Raglak- Grow up my attitude kiddo (episode 14)

Laksh wakes up and sees ragini was lying beside him hugging him tightly and they were covered with blanket a smiles appears on his face and cares her face which disturbs her sleep she wakes up and nuzzles into him more by saying good morning lucky..

Laksh:- good morning and I think some one forgot that they were angry with me saying this he laughs..

Ragini pushes him and stands up says. I didn’t forget Ok and I just slept like that as I got habituated for your… Stop and realizes what she about to speak seeing his striking she about to go but next moments he takes her in his lap and hugs her from back holding her waist tightly says..

Laksh:- because you were habituated of my warm hug and now you can’t sleep with out it just like I can’t sleep without smelling your skin saying this he nuzzles his face into her neck while she closes her eyes..

Both were lost in each other and he started kissing her neck and their moments were disturbed by knock on the door..

They realizes their position ragini pushes him and rushes to door, she opens door and gets annoyed seeing Katya standing in front of her with tray filled with coffee.

Kavya:- I hope I didn’t distrubed you both and I came to give coffee to you both as a token of sorry for my mistake yesterday.

Ragini nodes and takes coffee while she too enters and sits with them.

Ragini goes and sits next to then while Laksh sips coffee and praises her and says OK then I will fresh up..

Kavya:- OK..
And stay still their with out going while Laksh and ragini both looks at each other helplessly..
Kavya smriks seeing both of them.
But her planned failed by dad call..

She goes to Hall and says what dadi.

Dadi:- help me in arranging puja thali..

Kavya:- but why me this was done by ragini na so it’s ragini work.

Dadi:- of course and she only gives morning coffee to all but today you did her that work naa then do this also. Nothing will happen and by doing this God will give some maturity to your brain and shows right path too.

Kavya scolds dadi in her mind while dayal and utterance laughs seeing dadi protecting ragini in all ways..

Uttara:- dad she was nothing to us and she was scolding and insulting babhi why can’t we get her out of the house instead of these all reverse planning

Dayal :- this reverse plans will work to bring your bhai and babhi close too. That’s why she is thinking she was planning against ragini to snatched Laksh but we only knew that by running her plan we are bringing those two close Ok.

Uttara:- I never thought that dadi will like ragini alot that she was attacking Kavya on her plans.

Dayal :- it’s good na dadi listened to her bladdering yesterday.

Uttara:- hmm.

In Raglak room.
Laksh was brushing his hair while ragini was ckeaning bed she sees her threw mirror and says ragini plss give me wallet.
She gives with out seeing him when she about to go.

Laksg:- my hanky.

She give.

My pen

She gives

My tie..

She gets angry and drags him close to her by his collar and says are you having meeting or conferences today.
For which he nodes no.
Then why tie just go like this only ok

Laksh:- but I have to impress girls na.. I mean patience..

Ragini:- doctors are for saving life’s not for impressing girls I mean patience Ok.
She about to go but he drags her close to him and says jeously.

Ragini:- why should I be.

Laksh:- hmm that’s right when you knew that this Laksh was only yours then no need of jeously hmm.

Ragini gets shy pushes him and leaves room.

She gets down from stairs by keeping pallu on her head and gets stunned by seeing Kavya arranging table with breakfast.. She looks up and says what yar ragini you were late. See I prepared every thing.

Ragini:- Yaa but you prepared very early because it’s almost 2 hours are their for Laksh and dad leaving hospital.

Kavya:- but dadi said me to prepare now only and I did. OK leave taste it and say.
She tastes and says it’s good by pale face..

Dadi sees her pale face and says sorry beta but these all are necessary for to teach lessons for her.

All taste break fast and says immediately ragini you didn’t prepare today it’s different and from your taste.

Ragini smiles by thinking they recognized her hand made food but gets angry by Kavya comments.

Kavya:- is that mean I prepared like awesome na.

Laksh:- sorry to say Kavya but yours is average but ragini prepares really awesome which makes our day super but you don’t feel when you get your own sasural then you will learn automatically but plss breakfast leave it to her.
Saying this he gets up and goes while says sane and leaves from their fuming Kavya.

She gets a call from Laksh and lifts happily
Laksh says can’t I have lunch with my wife with her hand made food.

Ragini :- but yesterday someone said that they bared alot by my food torture.

Laksh:- come on ragini I am just joking plss na bring lunch today morning also I missed your breakfast and ate that chipkali breakfast which like her only.

Ragini laughing says fine i am bringing.

Ragini gets ready and goes to Laksh cabin by lunch box before that she gives box to dayal.
She knocks on door by saying may I come in doctor jii.
He identifies her voice and says of course come in.
She keeps box in front of him while he says I won’t take anything from patients as this is against his rules.

She says OK about to leave next minute he pins her to wall and says but I take everything from my wife what ever she wants to give me whether it’s food or anything saying this he kissed her neck making her blush he looks aside giving him space but looks at cctv and pushes him. He asks now what while she shows him cctv.
He node his head leans close to her kisses her checks and moves back while she goes from their blushing..

Precap:- say for same thing dadi giving suggestions to ragini while Kavya trying to spoil their date..

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