RagLak ff by vini Tum mere Ho part 16

In aditya’s room..
Aditya was crying sitting in his window.. He was heart broken.. The girl he loved is now his brother’s wife.. His dreams were broken.. He was looking at the moon and was crying.. Then he also closed his eyes and tears fell from his eyes..

On the other side.. Sanskaar was leaving his house.. And crying as well…

Sanskaar: Tune aisa kyu kiya laado…kya kami thi tere bhai ke pyaar me? Uss laksh se shaadi karne se pehle tujhe ek baar bhi khyaal nahi aaya ki usne mujhe..tere bhai ko maarne ki koshish ki.. Uss bhai ko jise tu apni jaan se bhi zyada chahti thi… Kyu laado..kyu? (He looked at the picture of his maa and baba…joined his hands..) I’m sorry maa – baba.. Main..main laado ka khyaal nahi rakh paaya.. Aaj naa chahte hue bhi mujhe usey uss darindey ke paas chhod ke jaana hoga.. Mujhe maaf kar dijiye..

Then he wiped his face..and went out of the house with his lugguage..

Next morning..
Ragini was sleeping sitting in that balcony outlet.. Suddenly some rays of sun fell on her face and she got disturbed.. She opened her eyes.. Looked around and realised that she was sleeping sitting in the window the whole night.. Then she turned her face to see laksh on bed.. But he wasn’t there… She got confused.. She got up…

Ragini: (confused) ye itni jaldi uth gaye..? (Got normal) Khair.. (She looked out of the glass wall and joined her hands closing her eyes infront of the rising sun) Kya maange ab hum aapse? Shaadi ke baad har ladki ke liye pehli subah kitni khushnaseeb hoti hai.. Par hum.. (Her tears rolled down from her closed eyes) humari zindgi kaa..humare sapno ka suraj to ugne se pehle hi doob gaya.. Kaisi kismat likhi hai aapne humari..? Par theek hai agar waha humare bhai theek hain to hum yaha iss nark me jeene ke liye bhi taiyaar hain..

she opened her determined teary eyes.. Took a sigh.. And went to the washroom.. After sometime…she got fresh.. She came wearing a pink lehenga saari with blue blouse..and long wet hair.. She came towards the mirror and stood infront of it..she looked at herself and saw her helplessness as she was bonded in such a relationship forcely..Then she wore her bangles… And picked up her mangal sutra.. She didn’t want to wear that but she had to do that..she wore it dragging her long wet hair to the front on her right shoulder..Then her eyes fell on the box of sindoor.. She picked that up.. She thought for a second.. Then she took a sigh and filled a pinch of it.. And brought that to her centre parting without looking up.. But just then.. She reminds everything that laksh did to her and she put that pinch back in the box back and was about to place it again just then someone held her hand from behind… She looked at that hand and got stunned.. Then she looked into the mirror and saw laksh (black jacket-similar lower) standing just behind her… Raising half of his eyebrows.. He also looked at her in the mirror..and both of them shared an eye contac through mirror.. He brought his right hand infront of her..keeping her in and took a pinch of sindoor from that box…ragini was looking at his hands.. She couldn’t do anything and was stunned.. Then he moved his right hand up and filled her centre parting with sindoor…she closed her eyes and opened them after he applied it completely.. She looked at him with hatred and he smirked at her in the mirror..then he placed that box aside and held her hands on her belly and brought his face near hers from behind…

Laksh: (smirking..looking at her in mirror) Ab tum Miss Ragini gadodiya nahi ho.. Mrs. Ragini laksh maheshwari ho.. Suhaagan ho.. Aur jaha tak main jaanta hu.. Har suhaagan..har patni ye sindoor lagati hai apne pati ke liye.. (Turned his face to her and looked at her..while ahe was looking at him in mirror) Aur ab jab main tumhara pati hu to tumhe bhi ye lagana hoga..(brought his face near hers to nuzzle under her ear) Of course for me..

Ragini got irritated.. She removed his hands and turned back pushing him a bit..

Ragini: (angrily) honge aap humare pati.. Par hum aapki patni nahi hain…

She was about to got but laksh held her hand…

Laksh: (angrily) theek hai..tum meri patni nahi ho thats ok.. (Grinding teeth) but main to tumhara pati hu.. Aur uss naate mera tum par haq hai..
Ragini: (pulled her hand back) nahi..koi haq nahi hai aapka hum par.. Aapka hum par haq tab hota jab hum aapko khud ye haq dete.. Par afsos..(smirked) aisa kabhi nahi hoga.. Hum aapko ye haq kabhi nahi denge..

