RagLak ff by vini – Tum mere Ho (Part 6)

Tum Mere Ho <3
By #vini

Next morning..
Ragini (blue anarkali) came out in the window outlet to dry up her wet hair.. She then opened them from the towel and started wiping it.. Just then laksh (grey-black jacket..matching lower) who was exercising there came there jogging.. And stopped to see her again like the previous day..but then ragini also saw him.. He was smirking staring her she got anger on her face and got in..she slammed the window setting off the curtain.. Laksh smirked widely…

Laksh: Bohot mehenga padne wala hai tumhe ye sab ragini… (Laughed a bit) Bohot mehenga.. Pachhtaogi tum…I sweare…

After that..
Ragini was in kitchen was preparing breakfast.. Sujata and ap were in the house mandir.. Laksh entered in the house..he looked around and saw that ap and sujata were in the mandir while ragini wasn't seen anywhere.. Then he came downstairs and walked towards kitchen where ragini was busy in pouring the food in vessels…laksh came in while ragini was busy..he saw that her hair were partially wet and a mesmerised smile came on his face.. She didn't notice him.. He then came closer to her behind..and then he inhaled her scent from near her shoulder..closing his eyes..

Laksh: (in her ears..mesmerised) uff..ye khushbu…

Ragini's eyes got big and she turned back being shocked.. Laksh smirked..

Laksh: 15 minutes…

Ragini got some anger on her face looking at him…while he was looking in her eyes smirking.. He then brought his face closer to hers where as she turned her head a bit to stay away being irritated..

Laksh: I want you in my room in 15 minutes.. (He raised his hand putting a finger near her chin and made her face straight..She looked at him angrily..into his mesmerised but full off attitude eyes) 15 minutes matlab 15 minutes..

She then removed his hand from her face removing her angry eyes.. While he smirked in attitude..

Ragini: (pushing him a bit back putting a hand on his chest) Le aayenge aapki coffee..

Laksh held her hand on his chest..she looked at him shocked.. While he was smirking a bit..

Laksh: I'll be waiting..

And ragini snatched her hand back.. And he smirked widely.. Then he stepped back and went out of the kitchen..while ragini was looking on at him.. Angrily..irritated..frustrated…

After a while..
Ragini came to laksh's room and saw that laksh (white shirt with blue jeans) was standing infront of the mirror..closing the buttons of his hand cuffs.. Ragini then saw that he has worn a shirt but still its buttons were not closed.. And she removed her eyes again thinking that nothing can change with this shameless person.. Then she knocked but without looking up.. Laksh looked at her.. And a smirk came on his face with half raised eyebrows.. He then looked at his watch on his wrist..

Ragini: Aapki coffee…
Laksh: (smirked..looking at her) Hmm.. Aao andar..

She came in and stood there with the cup while laksh moved to her closing his handcuff but looking at her only.. Ragini wasn't looking at him but knew that he is coming to her..

Ragini: ye coffee..
Laksh: Rakho waha…

Ragini found this strange.. He never said this before..infact he always stopped her when she did it and now he himself was asking to put the cup..? ragini was confused..then she moved to the night stand and placed it over there..mean while..laksh moved to the door and shut it.. Ragini looked at him getting straight and got shocked and confused.. And he smirked turning back..

Ragini: (shocked..panicked) Ye… Ye aap kya kar rahe hain..? Aapki c..coffee le aaye naa hum..
Laksh: (moving to her in attitude) Maine to nahi kaha tha that I want coffee.. (came to her) Maine kaha tha I want you… (He smirked..Ragini got shocked and angry..and he held her hand pulling her) and you are 3 minutes late…

Ragini snatched her hand back in anger..

