RagLak ff by vini Tum mere Ho part 24

Tum Mere Ho <3
By #vini

Anpurna took RagLak in the middle to dance.. RagLak came in between.. Ragini was happy seeing sanskaar happy.. Just then she felt a hand on her waist.. She looked down at the hand and then at laksh.. He came infront of her with a mesmerised smile.. Then he held another hand of hers in his left hand and lifted it up..he slided his hand on her bare waist to her back and pulled her closer.. She got bumped into him and now they were standing in a perfect dancing pose..looking into eachother's eyes..his eyes were full of passion.. her eyes were full of nervousnes…And they started moving slowly..looking into eachothers eyes.. Swara looked at them dancing..she stopped and showed sanskaar the way they were dancing.. They both stopped.. Aditya also stopped seeing them.. Anpurna saw swasan looking at Raglak.. She also stopped seeing them dancing.. She stopped sujata..she also looked at them.. Ragini and laksh both were lost in eachothers eyes.. Everybody stepped back and now only they were dancing..then the song track changed and slow romatic started playing..

(Soft male voice)

~pyaar maanga hai tumhi se~
~Mujhe pyaar karo~
They moved left and right slowly looking at eachother.. Ragini was nervous..laksh was lost in her..
~Aaj abhi zidd maano meri~
She slowly lowered down her eyes from him and turned her head being nervous..
~Na intezaar karo~
Laksh smiled a little and brought his face near her ear inhaling her scent..both were still moving in that pose..
~Main bhi dil ki sun raha hu~
Ragini got seperated from him and moved ahead to go but he held her hand..
~tum bhi dil ko suno~
He pulled her turning her along with his arm and she got bumped into his chest looking at him with big eyes..
~pyaar maanga hai tumhi se~
~Mujhe pyaar karo~
Both started slowly moving again while her hand were on his chest and his arm was around her waist and one of his hands was holding her hand on his chest.. Looking into eachother's eyes being lost.. Both were moving with the music..she then lowered dowm her teary nervous eyes again.. Laksh was smiling seeing this then..
(Soft female voice)
~Tujhe paane ka junoon~
~iss kadar hai~
Laksh then held her hand and turned her around under his hand two times..
~tere khwaabo'n se bhari~
~ye nazar hai~
He opened his arm and she also got away holding his hand.. He swirled her in.. She came to him taking rounds and fell back in his arm where he was holding her beding down on her both looking into eachothers eyes..
~zara dheere se tum mere~
~paas aao~
They both slowly got straight looking into eachother's eyes..
~tumhe kitna pyaar hai~
~ye btao~
Both were looking into eachother's eyes.. Her nervous teary eyes.. His eyes completely mesmerised by her.. She then got sperated, turned to go..
(Male voice)
~pucho na~
He held her from shoulders from back
~bass dil de do~
He pulled her and she again bumped into his chest merging her back with him..she closed her eyes
~Mujhe pyaar karo~
He slided his hands on her arms her hands and held them up om her belly tightly..both closing there eyes..
~Pyaar maanga hai tumhi se~
~mujhe pyaar karo~
Both again started moving like that closing their eyes while his warm breath was falling on under her ear..
~aaj abhi zidd maano meri~
~naa intezaar karo~
He turned her.. Now she was facing him but still closing her eyes.. Merging their head to eachothers..They kept like that for sometime.. Lost in eachother and then music stopped And everybody clapped for them.. Ragini opened her nervous teary eyes..laksh opened hia eyes too..both looked at eachother..and then ragini got seperated from him..she realised others presence and got embarrassed.. Laksh also smiled at everyone blushing.. Ragini left from there and came to swara and anpurna.. And laksh also went towards the men..

Sujata: Ahaa jijji…kitne pyaare lag rahe the je dono saath me..
Ap: Haan.. Sujata..

Ragini got irritated and embarrased.. She went in the kitchen..

Ap: (laughed) sharma kar bhaag gayi..

Sanskaar felt that there's something's wrong.. Swara looked at him smiling..

Swara: kya hua?
Sanskaar: (faking a smile) kuch nahi..

