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RagLak ff by vini Tum mere Ho part 25


um Mere Ho <3
By #vini
After sometime laksh came back.. He brought something in bags with him.. Ladies were sitting in the main hall..Anpurna and sujata were drinking coffee..swara was showing something to ragini on phone..just then they saw laksh..

Ap: Arey laksh itni der laga di tumne… (She saw bags in his hand) ye kya le kar aaye ho?
Laksh: Maa…wo actually mere ek friend ki jewelry shop ka inaugration hua main direct wahi chala gaya tha.. Phir maine socha ki…jab ghar me itna bada function ho hi raha hai to main aap sab logo ko kuch gifts de du..
Swara: (got excited) kaise gifts bhai..
Laksh: teri shaadi ho rahi hai to sabse pehla gift tera.. (He took out a box..and handed over it to swara) Ye le..
Swara: Kya hai isme..?? (She opened it and saw a pearl pendant) Wow..bhai… Thank you.. (Hugged him..he smiled) thank you so much..
Laksh: (to anpurna) maa ye… (Took out a box) ye aapke liye..
Ap: (took the box and opened it..and saw bangles in it) Wah laksh.. Bohot khubsoorat hain ye to..
Sujata: Maahre liye bhi kuch laaya hai ki nahi?
Laksh: Ofcourse laaya hu chaachi…ye raha aapka gift..

Sujata took the box from his hand.. Ragini noticed that it was the last one.. She got a bit upset.. But smiled seeing sujata.. Sujata opened the box.. And there were bangles for her too… She got really happy..

Sujata: arey bah laks..
Laksh: Pasand aaye na aapko chaachi?
Sujata: Bohot bohot pasand aaye je maahre ko..
Laksh: (smiled) Chalo.. Thank god..anyways.. Main fresh hoke aata hu..

Laksh looked at ragini..she also looked at him but removed her eyes.. Anpurna saw ragini's face..laksh was about to turn to go just then..

Ap: Laksh… Tum ragini ko bhul gaye shayad..
Laksh: (turned back..smiled and looked at ragini) Maa.. Koi apni saanse lena bhool sakta hai kya..? Mera matlab hai ki main ragini ko kaise bhool sakta hu?
Ap: To phir uske liye kuch kyu nahi le aaye?
laksh: Actually.. Meri aur ragini ki pasand kaafi alag hai.. Agar main iske liye kuch pasand kar ke le bhi aata aur wo isko pasand nahi aata to mujhe accha nahi lagta.. Isliye main kuch nahi laaya ragini ke liye..
Ap: (looked at ragini's down face) lekin beta kuch to le aate ragini ke liye..

Ragini looked up with teary eyes.. But faked a smile..

Ragini: Rehne dijiye maa.. Hume waise bhi gehno ka kuch khaas shauk nahi hai.. (She was about to she looked down) hum raat ka khaana bana dete hain..

And she ran in the kitchen.. Laksh also faked a smile to anpurna and turned back.. His eyes also got teary.. But then he closed his eyes..took a sigh.. Opened them..and went to his room.. On the other side in kitchen ragini burst into tears.. She cried a lot putting a hand on her mouth.. Hia rudeness was hurting her so much..Then she heard the sound of some foot steps..she wiped her face and started stirring the spoon in a vessel.. Anpurna came to her..

Ap: Ragini…?
Ragini: (turned her head a little but didn't look at her) j…ji maa..
Anpurna: Laksh aur tumhare beech sab theek hai na?

Ragini's eyes got bigger.. She sobbed a little.. But controlled herself..

Ragini: j…ji.. Maa..sab theek hai..
Anpurna: (came to her and lifted her face to make her look at herself with a hand) maa bhi bolti ho aur jhooth bhi bolti ho?