Ragini: (removed her angry eyes) hattiye humare raaste se..
Laksh: (put a finger on her lip and she got shocked looking at him) Sssshhhh… Orders dena mera kaam hai.. Tumhara kaam sirf mere orders manna hai..
Ragini: (removed his hand from her lips angrily) Bass..bohot ho gaya.. Jabse aaye hai hum tabse dekh rahe hain aapko.. Hum aapke ghar ke servant hain iska matlab ye nahi hai aap humare saath badtameezi kar sakte hain.. (Laksh got some attitude on his face) Wo to hum bardaasht kar rahe hain ki aap maan jaayenge.. Nahi karenge..lekin aap.. Lekin ab bass.. Ab aapne humare saath phir se koi badtameezi ki to…
Laksh: (grabbed her in his arms tightly..she got shocked) Toh kya? Kya kar logi tum? Haan? (Grinding teeth) Arey kya kar logi? (She got pankicked pushing him back but his grip was tight..then he held the lower part of her face in his right hand to make her look at himself..and she looked at him angrily..while her fsce was in his hand) Tum jaanti nahi ho shayad mujhe.. Laksh Maheshwari hu main.. Aur ab iss laksh maheshwari ko na..tum pasand aa gayi ho.. Infact bohot pasand aa gayi ho.. Pehli nazar kaa pyaar ho gaya hai mujhe tumse.. And now.. I want you.. I want you like hell.. (She got her eyes bigger) pyaar se mana raha hu.. Maan jaao.. Qeemat lena chahti ho? Muh maangi qeemat dunga.. Par tumhe to main paa kar rahunga.. Tumhe apna bana kar hi rahunga..
Ragini: (removed his hand from her face and pushed him..looking at him disgust) Khareedna chahte hain hume?
Laksh: Ofcourse.. Tum bikna chaaho to..
Ragini: Hum koi khilauna nahi hain jisey aap khareed lenge..Samjhe aap?
Laksh: (smirked a bit) Mere liye to ho.. Mom ki naazuk si gudiya.. (Came closer to her mesmerised..while she removed her eyes being angry) Pasand ho tum mujhe.. Bohot pasand ho.. Din raat tumhara chehra dikhta hai mujhe.. Tumhari ye kaatilaana aankhe.. Ye ras bhare honth.. (Ragini was getting irritated) ye mujhe raat ko sone nahi dete.. ab raat ko so nahi paunga to kuchh aur karunga naa.. Aur uske liye mujhe tum chahiye ho.. Sirf tum…
Ragini: (looked at him angrily) Hum uss type ki ladki nahi hain.. Samjhe aap?
Laksh: To bann jaao mere liye..

Ragini got angry and frustrated and was about to say something just then anpurna's voice came " ragini…." Ragini stopped.. Laksh also turned his head a bit.. Then he looked at her.. While she looked at him.. Then she removed her angry eyes and moved to go crossing him but laksh held her arm.. Ragini stopped a bit shocked.. He turned to her..and she looked at him angrily..

Laksh: Aaj shaam tak ka time de raha hu.. Decide karne ke liye ki pyaar se maanne wali ho yaa…. mujhe apne tareeke se manana padega…

Ragini snatched her hand back and and went from there opening the door.. While laksh looked on at her smirking…

After that..
All family members were coming to have breakfast.. Dp and ram prasad came talking to eachother and sat on their respective seats where as ragini and ap were setting table for breakfast.. Sujata also came there dragging swara with her.. And they sat down to have breakfast.. Laksh (white shirt..blue jeans.. Redding brown coat) also came downstairs..
Ragini looked up at him..he was looking at her with a slight smirk..she angrily removed her eyes and went in the kitchen.. Laksh removed his eyes in attitude and sat down on his place.. Anpurna who was setting the table..

Ap: Laksh.. Aaj tumhari pasand ke bharwaa paranthe banaye hain humne..

Laksh smiled at her.. Ap was also smiling..and the she saw something and got more excited..

Ap: Arey? Aditya…….??

Laksh's smile slowly vanished.. He turned back..everybody looked at the centre of the stairs..and laksh's expressions turned like he didn't like that person aditya and was not happy seeing him..sujata got really happy.. All others too..infact swara got a smile on her face..and sujata ran to the centre of the stairs..and she hugged aditya he also hugged her back smiling..all of them came forward..laksh too putting his hands in his pockets.. Sujata broke her hug..

Sujata: Kaise hai maahra chhora? Naa maahri aankhe taras gayi thi thaare ko dekhne ko.. Kaisa hai tu?
Aditya: Main theek hu mom…
Sujata: naa..aaja.. Aaja sabse mil le..

