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RagLak ff by vini Tum mere Ho part 19


Tum Mere Ho <3
By #vini
After a few days..
Ragini's visa was ready and now they both had a flight for paris.. ragini was really nervous and tensed.. She was packing her bag.. Laksh wasn't in the room.. Just then swara knocked at the door of her room..

Swara: Ragini…??
Ragini: Haan swara.. Aa jaao…

She didn't look up as her eyes were teary and she was just about to cry..

Swara: Wo…..maa keh rahi thi ki kuch garm kapde bhi rakh lo..
Ragini: (didn't look up) theek hai..

Swara noticed her nervousness and stress.. She held her hands to stop her..

Swara: Ragini ye tum kya kar rahi ho? Tum sach me…sach me jaogi bhai ke saath?
Ragini: (looked up crying) to hum kya kare swara.. Hume to kuch samajh nahi aa raha.. Kya kare hum.. Unke saath iss ghar ke ek kamre me rehna kya kam mushkil tha jo ab waha itni dur… Swara..hum laksh sath nahi jaa sakte.. Hum..hum bhaag jaayenge yaha se.. Bhaag jayenge hum…(she started acting like mad and putting the clothes madly in her bag) haan ye hi theek rahega.. Ab hum bhaag jayenge yaha se..
Swara: ragini…… Ragini….Ragini..(held her hands) meri baat suno…
Ragini: Nahi swara..nahi..hum nahi jaa sakte unke saath.. Bilkul nahi..
Swara: Main jaanti hu.. Par tumhe lagta hai ki laksh bhai tumhe itni asaani se bhaagne denge? (She stopped stunned..swara moved her towards her and held her shoulders) isliye ragini patience se kaam lo… Mere paas ek idea hai..

Ragini looked up at her and she told her about the whole plan..

In evening.. they both had a flight to paris in sometime.. Ragini (Red saree and cream coloured blouse..with side parting and loose curls) was standing infront of the mirror being really upset.. Her eyes were teary as she didn't wanted to go on this stupid honymoon and moreover she didn't wanted to go with her good for nothing husband Laksh.. Just then.. Laksh (white blazer.. Black pant) entered in the room.. And saw her..he came to her..

Laksh: (excited and happy) Ragini…? Ready to go?

Ragini looked up at him in mirror.. She was sad with teary eyes..she removed her eyes.. turned back and moved ahead crossing him..laksh noticed that she's upset.. He held her hand.. She stopped..

Laksh: I know tum khush nahi ho.. (Turned to her) Par tum khush ho sakti ho.. (Smirked) Bass wo karo jo main chahta hu..

Ragini turned back she gave him an "used to" look.. Then she pulled her hand and went towards her bed where their bags were kept.. Laksh removed his eyes and started setting his hair looking into the mirror.. Just then anpurna came there..

Ap: Ragini..laksh? Taiyaar ho gaye.. Chalo jaldi karo tumhari flight ka bhi time ho raha hai..
Laksh: (came to them) Haan maa.. Hum taiyaar hain..
Ap: Ragini..saara samaan to theek se rakh liya hai na..?
Ragini: (in a off tone) Ji maa..
Ap: Chalo ab jaldi chalo neeche.. (Called) Chandan…..
Laksh: maa chandan kab aaya?
Ap: aaj hi to aaya h..

And chandan entered..

Chandan: ji badi maa…
Ap: Ye bags uthakar neeche car me rakhwa do..

Servant took the bags out.. Three of them went downstairs.. Laksh was happy.. But ragini was upset and nervous.. she didn't want to go at any cost..all the family memebers were there to bid goodbye to them..they reached the main hall and were now taking blessings from them one by one..they both came to durga prasad first..and took blessings..just then..

Dp: Toh tumhare jaane ka samay ho gaya hai?
Laksh: (smiled) ji papa..
Dp: khush raho..

Then they moved towards anpurna..and took blessings.. Anpurna kissed on laksh's forehead.. And hugged ragini.. Then they moved to sujata.. She smiled a bit.. And they took her blessings..

Sujata: Khus raho.. Tum dono ki jodi bani rahe..

