Raglak ff: She is my wife (part 18) & Promo

Laksh: Wear ur husband/ wife’s cloths and do some act along with ur husband/ wife.
Everyone started to laugh whereas Raglak’s face became pale. Laksh was even more shocked as he thought it will be really funny if others get this. But he didn’t think that he will be falling on his own trap. But he immediately covered his expressions and cleared his throat to gain everyone’s attention.
Laksh: Except the older people everyone should!

Now it’s time for Swasan and Uttara’s face to pale. Elders couldn’t help but laugh at this condition hilariously.
Sujatha: Oh god! Go go! We will be waiting here, come back soon to entertain us.
Sujatha smiled evilly as it’s time for her to laugh. Raglak, Swasan and Uttara huffs and went to their respective room.
Now, the hall is filled with falling fake snow. Everyone was excited to see the entertainers. Swaragini and Uttara came down as it was not weird for them but Sanlak were hiding behind the pillars as if it would protect them from their evil family.
Sujatha shouted: Hey u both jokers. Come fast naa, we are waiting for our entertainment. Fast fast! Don’t even think that we would go without seeing ur beautiful performances princess.
Everyone giggled imagining the condition of Sanlak. Laksh voiced out: Chachi! Definitely u will pay for this.
Along with him Sanskar: Haan Laksh! I am with u in this.
Poor Sanskar doesn’t even know that he too was suffering because of this Laksh only.
Sujatha: Haan haan u can pay me by buying new clothes or jewels for me but for now show my princess faces. I am waiting here impatiently. (She elbowed RP and said) U too call them naa.
RP glared at his wife to stop her antics but it’s far from stopping her entertainment. Finally the two ‘princesses’ had showed up. Soon the hall filled with muffled sounds which were quickly replaced by big laughter. Sujatha came and stood before them and brought her hands on their face then moved it to her sides of head like removing all the evil eyes. Sanlak looked each other and then others with a scowl face.

Sanlak: Happy? Now enough of ur entertainment. Now we are going to change.
They tried to escape but Sujatha came before them saying: Not before entertaining us.
Sanlak looked pissed off and asked: What do u want?
Sujatha with mischievous eyes said: Now u both were in Swaragini’s costumes naa, so u both should act as ur respective wife while they act like their respective husband. Since Laksh was the one who got the chit, he had to do first.
It’s more than enough for Raglak to drain all the blood from their face. Both looked at each other for a second then at others. They were not ready to leave Raglak without having their ‘fun’. So for their family they accepted and exchanged their roles.

All were seated at a corner giving more space for the couple. Laksh was just walking here and there taking something in his hands and humming some tunes like he was busy doing house chores. Ragini who noticed his activities and expressions couldn’t help but amaze that he was noting her every single thing. She cleared her throat to move away those thoughts and now repeated in her mind that ‘I am Laksh now’. She took baby steps towards Laksh who acts perfectly that he was lost in his works.

Kachchi Doriyon, Doriyon, Doriyon se
mainu tu baandh le (With fragile threads tie me with yourself)
pakki yaariyon, yaariyon, yaariyon mein

honde na faasley (Between strong friendships there are no distances)
[Laksh felt small but soft hands circling around his waist from back. His heart skipped a beat and froze there for few seconds which were like a decade for him.]
Eh naraazgi kaagzi saari teri (All this anger of yours is false/ fake)
mere soNeya sun le meri (O love of mine, listen to me)
[He reminded himself that it’s just an act and also wanted to act with her. Now he jumps into Ragini mode and whispered in a girly voice ‘Laksh! Leave me!’]
Dil diyaan gallaan (Talks of the heart)
karaange naal naal bai ke (We’ll do the talks sitting beside each other)

akh naale akh nu milaa ke (Starting at each other’s eyes)
Dil diyan gallan haaye, (Talks of the heart)
karaange roz roz beh ke (We’ll do it every day)
sachchiyaan mohabbataan nibha ke (Preserving our true love)
[In Ragini’s side she really enjoyed this closeness after long days but still masked her happiness with the romantic expressions of Laksh and whispered with a manly voice ‘Never ever my love’.]
Sataaye mainu kyun (Why do you trouble me)
dikhaaye mainu kyun (Why do you act infront of me)
aiven jhooTi mooTi rus ke rusaa ke (Of course falsely upset with me)
dil diyan gallan haaye (Talks of the heart)

karaange naal naal beh ke (We’ll do the talks sitting beside each other)
akh naale akh nu mila ke (Staring at each other’s eyes)
[Laksh’s ear turned pink with the small words of Ragini. His heart was running in a marathon and never wished to stop. He took a breath and like Ragini he tried to move away her hand from his waist and he noticed that her grip only tightens. He really tried to remove her hand but couldn’t. He felt very weak in her arms. He realized that all his strength had gone away in her embrace.]
tenu lakhaan ton chhupa ke rakhaan (I kept you hidden from millions)
akkhaan te sajaa ke (I kept you adorned in my eyes)
tu ae meri wafaa (You are my faith keep me)

