raglak ff ur my obsession (Part 6)


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Ragini got ready in a white and pink chudidar and goes out of the room. Laksh was sitting on the sofa with laptop and coffee. He sees ragini and smiles.
Laksh: I want u to prpare breakfast for me today
Ragini nodes her head.
Ragini(with her head bowed); can I know what u like sir
Laksh goes towards her and raises her chin and akes her look at him.
Laksh: laksh call me laksh not sir I already told u
Ragini: sorry si I mean laksh

Laksh: now there are few more rules
1. U will talk lokking into my eyes
2. No thanks and sorry
She nods and leaves when laksh holds her hand and polls her towards himself.
Laksh: one more thng every morning u should give me a kiss by yourself now give me
Ragini gets shocked and looks at him while laksh looks at her with alm and intense expression.
She moves towards him and cups his face. She moves towards him while he close his eyes enjoying her closeness. She keeps her lips softly on his lips and stays still.
Laksh (in kiss): now start sucking my upper and lower lips and then bite them
She sucks it and bites him.

Laksh: now open ur mouthand play with my tongue
She opens it slightly
He catches her waist and keeps his tongue in. both start to taste each others mouth . laksh pulls her more closer and kisses her face fully while ragini stands still. He leaves her at last.
Laksh: now go
Ragini goes and starts preparing curry and chapatis. Laksh also follows her and sees her working.
Ragini is making the dough when laksh hugs her from back and helps her in making dough.
He keeps her hair to one side and kisses her neck and bites it. Ragini shouts and tries to leave. But laksh doesn’t leave her and licks her skin and kisses it smoothly.
Laksh: don’t worry I wont hurt u

He says it with a determined face while raginilooks scared.
The screen freezes on them.


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