Laksh smiled..and ragini stood like that only.. Then they moved to Ram prasad.. And took blessings..

Ram prasad- khus raho..tu bhool naa aaiyo apni beendni ko maahri trah..
Laksh: (chuckled) kabhi nahi chacha ji.. Khud ko bhool sakta hu..(looked at ragini) par apni ragini ko nahi..

She looked up at him in his eyes.. Her eyes were teary..his eyes were full of confidence.. Then she removed them..

Sujata: dekha.. Je hobe hai pyaar.. Thaari ki trah nahi jo apni nayi nabeli..khubsoorat si beendni ko bhool ke aa jaabe..
Ram prasad: Accha..galti ho gayi maahre se..maaph kar de bhaagbaan..

Sujata made a face and all of them laughed except swaRagini.. Then swara came forward and hugged laksh.. He hugged her back smiling..

Swara: happy journey bhai..
Laksh: (smiling) Thank you so much..

Then she came to ragini.. And hugged her.. She knew that she's upset..

Swara: Take care ragini.. (In a lower voice) I know tum jaana nahi chahti.. Ragini be strong.. I know tum itni kamzor nahi ho.. Jaisa socha hai waisa hi karo.. Everything will be fine.. Hmm?

They both broke the hug..swara was looking at her.. She was looking at swara.. And there were tears in eyes saying that she doesn't want to go with him.. Ragini then lowered down her eyes and nodded in yes..

Laksh: Ragini chale.?

Ragini looked up hesitating..

Ragini: Ji..

Laksh smirked..

Laksh: Accha maa.. Ab hum nikalte hain..
Ap: Theek hai beta.. Apna khyaal rakhna.. Aur ragini ka bhi..
Sujata: Arey kehne ki to koi jarurat hi na hai..

Laksh blushed..just then..

Ragini: (a bit shocked) humara phone..(looking at laksh) humara phone kamre me reh gaya hai.. Hum lekar aate hain..
Laksh: (irritated..and scolding her a bit) Ragini kya karti ho tum? Dhyaan pata nahi kaha rehta hai tumhara.. You know hume late ho raha hai..
Ap: Arey arey..?? Itna gussa hone wali kya baat hai.. Jao ragini jaldi se jaake apna phone le aao..
Ragini: J..ji.. Hum bas abhi le aate hain..

Ragini walked rushing towards her room.. She came into the room and stood for minute.. She wiped her face breathing fast and closed her eyes to relax herself.. Then she opened them and took a sigh..

Ragini: (nervous) kya kare? Kuch samajh me nahi aa raha.. Hum unke saath jaa nahi sakte.. hume yahi karna hoga.. (Then laksh's voice came drom the main hall.. "Ragini…" She made an irritated face.. shouted) Ji..aa rahe hain.. (To herself) Jaana hi hoga..

Then she went out of her room.. She was walking very fast.. She was coming downstairs..she was on the last step..just then..

Ragini: Ahhh…..

She sat down holding her foot..laksh got shocked and tensed.. He rushed towards her..

Laksh: (worried..he shouted) Ragini…

Everybody got shocked and tensed.. And rushed towards her.. Laksh came to her and sat down..tensed and worried..

Laksh: Ragini kya hua?
Ragini: (got her eyes teary in pain) hum..humara pair…
laksh: (scolding her a bit) kya zarurat thi itni jaldbaazi karne ki..

He held her foot.. Ragini was in pain.. He tried to move her feet..

Ragini: (crying angrily) Ahhh… Kya kar rahe hain aap..? hume takleef ho rahi hai..
Laksh: (looked at her angrily) Shut up.. Ye sab kuch tumhari wajah se hua hai..
Ap: Hey bhagwaan…laksh.. Usko chot lagi hai.. Uski uthne me madad karo aur sofe tak leke chalo..

Laksh held her hand.. Looking into her eyes disappointed.. Then helped her getting up… He held her from her bare waist with one hand.. Ragini got stunned when he touched her.. His touch was making her body to shrivel.. She looked at him amazed.. but she didn't react.. Then laksh made her get up.. She hardly got up.. Then he made her reach the sofa.. She could hardly walk using only one leg..then they reached the sofa and he made her sit on it comfortably.. And stood aside..

