raglak ff ur my obsession (Part 7)


Hey guys I knoe I am reaaly late but I am btech and I am really busy. I promise to upload on Friday Saturday compulsorily. Other days I cant promise.
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laksh frees his grip on her and leaves. She lets out a breath which she was holding and closes her eyes. She recalls the moments and shudders. She didn’t feel new to all this. It was as if she knew his touch, his fragrance his eyes.
She touched her neck and inhaled the air. She looked around and felt it familiar.
She pushed her worries aside and started cooking. Laksh looked at her from behind the wall and sighed. He went inside a room and looked around . the room was filled with photos of a girl. He went and caressed her face and kissed it. He closed his eyes and let out a sigh and went out and closed the door. He turned back and was shocked to see ragini there.

Laksh: what are u doing here
Ragini: I came to call u for breakfast
Laksh:hmm ok u didn’t see anything right
Ragini nods her head negatively and starts walking with laksh behind her.
Suddenly she feels someone lifting her up. She sees laksh lifting her.
She lets out a gasp. While laksh pushes her more into himself.
He walks into the kitchen and keeps her down and sits on the table. She gets breakfast for him and serves him and stands beside him. He signs her to come near him . she goes to him. He catches her hand and makes her sit on his thigh.
Laksh: have beakfast

Ragini: but u didn’t have still
Laksh keeps his lips on her lips and kisses her gently. He leaves her and makes her eat a bite.
Laksh: now make me eat
She nods her head and makes her eat.
They make each other eat when laksh gets a phone call. He excuses himself and leaves while ragini starts cleaning kitchen. Laksh comes back
Laksh: u are coming to office with me from tomorrow

Ragini: but what will I do there.
Laksh: u wil entertain me and take care of me get ready by 8 tomorrow
He leaves her and goes while she looks tensed.

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