RagLak ff by vini Tum mere Ho part 31


Tum Mere Ho <3
By #vini

Then his hand moved down on her bare back and he found her blouse zip.. Mean while he moved his face towards her blouse neck and kissed deeply in her cleavage..with which ragini clutched the bedsheet so hard in her fists with a deep deep breath… He found this her hot spot so he licked there and was now ready to unzip her blouse..and then he started opening her blouse zip too.. Ragini suddenly opened her eyes realising something.. Laksh was still busy in kissing her.. And then she held his shoulders and pushed him from herself..she immediately got up from bed.. Laksh looked at her.. She was breathing fast with which tears got filled in her eyes.. She held her palla and put that on her blouse covering her figure.. Laksh tried to come to her..

Laksh: Rag… (She stepped back and ran out from there..he shouted) Ragini…?

But she was gone shutting the door..laksh came to the door.. And patted…

Laksh: Ragini open the door… Ragini? (Ragini got merged to the door..and started crying badly putting a hand on her blouse and another one on her mouth..laksh shouted) Ragini kab tak bhagogi mere pyaar se…kab tak bhagogi humare rishte se…? (He patted hard) I'm your blo*dy husband… Damn it…!! I can love you…. (He shouted) Ragini I love you.. I love you so much…

Ragini was just crying and crying.. Laksh grinded teeth and patted the door again making a fist of his hand..Ragini sat down on floor like that merging her back to the door..Laksh also got back and came to the outlet..he sat down being upset and a bit angry.. He made a fist of his hand.. And closed his teary eyes tightly..

Next morning…
It has stopped raining and it was a sunny day..and then then room's door fot opened by ragini.. Red teary eyes..like she had cried all the night.. She was still nervous and embarassed..All those moments came in her mind again..she saw that wall.. And that kiss came in her mind.. and then that messed up bedsheet on bed.. And the thought of that closeness of hers with laksh brought shrivels in her body again.. And then her eyes fell on laksh who was still sleeping sitting on that outlet.. She didn't know how to face him again but then she took a sigh and came to him.. She sat down near him.. He was sleeping.. Ragini raised her hand to touch his arm..but she stopped.. Then she took a sigh and touched him hesitatingly.. And shook him a bit..

Ragini: Laksh.. ?

He opened his eyes and looked at her.. Her eyes were teary.. She looked down moving her hand back..

Ragini: (hesitating) w…w..wo…subah ho gayi hai.. (Looked up) Hume ghar chalna chahiye..

Laksh was staring at her.. She looked down again..she got up and turned back to go just then laksh held her hand.. And she got shocked and nervous too..

Laksh: Ragini..

He got up and came infront of her..she looked at him.. He was looking normal but eyes were looking a little upset and slightly angry..

Laksh: (he looked at her face..while she was avoiding to look at him) Shaadi ke baad ye pehli raat thi jo maine tumhare bina guzaari hai.. Kal raat ki uss barish me..pyaar ki aag me pal pal jala hai mera dil.. And I swear.. (Held her tightly and she got shocked looking into his eyes) Jab halaat mere mutaabik ho jayenge na..tab iss raat ke ek ek pal aur ek ek lamhe ka hisaab lunga tumse..ab bass intezaar hai to uss waqt ka jab tum khud meri baaho me aaogi..

They both looked into eachother's eyes.. There was a slight smile on his face that was showing how much confident he was..and she was stunned and nervous too with teary eyes.. Then she removed his hands..

Ragini: (hesitatingly) h..hume..ghar chalna chahiye..

She got seperated from him and went from there.. He looked on..and then he removed his eyes and started closing his shirt's buttons..
After sometime they reached home..parineeta saw them first.. And they came in..

Parineeta: (calling) Maasi ji.. Aa gaye laksh, ragini..(she came to them..looking at laksh) Kaisi rahi kal ki barsaat bhari raat..? (Laksh blushed..and ragini felt embarassed) Uh..humara matlab hai kal ki shaam..? (Laughed)
Laksh: Bohot hi dilchasp.. (Looked at ragini smirking)
Parineeta: Arey wah.. Hume to pata hi tha..
Ap: (coming to them) Aa gaye tum log? Kaise hain swara aur sanskaar? Huh?
Ragini: Wo..theek hain maa..
Parineeta: Wo to theek hain lekin..tum theek nahi lag rahi mujhe.. (Ragini looked up a bit shocked..anpurna got confused) Humara matlab hai ki..tumhari aankhe.. Lagta hai raat ko theek se so nahi paayi.. (Laughed..teasing her)
Ragini: (nervous..looking down) N..nahi bhabhi…aisi koi baat nahi hai…
Parineeta: Accha?

