieces and I’m sure it was Abhi who threw something which caused it to break. I mean can anyone’s singing can be this bad to break glasses?

People think I can’t sing. What can I say to them: My mom didn’t named me Ragini for no reason! Ladies and Gentlemen the another weird similarity between me, Laksh and Priyanka is SINGING. That day in Class 5th I pretended. I don’t want people know that I can sing. It’s my belief that Music is the only source through which I can communicate with my mother and I don’t want anything to be involved in my music nor do I want my music to be involve in anything.

My life is just too complicated for others to understand or be a part of.

“Rage! I still don’t understand why have you chosen music” This time it was Arjun.

“f**k off!” I said rolling my eyes.

Why I chose music will be a mystery to me. What got me, when we were choosing subjects, that I took music. I, by any means, am not eager to let them know that I can actually sing.

“Look I’m still trying to believe that you’ve started swearing.” Misha butted in.

Were they all listening to us?

“And I’m still trying to fetch a reason that our friend over here, who sings worse than donkey, all of a sudden took music” Arjun said rubbing his temples.

Same here Buddy! I too am tryin’ to fetch one.

“Wait! Donkey sings?” Alec said in a childish tone. I groaned in reply.

“Alec I never got a chance to ask you. Do you sing?” Arjun questioned Alec.


“There’s your answer. According to you donkeys can sing!” Arjun stated as a matter of fact.

Music goals for you Rage. As you know you did a mistake selecting music. So, be the worst singer. Fake singing in class. Fake singing on sports days. Fake singing in competitions. In short, fake singing everywhere even in your head.

“So Rage being the best friend I am” Arjun said chirping while I shot him a look “I’m going to teach you how to sing” He said ignoring me and my look.

I snorted. “You and teaching. That too music” Believe me, in my gang no one can sing beside Laksh and Priyanka.

“Well that is rude. I didn’t reacted like that when you chose music. Did I?” He said dramatically.


I gave him the best reply: I rolled my eyes at him.

“So what do you want? Should I ask Laksh to teach you!?” He said being fake offended. As if the breakup never happened.

My expressions faltered a bit. Everyone was silent. The realisation dawned upon Arjun and his expressions changed to panic.

“Uh.. umm.. I’m sor-” He fumbled.

“I don’t mind learning music from him” I whispered giving him a reassuring smile.

Yes, I don’t mind learning music from him.

‘Whom are you trying to fool me or you? ‘Cause last time I checked me and you are same!’

Shut up inner self!

Yes, I’m affected by it. If I’d the power I wouldn’t let me and Laksh be seperated. But whatever happened, happened for good. If Laksh cannot trust me then it is for good that we both are seperated.

I always knew Laksh had an effect on me but didn’t knew that his mere name could break my heart into million little pieces.


Guess what I’m doing right now! Go ahead guess. Right now I’m standing in the dressing room which had dresses or casual attires designed by various designers. Who knew selecting a dress would be this difficult. I have three choices: dresses, casual and formals. I strongly oppose dresses and formals ’cause I would really prefer my comfort over flaunting.

Secondly, my first media appearance and would I like to trip handling a dress or gown. Not that I’m clumsy.

After half hour of deciding and throwing clothes all over the room I settled on Black Leather Leggings, Shredded Tee, Blazer and boots.

Let’s see what does charity event has in store for us….


Ignoring people is a task! The moment I entered everyone is staring me. Either I am underdressed or I’m over dressed.
Mind your own business as long as I’m giving you a heavy amount of money!

After staring for 2 good minutes everyone went back and continued with their work. The hall was full of people wearing formals and casuals. Soon I saw camera flashes and microphones infront of me.

“Aren’t you Laksh Maheshwari’s ex?” One of the reporters asked me.

Laksh Maheshwari’s ex!

I tried controlling my temper and ignored them.

“Ms. Gadodia can we know why are you here today?” Another reporter asked shoving his microphone infront of my nose.

If you knew who I am and what I am doing then you would be fearing for your life let alone talking!


Hey people…. Hope you enjoyed. So IF YOU WANNA SEE RAGINI’S OUTFIT YOU CAN SEE ON WATTPAD… And the highest ranking of RHOL is #159 in Teen Fiction… Hope it gets better…. And maybe in next episode I’m going to reveal their past

You are all free to suggest cast……

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