raglak ff ur my obsession (part 2)


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Laksh pov
I want her again and again I want her unless I feel satisfied. I should bring her into my embrace again but how?
Pov ends
Janaki’s surgery was done and it was successful. The doctor informs ragini to take care of her and to keep her in a healthy environment. He also tells her that she must be treated regularly and asks her to get more money ready.
Ragini gets tensed and leaves to her home to prepare food. She sits near the god and prays to him.

“god I have never asked u anything for me all I want is my family’s happiness. Today I savrificed my virginity also for it. Now I have nothing let how will I be able to save my mother and shona please help me”
She cries when she feels rough hands on her face wiping her tears. She looks up and sees laksh wiping her tears. She gets scared and steps back. Laksh frowns at this move of hers and goes forward and takes her into his arms by keeping his hand on her waist
Laksh: why are u going away from me

Ragini gets scared looking at his angry eyes and answes slowly” because u are in my home without atelling me so I got scared”
Laksh ; u need not get scared of me ok and I have an offer for u
Laksh: yes I know that u need money for mothers further treatment and also for ur sister’s betterment so I want u to work for me
Ragini : what work?

Laksh: bein with me 24/7 satisfying all my needs doing whatever I ask u to do. Inshort surrendering urself to me. In return I will give u this house(he shows her photos of a beautiful house with a garden) will shift ur mother to an international hospital and ur sister to the best school. She will get all the education she needs. I will give then 1 lakh money extra per month for maintenance. But for this I need ur everything.
Ragini looks at him and cries she knows she needs money and she could do anything for her baby sister.
Laksh: first thing is stop crying
She looks at him and controls her tears

Laksh: good I will shift ur mother to good hospital tomorrow. I am going to give u two days time spend good time with u parents after that ur every moment will be only mine. Ok?
Ragini nods her head
Ragini: my mother should
Laksh: don’t worry no one will know I will tell them that I gave u job as ur very talented which u are
Hewnks at her while she stands there lifeless.
Laksh: as I am leaving u for 2 days I need something to survive for these 48 hours.

He kisses her lips passionately and kisses her whole face hungrily. He leaves her at last and leaves.
Laksh’s pov

After 48 hrs u will be mine oh god when will this time complete?
The screen frrezes on his hapy face

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