Ragini looked up at her and her tears started rolling down again…

Anpurna: Kya baat hai..? Hume to bata hi sakti ho?
Ragini: k..koi baat nahi hai maa.. Wo bass subah humne..(she sobbed) aur isliye shayad laksh humse..
Ap: hum baat kare laksh se? yaa tum khud sambhaal logi?
Ragini: (looked at with big eyes) Nahi.. Humara matlab hai ki hum sambhaal lenge..
Ap: theek hai.. (Smiled and wiped ragini's tears)

In night..
@Raglak's room..
Ragini (dark green plain saree with floral blouse) was standing infront of a mirror taking out her bangles.. Just then laksh (black jacket with similar lower) entered the room.. He saw ragini..she also looked at him.. Then he got a call.. He looked at the phone and went to the balcony to take the call.. Ragini was upset..she then came to the bed and saw laksh talking on phone..then she adjusted the bed to sleep.. Just then laksh ended the call and was about to go out of the room in hurry..then..

Ragini: laksh.. (Laksh stopped and looked at her) Iss waqt kahan jaa rahe hain aap.. ?
Laksh: (in rude tone) Aaj se pehle to tumne kabhi ye question nahi kiya.. To phir aaj kyu?
Ragini: Wo..bohot raat ho gayi hai isliye puch rahe hain..
Laksh: Raat ho gayi hai to kya..? Baccha nahi hu main..baahar jaa sakta hu.. Ab tumse puch kar to jaunga nahi.. So please..

Ragini's eyes got filled with tears..he again got the call.. He picked up..while walking out..

Laksh: (on phone) haan yaar aa raha hu..thoda wait kar..

And he was gone.. Ragini was getting hurt by his rude behaviour.. She started crying.. Then she realised that she's crying.. She touched her face and took some tears on her fingers..she looked at her wet fingers..then she looked up..

Ragini: (to herself) Itna bura kyu lag raha hai hume..? Itna fark kyu pad raha hai..? Kyu humse inki berukhi sehn nahi ho rahi? Pagal ho gaye hain hum..? (She wiped her tears) sachme.. Accha hi to hai.. Aise hi chalta raha to ye humare kareeb bhi nahi aayenge.. Aur hum araam se reh payenge..

Then she adjusted her pillow on bed and sat on it.. She remembered the moments he came closer to her.. When he touched her face and then her bare back in the morning..Then she got irrtated..lied down and closed her eyes… One hour spent.. But she couldn't sleep and was getting restless.. Laksh was still not back… Then she got up and came to the balcony.. She moved around.. Then she came back and sat on the along the glass wall of the balcony again like before..thinking where is he? And when he'll be back..? Her eyes were filled with tears..After sometime laksh entered.. He saw ragini sitting in there near balcony outlet..ragini also looked at him.. But he didn't say anything.. He went in the washroom.. Got fresh..came out..lied down on bed..turned off the light and closed his eyes.. Ragini's tears fell down from her eyes seeing this.. But then she wiped her tears and looked out.. And closed her eyes too… She slept there.. After sometime she felt something and opened her eyes.. She saw laksh very closer to her.. Two strong arms were capturing her in them and then he picked her up in his arms.. She clutched his jacket in her fists on his chest..and was just looking at his face… He was looking at her..both were looking into eachother's eyes sharing a very emotional eyelock..but then he somehow managed to take off his eyes from her teary eyes and he looked up..then he took her to the bed.. And then he placed her softly on the bed.. Her eyes were completely filled with tears.. Laksh looked into her eyes again.. He was in slight anger…but then he removed his eyes.. Getting straight she opened her fists leaving his jacket and he turned to go..Just then..

Ragini: (in rage) Kyu kar rahe hain aap aisa?

Laksh stopped.. But didn't look at her..then he ignored her and went to his side..

Ragini: Laksh…hum aapse baat kar rahe hain..

He took up the duvet just then she held it..

Laksh: (angrily) Ragini kya kar rahi ho tum?
Ragini: Aap kya kar rahe hain? Kyu aise behave kar rahe hain humare saath..? Nahi accha lag raha hume.. Bura lagta hai..
Laksh: (smiled a bit.. But got serious) Tumhe itna bura kyu lag raha ragini? Ye hi to chaahti thi na tum.. Main tumhare paas naa aau..tumhe naa chhuu.. To lo.. Ab nahi paas aa raha tumahre.. Nahi chhu raha tumhe.. Atleast ab tum sabke saamne mujhe insult to feel nahi karwaogi..