Sujata: jijji.. Maahre ko to lagta hai moch aa gayi hai je chhori ke pair me.. Ab kaise jabenge je dono ghumne..?
Swara: Haan badi maa..ragini ko pair move karne se bhi dard ho raha hai.. Kaise jaa paayegi ye..?
Sujata: laks..tu ek kaam kar.. Tu akela hi chala jaa bo hebimoon pe..
Laksh: (angrily irritated) Chachi please..

Swara laughed a bit.. But kept hiding it..

Ram prasad: Arey tu chup na reh sakti do minute?
Sujata: galat bol diya maine..? Je itta mann tha laks ka jaane ka.. Ab je ragini to na jaa sakegi to akela chala jaabega..

Laksh was getting irritated..

Ap: Sujata…. Ek minute.. (Looked at laksh) laksh.. Tum apna dil chhota mat karo.. Jab wo theek ho jayegi tab chale jaana.. Abhi ragini ko apne kamre me le jaao.. Hum tab tak doctor ko bulate hain..

Laksh was so disappointed..he was disheartened and that could be seen on his face.. Ragini looked at him..and he also looked at her.. Then he moved towards her and picked her up in his arms.. Ragini got shocked.. She looked at him.. And he also looked into her eyes.. A bit angrily.. Then he removed his eyes and took her upstairs while she was also removed her eyes being irriated and nervous too ..he took her to the room and made her partially lie on the bed.. He set the pillow behing her back and was was so close to ragini.. She was really nervous.. Her heartbeats were fast.. He got back a little and..They both looked into eachother's eyes.. Just then swara came from behind.. They got alert and laksh moved back..

Swara: (looking at the otherside) Bhai.. Wo main ragini ke pair ki massage kar deti hu..

Laksh looked at her and nodded in yes..
Then he stepped back getting off from her..and got aside.. Ragini looked at him.. She was now relaxed as they were not going on any honey moon now.. Then swara sat on the bed near her foot and massaged it slowly..laksh was upset and angry too.. He went out in the balcony and sat there on the sofa..

Swara: (smirked at ragini) congratulations..
Ragini: (smiled a bit) thank you..

They both got releaved.. After sometime anpurna and sujata entered with a doctor.. Anpurna told him to check ragini's foot..Laksh came and stood near the bed..Doctor then held her foot to check and laksh's anger started growing seeing this.. He doesn't know why but was not ready to tolerate that another man touching his ragini.. He made a fist of his hand grinding teeth to control himself… Just then..

Ragini: (in pain) Ahhh…
Laksh: (immediately and angrily) Ye kya kar rahe hain aap?? Araam se kijiye..

Ragini looked up and and got amazed to see his sudden concern for her…

Doctor: Ek minute Mr. Maheshwari.. I'm a doctor.. Let me check it..
Ap: Haan laksh.. Unhe dekhne do..

Laksh looked at ragini.. He was looking worried..Doctor again moved her feet..Ragini's expressions were such that she's in lot of pain..

Laksh: (angrily again) arey kaise doctor hain aap.. ?? Aapko dikh nahi raha usko kitna dard ho raha hai.. Aap rehne dijiye.. Leave her foot.. Hatiye..
Ap: (shocked) laksh..?? Ye kya tarika hai?
Laksh: maa aap to dekh sakti hain na ragini ko kitna dard ho raha hai..
Ap: Haan beta par wo doctor hain.. Unhe apna kaam karne do..

Ragini looked at laksh shocked.. She wondered that what happened to him..? Was he the same laksh who used to twist her hand..pull her hair harshly.. And now he couldn't see her in pain? Why? Then she got irritated and removed her eyes..and..Doctor got up..

Doctor: Mr. Maheshwari main aapka concern samajh raha hu.. Aapki wife ke paanv me moch aayi hai..but ghabraane wali baat nahi hai.. Jald hi inka paanv theek ho jayega aur ye normally chal payengi..(writing on a list) Ye kuch dawayi'a hain.. Ye laake inhe khila dijiyega..aur ye cream (offered it to laksh)..isse inke paanv par massage kar dijiyega..Ok?