Laksh was smiling looking at ragini..she also looked at laksh.. But removed her eyes..

Ap: Parineeta..kyu pareshaan kar rahi ho meri bahu ko? (laughing) jaao beta.. (Putting hand on ragini's cheek) Tum log fresh ho jaao.. Main tumhara naashta lagwati hu..hmm?

Ragini nodded in yes.. And went upstairs..

Laksh: Maa..? Papa office chale gaye?
Ap: Haan.. Wo to chale gaye…
Laksh: Ok.. Main bhi jaldi se ready ho kar chala jaata hu..
Ap: Haan.. Wo malhotra ji ki tabiyat bhi kuch khraab thi..to shayad wo bhi nahi honge office me tumhara kaam dekhne ke liye..
Laksh: Unki tabiyat kharaab? Kyu kya hua unhe?
Ap: Pata nahi..seene me dard ki shikayat kar rahe the..
Laksh: Really?..anyways..main fresh ho kar aata hu..
Ap: Haan.. Jaao jaldi..

Laksh came upstairs and saw ragini was going in washroom.. Just then he threw his phone on bed and rushed towards her..

Laksh: Ragini..ragini..

He came in her way..just at the door of washroom.. Facing her and she got shocked.. Looking at him…

Laksh: Pehle mujhe jaane do.. Actually..office bhi jaana hai na so..

Ragini removed her eyes from him in irritation..

Ragini: Jaaiye…

She turned back to go just then.. Laksh held her arm..and she looked at him..

Laksh: yaa ek kaam karo.. Tum bhi saath hi chalo mere.. Dono saath me nahaa lenge.. (Smirked..ragini got her eyes bigger) As now aadhi adhuri hi sahi par shuruwaat to ho hi gayi hai humare shaadi shuda zindgi ki..

Ragini got shocked hearing this.. And got irritated..

Ragini: (removing his hand) Jaaiye..jaa kar nahaa lijiye ab..

Laksh chuckled.. And got in.. Ragini sat down on bed waiting for him to come out…after sometime.. Laksh came out in towel..drying his hair with another towel.. Ragini saw him and immediately removed her eyes.. Looking down…Laksh smirked..

Laksh: Jaldi jaldi me main kapde lena to bhul hi gaya.. (Then he walked towards the cupboard) relax baby.. Apne pati ko aise dekh sakti ho tum…

He saw that ragini is not looking up.. He chuckled.. He opened the cupboard.. And was looking for some clothes.. Ragini got up and was about to go in washroom just then..

Laksh: Ragini..

She stopped being irritated again.. But didn't look back..

Laksh: (looked at her) Wo..meri light blue colour wali shirt nahi mil rahi.. Dhundh do..please
Ragini: (without looking at him) laksh aap koi aur shirt pehn lijiye..
Laksh: Nahi.. Aur koi nahi.. Mujhe wo hi shirt pehnni hai.. Arey aise kya khadi ho? Dekh nahi sakti meri taraf..?
Ragini: Nahi.. Aap besharam hain iska matlab ye nahi ki hum besharam bann jayenge..

Laksh chuckled again… And started coming to her slowly..

Laksh: Haan… Besharam to main hu.. Aur chaahta hu ki meri biwi bhi.. (Turned back her and held her tightly) meri hi trah besharam bann jaaye..

Ragini got shocked.. And looked at him.. Then she looked down to the otherside embarassed and irritated..