Ragini felt bad.. Her tears dropped down.. And then..

Ragini: (crying) Hum… Hum jaante hain humne galti ki.. Aapko bura laga..lekin aise to mat kijiye humare saath.. Hum..humse nahi sehn hoti ye berukhi…
Laksh: Mujhse bhi nahi hoti thi.. But theek hai.. Aadat daal raha hu main.. Tum bhi daal lo..
Ragini: (in a rage) nahi daal sakte hum ye aadat.. Agar aapko aise hi karna hai to kyu rakha hai hume yaha..? Jaane kyu nahi dete hume apni zindgi se..? Chale jayenge hum yaha se..phir naa to aapko humari shakl dikhegi aur naa hi hume aapki.. Naa aapko humari kisi baat ka bura lagega naa hume aapki…
Laksh: Shut up.. Kahi nahi jaa sakti tum..
Ragini: Kyu?? Kyu nahi jaa sakte hum?
Laksh: (came closer to her and held her from her shoulders sitting on the bed pulling her to himself in anger) kyunki meri saanse ho tum… Meri dil ki dhadkan ho tum.. Tum mujhse alag ho gayi..main tumse juda ho gaya to marr jaunga.. (Ragini got shocked) Maarna chahti ho to khud jaan maang lena meri khushi khushi de dunga..par kabhi chhod ke jaane ki baat mat karna ragini.. Samjhi tum?

Ragini looked at him surprised.. He was also looking into her teary eyes.. They both sat like that looking into eachothers eyes for some minutes.. Then laksh left her..

Laksh: (lying down) bohot raat ho gayi hai.. So jaao..aur mujhe bhi sone do please..

Ragini cried silently looking at him..then she lied down facing another side and reminded his words..she was still crying but silently.. Then she wiped her tears and closed her eyes..

Next morning..
Ragini (pinkish lehenga..with sky blue blouse and pinkish dupatta) came in her room and saw laksh standing infront of the mirror closing his sky blue dotted shirt's buttons.. Ragini removed her eyes.. Then she came to the bed and started setting it properly.. Laksh's coat was kept on the she picked it up.. Laksh was seeing this in mirror.. Then he turned back and took his coat from her hand.. And wore it looking into the mirror..Ragini was looking at him.. Then she took a sigh and brought his watch from cupboard to him.. She offered it to him without saying anything.. He looked at his watch..then at her.. After that he took his watch and started wearing it just then ragini's eyes fell on a pair of new ankelets kept on dressing table.. She picked them up.. And saw them surprisingly..

Ragini: (looking at the ankelets) ye…ye paayal…?

Laksh looked up and got shocked.. He immediately snatched that pair of ankelets from her hands..

Ragini: (looking at laksh) ye..humare liye..?
Laksh: (frustrated) obviously ragini..tumhare room me..tumhare dressing table par padi hai to tumhare liye hi hongi na..
Ragini: Ye..aap kal laaye the..?
Laksh: (being a bit normal) Haan.. Sab ke liye kuch na kuch laaya tha to tumhare liye kaise nahi laata..
Ragini: (smiled a little with teary eyes) Toh..aapne hume ye diya kyu nahi..? Kyu kaha ki kuch nahi laaye aap..jabki aap ye laaye the.. Kyu jhooth bola aapne..?
Laksh: (a bit angrily) tumne bhi to jhooth bola na ki tumhe meri pasand ka wo lehenga pasand nahi hai…par maine to aise koi questions nahi kiye na tumse.. (Ragini's tears rolled down..and he removed his eyes from her) Aur waise bhi.. Agar main tumhe ye de bhi deta to zaruri thodi na hai ki tumhe ye pasand aa jaate.. (Looked at her again) Ab baar baar apni insult thodi na karwa sakta hu tumse sabke saamne..

Ragini was looking at him like that But he didn't care a bit.. He was angry.. He then removed his eyes and went out of the room..

After sometime..
All the men were sitting in the main hall..discussing out some files..

