RagLak ff by vini – Tum mere Ho (Part 5)

Hi guys.. vini here.. I’m so happy that you’re liking my FF so much.. You found previous part really interesting right? 😀 now read this one.. and tell me how’s it…

<3 Tum Mere Ho <3
By #Vini


Next morning..
Ragini (light orange coloured anarkali) came out of her washroom..with wet hair tied in the towel kept aside on the front of her left shoulder and some flicks were falling on face.. She came out and stood out in her window section..was without her dupatta.. She looked at the sun that was rising..she then joined her hands and closed her eyes praying for her brother..

Ragini: Hey bhagwaan.. Humare bhai jaha bhi ho..bass theek ho.. Unka khyaal rakhiyega.. Aur hume itni taaqat dijiyega ki hum unhe wapis laa sake..

Just then laksh (grey jacket with similar lower) who was exercising in the lawn came there jogging… His eyes fell on ragini and he stopped..he looked at her and got mesmerised.. She was looking so beautiful with a simple face and some wet hair flicks that were falling on her face.. Ragini opened her teary eyes she then some how controlled her tears and started wiping her hair bowing down a bit.. Ragini then put her hair to the other side and started wiping her hair again.. and then.. Her eyes fell on laksh who was staring her only.. She felt disturbed getting straight.. Their eyes met.. He then smirked a bit raising an eyebrow for a second.. And she removed her eyes being irritated by those eyes that stare her in a very different way.. She then put her towel their on the stand to dry up and went inside the room shutting the door…while laksh smirked widely removing his eyes..

After that..
Ragini was in the main hall and was giving tea to anpurna and sujata.. Just then.. Laksh entered in after his exercise.. And he looked at ragini.. Ragini was listening what anpurna was telling her.. He smirked then..

Laksh: Maa..

Ragini..ap and sujata looked at him..

Ap: Haan beta..
Laksh: Kuchh der baad mere room me coffee bhijwa dena..
Ap: Haan theek hai beta..

Laksh then looked at ragini who was already looking at him..he smirked a bit again and she removed her eyes..he also moved up and went to his room..

After sometime..
Ragini prepared coffee for laksh.. And ap came to her..

Ap: Ragini beta bann gayi laksh ki coffee..?
Ragini: Ji mam..
Ap: Laao hum de aate hain.. Tum koi aur kaam dekh lo..
Ragini: Ji..

Ap smiled she then took the coffee mug from her hands and moved to go.. Ragini took a sigh thinking that she was saved from going to that wierd laksh.. But just then ap stopped realising something..

Ap: nahi nahi nahi.. Ragini ye tum hi de aao usey.. (Ragini got shocked for a moment) Hum dene gaye to laksh phir gussa karega.. Humari tabiyat theek nahi rehti isliye seedhiya'n chadhne utarne se mana karta hai wo hume… Ye tumhi hi jaa kar de aao beta..
Ragini: j..ji.. Laaiye.. (She took the cup from her hand) Hum de aate hain..
Ap: hmm.. Tab tak hum yaha par tumhara kaam dekh lete hain..

Ragini then faked a smile and went out of there and she walked upstairs to his room.. She knocked and looked down at her watch.. just then laksh who was shirt less wearing his black pant only came out of the washroom wiping his wet hair with a towel using his left hand.. Laksh looked at her..She knocked again looking up and got shocked..she immediately turned back closing eyes..

Ragini: (panicked) S..s..sorry sir…wo…wo hum aapki coffee..le kar aaye the..

Laksh smirked.. He moved ahead wiping his hair with a hand but looking at her only..

Laksh: Hmm.. Laao do.. (She opened her big eyes getting shocked and turned her head a bit realising that he is so shameless) Arey do…

Ragini then made a frustrated face.. She then took a sigh and turned back but wasn't looking up him even for a bit.. Laksh smirked seeing her.. He then threw the towel on his bed..meanwhile she was about to put the cup on the night stand..

Laksh: Ruko..