Next morning..
Laksh came back after his morning excercise and saw that ragini is still sleeping…(as she was very tired due to last day) He came on the bed and came closer to her smiling.. She was sleeping…she was looking like a sleeping beauty.. A simple face with no agression..no irritation..no tears.. Just a peace.. He observed her for a second… Then he brought his hand near her face and slided his fingers slowly on her face… She felt something..but was in sleep.. He slided his fingers towards her lips.. Then he softly and slowly slided his finger on her soft gentle lips.. He was feeling her lips.. A constant mesmerised smile was on his face.. Ragini felt something again.. She raised her hand to her face remove his hand and then slowly opened her sleepy dizzy eyes..she saw laksh and got shocked.. She immediately sat up up.. Panicked.. nervous.. and shocked..laksh smirked and made a fist of his hand.. Kept lying like that..

Ragini: (nervous and angry) aap….ja…jab hum so rahe ho to aap hume aise nahi chhu sakte..

Laksh smirked and sat up too… And touched her face with his hand..removeing her hair flicks back from her face..

Laksh: Accha to jab jaag rahi ho tab to chhu sakta hu..?

Ragini looked at him angrily.. Removing his hand back..

Ragini: Nahi…

Then she got up from the bed..

Laksh: (laughed) Bol to aise rahi ho jaise ki tum kahogi aur main maan jaunga…
Ragini: To kya…? Nahi maanenge?

Laksh also got up just infront of her.. And looked at her folding his arms on his chest..

Laksh: (smirked) Bilkul nahi…

Ragini looked at him angrily and frustrated..he smirked..then she turned back to go just then laksh held her saari's pallu.. She got stunned and stopped… She turned her head a little and Laksh came to her.. Closer to her just behind her… He raised his another hand and softly touched her bare back his fingers..she got shriveled closing her eyes softly…he then slowly slided his hand from up to down…

Laksh: Main tumhara pati hu… Tumhe jab chaahu… Jaha chaahu… (His hand reached her waist and he slided it on her waist to each side) jaise chaahu..waise chhu sakta hu.. (Then he turned her back holding her from her waist closest to himself..and looked into her stunned nervous eyes) aur aisa karne se mujhe koi nahi rok sakta.. (His voice got deeper) Not even you…

They both looked at eachother for sometime.. Then ragini realised something and pushed him back.. And rushed fastly to the cupboard taking out the clothes..

Ragini: (panicked) ek to hume waise hi der ho gayi upar se aap hume…..
Laksh: main tumhe….???
Ragini: ( frustrated) kuch nahi…..

She took out the clothes from the cupboard and went in washroom.. Laksh smirked looking on at her..
After sometime..
Ragini was in the main hall wearing a blue coloured lehenga with cream coloured blouse and blue coloured dupatta..all the ladies were in the main hall and were choosing their clothes for the wedding functions..

Sujata: (showing swara a lehenga) na..swara je dekh tu.. Je kaisa lag raha hai thaare ko..? Main to kehti hu je hi le le.. Raani lagegi maahri chhori…
Swara: nahi maa.. Kitna old fashioned hai ye to..
Sujata: Arey..je thaare ko odd phasion lag raha hai.. Batao jijji… Je odd phasion hai..
Ap: sujata..swara ko apne aap dekhne do… Shaadi ek hi baar to honi hai.. Usey apne aap chunne do apne liye kapde.. (Looking at ragini) arey ragini.. Tum bhi dekhlo na apne liye kapde.. Ye dekho.. (Showing her a dress) ye kaisa lag raha hai tumhe..?
Ragini: maa aapko jo bhi pasand ho wo le dijiye hume..
Ap: Arey lekin aise kaise?

Just then laksh came wearing blue coat , white shirt and black pant.. With a smile.. He came to them and stood just beside ragini..

Laksh: (smiling) kya chal raha hai?

Ragini looked at him.. Sujata came to him..

Sujata: laks..tu bata maahre ko.. Je..je lehenga accha lagega swara pe ke na?

Swara also came there..

Swara: Bhai.. Aapko nahi lagta ye bohot old fashioned hai.. Mujhe to ye wala pasand hai..
Laksh: (smiled and put a hand on her cheek) tujhe jo pasand aaye wo le le..

Ap: Accha laksh.. Ye batao ki tumhari ragini kaunsa lehnega pehnegi..? Humne kaha isko pasand karne ke liye.. Lekin ulta hume hi confusion me daal diya ye keh ke ki jo main pasand karungi wo hi pehn legi.. To ek kaam karo tum pasand kar do iske liye koi lehenga..