Laksh got really angry seeing this… He held her arm and pulled her towards himself and held her tightly in his arms.. She got shocked, irritated and angry.. And strarted trying to free herself and push him away..

Laksh: (laksh pulled her once again and she bumped into his chest and stopped looking at him with hatred..he grinded teeth) Haq nahi dogi to chheen lunga main…

She was looking into his angry eyes and they both looked into eachother’s eyes standing like that.. And then parineeta entered suddenly…

Parineeta: Ragi…

Her eyes fell on them and she immediately turned back.. laksh ragini got alert and ragini pushed him back..to get seperated..she got nervous and embarrassed looking at parineeta..laksh was still in slight anger..he turned back..

Parineeta: (nervously blushing) Arey devar ji..kam se kam darwaaza to band kar liya kijiye.. Aap logo ka khatm ho gaya ho to hum ghume?
Laksh: bhabhi…please…

Parineeta turned back and smiled at them.. And came forward to them

Parineeta: sorry haan..hum aise hi aa gaye.. (Teasing) Par aage se darwaaza band karke rakhiyega..

Laksh smiled a bit blushing..lowering down his eyes.. And ragini felt embarrased and she lowered down her eyes too..

Laksh: (looked up) bhabhi aap kuch keh rahi thi..?
Parineeta: Haan.. wo hum tum dono ko neeche le jaane aaye the.. Kuch rasme abhi baaki hai unke liye..(looking at ragini) Ragini…? Ye kya tum abhi tak taiyaar nahi hui.. ? (Scolding in a way of teasing him) Devar ji..ye to galat baat hai.. Naa to khud taiyaar hue… Naa ragini ko hi hone diya..

Laksh looked at ragini.. And smiled again like that…

Parineeta: jaaiye ab jaldi se nahaa dhoke taiyaar ho jaaiye.. Aao ragini.. Tumhe hum taiyaar kar dete hain..

Ragini looked at laksh and he smirked at her..then He looked at parineeta..

Laksh: (smiling) Ok bhabhi.. Main fresh hoke aata hu..

Parineeta smiled.. Then he took his clothes from the cupboard and went to the washroom.. parineeta took ragini back infront of the mirror and started getting her ready…

After sometime..
Ragini was completely ready with jewels and all and laksh was also ready wearing a black coloured sherwani and a white pathani salwar under it.. They were both in the main hall and ladies were there…they both were sitting on some short stools facing eachother..and inbetween them there was a big vessel filled with milky water and rose petals in it.. Laksh was staring ragini and there was a slight smile on his face… Ragini was nervous and angry on laksh and wasn’t interested in all those rituals as she didn’t mean this wedding… She looked up at laksh…he was also looking at her.. Then she removed her eyes being irritated and looked down…

Ap: (smiling) ragini laksh.. (laksh looked up whereas ragini didn’t) Ab tumhe ye angoothi dhundhne ki rasm karni hai.. Ye angoothi main iss paani me daal rahi hu.. Uske baad tum dono apne apne seedhe haath se iss paani me se ye angoothi dhundhoge..aur jo pehle dhoondh lega.. Samjha jayega ki tum dono ke rishte me bhi ussi ka zyada mahatv hoga…
Parineeta: matlab ki wo apne jeevansaathi par raaj karega.. (Teasing and laughing)

All the ladies present there laughed.. Except swaRagini.. They both were not interested in it.. Then anpurna dropped the ring in the water and moved her hand in it to make it disappear in water..

Ap: Ye lo..ab tum dono dhundho wo angoothi… Ragini.. (Looking at her) peeche mat rehna..
Parineeta: peeche to reh hi jayegi.. Devar ji.. (Looking at laksh) angoothi to aap hi ko dhundhni hai..
Maasi: Haan laks.. Maahre laadesar ko hi jitna hai je nayi beendni se..

Laksh smiled looking at her then he looked at ragini..smirked and put his hand in the water.. Ragini also put her hand in water and they started searching for the ring.. After a few minutes..Ragini found the ring in water.. She was about to take it out but just then laksh held her hand in water.. Ragini looked at him in shock and anger.. Laksh smirked at her..she moved her eyes to check if somebody else was seeing this.. But none other could see what was happening because the water was milky.. She was trying slowly to free her hand..but Laksh tightened his grip more..she gave him expressions ‘like I’ll kill you’ Laksh chuckled a little and tightened his grip more..Her eyes were getting red and teary.. Laksh was still staring her smirking..Then he loosened his grip and she took out her hand.. She looked at him and he took out the ring smirking at her.. Ragini removed her eyes to show that she doesn’t bother.. Maasi got really happy and all of them clapped..

