RagLak ff by vini Tum mere Ho part 15

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Tum Mere Ho <3
By #vini
★Part- 15★
Now..it was night..
Parineeta brought ragini to laksh's room.. Holding her from her shoulders..

Parineeta: (smiled) Lo ragini.. Aa gaye hum tumhare kamre me..

Ragini looked up with tears in eyes and saw the bed decorated with white flowers and red roses.. She got nervous.. This was the moment she never ever wanted to face in her life…Suhaagraat with laksh…!!

Parineeta: Ragini.. Ab tum yahaa araam se baith jaao.. (Smirked) Hum devar ji ko bhi bhejte hain..

Ragini was really scared and nervous while her eyes were filled with tears when she was looking at the bed..and then parineeta smiled looking at her..

Parineeta: Ghabrao mat.. Devar ji maarenge nahi.. Balki pyaar hi karenge tumko.. (In a manner to tease her)

Ragini didn't react.. All these words were irritating her.. And parineeta laughed a bit..

Parineeta: Hum abhi dhoodh bhijawyenge.. Wo laksh ko pila dena.. Theek hai? (Smiled)

Ragini nodded in yes.. And she went out of there.. Ragini was so nervous..all she wanted was just an esacape from all this.. She slowly walked to the dressing table and looked at herself into the mirror.. Her tears rolled down seeing herself being so helpless.. Her eyes fell on the mangal sutra inbher neck and then at the sindoor in her centre parting.. And her tears rolled down from her read eyes that were completely filled with hatred…and then the knocked.. Ragini got shocked and immediately turned back.. Her eyes got normal seeing a girl standing there at the door step..

Girl: bhabhi.. Ye dhoodh kaha rakhe?
Ragini: (relaxed) wo..waha uss table par rakh deejiye…
Girl: Ji..theek hai..

She came in and placed the milk glass over the night stand and went from there… Ragini took a sigh… And wiped her forhead that became sweaty..
On the other hand laksh was really excited and happy…he was standing with aadarsh..talking to him.. Then parineeta came to him and held his arm.. And pulled him..

Laksh: arey bahbhi..kaha leke jaa rahi ho mujhe?
Parineeta: aapke kamre me devar ji… (Smirked) bhool gaye aaj suhagraat bhi honi hai aapki…
Laksh: (smirked) jaanta hu bhabhi.. (Thinking in his mind) issi pal ka to intezaar kiya hai maine hamesha se…

Parineeta smiled and dragged him upstairs to his room.. But at the door step.. She stopped him and turned him back..

Parineeta: (winked at him) all the best..
Laksh: (laughed) uski zarurat nahi hai..
Parineeta: (laughed too) Badmaash hain aap.. Chaliye jaaiye andar..aapki patni ji intezaar kar rahi hain aapka..

Laksh nodded in yes.. And parineeta went from there..
Then he smirked widely and turned back he opened the doors of his room and saw ragini standing and looking outside thriugh the glass wall of the balcony..he smirked and turned back to latch the door up… Ragini heard the sound of closing of door and turned back with big eyes filled with tears and nervousness..she saw laksh and got scared this time.. Her heart started beating faster.. Laksh turned back and looked at ragini.. He smiled.. Ragini was looking at him.. And as he was walking towards her she lowered down her eyes.. Laksh came closer to her and she was looking down.. Her eyes were getting teary in nervousness.. Laksh raised his hand and lifted her face up holding her chin.. She looked at him with teary eyes and he smirked..

Laksh: dekha ragini.. Maine jo kaha wo karke dikhaya.. Meri ho hi gayi na tum.. (Smirked) bohot nakhre dikhaye tumne..bohot naatak kiye.. But they all failed..jaanti ho kyu? Because tumne laksh maheshwari ko challenge kiya tha.. And see the result.. Aaj tum meri ho.. Sirf Meri..suna tumne Mrs. Ragini laksh maheshwari.. ?
Anyways.. Ab hume ye baate karke time waste nahi karna chahiye haina..? Coz aaj to humaari suhagraat hai..(came more closer to her) laksh aur ragini ki suhagraat… (Got serious with deep voice) ab tum hamesha ke liye meri ho jaogi.. Aur ab..ab to tum mujhse kahi dur nahi bhaag sakti..