Ragini: (removing his hands) Laksh.. Chhodiye hume..
Laksh: Pehle tum meri taraf dekho..
Ragini: Nahi.. Hume nahi dekhna..
Laksh: Theek hai.. Mat dekho.. Mujhe aise bhi accha lag raha hai.. (Moving his face closer to hers) tum nahi dekh rahi to main dekh leta hu tumhe..kareeb se..
Ragini: (struggling to come out) laksh chhodiye please…
Laksh: Aur naa chhodu to? (Ragini looked up at him.. Her hands were on his bare chest.. Hands closed making a fist.. Laksh looked into her eyes.. With a smile on his face..) Ragini hum pati patni hain.. Hume ek dusre ke kitne bhi kareeb aa sakte hain.. ek dusre ko dekh sakte hain.. (Voice got deeper) Ek dusre bohot aur beintehaan pyaar kar sakte hain… Hum ekdusre ke hain.. Main tumhara hu..aur tum mere ho…

Ragini was also looking into his eyes… Her eyes got teary and nervousness started increasing.. Both were standing looking into eachother's eyes then..Then laksh's phone rang..they both looked at his phone.. Then ragini removed her eyes..and took a sigh.. Laksh looked at her and lifted her face up holding her chin..

Laksh: Shirt dhundh kar do meri..

Then he left her and walked to his phone and picked it up.. Ragini didn't look at him..she walked to cupboard and started looking for his shirt.. She saw that his shirt was kept infront of the cupboard shelf and laksh was just telling a lie… She took out the shirt.. Just then laksh came just behind her and held the shirt touching her hands slowly keeping her in between his arms.. Ragini got nervous.. But she handed over the shirt without reacting..

Ragini: Saamne hi rakhi thi..

Laksh smirked.. He came more closer to her..brought his face near hers from behind..and kissed on her cheek..she closed her eyes softly..and..her heartbeats got faster..

Laksh: (smiling) I know..

He then got back with a smile.. And ragini turned..she looked at him..he was smiling while wearing his shirt.. Ragini then removed her eyes and went from there…
After that..
Laksh was in office and was doing something on his laptop..just then his cabin's door knocked..

Laksh: (without looking up) Come in..

A girl (nikita sharma) entered in.. With a file in her hands..

Girl: Good morning sir..

Laksh looked up…

Laksh: Good morning..
Girl: uh…b..sir..

She offered him the file.. Laksh took the file and opened it.. Looking in the file..

Laksh: Hmm..nikita malhotra?
Nikita: Yes.. Sir..
Laksh: Any experience before this?
Nikita: No sir..

Laksh looked at her a bit angrily.. But then he took a sigh and put her file aside..

Laksh: Malhotra ji wapis kab aayenge..?
Nikita: sir..wo actually papa ki tabiyat kaafi kharaab hai.. I can't say ki…
Laksh: Whatever…ab unki jagah tum ho to be careful.. Mujhe koi bhi nonsense nahi chahiye.. Sirf important files mere paas laaogi aur..Chhoti moti files..unko khud hi handle karogi.. And listen.. (Looked up at her in attitude) Mujhe koi bhi mistake nahi chahiye..
Nikita: (nervous) O..ok sir..
Laksh: Hmm.. To pehle ek kaam karo.. Ye jitni files padi hain..inhe check karo.. I'll be right back..

He got up.. And called a friend of him.. And walked out of the cabin..

Laksh: (on phone) Hello amar.. Main nikal raha hu..Jaldi pahonch..

He opened the door to got out but he stopped.. And turned back..

Laksh: Anyways…uh….
Nikita: Sir…nikita…
Laksh: Yes..nikita.. Make yourself comfortable first.. Coz main nahi chahta ki kaam me koi bhi problem ho..alright?
Nikita: definitely sir..

He smiled a bit and then he went out of the cabin.. Nikita took a sigh..

Nikita: (to herslef) Kya likha tha uss book me.. Naye office me sabse pehe apne boss ko impress karo..toh chal nikita.. Lag jaa kaam par..huh.. But pehle thoda rest kar le.. You know.. (She chuckled) to make your self comfortable…

She moved ahead..and sat on the chair..

Nikita: Na..its not that comfortable… (She sat on laksh's chair..and smiled) ..Haan.. Isey kehte hain comfort… Then she looked at his name plate kept on the table..

Nikita: Boss ko impress karna.. Namumkin to nahi but thoda mushkil zarur hai…Lakshya Maheshwari.. Uff.. The name is enough to describe his royality.. (smiled) He is quite cute…(hitted herself on her Forehead) chal pagal..Kuch bhi sochti hai tu…chal kaam kar ab fataa fat se..

Then she took up the files and started looking into them..
On the otherside laksh reached a restuarant.. And saw amar sitting on a table.. He came to him and sat down..

