RagLak – force, Love, obsession and lust (epi 3)

Hope you guy like my new ff…

Laksh: so where were we? Oh yes you were going to kiss me…
Ragini: but sir we should get going on doing our work now
Laksh; I told you to kiss me so you wouldn’t kiss me?
Ragini didn’t say anything… Laksh pulls her and starts to kiss her passionately she too then joined him…

Laksh: so you do like what I do
Ragini shies and closes her face with the files she has
Ragini: sir if you tell me what I have to do I Can complete the work and move on
Laksh: forget the work stop keep talking about work now come and sit on my lap… so I can tell you what to do next
Ragini: but sir what if someone comes in
Laksh: no one will come
Ragini walks toward him and sits on his lap… Laksh gets happy…

Laksh: you’re really light I like it
Ragini: thank you
Laksh: so umm I like you what do you say?
Ragini: what do you mean?
Laksh: can you give me pleasure?
Ragini: sir?

Laksh: I know it is really hard but you’re the first girl I have fallen for and want something from so will you?
Ragini: you’re the first guy I have kissed… but sir it is appropriate for my job?
Laksh: it is appropriate for me… I want you x
Ragini: ok sir I’m ready what do you need me to do?
Laksh: come to my house at 6 pm today or actually why don’t we go to my house together
Ragini: okay sir fine I’ll come with you

Someone knock on the door
Laksh: come in
Staff: sir
Just then Ragini gets up from his lap but Laksh pulls her back… the staff gets shocked…
Laksh: what?
Staff: S…i…r ha…ve you signed the papers
Laksh: what’s the rush I will send it in a moment you go
Staff: sorry sir
And he leaves he was thinking to himself what is going on in there that girl was sitting on him lap sir was never like that before she came…

Scene moves to Laksh’s mansion

Laksh’s room

Laksh gives Ragini this gown to wear she goes to the bathroom to change…

To be continued…


  1. nikky

    nice awesome but confused what’s going on next part soon don’t stop in middle plzz complete the ff plzzzzzzzzz

  2. Fats


    |Registered Member

    Just finished reading all the updates and they were great. RagLak are really bold and passionate with their desires 😊😉. Can’t wait to read more 💕

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