Aditya nodded in yes smiling..then he came downstairs to the main hall and he touched dp's feet..

Dp: Kaise ho aditya?
Aditya: Theek hu bade papa..

Then he touched feet of ram and then hugged him..

Rp: aa gayi thaare ko ghar ki yaad?

Aditya smiled widely..then he looked at swara who had eyes filled with tears and a wide smile.. He came forward and put a hand and her cheek and she hugged him like she want to tell him about all her pain..and cried like hell..

Aditya: Arey…? Itna kyu ro rahi hai moti?
Swara: (broke the hug) Bohot miss kiya maine tujhe bhai…
Aditya: Maine to nahi kiya..

Swara laughed a bit and hitted him playfully..all of them laughed..except laksh..he was just getting fed up.. Then aditya looked at laksh.. He had the same attitude on his face..but then he faked a smile..aditya smiled coming to him and he hugged him.. Laksh then broke the hug faking smile..

Laksh: Kyu aaya tu? (Everybody got shocked for a moment) I mean aise bina bataye kyu aaya tu? Bata ke aana chahiye tha naa taki hum tere welcome ke arrangements karte..
Aditya: Isliye hi to nahi bataya bhai.. Aap logo ko surprise dena chahta tha..
Laksh: Hmm..surprise ka to pata nahi..shock zarur de diya tune..

Aditya's smile vanished..all of the others were also thinking why is he saying so..

Ap: Laksh!
Laksh: (laughed) Arey mazzak kar raha hu..

Aditya faked a smile.. And all of the others smiled too..

Ap: Aditya.. Beta tum fresh ho aao.. Aur phir aaj humara saara parivaar saath me baith kar naashta karega.. Hmm..?
Aditya: Ji badi maa..
Ap: Aaiye ji..

Then the family started moving to the dinning hall.. Laksh was looking at aditya and then he removed his eyes to go..where as ragini also came out.. Aditya also moved to go..

Ap: Ragini…?

Aditya stopped.. Laksh too.. And they both looked at ragini who was looking at ap…

Ragini: Ji..
Ap: Beta ek aur plate laga do.. Aaj humara chhota beta bhi wapis aa gaya hai.. Uski bhi plate laga do..
Ragini: Ji theek hai..

Aditya was shocked to see her..while she was setting his plate too..laksh was looking at her mesmerised and was about to move ahead but just then he saw aditya who was looking at ragini.. Laksh noticed this and he got some anger on his face..

Laksh: Aditya?
Aditya: (looked at laksh) J..ji bhai..?
Laksh: aisa kya dekh raha hai usey?
Aditya: nahi wo..
Laksh: meri.. I mean humari servant hai wo.. (Aditya looked at her stunned)
Aditya: (looked at laksh) Servant?
Laksh: Haan.. Servant.. I know bohot khubsoorat hai par iska matlab ye nahi ki tu usey dekhta rahega.. Jaa fresh ho jaa..
Aditya: j..j..ji bhai…

And then he looked at ragini who was going in the kitchen..then he removed his confused stunned eyes and went upstairs..while laksh removed his angry frustrated eyes and moved to the table..aditya then came to his room.. He placed his bag aside and was in thoughts..he removed his black jacket being in thoughts..

In lucknow Aditya was sitting in his college canteen talking and laughing with friends.. Just then Ragini (white anarkali..with fish braid) entered in with tanu and some more girl..laughing.. cutely smiling and talking… Aditya stopped seeing her and got mesmerised.. Ragini sat down with her friends laughing and talking..aditya's friends notice him..