Maasi: (happily and proud) dekha..maahra chhora kisi se naa haar sake hai..
Ap: (laughed) ye sab to mehez khel hain jiji..
Sujata: To ke hua jijji..jeeta to maahra je laks hi hai na..

He smiled..

Ap: Koi baat nahi ragini.. Abhi aur bhi rasme hain..

Then they removed that vessel from inbetween.. Ragini was nervous and didn’t want to participate in any of the rituals.. But she had no other option.. Then parineeta brought a plate of Several marwaadi food.. And placed it over a short stool in between them..

Ap: Ragini.. Ab tumhe apne haatho se ye khaana laksh ko khilana hoga.. Aur phir khud bhi khana hoga.. Aisa maana jaata hai ki iss rasm se pati patni ke beech ka pyaar badhta hai..

Laksh looked at ragini.. Ragini also looked at him irritated..

Parineeta: (smiling) Chalo ragini.. Shuru karo..

She removed her eyes.. And hesitatingly made a chunk of food and moved it to laksh’s mouth.. Laksh was looking at her and ate it from her hand… Then he said in a very low voice so that only ragini could hear him..

Laksh: Iske baad tumhe bhi ye khaana hai..so that humare beech ka pyaar badhe.. (Smirked)

Ragini was making another chunk for him..

Ragini: (in low voice) pyaar to tab badhega..(moved her hand up tp his mouth and looked at him in attitude) jab pyaar hoga..

Laksh got a bit angry on this and bit her fingers..

Ragini: (slowly) aahhh..

She immediately pulled her hand back and looked angrily at laksh.. And laksh smirked looking at her..

Laksh: Maa.. Khana bohot swaad bana hai..
Parineeta: (teasing) devar ji… Khaana swaad bana hai yaa..ragini ki ungliya’n..??

Everybody laughed..Laksh lowered down his eyes..smiling blushing and ragini felt embarrased and irritated lowering down her eyes too..

Ap: Kya parineeta tum bhi.. (Laughing) Ragini beta tum rasm poori karo..

Ragini again made a chunk hesitatingly and moved her hand hesitatingly to laksh and he ate it smirking.. Then after sometime..

Laksh: Bass.. Now I’m full.. Ab tum khaa lo..
Parineeta: (teasing again) khaa lo nahi devar ji.. Khilao.. Aap khilao ragini ko apne haath se..

Ragini heard this and felt irritated.. Laksh smirked…

Laksh: Ok bhabhi..

He made a chunk for ragini.. And moved it towards her mouth.. Just then she held and stopped his hand..everybody got shocked..

Ragini: (looking down) m..maaf kijiye maa par hume… (Looking at laksh determined) Hume bhook nahi hai.. (Looed at ap) Wo darasal aaj somwaar hai aur har somwaar ko humara vrat (fast) hota hai..

Laksh was really angry but he didn’t react..

Ap: Par beta ye rasm..
Maasi: Arey rehne de anpurna.. Jab wa keh rahi hai ki uska vrat hai to rehne de..
Ap: Uhh..theek hai ragini.. Koi baat nahi..

Laksh was angrily looking at her.. She was also looking at her in a full attitude.. Then he took his hand back and he got a call..he got up to take the phone call and went from there.. Ragini also got up and all of the ladies dispersed.. Swara found this very weird.. She knew that ragini has told all of them a lie.. She doesn’t has any fast…she was confused about raglak.. Laksh went out and Aditya came from upstairs.. He was ignoring ragini and all but just then..

Parineeta: (teasing ragini) Ragini.. Haath dikhao zara…laksh ne zyada zor se to nahi kaat liya na?

Aditya didn’t turn back.. But he heard this and felt really bad.. His eyes got filled with tears.. He closed his eyes and took a sigh opening them..Then ragini’s eyes fell on aditya.. She was upset for him.. Aditya looked at her..and they saw eachother being helpless.. Then aditya remkved his eyes from her went straight towards his room..

In evening..
Parineeta took ragini upstairs after the rasm of ‘muh dikhayi’… On their way to ragini’s room..

Parineeta: Dekha.. Aisi hi hoti hai sabhi auratein.. Muh dikhayi ke naam par taang khichai kar deti hain.. (Laughed) Khair.. (She opened the door and they got in) aao.. Hum tumhare gehne utarne me madad kar dete hain..

She took ragini towards mirror and started helping her in taking out her palla and jewels..