Laksh smiled..he looked at ragini..and ragini got irritated hearing this.. Then laksh moved his eyes on the dresses.. And his eyes fell on a purplish pink coloured lehenga with metallic golden worked border on it..with blue velvet blouse with some work on it.. (Same she wore in her post wedding rituals in the serial) He pointed out at it..

Laksh: Wo…wo wala (Offered a hand ahead) bhaiya wo wali deejiye zara.. (Man handed over that lehenga saari to him) Ye wala lehenga pasand hai mujhe.. Ragini par ye lehenga bohot accha lagega…(turning to her and showing that to her) ye rang bhi bohot accha lagega tum par…

Ragini looked at his face..

Ap: Sachme laksh.. Hum maan gaye tumhari pasand ko.. (He smiled blushing) bolo ragini.. Tumhe bhi pasand aaya na ye..?

Ragini looked at the dress and then at laksh.. He also looked at her.. Smirked..

Ragini: (in attitude) Nahi… (Everybody got shocked..even laksh..she looked at shocked face of anpurna) Humara matlab hai ki.. Ye kuch zyada hi bhaari hai..aur.. (Looked at laksh again) ye rang bhi hume pasand nahi hai… Hume.. (Looking at other dresses and picked one of them randomly) hume ye wali pasand hai… Zyada bhari bhi nahi hai aur rang bhi accha hai…

Laksh was angry like hell..he grinded his teeth looking at ragini… Anpurna saw his face but then she smiled and said to handle over the situation..

Ap: Haan..ye bhi khubsoorat hai.. Tum par accha lagega..

Ragini smiled.. Laksh threw that lehenga there in anger ragini looked at him in his eyes..he was looking at her while his eyes were red in anger ans disappointment..she removed her eyes in a way that she doesn't care and he went from there in anger…ragini didn't react over this.. Swara noticed it..

Ragini: bhaiya..aap iss wale lehenge ko side me rakh dijiye.. Hume ye hi pasand hai..(looked at anpurna) maa hum aap logo ke liye chaaye bana laate hain..
Ap: Theek hai beta..

Ragini went from there..sujata came to anpurna..

Sujata: Jijji… Aaj je kaunsa roop saamne aaya je ragini ka..? Na abhi to aapse keh rahi thi ki jo aap pasand karo wo pehen lungi..to phir jab laks ne pasand kar diya lehenga to mana kar diya..aur koi dusra pasand kar liya.. Na itna sundar lehenga to pasand kiya tha laks ne.. Phir ke hua usko?
Ap: (also worried) jaane do sujata.. Miya biwi ke beech ko baat hai.. Kuch hua hoga.. Aisa to hota hi rehta hai.. Rehne do tum apne liye kapde pasand karo..

Swara who was disturbed by all this also got up and came in kitchen to ragini..

Swara: Wo lehenga jo tumne pasand kiya wo sach me pasand hai tumhe?
Ragini: (turned back) arey swara..tum..tum kyu aa gayi hum chaaye lekar aa rahe the..
Swara: (came to stand beside her) main kuch puch rahi hu ragini..wo lehenga sachme pasand hai tumhe?
Ragini: (removed her eyes) H…haan…pasand hai..
Swara: jhooth..uss lehenge se sundar to wo lehenga tha jo bhai ne pasand kiya tha..ye baat tum bhi jaanti ho.. kyu mana kar diya uss lehenge ko..? Bhai ne kitne pyaar se pasand kiya tha wo tumhare liye..
Ragini: (looking at her) Swara.. Tumhe ho kya gaya hai? (Removed her eyes..looking down) ab tum apne bhai ki waqaalat mat karo humare saamne..
Swara: Kyu na karu ragini..? Bhai ne itna kuch kiya hai mere liye.. Mere sanskaar..tumhare bhai sanskaar ke liye..lekin tum.. Tum unke liye itna nahi kar sakti..? Kyu ragini..? Ek dress ki hi to baat thi..you know what ragini.. Ab tum kuch zyada hi rude ho rahi ho unke saath.. Kitna bura laga bhai ko jab tumne unki pasand ki dress ko naa bola to.. But tum nahi samjhogi.. Kaash tum samajhti ragini..

Then she went from there.. Ragini was doing her work but then she stopped feeling something and stopped looking up..