She stopped but didn't look at him..and then laksh moved to her smirking..ragini was getting nervous and irritated too as she realised that he is coming to her.. She was thinking how shameless is he.. She was standing like that without looking at him facing the night stand..heartbeats getting fast.. Nervousness getting increased.. And laksh came to her.. He smirked and came closer to her from behind..she became more nervous.. He then moved his hand infront of her to hold the cup from her hand but was making her feel the closeness between them.. He was so close to her and was inhaling her scent from her back and her hair.. He was about to hold the cup touching her hand again but just then ragini placed it on the night stand.. Laksh stopped..

Ragini: Khud le lijiye..

And she ran from there saying this.. Laksh looked on at her.. And then he made a fist of his hand removing his eyes..ragini came to the kitchen rushing anpurna was there..

Ap: De aayi?
Ragini: (removed her eyes coming to the gas-top) ji..

And she started stirring..her heart was still beating fast..

Ap: Ragini beta..naashta baahar le aao.. Hum ye paranthe le jaate hain..

And she went from there holding a casarol.. Ragini then closed her eyes relaxing herself..still breathing fast.. She then wiped her face.. And took sigh to get normal.. She then thought about it again but removed her eyes getting irritated..and started doing her work..

After that..
All were sitting to have breakfast except laksh.. Ragini was there serving the food..swara also came there she looked at ragini.. Ragini looked at her and was observing the sorrow of her face.. Then..

Sujata: Ragini.. Jaa jara achaar bhi le aa..
Ragini: Ji…

She then went in while swara removed her eyes sitting down on her chair.. Then ragini came out with the bottle of achaar and from the otherside..Laksh (sky blue dotted shirt with black pant black blazer) came there looking at her.. He came forward to the table and ragini looked at him.. Both looked into eachother's eyes.. Ragini reminded the moment and removed her eyes still feeling embarassed while laksh was just staring her..

Ap: Laksh.. Aao beta.. Jaldi se nashta kar lo tum bhi..
Laksh: (smiled at her) hmm..

He then sat down and started taking his food but kept looking at ragini.. She was also looking at him but was removing her eyes getting irritated and nervous.. But he kept looking at her..she was noticing him..but soon she got irritated by his eyes that were staring her and she went in the kitchen.. And laksh removed his eyes in attitude.. And then..

Laksh: Maa.. Main juice le kar aata hu..
Sujata: Naa tu kyu layega..? Bo ragini se..
Laksh: nahi.. Main khud hi le aaunga..

He went in the kitchen and saw ragini who was doing something facing the other side.. He then got a small smirk on his face with his half raised eyebrows and he moved to her.. He was coming towards her..ragini who was wiping the dishes raised up her eyes realising something and she immediately turned back putting the dishes down.. And got shocked to see laksh and he came closer to her..

Ragini: (nervous) K..k..kuchh chahiye aapko?
Laksh: (looking into her eyes deeply) Mere room se bhaag kar kyu aayi tum?
Ragini: (removed her eyes to turn back) w…wo…

Laksh then held her arm to keep her straight like that..she got shocked and he placed his hands on either of her sides on the shelf behind her keeping her in between.. And she looked into his eyes which were full of rage with her nervous and shocked eyes…

Laksh: Maine to nahi kaha tha naa tumse jaane ko..? To phir kyu aa gayi tum?
Ragini: (removed her eyes getting a bit disturbed) wo..uss waqt aapne…
Laksh: Maine shirt nahi pehni thi? Toh?
Ragini: Hum nahi dekh sakte..
Laksh: Kyu?
Ragini: K..kaha naa nahi dekh sakte..
Laksh: abse main roz main tumhare aane ke baad hi shirt pehnunga..

Ragini got shocked looking at him..and he chuckled..

Ragini: (a bit angrily) toh phir abse hum aapke room me aaya hi nahi karenge…
Laksh: (laughed.. Then) Accha chill.. But listen.. Aaj ke baad meri permission ke bina mere room se wapis nahi aaogi.. Got it?

Ragini was looking at him angrily like that..he smriked and blowed on her face while she closed her eyes..

Laksh: Cool down baby…

Ragini opened her angry shocked eyes looking at him and he smirked widely.. Then he got back removing his hands looking at her while she was looking at him angrily.. Then he removed his eyes..getting back..took juice from a shelf and went out.. Ragini looked on at him angrily.. Then she removed her eyes getting frustrated and continued what she was doing..

