Raglak if this happens 2


Continuation. ..If we get to see these scenes
Ragini and laksh lives in other place due to new branch there..
1.Ragini is preparing food and laksh comes there he hugs her and helps in preparing by holding her hands and kissing her on neck and shoulder.
2.He takes her to for movie date and instead of seeing the movie he just keeps on staring her..
3.They both deciding there baby names and describing there feature ..and making fun of each other and saying sorry.

4.When she is washing clothes he coming over there both getting wet and then goes a romantic dance
5.helping her wearing saaree
6.ragini getting jealous because p.A is girl and she taking job…Laksh is very happy that he can be able to see her every second

How are these scenes guys????
Suggest some more scenes..#Raglak rockss

Credit to: Kruti

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  1. Plzzz can u write an ff for raglak fans plzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Yeah just a simple romantic ff in raglak

  3. Dude i wish the writers had understood this. But they are fools that’s why they have not kept all these happy scenes ???

  4. Write a ff for Raglak…

  5. Superb yr plz make it as a story I wish it happened in the real track

  6. ur ideas r really awesone in persent show track we can’t except that can u write a ff with these ideas with some twists and truns………………..

  7. Plz write a raglak ff dear .please

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