Laksh then started bringing his face to hers but she pushed him back..and got back getting merged to the glass wall behind.. Laksh looked at her a bit disappointed..

Laksh: Ye kya hai jaan? Aaj humari suhaag raat hai.. Suhaagraat hi rehne do otherwise main isey tumhare bhai ki aakhri raat bana dunga..

Ragini got shocked hearing this..

Ragini: Ye.. Ye kya keh rahe hain aap…? Aapne kaha tha aap humare bhai ko chhod denge..to phir?
Laksh: (in a polite tone) Kaha tha baby.. Aur chhod bhi diya.. (Raised ahalf of his eyebrows) But still.. Mere aadmi hain tumhare bhai ke peeche.. Wo tabhi jaayenge jab main unhe kahunga.. Aur main tabhi kahunga jab hum suhaagraat mana lenge.. (He smriked and ragini was looking at him with hatred in her teary red eyes) chalo ab bohot nakhre ho gaye.. (He moved to her and put his hand on the galsswall behind her on either of her sides) And ab thoda pyaar kar lete hain..

Ragini was looking into his eyes.. He smirked.. Ragini tears dropped down..he the started bring hia face closer to hers and both of them slowly lowered down their eyes but then she turned her head.. Laksh looked at her face..she was closing her eyes with heavy breath..he grinded teeth but then he closed his eyes to get relaxed.. Then he opened his eyes and brouht his face closer to hers..his warm breath fell on her cheek and she closed her eyes more tighly..meanwhile he moved his hand on her bare waist and he held it softly..feeling her soft skin..he then placed a soft kiss on her cheek with which she clutched her lehenga in her fists..laksh then got back with a slight smile and looked at her.. He then touched her face and made her look at himself.. She opened her eyes that were filled with tears..

Laksh: (soft deep voice) You're mine.. Only mine..

Her heartbeats were getting increasing with every second.. He smiled.. He held her hands and took her to the bed.. He slowly made her sit on the bed and he sat beside her looking at her…Then he touched her hand.. She was hesitating and nervous so she pulled her hand back… Her heartbeats were increasing per moment… Laksh looked at her.. He was actually serious and there was a little smile on his face.. Then he took off her palla from her head… And now she was bare head.. Then he came more closer to her..she closed her eyes.. And clutched her lehenga in her fists..and he opened the lock of her neck piece.. Ragini was breathing faster.. He took that neck piece out… And now she was with a bare neck..Then he took out her ear rings..she was still scared and breathing fast.. Ragini wasn't looking at him as she was nervous and irritated.. Then laksh lifted up her face putting a hand on her cheek.. She looked at him helplessly with her teary eyes.. But laksh was insensitive.. He slowly took out her nose ring away… Then he held her face with his hand and brought his face near hers.. But just then..ragini put her fingers on his lips and laksh's expressions changed in anger.. suddenly she said..

Ragini: doodh…. (Looking at the table) Waha doodh rakha hai..aapke liye… (Looked at him) wo pee lijiye…

Then she removed her hand and laksh smiled.. He got up and went towards the night stand.. He picked up the glass and brought it to ragini…

Laksh: ye doodh…?? Come on ragini… Ye bhi koi bahana hua? Isey peene me to mujhe seconds bhi nhi lagenge…

He smirked and drank all the milk from the glass…ragini was still breathing fast in nervousness..she was looking at him helplessly and saw that he finished his glass in just 3 or 4 sips…he then took down the glass and clean his mouth with a hand..then he looked at ragini..

Laksh: Lo.. It's finished..and now its enough..itne dino se tumhare bohot nakhre tolerate kiye hain maine..but aaj nahi.. Aaj ki raat meri hai..so ab main koi bhi disturbance nahi chahta.. Ok?? (smirked)

Ragini was nervous and blank..Then laksh put the empty glass back on the table..he came back to ragini and sat beside her..he came closer to her and she got more nervous now… Then he slowly made her lie back on the bed and he himself came just over her.. Ragini's heart was beating like it would come out the next moment.. She was so scared..she was looking at him with her nervous and teary eyes.. And they both were looking into eachothers eyes.. Then laksh touched her face and and moved his fingers on her juicy lips..