After that…
All the maheshwari males were gone to the office.. And only ladies were there in MM.. Ragini was in kitchen..choping vegetables..while anpurna and sujata were in some room.. Swara came downstairs and she came in the kitchen.. Ragini looked up and saw her.. Swara also looked at her.. Ragini was noticing certaing type of sorrow on her face.. Swara then removed her eyes..and got in.. She took a glass and took water in to drink.. Ragini also removed her eyes thinking if she should talk to her or not.. Meanwhile swara was also thinking the same while drinking her water.. Then she out back the glass and came forward.. She looked at ragini.. Ragini looked at her.. Then ragini smiled a bit to her..

Ragini: Kuchh chahiye aapko?
Swara: (nodded in no..then hesitatingly) tum….tumhara poora naam kya hai…?
Ragini: Ji… Humara poora naam ragini gad..

She stopped realising something that if she reveal her real name so the maheshwarians will get to know that she is sanskaar's sister..and she would never find him again…

Swara: Haan..Ragini ke baad..?
Ragini: Ragini.. Ragini aggarwal..
Swara: Ragini aggarwal?
Ragini: ji…
Swara: mujhe to laga tum marwadi ho..
Ragini: J..ji nahi…
Swara: Aisa kaise ho…

Just then sujata entered and saw her a bit angrily…

Sujata: Swara?? (She looked at her shocked and sujata came to her angrily) Naa thaare ko mana kiya hai naa apne kamre se faltu me nikalne ko..

Ragini found this really strange while swara was getting her eyes teary being a bit nervous…

Swara: Mom..main wo paani peene..
Sujata: Pee liya naa paani? Chal.. Chal apne kamre me bapis…
Swara: Mom…
Sujata: ke kaha maine…? (Shouted) jaa apne kamre me..

Swara's tears rolled down and then she ran from there crying..while ragini was looking at her with many questions in her eyes..

Sujata: Ragini..
Ragini: (looked at her) j..ji..
Sujata: Je sabji naa acche se kaat de.. Aur phir tu bana de.. Baise to main bana deti par laks ko thaare haath kaa khaana bohot pasand aaya tha naa kal.. (Ragini got irritated hearing his name) to tu hi bana de.. Swaad swaad me paet bhar ke khaa lega chhora..
Ragini: (removed her eyes being irritated) ji.. Theek hai..
Sujata: Haan theek hai..

Then she went out of the kitchen.. Ragini was irrtated thinking about laksh and his bad behaviour in the morning.. And she got more irritated.. Then she realised when swara came to her.. And same questions appeared in her mind again thinking why they keep her locked in a room like that..

In late evening..
Ragini was setting the dinning table.. Anpurna and sujata were in kitchen.. Only she was there when laksh (grey black jacket with matching lower and zip of jacket opened on his chest) came downstairs.. He saw ragini alone around the table and came forward smirking..he came to the table when ragini looked up and saw him being a bit frustrated..

Laksh: Hi baby…
Ragini: (got irritated) humara naam ragini hai..
Laksh: Hmm.. (Smirked being mesmerised) I love this ragini…
Ragini: kya?
Laksh: Oh sorry.. I mean.. I love this (pointed out at a dish) Ragini…

Ragini removed her eyes being angry and frustrated where as he smriked…then ap and sujata came out talking and with dishes.. Laksh sat down realising them..DP and RP also came there and sat down.. They served dinner to them..then ap and sujata also sat down.. They all started having dinner but ragini was seeing that swara's seat was empty..she looked at the stairs and first floor then…

Dp: Swara kaha hai?
Ap: Haan swara kyu nahi aayi abhi tak..?
Sujata: Je ladki ke nakhre bhi naa…
Ragini: Hum bula laate hain unhe..

She moved to go just then..

Sujata: Naa ragni rukk.. (Ragini stopped looking at her) Main laati hu usko bula ke.. Tu atthe hi reh..

Ragini was looking at her with so many questions in eyes and she went from there to swara's room to call her.. Ragini was thinking about her while ap..dp and ram prasad started talking something..Then..

