RagLak – force, Love, obsession and lust (epi 6)


Hope you guy like my new ff… thank you for all your positive comments…

Ragini: Yes, I will and yes come let’s go I will cook for us?
Laksh: sure wifey
Ragini kisses his cheeks
Laksh: I love you (pecks her lips)
Ragini: I love you too xx

They go down stairs and then Ragini goes to the kitchen Ragini was making the sauce for lasagna
she was looking for the spices in the cupboard just then two arms encircled her waist she got shook but then realize
who else can it be then Laksh she turns around and says sir…
he kisses her lips and then moves, Ragini: sir he kisses her again…
Laksh: call me Laksh I already said otherwise this will be your punishment

Ragini: okay si… sorry Laksh
Laksh: that’s better…
Ragini Laksh let me do my work let me finish our dinner… its already late
Laksh: okay, Okay (he then leave)
Ragini finally finished cooking and they had their dinner…

They had dinner and went sleep next morning…

Laksh wakes up first…

Looking at her lovingly
Was about to kiss her forehead just then Ragini woke up and said
Ragini: Good morning Laksh
Laksh: good morning jaan and kissed her cheeks

Ragini gets up to go get ready for office
Laksh pulls her back to the bed…

Ragini: Laksh leave me we need to get ready it’s time for office…
Laksh: oh my innocent Wife to be it my office and
you’re going to be my wife we can go late…
Ragini: oh yes, but we still have to go and I am still your employee
Laksh: ok, ok

They get ready for their office and they set off to office together…
Everyone in the office was shocked to see both of them to
come together and Laksh holing her waist…

To be continued…

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    Great update. Aww it’s cute how RagLak get romantic all the time, be it in the kitchen or before going to office ❤️. And lol at all the employees shocked faces. Can’t wait to read more ?

    1. Shana98

      thankyou b xx

  6. This is amazing Shana, I loved it.
    Sorry I couldn’t comment on the previous ones.

    Take care and keep smiling?

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  7. Awesome episode

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    Awesome Superb
    Loved Raglak scenes
    Sorry for the delay
    Waiting for the next one………

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