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Episode 3


Episode 4:

Well let me tell you I’m pretty proud of what I have but that doesn’t means that I show it off. I’m not one of those cunning b*t*hes who like to flaunt. Many of my friends are rich. You see Misha lives in a three storey house with all those facilities you’ll get in a rich house. Arjun and Rehaan live in a penthouse but the only difference is that Arjun owns a sea facing penthouse. Twins have a flat all for themselves. And Laksh has a rich dad and that explains everything. Back then I was the only one who lived in a normal house so yeah I’m proud of what I earned.

“Lead the way” Abhi said cheerfully approving the decision of us watching a movie. I nodded in return.

“Sure. But let’s borrow Sid from his room” I replied. Sid aka Siddhanth my two year younger and only brother. He’s totally and utterly in love with his newly found room. God knows what does he stores in his room.

“Rage!” I heard a familiar voice yelling for me. “I’ve been searching for Sid’s room from past half hour. Can you help?”

Oops poor boy!

“Sure follow us” I said offering a smile.

Everyone meet Rohit my brother’s bestest friend. They spend more time in each other’s home than their’s. Also, Rohit happens to be my-ex-boyfriend’s-brother. I, Laksh and Priyanka have a wierd similarity. Our siblings are best friends. Her sister, Jennifer is dating my brother. She unlike her sister is a pure soul. In fact, she accompanies me in hating her sister. I and Laksh have the best relationship with the trio. The three of them are more than siblings to us while Priyanka has no scope with them. Jennifer and Sid are the serious types and got together four months back while Rohit is the playboy types. Typical teenagers I tell you!

Currently we all were standing infront of my brother’s room. I knocked the door for the third time and no one answered it, again. Me being me barged into his room without permission. Once I entered the room I was greeted with darkness. How on earth he went to bed at this hour? I highly doubt that.

My eyes roamed across the room and settled on the figure covered fully with duvet lying on the bed. I swiftly pulled the duvet and the sight infront of me confirmed all my doubts. There was ladies and gentlemen my almost 16 year old brother lying with a phone in his hands and texting his girlfriend.

“You know Rage how rude it is to barge in someone’s room”

“I knocked”


“You know Sid how rude it is to ignore someone’s knock and that someone can be your sister” I said mimicking his comment. He rolled his eyes in return.

“Drama queen” He muttered.

“Flush all the beer” I said looking straight into his eyes. I can see the shock on his face. Dear brothers, do not hide anything from sisters especially if your sister is Ragini Gadodia.

“Wha-I don’t have any beer”

I pressed the intercom button and soon a servant came in after knocking.

“Flush all the beer” I repeated my sentence pointing towards the mini fridge situated near the closet.

The servant proceeded towards it and there indeed were a bunch of beer cans. I shook my head at him. Idiot!

“A normal sister is all I asked for!” I can clearly hear him whining.

If you have any thoughts about my brother being a loafer, Discard them! He’s a brother a sister would want. Sure like every brother he can be annoying, irritating but he’s a lot caring inside. He and my dad took me out from my misery and taught me how to live. I owe them a lot. Drinking, clubbing are just his teenage weakness but as a protective sister I cannot just allow him to drink like that.

Have I mentioned my hidden talent? I should have. I can sense things going around myself. I can sense anything either it’s a person or a mere thing. My brother named this quality of mine as ‘people sensor’. Every movement that my eyes cannot capture my sensor does. People might think it as absurd or unreal but for an observing person like me it comes naturally. This is one of the quality I inherited from my mother. The only difference is she used it for good deeds but I’ll be using it for bad ones. That’s what Ragini Gadodia is.

“Rage you zoned out a bit there” Misha said snapping me in reality. I indeed zoned out.

“How’d you know that he had beer in his room?” Rehaan asked and I shrugged in return. How can I tell the real reason behind it.

We’re back in my room after spending good hours watching movies when the intercom rang.

“Ma’am Mr. Xavier and Mr. Alec are here”

“Let them in” I answered. Instantly the door knocked and came in the two of them.

