RagLak – force, Love, obsession and lust (epi11)


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All laugh and Laksh went to office and told Ragini to stay here as her friend has come and told her to take him shopping…

Laksh to himself:
Why did I say yes to let him stay?
Don’t worry Laksh she is your wife no one can take her away from you… she’s only for you…
but what if he like her and is here to take her away from?
He can’t be that type of person she is his best friend he wouldn’t do such thing…

On the other side with RagSan:

Ragini: Sanky did you miss me
Sanky: of course my best friend (kisses her cheeks)
Ragini: SANKY!!!
Sanky: what?
Ragini: why did you kiss me
Sanky: don’t I usually kiss you like this
Ragini: yes, but what will Laksh think
Sanky: hope he doesn’t mind
Ragini: hopefully doesn’t misunderstand us

Sanky (in mind): I came here to separate you from Laksh because I love you from child hood,
do you think that I will let you live with someone else I even rejected Swara for you but you married this stupid Laksh…
I will get you anyhow… I want you, I need you, you are my life…
I will separate you both any how that’s why I am here for this one month there will be so many problems for you just watch…

Ragini: Sanskar
Ragini: Sanskar

She shakes him and then he comes back to his sense

Ragini: what happen?
Sanky: I was just thinking about our olden day how we used to be
Ragini: yaa Sanky I miss them days oh yeah what happen to Swara after you rejected her?
Sanky: oh I heard that she has moved to here to Mumbai
Ragini: why don’t you like her
Sanky: I don’t know; I just don’t have that feeling for her
Ragini: oh really
Sanky: yes!

Ragini: okay come help me make dinner Laksh would be home soon
Sanky: okay what shall we make?
Ragini: Lasagne your favourite?
Sanky: yep sure

They go to the kitchen while Ragini was getting all the ingredients, Sanky was admiring her…

Ragini: why are you looking at me like that
Sanky: because your beautiful
Ragini: what
Sanky: I mean you have become a house wife which all husbands will love and just
simply will want someone like you Laksh is just so lucky
Ragini: Sanky are you trying to tease me and she laughs
Sanky: (in mind): I’m not teasing you I am saying the truth
I want you as your just so a wife that I would want
Ragini shakes him again
Ragini: why are you going to your dream world all of a sudden huh?
Sanky: just stress about work man
Ragini: don’t stress you’re going to be here for a month so enjoy and
just leave your tension behind please

Just then Laksh comes back from the office:

Laksh: RAGINI, I’m home!!!
Sanky: why are you screaming
Laksh: oh hey guys (he goes toward Ragini and pecks her lip)
Ragini: Laksh what are you doing can’t you see Sanky is here
Laksh: don’t think he will mind he knows how these generation couple will be don’t you Sanky
Sanky: (here Sanskar was fuming in anger but smiles outside) yes, of course
Laksh: so what are you making for dinner?
Ragini: Sanky’s Favourite Lasagne
Sanky: I love the lasagne Ragini makes it’s beautiful just like her
Laksh: that why I chose her and really I love Lasagne too
Ragini: okay you two go and talk I will make it and come
Sanky: okay, come Laksh we can get to know each other
Laksh: sure of course

They both go to the living room

Laksh: Sanky please sit for a while I’ll go and freshen up and come…
sorry please watch the T.V
Sanky: sure…
After 5 minutes Laksh come
Laksh: sorry to keep you waiting…
Sanky: it okay
Laksh: so how do you and Ragini know each other?
Sanky: oh, we both grew up together in the same orphanage
Laksh: oh which orphanage?
Sanky: xyz orphanage
Laksh: oh nice
Sanky: how did you and Ragini meet then?
Laksh: that’s a long story
Sanky: it okay I can listen to your love story
Laksh: smiles and tells him how they met and everything (I didn’t repeat as you all know how they met)
Sanky: wow you guys are really fast

Just then Ragini comes

Ragini: I put the lasagne in the oven now we have to wait for it to bake
Laksh: okay shall we watch a movie?
Sanky: how about dilwale?
Ragini: yep we haven’t watched it
Laksh: sure
Ragini: actually shall we watch after dinner so we don’t have to get up half way from the movie?
It going to be done in like 5 minutes

They all talk, by then Dinner was ready…

Dining table:

Ragini served all of them the food…

Laksh: Awesome love it
Sanky: wow Ragini the taste is the same it still hasn’t changed
Ragini Thank you, Thank you…

They finished dinner, they sat and watched dilwale…

To be continued…

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