Guy 1:Bhai.. Bol kyu nahi deta usey..?
Aditya: Nahi yaar.. Pata nahi kya sochegi..
Guy 2: kya hua bhai..?
Guy 1: bhai ye apna aditya hai naa.. Isey pyaar ho gaya hai..
Aditya: Pyaar nahi.. Pehla pyaar..
Guy 1: Haan.. Aur itna hi nahi.. Iss bechare ki dhadakne tezz ho jaati hain usey dekh kar..
Aditya: tezz nahi.. Ruk jaati hain..
Guy 1: saanse badh jaati hain usey dekh kar..
Aditya: Bhadhti nahi.. Tham jaati hain…
Guy 1: dekha..?
Guy2 : Arey par hai kaunsi wali? wo pink wali?
Aditya: Nahi..
Guy 2 : Yellow wali….
Aditya: Umm..hm..
Guy 2: Toh phir..?
Aditya: (was looking at her mesmerised) White wali.. Ragini…
Guy 2: what? Ye Suit wali ragini?
Aditya: Haan.. Suit wali..simple si ragini.. I don't know kya khaas baat hai usme par wo inn sabse alag hai.. Sabse best.. N I just love her..
Guy 1: Tu bass ye kehta reh jaayega aur usey koi aur udda ke le jaayega.. (Aditya got shocked looking at him) bhai..isliye keh raha hu.. Jaa ke propose kar de usey.. Kehde ki tu kitna pyaar karta hai ussey..
Aditya: Lekin yaar..usko bura lag gaya toh? Aur agar usne mana kar diya to? Phir to wo kabhi mujhse baat bhi nahi karegi…
Guy 2: oh god.. Tu ye sab kyu soch raha hai.. Tu ye soch ki..agar usne haan bol diya to?
Aditya: Par yaar..
Guy 1: par war kuchh nahi..aaj tu bass jaa ke bol de.. Jaa… (Ragini got up with her friends and they were about to move) jaa nahi to wo chali jayegi..

Aditya then looked at ragini who was going to go with her friends.. He then took a sigh..got up..came to her.. ragini stopped looking at him confused..

Aditya: hi..
Ragini: (smiled) hi..
Aditya: Ragini..wo…
Ragini: ji.. Kuchh chahiye aapko?
Aditya: Wo main.. Actually..mujhe tumse kuchh.. K..kuchh baat karni thi..
Ragini: (smiled) Kahiye..
Aditya: wo actually..main keh raha tha ki..ki mujhe..mujhe tumse..
Ragini: (confused) Aapko humse…?
Aditya: Wo..mujhe tumse.. Mujhe tumse chemistry ke notes chahiye the.. Actually main class me so gaya tha to.. D..de dogi naa…?

His frends put their hands on their foreheads..

Ragini: (slowly laughed..and then laughed..aditya got bit relaxed and then looked at her mesmerised) Aap bhi naa aditya.. Hume laga pata nahi kya ho gaya aapko.. (Smiling) anyways.. Hum de denge..
Aditya: (smiled..mesmerised) Thank you..
Ragini: (smiling) No need.. Bye..
Aditya: Bye..

And she went from there where as aditya looked on at her mesmerised..

[Falshback ends]

Aditya was confused.. Then he removed his eyes coming to reality and got in the wahroom.
After sometime.. Aditya came downstairs.. Ragini was still there setting the table..was avoiding looking up just because of laksh as she did want to look in his eyes that were staring her..

Sujata: aditya.. Aaja jaldi..

Ragini looked up at aditya who was looking at her while coming there and she got shocked.. Aditya was just looking at her and he sat down on his chair.. Ragini got her eyes teary thinking that now he will tell the family about her real identity.. Aditya was about to say something to her but just then ragini slwoly nodded in no..gulping with fast heartbeats.. Aditya then got quiet.. He removed his eyes and started eating his food…ragini also took a sigh removing her eyes and then she went in.. Laksh who was staring her noticed this.. And was getting confused and angry too…

Laksh: Aditya..
Aditya: ji bhai..
Laksh: Aaj tu office chal humare saath…
Ap: Arey par aaj hi to aaya hai aditya..aaj hi office..
Laksh: Maa aaj aaya hai..aaj se hi kaam karega..tabhi to mixed up hoga..
Ram: bilkul theek keh raha hai laks..
Aditya: Theek hai bhai.. As u wish…