Ragini: (thinking to herself) kahi hum sachme.. Swara shayad theek keh rahi hai..unhe bura… (Then her expression changed again) nahi.. Aisa kuch nahi hai..

She then poured the tea in the cups..put them in a tray..and took them to the main hall…
After sometime..
Everybody were sitting in the main hall..sanskaar was also there and a pandit was called up there to finalise the wedding date..

Dp: Bataiye pandit ji.. Kundliyo'n ke mutabik kaunsi taareekh par honi chahiye swara sanskaar ki shaadi…?
Pandit ji: 10 tareekh..
Laksh: 10..matlab issi sunday..
Ap: ye to bohot kareeb ki taareekh hai pandit ji.. Ek hafta.. Koi aur tareekh nikaliye..
Laksh: nahi maa..uski kya zarurat hai.. Meri aur ragini ki shaadi bhi to do din me hui thi..aur phir Yaha to hume ek hafta mil raha hai..
Sujata: Na..lekin itni jaldi sab kaise hoga?
Laksh: chaachi sab ho jayega..don't worry..
Dp: swara sanskaar.. Tum log batao..tum kya chaahte ho..
Sanskaar: bade papa.. Aapko jo theek lage wo taareekh rakh lijiye..
Dp: Theek hai..to phir 10 tareekh ko swara sanskaar ki shaadi hogi..

Everybody got happy… Laksh looked at ragini..she also looked at him.. Both of them got serious looking at eachother.. Then she removed her eyes and laksh did the same…

Ap: Aaiye ab sab khana khaa lete hain..

All of them dispersed to the dinning table and had lunch together.. Laksh was sitting with ragini.. He wanted a bowl that was kept near ragini.. He was about to say her to pass that bowl to him but he stopped realising something.. Ragini understood that he want that bowl.. He thought for sometime and after that he got up himself and took the bowl himself.. Ragini noticed this.. And understood that he was avoiding her.. She felt a bit bad..but then she ignored this thinking " I don't care"..After the lunch..they all got up.. And came in the main hall..

Laksh: (smiling) Chal sanskaar.. Tujhe teri nayi company me introduce karwa ke aata hu…uske baad tujhe tere ghar bhi chhod dunga.. (Looking at his hand) Arey..aaj main watch pehnna bhool gaya..
Ap: kya baat kar rahe ho laksh? Tum watch pehnna bhool gaye? Watch ke bina to tum ghar se nahi nikalte..to phir aaj kaise?
Laksh: Pata nahi maa kaise..(Looked at ragini) anyways..ra….(realised something and stopped.. )
Ragini: (ragini looked at him) Hum la dete hain aapki watch…

Laksh looked at her a bit angrily… She went upstairs and brought a watch for him.. She came downstairs and saw that laksh was not there.. Ragini got surprised to see this..

Ragini: Maa laksh?
Ap: Wo..? wo to chala gaya.. Keh raha tha ki der ho rahi hai…
Swara: (looking at ragini) Haan.. Bina watch pehne chale gaye bhai aaj…
Ap: Haan.. Laksh ki saalo purani aadat hai.. Bina watch pehne ghar se nahi nikalta.. Aaj pata nahi kaise..
Swara: (looking at ragini) Maa jab halaat nahi badalte..to majboor ho kar insaan ko apni aadate badalni pad hi jaati hain..jaise sanskaar mere bina rehna seekh gaya tha.. Theek waise hi bhai bhi seekh jaayenge.. Watch ke bina rehna.. (Faked a smile) ragini tum ye watch rakh aao.. Ab koi fayda nahi hai..

Ragini got upset and got her eyes filled with tears..then she returned to her room.. And put the watch back in the cup board…

Ragini: (to herself) nahi pehn-ni thi to humse mangwayi kyu? Naa mangwate.. (Then she remembered something) Lekin unhone to humse kuch kaha hi nahi tha to phir hum…hum kyu lene aaye ye watch unke liye.. Lene hi nahi aana chaaiye tha.. Abse hum koi kaam nahi karenge aapka.. Phir aapko ehsaas hoga ki aap humse kitna pyaar..

She realised something and stopped.. Her tears dropped down.. She then got irritated..wiped her eyes.. And went out of her room..

Precap – Laksh ka gussa.. 😮 SwaSan's pre-wedding functions.. RagLak- Takraar me bhi hai pyaar.. 😉 😀

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