Laksh: (in a low voice) Ye pal…kitni muddatto ke baad aaya hai ye pal Ragini.. Is pal me humari saari dooriyo'n ko mita dena chahta hu ab main… Iss pal tumhe apna bana lena chahta hu.. Hamesha hamesha ke liye..

Ragini made a face that showed these words were irritating her..she removed her eyes from him and turned her head aside..Her heart was beating fast and she was breathing fast.. Laksh smirked seeing her helplessness… Then he touched her arm and slowly slided his hand over her arm to her hand…then…he intertwined his fingers with hers.. And raised her hand with his own beside her face on the bed..Ragini saw this and then she looked at laksh..he smiled peacefully.. Ragini's restlessness was increasing every moment she just wanted to escape.. But she couldn't.. Then laksh brought his face near her neck and started feeling her.. and she felt his warm breath on her neck..and then he came more closer and nuzzled in the curve of her neck towards her face with which she closed her eyes tightly and tears rolled down from her eyes.. She clutched her hand in laksh's hand…But just then laksh stopped and got back with confused expressions.. Ragini looked at him..he got up and held his forhead head with his fingers with confused expressions.. seemed like he was heaving some headache.. Ragini also got up..her eyes were still teary but confused.. Laksh was also confused and his head was paining like hell.. Now his eyes started drooling..

Ragini: Sir..?

He lied back holding his forehead..He was getting fainted slowly..He Wwas trying to stay awaken but he failed.. Ragini was still confused.. And then laksh closed his eyes… His hand fell on bed and he got totally unconcious and fainted..ragini was scared.. She came near him.. And tried to touch his face but she was hesitating so she pulled her hand back..then she realised that he is fainted.. She slowly touched his face and patted on his face..

Ragini: (hesitating and nervous) l…laksh?

He was still fainted..And didn't react…She took a sigh.. Then she got back…she wiped her sweaty face and neck… Now she was relieved and reminded how all this happened…

[ flash back. ]

Girl: Bhabhi ye doodh kaha rakhe?
Ragini: wo..waha rakh dijiye..

Then girl placed the glass of milk on the side table and went from there..ragini looked on at her.. Then she shut the door after her and came to the table.. She took out a tablet which she had tied in her dupatta.. And dropped it the glass of milk.. It was a sleeping pill…

Ragini: Ab wo ye doodh pee le..bass.. (She looked up with tears and determination in hr eyes) aap jo chahte hain.. Wo hum kabhi nahi nahi hone denge..

[Flashback ends]

Then her memory got faded and she came back to the present.. She again looked at laksh..then she checked in his pocket and took out his phone.. She opened the message of the man that was after sanskaar and had messaged laksh that he has left him.. She wrote a message from his phone that " Sanskaar ko jaake bolo ki agar wo apni behen ko zinda dekhna chahta hai to ye sheher chhod ke chala jaaye.. Aur phir uske baad uska peechha karna band kar do.. " Then she sent this message to the same number..after sometime the man replied.. "Ok sir..kaam ho jaayega" ragini checked the message and a smile of relief came on her face.. She closed her eyes and smiled being relaxed.. Then she opened her eyes and deleted both the messages and put his phone back in his pocket.. She was happy for her brother sanskaar.. But she was also realising that her life has spoiled now.. She got up from the bed.. And walked towards the balcony glass wall and looked at the moon with her teary and helpless eyes..then she sat down.. She looked at fainted laksh and felt sorry for herself.. Then she turned back her face.. Closed her eyes..and tears rolled down on her cheeks..

Precap- RagLak's post-wedding customs and..pati ka pyaar..patni ka war..!!

How was it guys? 😀 I know you all must be like.. ' I wanna kill you vini' :p sorry sorry.. But RagLak romance ke liye thoda intezaar to banta hai naa..? 😉 keep reading this one.. Love you all.. o-part-14/

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