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Laksh and Ragini (in this story thy r christians) marry reluctantly at a church. They have agreed to the marriage just to make their parents happy. When they take their wedding vows Ragini utters her lover’s name, “Sanskar”. Upon hearing this, Ragini’s father (Shekher) faints in the church. Ragini feels sorry for her father and ends up marrying Laksh. They live in an apartment together, and Laksh comes home every night drunk deliberately to disturb Ragini. Their neighbors are also annoyed by Laksh’s drunken behavior, and chide Ragini one morning when this nuisance gets worse. Laksh and Ragini try to irritate each other in every possible way. Eventually, Ragini applies for a transfer to Australia to stay away from Laksh, and he is not affected by this decision.
On one night, Ragini falls to the ground with fits. Laksh calls for an ambulance and takes Ragini to the hospital, where he sees Ragini being treated via electric shocks. The doctor then asks Laksh for Ragini’s name, age and whether she has had an attack before this. Laksh fails to answer the doctor’s question, as he is drunk. Later on, Laksh goes up to the doctor and explains that Ragini is his wife’s name and that she is 26 years old. The doctor then says it is important to know about his wife’s health, even if he dislikes her. The next day, Laksh asks Ragini about her health and she reveals she was already attacked twice by fits. She begins telling how she first had fits, in which she reveals her past relationship with Sanskar , who is very timid and humorous.
Her story begins one fine day when she is in college.. Her phone fails to make calls, so she rings the customer service to find out what is wrong. Sanskar, who works at the AirVoice Customer Service Center, attends Ragini’s call. Sanskar is a new worker so he starts to get nervous and fumbles, so Ragini becomes irritated and starts to scold him. Listening to his friend’s idea, Sanskar later calls Ragini back to scold her for her behavior, but ends up getting scolded by her again. After that, Ragini asks all her classmates to call the AirVoice customer service and prank Sanskar if he attends their call. Ragini then comes straight to Sanskar’s work place, and says it was her fault and apologizes. The next day, Ragini allegedly calls Sanskar from an unknown number saying ‘I love you’. Sanskar along with his friend Raj comes to meet her and confesses his love. Love starts to bloom between the two. Sanskar gets selected for airline cabin-crew training in the USA. They both decide to inform their parents about their relationship. However, Sanskar feels that his father might not approve of their relationship. Ragini’s father is more like a friend to her, so she requests her father to talk to Sanskar’s father.

Their marriage talks don’t go as expected, hence Ragini and Sanskar decide to get married without informing their parents. Ragini waits for Sanskar all day to come to the registrar office, but he doesn’t show up, much to her dismay. Ragini’s father feels sorry his daughter and takes Ragini to Sanskar’s house. There, they both learn from Sanskar’s father that Sanskar has already left to the US. Shocked and devastated, Ragini’s father has his first heart attack. A few days later Ragini gets a call from Raj, saying Sanskar committed suicide in the US. Ragini is heartbroken and is attacked by fits. Three years later, Ragini is still not able to get over her past, but decides to marry Laksh only for the sake of her father.

Upon hearing this story, Laksh says that he has never come across a girl who can value a relationship so much. Laksh begins to like Ragini and now has immense respect for her. When Ragini gets discharged from the hospital, Laksh tries to pay the bill, and she scolds and embarrasses him in front of many people. Ragini continues to insult Laksh until one day when his frnd Mahesh comes to their flat and reveals Laksh’s past. Laksh fell in love with Swara an orphan. For Laksh, it is love at first sight, as he is smitten by the bubbly and energetic Swara. Swara however, acts like she does not like him and messes with him for two weeks. Laksh and Swara eventually fall for each other and get married. On the first day after their marriage, when Swara is crossing the road, a car hits her and she dies in front of Laksh. Four years later, standing at the place where Swara died, a heartbroken Laksh agrees to marry Ragini against his will, upon the insistence of Sarathy.
On hearing Laksh’s past Ragini begins to like Laksh. Though Laksh and Ragini like each other, they never reveal it. Finally, on Laksh’s birthday, Ragini gives Laksh a gift and insists that he opens it alone, but Laksh never opens the gift as he thinks that Ragini is only pretending to be affectionate in front of her father.

Ragini gets a transfer to Australia for two years. Laksh finds out and asks her to go ahead with her plans, hiding his true feelings of wanting her to stay. All the while, Ragini wants Laksh to ask her to stay and thereby vocalize his feelings for her.

Laksh agrees to drop Ragini at the airport, as neither of them reveal their true feelings. Ragini waits at the immigration counter and a frustrated Laksh goes to the parking lot, venting on the phone to Sarathy. While still at the parking lot, Laksh gets a call from Ragini to see her at the entrance. An ecstatic Laksh runs to the entrance to meet Ragini, who tells him that she saw Sanskar at the immigration counter. Without listening any further, Laksh runs to meet Sanskar. Sanskar says that he was forced to leave by his father, and he knew that Ragini will never get over him, so he had asked his friend to tell Ragini that he committed suicide. Sanskar says that he is now happily married and asks Laksh to be happy with Ragini and leaves. Sanskar says, “You can’t always marry the girl you love, but you should always love the girl you marry.” Laksh tries to convince Sanskar to get back with Ragini but he refuses and leaves. While he leaves, he looks at his right hand, where he still has the ring that Ragini gifted him when they were in love, showing that Sanskar married another girl to satisfy his father’s wish but still he loves Ragini and he keeps the ring for the memory of their sweet love.

Ragini, who is terribly angry, slaps Laksh as she never wanted to get back with Sanskar, as that was the past. Ragini throws the gift that Laksh never opened in which it is written “Let us begin our life”. Laksh and Ragini realize their love for each other and live happily thereafter.


Credit to: UNKNOWN 1707


  1. Akhila

    this story line is taken from a movie right.movie- raja rani.but good attempt.it suite to raglak

  2. Akhila

    Hey hai this is Raja Rani right.The beautiful love story.By ur FF all other can know the movie.

  3. Akhila

    And with a beautiful msg there is life after love failure and there is love after live failure

  4. t h is is the the story of tamil movie rajarani potrying nainthera in ragini place, arya in laksh place, jay in sanskaar place and nazriya in swara place.

  5. taiana

    Raja Rani is my fav movie too n i also luv raglak… i lik ur concept of imagining raglak wt this storyline…

  6. kalai

    Raja Rani s one of my fav movie nd i m also big fan of raglak so I luved ur ff
    u fabulously described one full movie in one shot

  7. haru

    Raja Rani right???? Even I dont know how many times i hv watched this movie.. iwatched in both telugu and tamil…… its sooooooo good………see it on hot star guyssss…… Its awsomeeeeeeee

  8. Ani

    It’s rajarani movie… It’s my fav movie… I nearly watched it 10-15 times and each and every time I watch the movie I used to cry… Really heart touching sentimental story… I appreciate tat u have written a os of Raglak based on this movie… I am a die heart fan of Raglak…

    • sia

      The Bengali adaption was released in 2015 and the name is shudhu tomari jonno(only 4 u). Laksh as Adi,Ragini as Nayantara,Sanskaar as Shiraz &Swara as Kholi. The movie is one of my top favorites. Thanks 4ur off.

  9. Jianna jiju

    It’s raja Rani rit?loved it.sanskaar is my most favorite character ever. Hard to imagine him as timid as shown in the movie for me

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