Parineeta: (taking out her neck piece) Waise ye haar behad khubsoorat hai.. Aur tumne pehna tha to aur bhi khubsoorat lag raha tha.. (She got a phone call) arey ragini humari maa ka phone hai.. Bass abhi aate hain..

Ragini nodded in yes and got busy in taking out her jewels.. Parineeta went out of the room to take the call.. Ragini was now about to remove her neckpiece But then.. It got stuck in her hair…her hair were falling infront of her right shoulder..She tried to take it out but it was stuck.. Then she heard the sound of her room’s door opening..

Ragini: (without looking up) bhabhi..humari ye haar nikaalne me madad kar dengi please.. Ye.. (Trying to take it out) Ye humare baalo me phanss gaya shayad..

But it wasn’t parineeta.. It was laksh.. He smirked and came towards her.. And held her neckpiece to take it out.. Ragini removed her hands from it.. Then the neckpiece came out..and ragini smiled a bit looking at the neckpiece in her hands..

Ragini: (still not looking up) hume lag hi raha tha ye…..

But just then laksh touched her bare back..From the back of his fingers..Just above from the hooks of her blouse.. Ragini’s entire body got shrivelled and she closed her eyes.. Her heart got stuck for a second.. Then she opened her eyes.. looked up into the mirror and saw laksh standing behind her.. She got shocked and and hatred came in her eyes again.. she was really nervous.. Her heart started beating faster.. Then laksh started sliding his hand on her back upto her waist feeling it soflty.. Then he stopped his hand on her waist and looked up at her in mirror..he was serious and in attitude.. Ragini’s expression changed and was about to remove his hand from her waist..just then he held her arm and turned her back.. and locked her in his arms..She looked into his eyes nervously and angrily too..

Ragini: chh…chodiye hume..
Laksh: (angrily looking into her eyes) Utni bevakoof ho nahi jitni mujhe laga tha ki tum ho.. Kal raat mujhe behosh karke mere hi phone se mesaage kar ke sanskaar ko kahi aur bhej diya.. Aur to aur aaj sabke saamne.. (Grinding teeth) sabke saamne meri insult ki tumne.. But ragini maybe tum jaanti nahi ho mujhe.. You know.. Laksh maheshwari apni ego se related har baat ka… Har baat ka hisaab kitaab rakhta hai.. waise bhi ab to tumhari shaadi ho gayi hai mujhse so you just be careful..coz har raat main behosh nahi hone wala.. (Smirked) and now I’m gonna see you for this.. You just wait and watch..

Then he left her pushing her a bit back.. And went into washroom after taking out his clothes from cupboard..she stood stunned with tears in eyes..

Ragini: (thinking to herself) hum inki baato ko halke me nahi le sakte.. Kaise bhi karke dur rehna hoga hume inse..

Then suddenly parineeta entered..

Parineeta: Arey ragini.. Abhi devar ji ko aate hue dekha humne.. (Teasing) kya keh rahe the? Hmm? Hmm?
Ragini: k..kuch nahi..
Parineeta: maathe par ye paseena to kuch aur hi keh raha hai.. (Laughed and Ragini wiped her forehead removing her eyes) Ab to aisa hota hi rahega ragini.. Bohot pyaar jo karte hain devar ji tumse.. (Ragini removed her eyes as all these words were irritating her) chalo ab tum araam karo hum jaate hain..

After sometime Laksh entered in his room after the dinner.. And saw ragini was sitting on the same place near the glass wall of balcony.. He came towards her.. And she was in her own thoughts..

Laksh: I think bohot pasand aa gayi hai tumhe ye jagah..

She came back and looked at him.. But didn’t react and removed her eyes.. Then laksh smirked and sat infront of her on his toes..

Laksh: ab bed par chalogi yaa aaj bhi yahi sone ka iraada hai..?
Ragini: (looked at him) aap jaake so jaiye.. Hume jab neend aayegi to hum khud aa jayenge..
Laksh: But tumhare bina mujhe neend kaise aayegi?
Ragini: (removed her eyes and smirked) bol to aise rahe hain jaise saalo se humare sath hi sote aaye hain..
Laksh: (smirked) Alright.. Now its enough..utho aur chalo bed pe..
Ragini: Hume neend nahi aa rahi..
Laksh: Par mujhe aa rahi hai..
Ragini: (irritated) to jaiye.. Roka kisne hai.. Jaake so jaiye..
Laksh: (grinding teeth) Mujhe tumhare saath sona hai..
Ragini: par hume nahi sona.. Aur aapke saath to hargiz nahi..
Laksh: (smirked) kyu? Darti ho mujhse?