Aditya: Bhai… Koi nazar nahi aa raha.. I mean.. Badi maa n all kaha hain?
Laksh: I know actually tujhe kaun nazar nahi aa raha..

Aditya looked at him.. Laksh also looked at him.. But then he smriked..

Laksh: chaachi ke baare me puch raha hai na..I know.. (Laughed) mandir gayi hain.. Ghar ki saari ladies mandir gayi hain..

Aditya faked a smile.. As he often gets nervous infront of laksh..

Dp: aditya.. Jab tak swara ki shaadi nahi ho jaati tum yaha aa kar reh sakte ho..
Laksh: Uski kya zarurat hai papa.. Yaha hum sab hai na kaam dekhne ke liye.. Aditya ke upar pehle hi maine bohot si responsibilities daal di hain company ki.. Wo itna pressure nahi jhel paayega..
Dp: lekin hume lagta hai ki aditya ko apni behen ki shaadi me puri trah se shaamil hona chahiye.. Kuch waqt ke liye kaam aur zimmedaariyo se alag khud ko aur parivaar ko bhi waqt dena chahiye.. Isliye tum yahi ruk jaao..
Aditya: (smiled) Ji..bade papa..

Laksh got angry hearing this just then some guy entered in the MM.. He looked at them standing in the centre of the stairs… And smiled…

Guy: Lucky..?

Laksh looked up.. And his expressions changed into happiness.. He got up and rushed towards the guy..

Laksh: Jeet… (Hugged him)
Jeet: Kaisa hai yaar? (Breaking the hug..looking around) lagta hai ekdum theek time pe aaya hu..
Laksh: (laughed) Exactly.. Ab yahi khada rahega? Chal andar..

Then he took him downstairs to the main hall… Jeet moved ahead and touched the feet of ram prasad and durga prasad..

Dp: Khush raho..
Ram prasad: jeeta reh.. Thaare baba kaise hain?
Jeet: Ji bilkul theek hain.. (Looking at aditya.) Aur aditya.. (Shook hand with him) kaisa hai?
Aditya: (smiling) Main theek hu.. What about you.. ?
Jeet: (showing himself) and fine..
Dp: Tum aur laksh baate karo.. Hum kuch baat kar rahe the.. Chalo ram.. Aditya.. Study me chal kar baat karte hain..
Aditya: ji bade papa..

He took up the files and they went from there..

Laksh: Arey khada kyu hai.. Baith na.. (They sat down on sofa) Chandan…?
Chandan: ji bhaiya..
Laksh: Do coldrinks Le aa..

Chandan bowed his head and went from there..

Laksh: Amar aur main raat ko hi milne aa rahe the tujhe.. Itna wait kiya airport pe..par tu hai ki mila hi nahi..
Jeet: kya btau yaar.. Flight 3 ghante late thi.. But phir bhi mazza bohot aaya flight me..
Laksh: Kyu?
Jeet: Abey kya air hostess thi yaar..sab ek se badh kar ek..saari ki saari super duper hot.. Kasam se..

Chandan came with coldrinks.. Laksh took them and give one to jeet..

Laksh: Tera kuch nahi ho sakta.. Ye le.. (Chandan went from there)
Jeet: Saale bol to aise raha hai jaise khud kitna doodh ka dhula hai.. Yaad hai jab college me ek saath 5-6 ladkiyo ko ghumata tha? Waise kya din the naa wo bhi.. Ladkiya peeche peeche ghumti thi humare.. Marra karti thi hum par..
Laksh: Hum par nahi mujh par.. Mujh par marti thi ladkiya.. Mere peeche ghumti thi wo.. Arey wo to tu mere saath ghumta tha isliye tujhe lagta tha ki wo tere peeche ghum rahi hain..
Jeet: Haan..bass bass.. Maana ki tu college ki ladkiyo ka hearthrob tha.. Lekin main bhi kuch nahi tha yaar.. 1-2 ladkiya to mujhpar bhi marti thi..
Laksh: Accha??
Jeet: Haan shayad..

Then they both laughed..