Laksh faked a smile.. He then looked up and towards the kitchen..waiting for ragini to come out but she didn't..while aditya did the same.. But she was still in!
In evening..
Ragini was in kitchen.. Was washing dishes just then she heard some footsteps coming in and her eyes got bigger.. She was realising that it was laksh.. She then immediately turned back and got shocked to see..aditya.. Ragini got some tears in her big eyes..and was nervous realising that he knows her real identity.. Aditya was still confused…

Ragini: A…a..aap..aapko k..kuchh chahiye…?
Aditya: Hmm.. Jawaab..
Ragini: (turned back) k..kaise jawaab…?
Aditya: ragini tum jaanti ho ki main kya puchna chahta hu.. Tum yaha..ye sab..ye sab kyu kar rahi ho tum ragini? Tum hamare college ki topper thi.. Aur college ke topper servants wale kaam nahi karte..
Ragini: (looked at him shocked..then) Aditya.. Please.. Chup ho jaaiye..
Aditya: Ragini.. Ragini main bohot confused hu..please tell me ki tum ye sab kyu kar rahi ho..? Aur sanskaar..
Ragini: (put a hand on his mouth being shocked) Shhhh…(aditya was stunned looking at her while her hand was on his lips) Please abhi kuchh mat puchiye aur jo jaisa chal raha hai chalne dijiye.. Please..

Aditya was just mesmerised seeing her and she slowly removed her hand from his lips.. And then they heard a sound of mobile..aditya came to reality..ragini looked at the sound..and from outside laksh who was coming to the kitchen picked up the call remaining outside to talk.. Ragini got irritated again and she turned back to her work.. Aditya then moved the frigde and took out a bottle..took glass.. poured water and started drinking facing the otherside..and then..laksh entered..he saw aditya in and his smirk vanished into a bit anger.. He was about to do something making a fist of his hand but stopped and took a sigh.. Then he entered in..

Laksh: Aditya? (Ragini looked at him)
Aditya: (looked at him) Ji bhai..
Laksh: Jaa baahar chaachi bula rahi hai tujhe..
Aditya: Ok…

Laksh was looking at him with his half raised eyebrows.. Ragini looked at aditya.. He looked at her..laksh was somehow tolerating this..then aditya removed his eyes and went out of the kitchen where as ragini looked on at him..laksh then looked at ragini.. Ragini also looked at him but removed her eyes being irritated and he smirked..she got back to her work washing dishes and laksh came to her.. And he then tried to hold her from her waist..

Laksh: oh ragini..I love you…

shocked and irritated ragini turned back pushing him.. He got back smirking..

Ragini: (angrily) Aapki himmat kaise hui hume chhune ki.. ?
Laksh: (got some attidtude on his face and held her waist pulling her to himself saying) Aise meri jaan…
Ragini: (pushed him back again) suniye aap…
Laksh: suno tum… I just want you ragini…Kisi bhi qeemat par.. I want you..and I'll get you.. For sure..

Ragini was looking at him while he was smirking at her.. Then he gave her a flying kiss winking and she was giving him a muderous look.. Both were sharing an eye contact again.. Then he stepped back..and went out of the kitchen…
After sometime..
All were sitting to have dinner..except laksh and aditya..

Ap: Ye laksh aur aditya kaha reh gaye? (Looked at ragini) Ragini beta.. Jaao bula le aao dono ko unke kamro se..
Ragini: (got stunned for a moment..then) Ji..

And then ragini went upstiars but from there aditya was coming to the dinning hall.. He looked at ragini..ragini looked at him.. Their speeds got slow.. Then she lowered down her eyes and aditya too removed his eyes and went from there.. And ragini also moved ahead..after a while they both turned back..and looked at eachother.. But she immediately turned straight and rushed ahead..aditya also turned and went from there..then she went towards laksh's room..but stopped being disturbed..

Ragini: Kya kare? Unhe jaa kar bulaye? Ek kaam karte hain.. Baahar se knock karke bol dete hain.. Bass…

Then she moved ahead and came to his room.. She hesitatingly raised her hand and knocked..

Ragini: aapko neeche dinner par bulaya hai..aa jaaiye..

And saying this she was about to move but stopped.. She realised that he didn't responded.. She looked in the room through the glass of the door laksh was seen nowhere.. She then knocked again…

Ragini: L…laksh sir…?