rakh apna bana ke (with you as your close one)
main tere layiaan tere layiaan (I’m for you, for you, my love)
yaaran naa paavin kade dooriyaan (I can’t/ won’t be ever be distant from you)
[Ragini just tightens her grip on Laksh and laid her head on his back making him numb completely with her actions. Of course she is copying Laksh but still 99% things were done by heart. At last she loosens her grip to play with him more and teach him lesson that how much he will embarrass her infront of the family by romancing. She just smirked thinking her plan.]
tenu lakhaan ton chhupa ke rakhaan (I kept you hidden from millions)
akkhaan te sajaa ke (I kept you adorned in my eyes)
tu ae meri wafaa (You are my faith keep me)

rakh apna bana ke (with you as your close one)
main tere layiaan tere layiaan (I’m for you, for you, my love)
yaaran naa paavin kade dooriyaan (I can’t/ won’t be ever be distant from you) [After feeling the loose grip of Ragini, Laksh didn’t waste a second to escape from her arms like she used to do. But before he could move farther his wrist was caught in Ragini’s hand.]
Main jeena haan teraaaa…. (I’m your life)
Main jeena haan tera (I’m your life)

tu jeena hai mera (You are my life)
das laina ki nakhra dikha ke(Tell me what point will you prove by showcasing tantrums)
[World stops for Raglak. They were just lost in their characters or say their real love story. Laksh looked at Ragini through corner of his eyes and found her smirking. He doesn’t know why but he felt his cheeks hot and an uncontrollable smile on his lips.]
Dil diyan gallan haaye (Talks of the heart)

[He turned around and locked his eyes with hers’. Their eyes were speaks what’s in their pumping heart. They couldn’t pull themselves from drowning deep inside their orbs.]
Karaange naal naal beh ke (We’ll do the talks sitting beside each other)
akh naale akh nu mila ke (Staring at each other’s eyes)
[Suddenly they felt white soft thing on them, they both looked up to see the fake snow dropping from nowhere. Ragini opens her hand like welcoming the snow whereas Laksh just admired her. They enjoyed it with a wide smile on their face.]
Dil diyan gallaaaan…. (Talks of the heart)
raataan kaaliyan, kaaliyan, kaaliyan ne

mere dil saanwle (the nights are dark and my heart goes dark too)
mere haaNiyan, haaNiyaan, haaNiyaan je
lagge tu na gale (if, my beloved, you don’t embrace me)
[Now their character got exchanged unknowingly. Laksh suddenly picked her in bridal style and Ragini squealed by the sudden reaction. ]
Mere aasmaan mausaman di na sune (my skies don’t listen to the weathers)
koi khwaab na poora bune (and no dream gets weaved completely)
[He slowly twirled her in air while her one hand is surrounded on his neck and other freely floating in air.]
Dil diyan gallan haaye (Talks of the heart)
karaange naal naal beh ke (We’ll do the talks sitting beside each other)
akh naale akh nu mila ke (Staring at each other’s eyes)
[Their moment of love got broken when they both realize what was going on. He put Ragini down to not to make her more angry though he wanted to have her in his arms.]
pataa hai mainu kyun (I know why)
chhupa ke dekhe tu (You gaze at me secretly)
mere naam se naam mila ke (Adding your name to mine)

dil diyan gallan haaye (Talks of the heart)
karaange naal naal beh ke (We’ll do the talks sitting beside each other)
akh naale akh nu mila ke (Staring at each other’s eyes)
[Ragini gave her back to him leaving Laksh behind reminding of all the things he had done to Ragini. A lone tear escaped from his eyes.]

Dil diyaan gallaan… (Talks of the heart)
[Ragini just left into the room without any room for words. Laksh looked at her disappearing figure having a feeling that he is going to face something very big this time.]
Everyone looked at them in awe. But Ragini’s sudden disappearance made them upset but still for Laksh they gave a comforting smile with that the whole game comes to an end as it becomes dinner time and all dispersed to their respective rooms. At raglak’s room, Ragini changed into her night saree even before Laksh comes and went away ignoring Laksh. Laksh sighed and thought to speak with her after dinner. Little did he know that a storm was waiting to lose all his patience!
Ragini just kept all the clothes inside the cupboard and turned towards bed to sleep but Laksh stood infront of her, she averted her eyes from him and moved right, he too moved right; she moved left and he too moved left. He was just blocking all the way to move away from him. Ragini sighed and looked at floor but didn’t look into his eyes.

