raglak ff ur my obsession (part 3)

Hi guys thank u for ur awesome comments please comment more as it encorges me

Shona: wow di this house is awesome I love it
She starts jumping on the couch
Ragini: stop it shona this is not urs get down
‘its ok all this is urs’

A voice was heard from back.
Ragini turns to see laksh standing there with a smile on his face. He comes in and touches janaki’s feet and takes blessings.
Janaki:thank u beta but why are u doing all this beta
Laksh: aunty it is my dadaji’s 100th birthday so I decide to help any needy family and I saw ur daughter working she is really hard working we could really use her talent
Janki;thanks beta but she never left Kolkata in her life how will she survive in muumbai
Laksh: don’t worry aunty I will take care of her
Ragini interrupts their conversion and takes janki inside. Laksh follows them silently while swara was busy in her own world

Ragini was packing her bags
Janki: what are u hiding ragu
Ragini: nothing ma
Janki comes and makes her sit near her
Janki: u have faced many things in ur life but u never gave up whatever u do don’t give up u values ragu be loyal to the person whohelped u’
Ragini: I will not let u down ma
She sleeps n her lap while janki cresse her face
Laksh feels bad for her but doesn’t say anything

After 2hrs ragini bids bye to her famly and climbs laksh’s car. They both were sitting back. Laksh was looking at her while she was looking away into space crying

Laksh(calmly): come here

She looks at him and and comes near him. He makes her sit on his lap and keps his hand on her thigh and presses it. He kisses her eyes and drinks up the tears
Laksh : ur first rule u should not cry
Second u should not lock ur room door or bathroom door
Third u should pamper me like a small kid
Fourth u should listen to my rules which I will tell later

Ragini smiles at his childishness while laksh smiles at her smile.
The screen freezes on their faces


  1. |Registered Member

    Sorry I couldn’t comment on the 1st and 2nd part… I was a silent reader of your FF… If I don’t comment it doesn’t mean that I haven’t read it…🙂

    I just wanted to say that I loved today’s part and love your FF… Keep going and upload soon…

    Take care and keep smiling 💫

  2. Karjal

    I really like your ff
    But I feel that your episode are too short I don’t mean to be rude but it is just that they seem like a promo
    So please do longer episodes and I feel you will get more coments

  3. Kiran

    I love you ff so much
    I was a silent reader but you are to good and your episodes are amazing to not of been commented on saying how Superb and amazing they are
    I am so happy that I found you ff I loved it from the very first episode but sorry I did not comment but now you will see me commenting regular also i have a request please do not mind but can you please updates regularly and please do longer episode as I think that they are very short and I agree with Karjal that they seem more like promos so can you please do longer ones
    Can’t wait for the next updates please do it soon

  4. Raglak fan

    Wow so good and I think it is very uqiue please can you do longer episodes and your episodes are very short

  5. SPP


    |Registered Member

    Awesome Superb
    Loved it
    Please make it a bit long
    Loved Laksh’s antics
    Waiting for the next one………..

  6. Sammy_Kavi


    |Registered Member

    Sweet episode … But plzzzzz make it longer yar …. It’s just a request and also plz be regular bcoz I can’t tolerate suspense or waiting 😜

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