Laksh: Kya haal hai?
Amar: bass.. Theek hu yaar.. Tu bata..
Laksh: (took a sigh) main bhi theek hu..
Amar: Aur ragini?
Laksh: wo bhi theek hai.. Tu wo sab chhod.. Aur ye bata ki itna kya urgent kaam aa gaya tha tujhe..
Amar: Urgent kaam hai yaar… Meri..meghna ko pata chal gaya ki meri dusri gf bhi hai.. Aur ab dono ekdusre se ladne ke baad mujhe chhod kar chali gayi…
Laksh: (laughed) Toh saale.. Koi teesri pata le.. (Jokingly)
Amar: Laksh..bura mat maaniyo..lekin agar main tujhse bolu ki tera ragini ke saath relationship aage badh nahi raha to tu koi dusri se shaadi kar le..to tu kar lega?
Laksh: (smirked) Ragini ke saath mera relationship aage badh raha hai..dheere dheere hi sahi.. Lekin wo accept kar rahi hai mujhe.. (Going in some thoughts) Wo samajhne lagi hai ki mera haq hai uspar..ki main kareeb aa sakta hu uake..ki main chhu sakta hu usey.. Ki main usey….(came back to reality) aur meri life me.. Ragini ki jagah koi nahi le sakti.. Koi bhi nahi..
Amar: Exactly.. Jab tu uske itne rude behaviour ke baad bhi kisi dusri ke baare me nahi soch sakta to… To phir mujhse kyu aisa expect kar raha hai…?
Laksh: Abey oh… (Angrily) Mere pyaar ko apni aiyaashi se compare karne ke baare me sochiyo bhi mat tu.. Main sirf aur sirf ragini se pyaar karta hu..aur tu.. Meghna bhi..sneha bhi..aur pata nahi kaun kaun hogi…teri list me to..
Amar: Kaisi baat kar raha hai yaar.. Main college time se sirf maghna se pyaar karta hu…tu to jaanta hai na..phir bhi?
Laksh: then what about sneha?
Amar: Yaar..wo to meri dukh ki saathi hai.. Yaad hai jab mere aur meghna ke beech misunderstandings ho gayi thi..tab mili thi wo mujhe.. Tab usne mujhe sahara diya.. Lekin.. Iska matlab ye nahi hai ki mera meghna ke liye pyaar khatm ho gaya.. Ussey to main humesha se pyaar karta aaya hu.. Aur aage bhi karta rahunga.. Lucky..please tu samjha de meghna ko.. Main ussey bohot pyaar karta hu yaar..
Laksh: (smiled) don't worry yaar.. Main baat karunga meghna se.. I hope wo meri baat sun legi..
Amar: thank you yaar.. By the way tu to keh raha tha ki tere paas bohot kaam hai..aaj nahi mil payega..to phir?
Laksh: Arey haan.. Kaam to tha.. But ab wo kaam meri nayi secratory kar rahi hogi..
Amar: (excited) nayi secratory kar rahi hogi…….? Ladki hai?
Laksh: Yeah..
Amar: Wow..lucky..female secratory..tere to mazze hi mazze hain..
Laksh: (a bit angrily) What do you mean by mazze hi mazze hain..? Listen.. Main sirf aur sirf apni ragini se pyaar karta hu.. Kisi airi gairi ladki ki taraf dekhne ki bhi fursat nahi hai mujhe..itna busy hu main uske sapno me..
Amar: Aise to tu sirf sapne hi dekhta rahega uske.. Aur in the end teri ye jawani nikal jaayegi.. Lekin tu tab bhi sapne dekh raha hoga..
Laksh: Not at all.. Tu dekhna.. Agle hafte.. Tujhe main apni married life ki starting ki good news sunaunga.. I promise.. Aur ye laksh maheshwari ka promise hai.. Don't take it easy…
Amar: Haan..haan dekhte hain..
Laksh: accha chal ab main chalta hu.. Dekhta hu sab kaam theek se kiya bhi yaa nahi uss secratory ne..
Amar: chak theek hai..

They got up and hugged each other.. Laksh went from there..
And he reached his cabin..nikita was still checking the files.. She was sitting on a sofa.. Laksh came in and she got up.. Laksh put his hands in his pocket..