“Holy Shit!” Misha spoke startled. What did she saw now? I ignored her and the boys made themselves comfortable on the couch.

Xavier and Alec looked straight at my face and I slightly nodded my head at them telling it was completely safe letting out the information infront of them.

“Well Ms. Gadodia for starters we have a meeting early morning tomorrow and we both are requested” Xavier began.

“Call me Rage!” I said. He nodded at me.

“And congratulations we’ve got that contract” He said.

Nothing exciting for me. No one can refuse the partnership with Ragini Gadodia.

“Meeting?” Arjun asked looking at me. High time to tell them the truth.

“Yeah.” I began “well the house and cars you’re seeing aren’t because of any kind of lottery or whatever” I shifted uncomfortably on my chair when I was the centre of attraction. “it’s just because of the business I started two months ago and afterwards I bought this house”

“Your business rocketed in just two months” Rehaan said. I nodded. It had to, I gave my everything to it!

“I won’t mind if you make me the permanent guest at your house” Misha smirked. I side hugged her.

Soon after everyone was okay with the fact that I was running a business at the age of almost 18 years alone.

“We’ll meet tomorrow” Alec said and proceeded to the door.

“Oh wait! You guys can stay” Misha said giving one of her heart-stopping-smile. From the corner of my eye I can see Arjun fuming. Someone’s jealous!

Xavier and Alec looked at me and I smiled asking them to sit with us. They nodded.

“So what’s going on? With school, colleges you know?” Rahul asked Alec and Xavier.

“You’ll be glad to know that you’re getting us as your seniors” Alec said.

Xavier and Alec both were my employees. Xavier is shy, serious and less expressive ones while Alec is goofy and his fun self. Xavier is my most trusted employee having an IQ more than the speed of light while Alec is more into technology. There isn’t any system in this world he couldn’t hack and he had designed several applications for our company.

“Hmm I heard about it. The senior year is starting from tomorrow” Rehaan said.

“You know Rage there is a girl you need to be aware of. This girl hates you with a passion.” Alec said between his laugh.

“I don’t think, I did something to deserve her hatred.”

“Oh you didn’t. Actually this girl is called Sasha. She is just like a queen bee you get in every university. She practically throws herself on others and no one dares to say no to her because she is too hot to handle but on the other hand there is Xavier who plays hard to get-” Alec was interrupted by Xavier

“I don’t play hard to get”

“If a girl like Sasha would be throwing herself on me I wouldn’t refuse” Alec said.

“That’s you my boy not me” Xavier said making a point

“Whatever. Where was I, one day she was dared to woo Xavier and kiss him, and when their lips were about to meet Xavier’s phone interrupted them. And you know whose phone was it. Yours Rage yours.” Alec began laughing and soon everyone excluding me and Xavier joined him. “And on phone Xavier was like ‘Yes Ms. Gadodia, Okay Ms. Gadodia’ Since then she hates the girl named Ms. Gadodia” I couldn’t help but shake my head at him. Yeah I believe him because I’ve encountered many queen bees in my life, hell even Priyanka is one.

Soon after Xavier and Alec left and we were making our beds.

“Shit! Shit! Rage those boys were so hot!” Misha said in a high pitch tone.

Actually she was right. Xavier and Alec are the hottest boys of university. But I’m not attracted towards them. They sure are gentlemen but guess my heart isn’t prepared for another heart break.

“You have a boyfriend Misha” Arjun said clearly showing his annoyance at his girlfriend’s behaviour. I chuckled beside him and he eyed me. I shrugged in return.

“Rage aren’t you supposed to be having fun with those boys”

God this girl is so blunt.

“First of all I don’t go and sleep around with people. I’m not that type, never was never would” I said the last sentence looking at Laksh from the corner of my eyes.


Missed me girls? ?

I’m sorry! But for sure, now on I can give you regular updates.

So, missing Raglak scenes? Probably not so soon. Maybe in few episodes you won’t get much Laksh scenes ’cause ‘THE MAIN CHARACTER IS RAGINI’

Here’s for you to answer: Favourite IPL team?

Mine is always KKR!

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