Raglak- Grow up my attitude kiddo (episode 16)

Ragini entres home angrily while Laksh follows her silently and sits on bed seeing his cute kiddo who throwing everything coming in her way angrily..

She about to go but Laksh holds her hand drags her to him by encircling his hands around her waist..

Laksh :- she was interested on me that to before our marriage but I was fallen in love with you at first meeting when you asked me lift that night.

Ragini keeps her hands on his chest and shows finger by saying.

Ragini:- small feeling also you did not got on her or you never thought shall I accept her from that time she is asking.

Laksh:- I never had that feeling and even she too. You knew why.

Ragini looks on while Laksh continues..

Because she was married and her husband also works in our hospital only and main point is she flirts with all in front of her husband too because it was healthy and friendly flirting.

Won’t you believe yours this husband that he and his heart only belongs to his lovely wife ragini Laksh Maheswari..

Ragini hugs him and says I love you and I believe you but I want you to show your love towards me instead of saying love you.

Laksh:- OK say how you want me to show you.

Ragini pushes him and says go Laksh you will never understand what I want to say or what I want…
If I am kiddo then you were tubelight.

She about to go but again dragged by Laksh.
Before she could say anything she was pinned to his body dangerously close to him almost their every body part touching each other.. Both lost in their eyes.

Laksh:- so I was tubelight and I am not understanding your meaning of showing my feelings to you.

He drags her face and kisses her lips before she could realizes makes her eyes wide open and she comes back to senses when he started sucking her both lips by squeezing her waist and dragging her to him.
She slowly touches his shoulders and holds his hair from back clutching them. They breaks their kiss once they are out of air..

He joins their foreheads and says. So my kiddo wants to become big..

Ragini beats on his chest and says I am not kiddo I am big and I will show you too.

Saying this holds his chin turns and bites his cheek making him to scream little bit. He Jerks back and looks at her with shocking expressions by rubbing his cheecks .

Ragini:- now you got to knew I am not kiddo now.

Laksh nodes and says very well and even now I will show you how to bite.

Saying this he about to catch her but she escapes and laughs. While both runs all over room and ends finally when he pins her to bed.

Both breaths heavily and she stops breathing when he started giving her wet kisses in her neck curves..

Both involved into their love making by whole night and marking her as his and making him as her.

Next morning..

Laksh was caring her hair who was hugging him and sleeping by covering their bare bodies.

He kisses her forehead and says I love you slowly.
For which she smiles and says I love you too.

She opens her eyes and hugs him more.

Laksh:- kiddo don’t you want to get up dadi will wait for you to do morning Aarti.

Ragini immediately gets up and runs into washroom by covering herself.

He laughs loudly by seeing her action, he to gets up to ready.


  1. Mintu


    |Registered Member

    Awesome sis..I’m waited for ur update..finally u posted.. Raglak moments r lovely.. Post the next part soon

  2. Ann

    Ahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahha…… Too much fun enjoying it…… Awesome……. Gbu…….. Lolzzz…. Becoming fan to u…. Simple but cute….

  3. Shraddha

    Awesome ….was eagerly waiting for this keep updating….eager for further updates ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  4. nikky

    hope this ff reach 100 EP bcoz many swasan ff reach 100 but no raglak and really want to read this ff daily
    Thanku for writing raglak ff bcoz the writer of raglak ff keep my raglak alive but some writer are missing plzz come back with a bang bcoz.we really enjoye reading raglak ff bcoz it give us raglak memory plzz all those raglak ff writer write more and those who left incomplete raglak or ragsan ff plzz comeback and plzz those who finished plz start new one bcoz all those writer is awesome and yaa some people say I write same thing but guys all raglak or ragsan ff writer is really hardworker so every ff is special and yaa all Temish fan who are inactive and raglak ff write who are inactive comeback in TU with bang and all fan become active and make teju as serial biggest hit of the year

    • Sindhura



      Sure Nikky
      Sry to say but this ff won’t reach 100 I will stop quickly but I will start new one and I will try my best to reach 100

  5. Ammu

    After a long time and I really miss you dear. It’s outstanding episode and Raglak scenes are really really beautiful. Eagerly waiting for next episode and please post next part ASAP. Love you dear and take care

  6. IQRA222


    |Registered Member

    sindhu di!! missed you
    that was just a mind blowing awesome and wonderful episode
    loved it too much!!
    raglak moments were heavenly
    so the whole episode was best
    waiting for the next part
    take care
    keep smiling and writing
    lots of love!!

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