raglak ff ur my obsession (part 1)


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Part 1
Life is too boring. I need some spice in my life. Got bored by the numerous girls who I was sleeping with. I want someone for whom I want to crave . being bored by the long drive I opened the window of the car and looked out. There she was the one of my desires .Her milky skin, beautiful hair and big brown eyes. She had a magnetic pull towards her and I got down the car following her sight. She was cleaning the door and windows of the restaurant. She was carrying the dirty water when I collided with her and the water fell down. She looked at me and then at the dirty place around. Just then a woman came out and starting cursing her.
Woman: Ragini what the hell?u worthless girl u are becoming a headache for us
She was about to hit her when I stopped her.
Laksh: It was my mistake there is n need to scold her
I took 1000 rupees and gave her and took Ragini’s hand and walked away. She was trying to wriggle out of my grip but I caught it firmly.

Ragini; pleae leave me
Her voice was so sweet. I took her to a nearby 5 star hotel and made her sit. She was looking around with fearful eyes
Laksh(still holding her hands): so ur name is ragini
Rag nodded her head.
Laksh; speak something
Ragini : I need to go back to chachi otherwise she wont give me money. I need money to buy medicines for mom
She turns to leave but I stopped her and pulled her towards me. My hands were sliding along her waist and other body parts. I had a strong urge of ripping her clothes but controlled it
Laksh:how much do u need
Rag: 2000

He takes it out and gives it to her but she refuses
Ragini: I wont take any money without working. Its against my values
Laksh: who told I will give u money without work
Ragini looked at me confused. I pulled her and kissed her lips. They were so tasty I was licking them passionately I tried t enter into her mouth but understood that she was new to all this. So I left her gently and pecked her lips.
Laksh: now take this
Ragini looked at me with shocked eyes and was about to say something when she got a phone and ran away. I also ran back of her. She entered hospital when a smaller girl came and hugged her.
Rag: what happened shona where is mummy
Shona: voh di mom got attack suddenly doctor is saying 2lakhs are required tht too before today night from where willwe get it di

Ragini pats her head and says u don’t worry shona I will manage u go and be with ma
Shona nods her head and leaves.
I stood there keeping a hand on my lips. I really wanted to tate those lips again wanted to feel her body.

I took a check of 3lakhs and went to her. She looked at me and said aap
I gave her the cheque and said
‘I want u for today n this money will be urs’

She looked at me with teary eyes and nodded her head. I got happy and gave her the address and left. I somehow was sure that she would come.
I went to the room and decorated it with roses and lights and got dressed in white pant and shirt when I heard the bell ring. I opened it and saw her looking beautiful in a white anaekali but her eyes were red. She ame inside slowly while I bolted the door and hugged her from back. I opened the dori of her anarkali while she shivered . I kissed her back and took my hand inside the dress. I felt her br*ast which was so soft and felt elated. I turned her toward me and removed her front dress. Now she was standing naked. I pressed her br*ast hardly and she shouted in pain. Taking it as a advantage I put my tongue in her mouth. I tasted her mouth and bit it. Slowly I kept my hand on her thigh and made her keep her legs around my hip. Her hands were around my neck and her br*asts were pressing hard against my chest. I whispered” kiss me”
She looked at me and kept her lips on mine. They were so soft. I slowly put her on the bed still not leaving her lips and felt her body curves which were perfect. I kissed her body fully and entered into her. She screamed.

Laksh: oh sorry
She nodded her head and closed her eyes. I kissed her eyes and entered into her fully. I stopped after sometime and slept beside her. I could feel she was trying to go awaybut I pulled her and made her rest on my chest while I placed my hands on her are waist and slept.
The morning rays were falling on me. I smiled to myself thinking about last night it was the best night of my life. Her skin ws the smoothest skin I ever felt. I slowly opened my eyes to see her face but she was not there. I looked around the room and in washroom but didn’t find her. Then I saw a later on the table.i opened and read it

Oh god this girl is too sweet I thought one night would be enough but now I need her. I need her more
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