Raglak- Grow up my attitude kiddo (episode 13)

All turns and finds Sakshi and adarsh with part and rajnath standing at their entrances..
Adarsh about to go towards Java but Saks hi stops him and asks him to behave after all she was a girl. And let me handle this girl…

Sakshi walks towards kavya and says what you said about her and fashion doesn’t lie on how Shorts clothes you wear. Fashion lies in comfort and that comes from clothes which we feel good.
We will wear clothes for ourself not to show off others or for other sake ok.
And one more thing she was best designer and all her designes hittedcamd it will be in future too.
This time I stopped my son next time I can’t stop a brother anger which came due to insult of his sister which was done by a person who is nothing to her.. mind it.

Sakshi goes to raging and hugs her. While adarsh too joins them by eyeing kavya angrily..

Ragini goes and hugs part and then Raj.

Raj:- not fair rage you choose me last to hug.

Ragini:- dad I choosed you last yo hug so that their will be no need to break our hug and their will be no limit to us no that’s why.

Raj:- hmm u were right. Raj asks slowly in Ragini ear are u OK you didn’t got that much hurt by her na.

Ragini:- I will say afterwards dad..

Adarsh comes and joins them by saying I will to join OK.

They both nodes..

Sakshi sees them talking with each other secretly and nodes his head in disbelief.

Kavya fumes and goes from their by thinking that ragini came from such a high class back ground.

Sakshi takes blessings from dadi…

All were sitting and talking while ragini just lost in thoughts and remembers Katya words..that she can’t be sakshi gonna daughter and looks at her and at her mom..

Laksh observes her and even dad I too observes her.. She thinks something while Laksh says to adarsh to divert her mood by signaling him ragini sadness.

Laksh:- adarsh you knew ragini was not that old one she learn how to cook and infact she cooks well.

Adarsh:- really my little sister learned cooking unbelievable..

Laksh:- Haa before becoming perfect the matter is different she did many experiments on us and because of our patience she learned cooking today..

Ragini huffs goes to Raj and dayal complains about these two..
Dayal:- shut up Laksh even you were not born cook OK. By the way you were not a cook to because you just knew few simple recipes but my kiddo knows everything haina maa.

Dadi:- Haa and you both don’t even think to say anything to my pothi ok..

Uttara:- what about me dadi ..

Laksh:- first you learn cooking later dadi will save you from us and first she have to save us from your cooking… As we all can’t go threw you and your babhi experiments on us.

Ragini and uttara both glares at him while he gulps in fear..

All laughs seeing Laksh state and laughs..
While Kavya sees this from top and think laugh as much as you want ragini because from tomorrow I will snatched Laksh from you. You spoiled as my dreams of being bahu and owner of this house and property now a days who will leave a house who doesn’t have saasu maa..

Saying this she laughs and goes from their while someone hears her and gets angry..

Ragini keeping clothes in cupboard by making loud noices indicating that she was angry on him while he chuckles seeing her red checks…

Next minutes she throws pillow on his face.. Before it hit him he catches pillow.

Ragini :- you are getting alot of laugh right go today I am not going to sleep by hugging you..

Laksh:- what then whom I will hug.

Ragini:- hug that pillow and fly him in dreams.

Ragini goes and sleeps on bed pushing Laksh on sofa.

Laksh nodes his head and says in himself grew up my attitude kiddo.

Precap:- Laksh convincing ragini.


  1. IQRA222


    |Registered Member

    awesome episode sindhu di
    the answer sakshi gave to kavya was super
    raglak scene was awesome
    waiting for the next part

  2. Asra


    |Registered Member

    fabulous akka….sakshi gave a right payback to kavya….laksh teases ragini scenes superbbb dear….love each and every scenes akka…i think adarsh hear kavya speech….eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

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