Laksh took the cream from his hands and came towards the bed..and sat down near her feet..

Ap: Aaiye doctor saahab hum aapko aapki fees dekar vida kar dete hain.. (looking at laksh) laksh… Hum abhi chandan ke haatho dawa bhijwa dete tak ragini ko araam karne do..hmm? (Smiled)

Laksh nodded in yes.. Then all of them went out of there room.. Swara was about to go.. She was standing behind laksh..

Swara: (smirked and winked) Take care ragini..

Laksh didn't turns his head a bit but not completely.. Ragini smiled a bit looking at her And nodded in yes.. Laksh looked at her and she got her expressions normal.. Swara went out of the room too.. Then he looked down at her feet..he took some cream on his fingers and was about to apply it on her feet just then ragini sat up..

Ragini: (Angrily and scared a bit) ye kya kar rahe hain aap? (Laksh stopped looking at her) Aap wo..wo medicine hume de dijiye..hum khud laga lenge..
Laksh: (angrily) Muh band rakho tum apna.. Samjhi..?? Chup chaap ye cream lagwa lo..warna.. (He took a sigh and Started applying cream on her feet and started massaging) Jo chahti thi wo to ho hi gaya.. Tumhe to khush hona congratulations.. Ab hum honeymoon par nahi jaa rahe..
Ragini: (in pain) Aaahhhhh….

Laksh stopped…he looked at her.. His anger changed in concern..

Laksh: (looking at her) bohot zyada dard ho raha hai?

Ragini's eyes were filled with tears… She nodded…

Ragini: Beintehaan… Beintehaan dard ho raha hai..

Laksh saw her teary eyes.. She removed her eyes.. And laksh did the same and started massaging slowly..

Laksh: (while massaging) Tum mauka milne do tumhare saare dard mita dunga main… (Ragini looked at him) You know what ragini..tumhe pyaar karne ke liye mujhe kisi honeymoon par jaane ki zarurat nahi hai..(he started sliding his hand over and above her feet towards her soft and smooth leg slowly) kyunki ab to main jab chaahu tab pyaar kar sakta hu tumhe.. As now..tum bhaag bhi nahi sakti.. (Smirked at her) so ab mujhe bhi khush hona chahiye haina?

Ragini pulled her leg back immediately being shocked and scared..she looked at him with her teary eyes.. And he smirked.. Just then the door knocked.. Laksh looked out and saw chandan..

Chandan: Laksh bhaiya.. Badi maa ne bhabhi ke liye dawa bhijwayi hai..
Laksh: Hmm..laa de..

Chandan came in and handed over the medicine..

Chandan: Aur..aapko bade maalik ne neeche study me bulaya hai..
Laksh: theek hai.. (Chandan was about to turn back to go) By the way..sunn…dinner ke time Ragini ka khaana upar hi le aana.. (Looking at her) kyunki ab to ye bechari chaah kar bhi kahi jaa nahi sakti..

He chuckled.. Ragini looked at laksh angrily..

Chandan: Ji bhaiya..

Chandan went out of the room.. Then laksh also got up and put the medicine on the night stand.. Ragini was looking at him.. Then he moved to her.. She got back a little.. He came closer and put his hand on the bed on either of her sides and she turned her head to stay away from him with fast breath and nervousnes..

Laksh: (wispered with a smirk) Take care baby.. I'll be back..

He then brought his face closer to hers under her ear.. Ragini got irritated and pushed him a bit..he got back chuckling.. Ragini looked at him angrily and he gave her flying kiss and went out of the room..

@Main hall..
It was night time after the dinner.. Laksh was in his night dress ( sea greenish T-shirt and black lower) and was about to go upstairs.. Just then anpurna called him from behind.. "Laksh.." He stopped and turned back..he saw anpurna with a glass of milk..

Laksh: Ji maa?
Ap: ye haldi wala doodh hai.. Ragini ko pila dena.. Uske pairr ke dard me araam rahega..
Laksh: (smiled) Ok..

He took the glass of milk and went upstairs to his room.. He opened his door..ragini looked at him.. he came forward and put the glass on the side table..