Jeet: Waise aunty kaha hai? Dikh nahi rahi..
Laksh: Hmm..ghar ki saari ladies mandir gayi hain..
Jeet: Aur ye sab decorations..? Tu dobara shaadi kar raha hai kya?
Laksh: Pagal hai kya? ye to swara ki shaadi ki decorations hai..
Jeet: Oh I see.. Congrats to you people..
Laksh: (smiled) thank you..
Jeet: Hmm.. I thought tu apni pehli shaadi se khush to hai nahi isliye dobara shaadi…

Laksh looked up at shock and a bit anger..

Jeet: Nahi..I mean.. I'm sorry yaar.. By the way ab kaisa hai tera aur bhabhi ka relationship?
Laksh: (being really disappointed) Waisa hi jaisa pehle tha..
Jeet: Matlab usne abhi tak tujhe accept nahi kiya?

Laksh nodded in no removing own his eyes..

Jeet: (irritated) But kyu?? Kya problem hai usey?
Laksh: Yaar pata nahi.. Pata nahi kyu.. Jitna uske kareeb jaata hu utna dur bhaagti hai mujhse..
Jeet: maine tujhe kuch kaha tha agar tujhe yaad ho to..
Laksh: Yaad hai mujhe.. Tere kehne pe aaya tha main uske paas.. Lekin issey pehle ki kuch hota..usne kaha ki wo nafrat karti hai mujhse..and after that I spoiled it.. Maine.. Maine haath uthaya uspar..
Jeet: Well done..
Laksh: (looked at him being angry) Have you gone mad..?? Maine..maine uss ladki par haath uthaya jisey main apni jaan se bhi zyada pyaar karta hu..
Jeet: Tujhe ho kya gaya hai lucky?
Laksh: Pyaar.. (Removed his eyes lost in some thoughta) Pyaar ho gaya hai mujhe..
Jeet: pyaar? Onesided love.. Sirf ek tarfa pyaar ke liye tu itna sab kuch kyu tolerate kar raha hai..? Meri baat maan.. Tu usko dikha de ki tu kaun hai.. Tu dikha de ki tu uska pati hai aur tere saath uske kaise relation hone chahiye..
Laksh: (looked at him) Come on yaar.. Look at me..main laksh maheshwari hu.. Tujhe kya lagta hai ki main frustrate nahi hota.. Maine kabhi aisa karne ke baare me nahi socha ? Arey main chaahta to shaadi ke pehle hi usey haasil kar chuka hota.. Lekin nahi.. Aisa kiya nahi maine.. You know.. Shaadi ke pehle main sirf haasil karna chaahta tha usey.. Sirf zidd thi wo meri..but ab.. Ab aisa nahi hai.. Ab wo zidd nahi hai.. Ab main usey haasil nahi..pyaar karna chaahta hu.. Aur chaahta hu ki badle me wo bhi pyaar kare mujhse..aur wo karegi.. Dheere dheere hi sahi.. (Smiled a little) Par wo mujhse pyaar karegi.. Aakhir kab tak dur bhaagegi wo..
Jeet: Laksh.. Tu pagal ho gaya hai..?
Laksh: (laughed like mad with teary eyes…then) Haan pagal ho gaya hu.. Pagal ho gaya hu main.. jeet pagal ho gaya hu main uske pyaar me.. Pagal kar diya hai usne mujhe apne pyaar me.. (Then he got serious) Bohot pyaar karta hu main ussey.. Bohot…
Jeet: Milna padega usey.. Dekhna padega ki wo kaun hai jisne tujhe..laksh maheshwari ko pagal kar diya hai…
Laksh: Arey tu to jaanta hai usey..
Jeet: (confused) really? Kiski baat kar raha hai..?
laksh: Arey wo thi na ra… (He stopped) Nahi.. Tu khud dekhega usey.. Lets see teri memory kitni sharp hai..
Jeet: Yaar ye to galat baat hai.. Chal theek hai.. Dekhte hain..

Just then.. Anpurna and other ladies enetered..Ladies came in and ragini went upstairs to her room.. Laksh looked at her..jeet also looked at her..

Jeet: Wo jo upar jaa rahi hai?