Laksh: Ragini.. (Ragini came to reality and looked at him..he smirked a bit) wo daal do…
Ragini: (removed her eyes being irritated by him) Ji..

She took up the bowl and came near him to serve it in his bowl but laksh put the bowl to the other side of his plate..while others were busy in talks..ragini looked at him a bit angrily and he smirked..ragini then came more closer to serve in his bowl and..

Laksh: (being mesmerised by her..in a low voice) ummm.. Ye khushbu…

Ragini stopped getting back and looked at him a being disgust.. And he smirked and removed his eyes taking his food..

Laksh: Bohot acchi khushbu aa rahi hai daal me se..

Ragini removed her eyes being irritated and moved to the otherside..ap laughed..

Ap: (smiled) Oh ho laksh.. Tum to ragini ki cooking ke deewane ho jaaoge..
Laksh: deewana ho jaaunga nahi maa… (Looked at ragini..while she was looking at him) deewana ho gaya hu..

Ragini was looking at him angrily and he removed his eyes smirking.. Just then sujata came down taking swara with herself..swara's face was like she had cried hard..but she was faking a smily face..

Sujata: Chal sbara.. Baith atthe..

And she made her sit on her place.. Ragini was obvserving swara.. And was realising that something had happened wrong with her.. Then she removed her eyes and went in the kitchen..

In night..
Ragini (white kurta..sky blue salwaar) was partially lying on her bed.. Was in deep thoughts.. Thinking about what happened to her in the day time.. The moment when laksh was behaving badly with her.. She was getting irritated by him..

Ragini: Akhir chaahte kya hain wo humse.. Jabse aaye hain tabse peeche pade hue hain.. Ajeeb si harkatein.. Ajeeb si baate.. (Then she reminded swara) lekin..lekin wo swara.. Wo aise kyu rehti hai…? Aur jab kisi ne bhi humse humara poora naam nahi puchha to wo kyu…

Just then her room's door knocked.. Ragini looked at it.. She got confused..then she looked at the clock and saw the time..

Ragini: Raat ke 12:15 baj rahe hain.. Iss waqt kaun hoga..?

Ragini then got up from bed and moved to the door.. And then she opened it as she looked up she got shocked.. And laksh was there smirking.. Then he opened her door himself and got in.. Ragini backed off.. And he shut the door.. Ragini was looking at him with big shocked and angry eyes..

Ragini: Aap….? Aap iss waqt yaha? (He looked at her smirking..and she got anger on her face) Aap yaha kyu aaye hain?
Laksh: ye mera ghar hai… Main jaha chaahu..jis waqt chaahu.. Jaise chaahu aa jaa sakta hu…
Ragini: Hoga.. Lekin iska matlab ye nahi hai ki aap iss trah se kisi ladki ke kamre me aa jaa sakte hain.. Wo bhi raat ke iss samay..
Laksh: (smirked) Sorry baby.. But ab raat ke iss samay tumhari yaad aa gayi.. Phir laga ki tum bhi meri trah akele sote sote bore ho gayi hogi to main tumhe company de du..
Ragini: (angrily) Kya matlab hai aapka?
Laksh: matlab wo hi hai jo tum samajh rahi ho..
Ragini: (angrily) bohot ho gaya.. Hum aapke ghar me kaam karte hain iska matlab ye nahi hai ki aap jo mann me aaye wo kehte rahenge hume aur hum sunte rahenge..
Laksh: (smirked) Sunna to tumhe padega.. Aur jo main kahunga wo karna bhi padega.. Coz ab tum yaha.. Mere..yaani ki laksh maheshwari ke ghar me ho.. Chalo phir bhi.. Raat ko meri zarurat pade to.. Mere room ka raasta to pata hi hai tumhe..

He laughed.. While she was looking at him angrily..

Laksh: good night.. (He winked) Miss me..

He smirked and went out opening the door..while ragini was irritated and frustrated.. She then slammed the door after him.. And got merged to the door being really irritated..and hell angry..

Precap- Laksh showing his real colours to ragini. A new entry!

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