Ragini didn’t say anything.. And removed her eyes in anger and looked out..

Laksh: (seriously) Bass ragini.. Ab ye naatak band karo aur chalo bed par..
Ragini: hum nahi aayenge..
Laksh: Ok.. Agar agle ek minute ke andar bhi tum nahi uthi.. To main khud tumhe utha ke leke jaaunga bed tak aur saari raat tumhe apni baaho me pakad kar sounga.. (Ragini looked up at him in anger and shock and he smirked) now the decision is yours.. N your time starts now..

He looked at his watch smirking and ragini was shocked and angry..

Ragini: (panickly) aap samajhte kya hain khud ko?
Laksh: (looked up at her) tumhara pati..

Ragini got irritated and got up.. She didn’t want to go to bed the but she went to it forcing herself and sat on it..

Laksh chuckled and got up..lifting his hair up with his fingers..turned back.. And smirked at ragini..she was looking at him angrily..then he came towards the bed and ragini got nervous and she was angry too..

Laksh: You know.. Aaj mera aadha sapna to poora hone wala hai.. (Sat on the bed and came a bit closer to ragini and she backed off a bit) tumhare saath ek hi bed par sone ka sapna..(smirked)
Ragini: Hum yaha tabhi soenge jab aap apni hadd me rahenge..
Laksh: Hadd..?? Oh come on ragini.. Saari hade shaadi se pehle hoti thi.. Aur main maanta bhi tha.. But now..humari shaadi ho chuki hai aur ab ye hadd me rehne ka nahi.. Hadd ko paar karne ma time hai.. (He brought his face closer to hers)
Ragini: (got up) dekhiye hum…
Laksh: Ok..ok.. (Laughed) aao so jaao.. I’ll be on my side.. Fine??

Laksh shifted to his side and saw that she is still standing looking at him angrily..

Laksh: Arey aao.. Don’t worry.. Aake so jaao.. (She was still standing like that) Soch kya rahi ho ab? Chalo..

She sat down.. Looking at him.. He smiled..

Laksh: oh god.. Ek ek step ka instruction dena padega kya tumhe?? leto ab….

Ragini lied down hesitatingly facing the other side.. And laksh smirked..He took his pillow and closed his eyes..and slept…

Next morning..
Ragini was setting her clothes in the cupboard.. Laksh was in office..

Ragini: (talking to herself) Hum sachme ye laksh ke saath poori zindgi bitane wale hain? Nahi… Kabhi nahi… Bass ek baar swara aur sanskaar bhai ko ek kar dein.. Phir hum chale jayenge yaha se.. Par hum ye karenge kaise…? Swara to… (She got sad) aur bhai.. Wo bhi pata nahi kaha hain.. (she suddenly raised up her eyebrows) ye humare dimaag me kaise nahi aaya..

She rushed towards her bed and picked up her phone.. She called some number.. Someone picked the phone..

Ragini: Hello..? Hello badi maa?
Lady: kaun badi maa? Kaun bol rahi ho?
Ragini: (confused) Ji..main ragini bol rahi hu.. Rama devi se baat karni thi.. Ye unhi ke ghar ka number hai na?
Lady: Ji.. Par..
Ragini: par kya?
Lady: Rama ji ki to parso raat hi kisi sadme se maut ho gayi.. Koi ladka aaya tha.. Shayad unka beta tha… Undono me kuch baat hui jiske baad wo achaanak behosh ho gayi aur phir aspataal le gaye to pata chala ki wo nahi rahi..

Ragini got stunned hearing this.. Tears rolled down on her cheeks..

Lady: hello..?? hello??

Ragini came to the reality controlling herself..

Ragini: kya hum..hum unke bete se baat kar sakte hain?
Lady: wo to chala gaya…
Ragini: (shocked) kya? kaha?
Lady: humko kya maloom.. Bata ke thodi na gaya hai..
Ragini: ji theek hai..

Then she ended the call and started crying keeping her hand on her mouth..

Ragini: (to herself) bhai ne zaroor humari aur laksh shaadi ki baat batai hogi unhe..aur wo.. (She cried more) Kyu aaye hain aap humari zindgi me…?? Sab kuchh chheen liyaa aapne humse.. Sab kuchh!

Precap- Aditya’s confesssion.. Swara aditya got to know the reason behind RagLak’s marriage.. Laksh’s growing love and care towards ragini slowly.. Ragini realised something about laksh..!

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