He looked at laksh's face then and Laksh nodded in yes.. Jeet got some idea but didn't recognise her.. Then anpurna came in.. And they both got up.. Jeet bowed down to touch her feet..

Ap: Arey jeet beta..
Jeet: Namastey aunty..
Ap: Khush raho..

He moved towards sujata.. And touched her feet too..

Sujata: Khus reh.. (Smiling.. ) arey swara..sanskaar katthe reh gaya?
Swara: Maa wo..uska koi phone aaya tha.. Wo hi attend karne ke liye baahar ruka hai..
Ap: tum kab aaye jeet?
Jeet: Bass..abhi aaya aunty..
Ap: Aao baitho.. Aur ghar me sab kaise hain.. ?

They all sat down..

Jeet: sab theek hain aunty..
Ap: Tumne kuch khaya yaa nahi..? Laksh…kuch khilaya nahi jeet ko?
Laksh: Main kya khilata maa.. Hum log to aapka wait kar rahe the..
Ap: Hey bhagwaan..matlab jeet ne kuch nahi khaya..ruko hum tumhare liye kuch khaane ko laate hain..
Sujata: (looking at laksh) Laks.. Thaare chaacha ji katthe hai?
Laksh: Wo study me hai chaachi..
Sujata: to bula laa unhe…unko bhi prasaad de dungi..
Laksh: Ok.. (Looking at jeet) main abhi aata hu..

Jeet nodded in yes.. And he went from there..

Sujata: na swara wo sanskaar katthe reh gaya.. Jaa dekh ke aa..
Swara: Ok mom..

She also went from there..

Sujata: Na..jeet.. Tu rukk.. Thaare se baat karni hai maahre ko.. Abhi aati hu main..
Jeet: (smiling) Ji aunty..

Sujata also went from there.. Now jeet was alone in the main hall..

Jeet: (smirked looking up towards laksh's room) Ab main dekh ke aata hu laksh ki wife ko..

He moved ahead abd went upstairs towards laksh's room.. He came to his room..He slowly opened the door and saw ragini coming out of the washroom.. Ragini looked up..saw him and got shocked..

Ragini: k..kaun hai aap.. ?

Jeet saw her face.. And reminded all that incidence..

Jeet: Tum….? Tum to wo..wo sanskaar ki behen…Oh shit…oh shit…(coming in) Matlab laksh ne tumse.. (Being disgust) How can he?
Ragini: (coming a bit ahead) Aap laksh ke dost hain? Aap humare kamre me kyu aaye hain?
Jeet: (behaving in a bad way) Excuse me? Tumhara kamra.. ? Oh hello ye laksh ka kamra hai.. Aur tum..? Tum..tum laksh ki wife.. Mujhe to soch kar bhi hassi aa rahi hai.. Laksh ko poori duniya me sirf tum hi mili thi.. Ek naukar ki behen..arey tumhari aukat kya hai ki tum laksh maheshwari se shaadi karogi.. Arey wo chaahe to har dusre dinn ladki badle.. Pata nahi kyu tum jaisi ladki ko sar par bitha rakha hai usne..
Ragini: (shouting ) bass.. Bohot ho gaya.. Hum kuch bol nahi rahe hain.. Iska matlab ye nahi hai ki tum kuch bhi bologe…
Jeet: Oh shut up.. Tumhari to itni aukat bhi nahi ki jeet singhaniya tumhe muh lagaye.. Ek naukar ki behen ho kar itne tevar hain tumhare.. Kisi acche ghar se hoti to kya haal hota tumhara.. ?
Ragini: (angrily) kya matlab hai tumhara..? Hum acche ghar se nahi hai?
Jeet: Of course nahi ho.. Arey tumhare jaisi ladkiya hoti hain.. Bade bade gharo ke ladko ko phasati hain.. Phir jab rishta nibhaane ki baat hoti hai to peeche hatt jaati hai.. Arey tumse acchi to bazaaru aurate hain.. Qeemat ke badle kuch deti to hai..

Ragini got angry as hell and raised her hand to slap him just then he held her hand and twisted it a bit..