Ragini: (suspeciously) Ye…ye doodh kiske liye hai?
Laksh: (looked at her) saamne wale ghar me jo aunty rehti hain na..unke liye… (Ragini looked at him confused) Come on ragini.. Chot tumhe lagi hai to haldi wala doodh bhi to tumhare liye hi ho hoga na..?

He went to the door and latched it.. Then he turned back and came to her..

Laksh: soch kya rahi ho ab? Dhoodh pee lo..
Ragini: Hume koi doodh voodh nahi peena..

Laksh smiled and sat near her on bed and took the glass of milk.. Stiring it with spoon..

Laksh: haldi wala doodh hai..isey pee logi to tumhara pairr jaldi theek ho jayega..
Ragini: Nahi.. Hum nahi piyenge..
Laksh: (a bit angrily and scolding) kyu? Tumhe chot nahi lagi??

Ragini looked at him a bit nervously..

Laksh: Ragini.. Stop acting like a kid.. Chalo pee lo..
Ragini: humne kaha naa hum nahi piyenge..
Laksh: (in a louder voice) kyu nahi piyogi?
Ragini: (in rage) kyunki…… (In a cute way) kyunki..hume doodh bilkul pasand nahi hai…

Laksh's anger turned into a smile.. And he took a sigh..

Laksh: Yaha pasand naa pasand ki baat nahi hai.. Baat tumhare pairr ke theek hone ki hai.. Chalo.. Kaise bhi ye doodh pee lo..
Ragini: Humse nahi hoga..
Laksh: (got some determination on his face) theek hai ragini.. Ab yaa to tum ye doodh piyo yaa mujhe tumhe kiss karne do.. (Ragini looked up at him angrily) arey aise kya dekh rahi ho.. Kiss is also a big remedy to biggest problems..ab tum doodh nahi piyogi to mujhe tumhe kiss karna padega.. And you know the best part is.. (Chuckled) ab tum bhaag bhi nahi sakti..
Ragini: (angrily) Bohot khushi ho rahi hai na aapko hume iss haalat me dekh kar?
Laksh: Bohot.. Anyways.. Ab tum batao.. Doodh pee rahi ho yaa main kiss karu? (Smirked)
Ragini: Aap…
Laksh: Main kiss karu? Ok..

He put the glass and..Started Coming closer to her..just then ragini put a hand on his chest..

Ragini: Nahi..hum pee rahe hain.. (Laksh stopped) hum doodh pee rahe hain..
Laksh: Nahi rehne do.. Mat peeyo.. (Came more closer)
Ragini: (pushing him back..being irritated) Humne kaha naa hum doodh piyenge..

She picked up the glass.. Laksh got back with a smile..She thought for a while looking at it.. Then she made a cute face like a kid and drank all the milk from it..laksh smirked looking at her.. She closed her eyes tightly.. Then opened them making a kid like face..Then she put the glass back on the table..

Laksh: Chalo.. Ab ye to ho gaya.. Lets focus on our kiss now..(he again started coming closer)
Ragini: (Angrily) hume ab neend aa rahi hai…
Laksh: (a bit angrily too) Ragini…

She stopped looking at him.. He then got a bit normal and ragini's heartbeats got increased..He then softly put his hand on her cheek..ragini's nervousness was getting incresed with this.. He slided his hand back in her cheek bone and held her face softly.. Ragini's eyes were getting big and teary in nervousness.. He then started bringing his face closer to hera and both of them atarted lowering their eyes slowly.. His lips were coming to her lips..he was about to kiss her.. Both were feeling eachothers warm breath on their lips now but then.. She pushed him.back removing her eyes.. Her expressions were like.. 'What the hell I was going to do?' Laksh was looking at her being dissapointed and a bit angry..

Ragini: (looked at him hesitatingly) Hume.. Hume neend aa rahi hai.. Good night..

Laksh was angry.. But then a smile came on his face thinking that she wished him good night.. She lied down putting on the blanket.. Laksh smirked at her a bit.. Then he also went to the other side and slept..

Precap- OMG.. Ragini ka shocking B'day!! 😮

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