Laksh: Kaam hua?
Nikita: Yes sir.. Almost done.. Bass ye files jo sir ke paas jaani hain..wo check kar rahi thi..
Laksh: Wo files jo papa ke paas jaani hai..wo tum abhi check kar rahi thi..?
Nikita: Yes sir.. Wo clients ki files to main check kar li thi so maine socha ki ye bhi…
Laksh: (angrily) Kyu? Ye files tum kyu check kar rahi thi? Papa ke paas jitni bhi files jaati hain unhe pehle main check karta hu.. Jitna tumhara kaam hai tum wo hi karo.. Ye mat samajhna ki ye sab karne se main impresss ho jaaunga.. These stupid acts irritate me..you got it?
Nikita: (nervously) s..s…sorry sir..
Laksh: That's Ok..ab Ye files check kar hi rahi ho to karo aur mere sign karwa kar forward kar dena.. Aur haan.. Parso ki meeting ki files bhi include kar lena..Alright..?
Nikita: Ok..s..sir…

Then Laksh sat on his chair and closed his eyes resting his head back.. And took a sigh.. Nikita looked at him..a bit angrily and confused..

Nikita: (thinking to herself) Aise kaise chalega nikita..? Aise to ye kabhi impress nahi hoga tujhse..

In the evening in MM..
@Raglak's room..
After the dinner ragini was setting the bed and was wearing sky blue coloured saari with floral blouse.. laksh came in wearing blue coloured t-shirt and light grey coloured lower..he smiled looking at ragini.. She looked at him.. But then got busy in setting bed.. Then she sat down on bed and lied down.. Laksh also came there and sat on bed resting his back on the bed's back..ragini closed her eyes.. laksh looked at her..

Laksh: You know ragini.. Aaj meri nayi secretory aayi hai… Nikita malhotra..

Ragini opened her eyes.. Then laksh smriked at her..

Ragini: (she looked at him) To?
Laksh: To kya..? She is beautiful….nature ki bhi acchi hai.. Mujhe koi kaam karne hi nahi diya usne.. Khud hi karti rahi sab kaam.. She is so caring..
Ragini: (faked a smile) Acchi baat hai.. Congrats to you..

Then she moved and lied facing to the other side.. Laksh noticed that she is not caring at all..

Laksh: Haan.. Thank you.. Ab atleast..office me to shaanti mila karegi… Ab main chaahu to apna poora din bita sakta hu office me..ab meri nayi secretory mera stress dur kar diya karegi.. You know.. as she cares for me..

Ragini thought for a while and felt a bit insecured.. But then she controlled herself…

Ragini: (she got up) Haan..to..accha hi hai.. Ab kam se kam humara peecha to chhodenge aap.. Poora din kya.. Poori raate bhi bitaiye office me hi uske saath.. Hume…(Turn her head a bit back to him) hume koi fark nahi padta..

Laksh got angry hearing this.. He held her hand and pulled her she lied down up on him closer to him..on his chest…

Laksh: Main apna din chaahe kahi bhi bitau.. Raate sirf tumhare saath bitaunga..aur raha sawaal tumhara peecha chhodne ka to wo to main apni aakhri saans tak bhi nahi chhodunga.. Mera pyaar ho tum.. Meri dhadkan..meri saanse..mera junoon ho..

They both kept looking in eachother's eyes like that for sometime.. Then…

Ragini: (teary eyes) humse itna pyaar kyu karte hain aap?
Laksh: (smiled) ye hi puch leti ki saanse kyu lete ho aap..

Ragini's tears were now ready to roll down now… And they both shared and a deep eyelock.. Then she removed her eyes..getting up..

Ragini: bohot raat ho gayi hai… So jaaiye…
Laksh: (Lying down) Haan..sone do ab.. Kal office bhi jaana hai.. (smirked)
Ragini: (lying down…a bit angrily) Abhi soyenge to hi jaayenge na kal office..
Laksh: (smirked while closing his eyes) good night..
Ragini: Good night.. (Then she thought for a while) Nikita malhotra…

Then she took a sigh… And closed her eyes…

Precap- What changes would nikita bring in RagLak's life? Ab Ragini..nikita se jealous ho kar laksh ke kareeb aayegi yaa hamesha ke liye ussey dur ho jayegi? 😮

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