Jeet: Ab haath uthaya to tod dunga.. Mujhe laksh mat samajhna jise tum jaise chaaho jo chaaho bol dogi aur main khoon ka ghoont pee kar reh jaunga.. Tumhare jaisi ladkiyo ko theek karna aata hai mujhe..
Ragini: Ahhh.. Haath chhodo humara.. Haath chhodo warna..
Jeet: warna kya han? Warna kya?

On the other side laksh and men came in the main hall..

Laksh: Maa.. Jeet kaha gaya?
Ap: Pata nahi.. Hume laga tumhare saath hai..
Laksh: (a bit tensed) nahi to..
Chandan: bhaiya.. Jeet bhaiya to aapke kamre ki taraf gaye the..
Laksh: (confused) Mere kamre ki taraf? (Looking at anpurna) main jaake dekhta hu..

Then laksh also went from there towards his room.. As he was walking to the room..he heard ragini's voice.."hum keh rahe hain..chhodo humara haath…" Laksh's speed got slow.. He got shocked and worried hearing this.. And then he rushed towards his room.. He came to the room and saw jeet holding ragini's hand.. His anger raised to its highest level… He ran to him and held his hand..

Laksh: (unfolding his grip from her arm) chhod..uska haath chhod jeet..chhod…

He pushed him back.. And looked at ragini and her arm… She was crying and looking at her arm.. And he saw that jeets nails scratched her arm and it was bleeding from those scratches.. He got shocked seeing this..

Jeet: Laksh.. chaanta maarne wali thi mujhe.. Aur tu..? Tujhe ye naukar ki behen hi mili thi..

Laksh was hell angry.. His eyes got red in anger..He turned back and slapped jeet.. Jeet got shocked.. Putting a hand on his cheek.. Ragini also got shocked and kept her hand on her mouth.. He looked at laksh..And laksh held his collars..

Laksh: (in anger) Teri himmat kaise hui meri ragini ko haath lagane ki.. (He slapped him again) Main tujhe zinda nahi chhodunga.. (He shouted) Jaan le lunga main teri..
Ragini: (tried to remove his hands) laksh please.. Laksh chhodiye inhe..laksh…?
Jeet: (trying to remove hia hands) Laksh.. Tu pagal ho gaya hai..? laksh meri baat sunn..
Laksh: (again slapped him) teri baat sunnu main..? teri baat sunnu..? Abey tujhe to main zinda nahi chhodunga.. Aaj.. (Slapped him again and he fell down..his mouth started bleeding from a side of his lips) tune meri ragini ko haath lagaya kaise?
Ragini: (came in his way) Laksh..laksh chhodiye unhe… Laksh jaane dijiye..
Laksh: Ragini.. Tum side hato.. (Shouted) ragini maine kaha side hato..

He held her arm and dragged her aside and then lifted up jeet from his collar with a hand and dragged him out.. .

Jeet: (moving after him trying to remove his hand from his collar) laksh meri baat sunn.. kya kar raha tu.. ? Laksh ek naukrani ke liye tu…tu apne dost ko..

They reached the centre of the stairs..everybody got shocked seeing them and stood up in shock..

Laksh: Dost.. ? Dost nahi hai tu mera.. Arey mera dost to tabhi marr gaya tha jab tune meri ragini ko chhua tha..
Jeet: Accha.. (Pointing out at ragini) To iss do takke ki ladki ke liye tune apne dost ko maar diya..
Laksh: (pointing out at him) zubaan sambhaal ke baat kar.. Patni hai ye meri…
Jeet: (irritated) abey jaa naa.. Iske jaisi ladki ko maine apni rakhail bhi naa banau..

Laksh got angry as hell and slapped him again.. And he fell down from stairs.. Everybody got shocked.. Aditya came forward and held him up..laksh came to beat him in anger and ragini also came down running and crying after him..

Laksh: Tu aaj marega jeet.. Aaj tu marega mere haatho se..

Just then aditya came in his way and held laksh to control him..

Aditya: Bhai please..
Laksh: aditya..hatt jaa.. Main keh raha hu hatt jaa..