Laksh wanted to end all this fight today so he moved little forward and lifted her face with her chin. Her eyes accidently falls on his eyes and remained there looking deeply into his eyes containing a pool of emotions and so she didn’t realize their nose were touching each other. In a nick of time Laksh’s lips found Ragini’s and kissed slowly but passionately. Ragini felt numb when she felt his lips on hers. She didn’t push him or kiss him back just stood numbly. Still Laksh didn’t leave her she bites her lower lip to make her respond to him and that is what awakened the beast inside Ragini to come out. Suddenly she felt hot not because of kiss but because of her anger. Her eyes were now filled with pure rage and frustration. With that rage she just pushed Laksh hardly and slapped on his face.

Laksh didn’t expect that and looked at Ragini with wide eyes. She didn’t feel guilt or sorry for slapping him, her eyes were only filled with rage. She moved forward and clutched his collars and pulled him closer. First time Laksh was little scared to look that much rage and frustration for him in his love’s eyes.

Ragini with all the frustration shouted without caring anything, she just wanted to pour everything out: What do you think of yourself? Huh? You will break me in all the ways and when asked for reason, you will show your impulsiveness and beg me for forgiveness. And me like a Mahan just forgive you and live with you because after all you are my love right? You are thinking about me like this only naa? Whatever you do, I will forgive you wholeheartedly naa. (Laksh shook his head in no with tears in his eyes.) But Laksh, I am also a human. I am a girl. I too have feelings and emotions. I too have a heart. I too feel pain Laksh. Did you know that? (Laksh looked at her with hurt face.) Laksh why are you taking me as granted always?

Am I not an important one to you? Am I not in your priority list? Why you are choosing everything over me? You choose your happiness and broke the engagement then you choose Swara and broke me then you said I am only your best friend though I am your legally wedded wife then you ignored me like a shit when you came to know about the truth then you broke the marriage still knowing that I have changed for real then you trusted that gold digger over me then you left suddenly and choose Mansi and Mishka over me and my unborn child. (She let out breath trying to sooth her broken heart while Laksh looked at her emotionlessly. She left his collar and looked at his eyes with pain and hurt.) Why? Am I not your love or wife Laksh? Why don’t you choose me over everything? Do you have any answer? (Laksh just looked at her blankly.) No you don’t. You even won’t regret it naa Laksh? But you know what you had broken me Laksh.

You had broken everything. You know what I am even scared to believe that you are near me. I am scared to believe that you will be with me throughout my life. I even doubt that you love me and this child and give him a bright future. I could just forgive you and live with you Laksh but what wrong did my child do to face the same situation of his mother. (Laksh’s face becomes pale. Ragini wiped her tears roughly and looked at him with a determination.) It’s done Laksh! I am done with you. No more drama! I am really tired of it. Let’s move apart. Let’s just live separately. (A thunder falls on Laksh’s heart. He stumbled a bit.) Don’t think that I don’t love you. I love you truly and so I couldn’t just choose others over you. But Laksh now I have a child to take care of. Now I don’t trust you in the matter of my child Laksh. I want to give him a beautiful life. I don’t want him to feel that his father would just do anything impulsively and regret it later when everything is over. He doesn’t want to know that his father had chosen a child over him. It will break his heart Laksh. And as protective and responsible mother, I won’t let it happen. Don’t worry Laksh, I won’t ask any rights from you. I can even sign divorce papers. You can find someone whom you feel right for you. (Her words cracked to say it but now her mind thinks only of her son’s future. So she just covered her hurt with determined face.) My child and I won’t disturb you. I just…

“ENOUGH!” Laksh shouted at the peak of his voice. Ragini flinched at his tone and looked at Laksh. He was not less like a beast. His face was read and jaws clutched and eyes burning with fire. Ragini scared to look at him like that.

Laksh: I won’t even touch ur shadow unless and until u regret what u have said to me Ragini. But don’t think I will not care for u. U r my responsibility and I won’t step back from it even it costs my life.

Saying he went out of his room angrily.
Ragini trying to remove her wrist from his grip while shouting angrily: I said leave my hand.
“Nope beautiful! I won’t.”
Ragini became more irritated hearing his voice and turned around to slap on his face but he caught and stared her face with amused reaction.
“Ragini!” A voice called from door. Both head snapped at that direction.
“Laksh!” said Ragini with wide eyes.

****This night is going to be a great turn in Raglak’s life. Finally Ragini poured her heart out. I really felt bad while writing Ragini’s dialogues. I might have written something stupidly. I don’t want to reread them and feel my heart heavy. So just tolerate it. Fine! So how is this part? What will be Laksh’s response? I try my best to post it regularly. Next part will be tomorrow or day after tomorrow, I think so! Hehehe! Tolerate this pest! Thank you for reading! Have a nice day! Keep smiling and take care! Bye!

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