No response but then the room's door got open a bit.. She then opened the door and got in.. She looked around..he was no where..and then.. She saw laksh (black jacket..similar lower) who was lying on sofa in the balcony.. She got a disturbance on her face..then she hesitatingly moved to the balcony and she came to him.. He was lying being very relaxed and was closing eyes..

Ragini: (she removed her eyes) wo aapko neeche dinner ke liye… (She looked at him..and he was sleeping) sir? (She then realised that he is actually sleeping..and she made an irritated face..to herself) Ye bhi koi sone ka waqt hai..? (Turned to go) pata nahi kya samajhte hain khud…

But just then ragini stopped being shocked..she then turned back and looked at her hand that was being held by another muscular hand.. Laksh's hand… She looked at him with her big eyes and smirk came on his face with closed eyes…

Laksh: Maine kaha jaane ko? Nahi naa? (Ragini got her heartbeats fast..and he opened his eyes getting up) To phir kaha jaa rahi ho? (Stood infront of her looking into her big eyes) ek baat kaan khol kar sunn lo..tum yaha aaogi to apni marzi se.. Lekin (slided his hand on her waist..to her back) Jaogi sirf meri marzi se.. (He pulled her and she got bumped with him being shocked) Samjhi?

Ragini who was looking in his eyes got anger on her face and she started trying to push him..

Ragini: (pushing him back) Chh..chhodiye hume..
Laksh: (smirked) chhodne ke liye thodi naa pakda hai meri jaan..
Ragini: (stopped looking at him angrily) dekhiye hume chhodiye warna hum..
Laksh: (held her more tightly and she got bumped with him again..being shocked) warna tum kya? Kya…? Arey meri jaan pyaar karne liye hi pakda hai maine tumhe..

Ragini then got damn irritated and she pushed him back and turned to go but just then laksh held her arm twisting it behind her back pulling her to himself..where she got bumped with him again merging her back with his chest.. And she struggled to get her hand freed..

Ragini: (cried) Aahhh.. Chhodiye…
Laksh: (grinded teeth..in her ears) Pyaar se mana raha hu..maanti kyu nahi ho tum..? Keh raha hu ki main pyaar karta hu tumse.. Lekin tum ho ki samajh hi nahi rahi.. Kabse keh raha hu ki meri ho jaao par tum maan hi nahi rahi.. Pyaar se manna seekha nahi hai tumne shaayad..so ok.. Mere paas aur bhi bohot se tareeke hain apni baat manwane ke.. (Turned her back in his arms..where as she was trying to get back) Tumhe paana chahta hu main.. Aur main paa kar rahunga bhi.. Tumhe mera hona padega ragini..
Ragini: (looking at him with hatered) Aisa kabhi nahi hoga Mr. Laksh Maheshwari…. Hum aisa kabhi nahi hone denge..
Laksh: (smirked) bohot ziddi ho naa tum…? Par main tumse kahi zyada ziddi hu.. Aur aaj se..abhi se.. Meri nayi zidd tum ho.. Sirf tum ho.. Aaj ke baad ek ek din ka hisaab lagati jaao ragini.. Aur phir dekhna ki main tumhe kaise haasil karta hu… Ab to tumhe kisi bhi qeemat par mera hona hoga..ab tum meri hogi ragini.. Coz laksh Maheshwari ko jo cheez pasand aati hai..to wo hasil karke hi rehta hai.. Aur ab main tumhe bhi har qeemat par haasil karunga.. Tumhe main apna bana kar hi saans lunga.. I promise.. Aur ye Laksh Maheshwari ka promise hai… Halke me mat lena isey.. Got that?

Ragini was looking in his determined eyes with her own teary nervous but angry big eyes.. But then she got irritated and she pushed him back with all her strength..laksh got back a bit and she ran from there…laksh looked on at her and smirked..

Precap- Laksh irritating ragini.. how much she would tolerate? will aditya help ragini or there's something else in the destiny?

Ok now comment and tell me how was it? ^_^
which actor do you want to play the character of Aditya? 😀

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