Ragini was crying and came to anpurna and sujata..

Ragini: Maa rok lijiye laksh ko.. Please maa..

Laksh pushed aditya away and held jeet up with his collars..jeet's head started bleeding… Swara and sanskaar also entered in..laksh was about to slap him just then..

Dp: laksh…. (Laksh stopped) kya ho raha hai ye sab..? Koi hume batayega?
Laksh: papa.. Aap jaante hain…jaante hain isne kya kiya… Isne meri ragini… Meri ragini ko chhua isne.. Usey haath lagaya.. (Everybody got shocked…laksh..shaking him in anger) main..main chhodunga nahi isey…

Just then sanskaar also rushed towards him..and both aditya and sanskaar held him back to control him..

Laksh: Sanskaar chhod mujhe.. Main iski jaan le lunga aaj…
Sanskaar: Laksh kya kar raha hai tu… ?
Jeet: (clapping) Wah laksh… Wah… Aaj iss naukar ki behen ke liye tu apne dost ki jaan lega..? (Everybody got shocked and confused) Arey ye sanskaar ki behen ke liye tu meri to jaan le lega.. Lekin poori duniya ka kya karega jo hasegi tujhpe…? Han? Laksh Maheshwari…. Durga Prasad Maheshwari ka eklauta beta….jisne apne hi ghar ke naukar ki behen se shaadi ki hai…

Laksh's anger was growing and growing he was just trying to get himself free… Everybody got so damn shocked hearing jeet…

Laksh: Sab ka muh tod dunga.. Lekin sabse pehle tera todunga..
Sujata: na kya keh raha jeet..? Sanskaar ki behen.. Naukar… Je kya keh raha hai jijji maahre ko to kuch samajh naa aa raha..
Jeet: Oh… Accha accha… Lucky.. Tune bataya nahi teri family ko…? Arey aunty.. Aap log nahi jaante ki ye ragini.. Ye sanskaar ki behen hai… ?

Everybody got shocked hearing this.. Ragini looked at sanskaar he also looked at him.. Everybody looked at sanskaar and ragini..

Jeet: Iska matlab hai ki aap logo ko inke baare me kuch pata hi nahi hai…matlab..aapko ye bhi nahi pata ki laksh ne iss ragini se apni zidd poori karne ke liye shaadi ki thi… Wo bhi zabardasti..uski marzi ke bina.. (Everybody shocked again) Lekin iske baad bhi ye wo nahi kar saka jo ye karna chaahta tha.. Ragini ko haasil karna chaahta tha.. Lekin inke beech me to pati patni jaisa kuch hai hi nahi.. Arey infact.. Ye ragini to nafrat karti hai issey.. Lekin ye hai ki…(chuckled in a satire) pagalo ki trah pyaar karta hai issey… Aur isey… Iss naukar ki behen ko zara bhi kadr nahi hai iski aur naa hi iske pyaar ki..
Laksh: jeet.. Main tujhe…
Dp: (angrily) Laksh… Bohot ho gaya.. Jeet.. Ye humare ghar ki baat hai.. Bohot tamasha ho chuka hai yaha.. Lekin ab behtar hoga ki tum chale jaao..bass..
Jeet: Arey uncle ab yaha rukna bhi kaun chaahta hai.. Main to apne dost se milne aaya tha.. Mujhe kya pata tha jise main apna dost samajh raha hu.. Wo kisi do takke ki ladki ke liye khud ko bhi bhool chuka hai.. Laksh.. Iss ladki ke liye aaj tune humari saalo purani dosti khatm kar di.. Lekin tu dekhna.. Ek din ye ladki khud tujhse apna rishta khatm kar ke tujhe chhod jaayegi marne ke liye.. Aur tu.. Tu akela hi tadpega..
Laksh: (grinded teeth in him a deadly look) Get lost..

Jeet nodded in no in disbelief..and then he went from there.. laksh freed himself..It was silence for some minutes.. Laksh looked at ragini.. She was crying and looking at him too.. Both were thinking that what will happen now..and…..

Precap- Turning point in RagLak's life.. 😮 what will happen now?
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