Raglak ff: Tu Ki Jaane Pyaar Mera (Promo)


Hi guys, this is Bela here!

Honestly, your comments are the best! I was worried that half of you may be angry for such a short and late update but your lovely comments made me the happiest person on the earth. As I said, it may take time for the next episode. So I thought to give a promo.

Please do read and comment 😀


Lakshya is in a mobile store. He is seen arguing with a store clerk.

“I have NO idea where this SIM came from in my mobile! Yes, I used it. Only once. To call my wife on the night before Durga Pooja. Yes, I made multiple phone calls to her through this number. I didn’t pay much attention to it then. But now, a man keeps on calling me and saying that he wants to be paid. I don’t even know who he is. Wait, didn’t I just say that I don’t know where this SIM came from? Then there is no question of it being registered in my name. I don’t even have its passcode. NO! I have no idea how I was able to operate it that night!” Lakshya is heard shouting.

The store manager comes and tells him to submit that SIM card to them for inspection.

Lakshya is seen with a sneer on his face. He walks out of the store and opens that SIM and makes a call.

“You fool! Stop calling again and again! This number is with Lakshya now! Take your money from the usual place at 11 pm tonight. And don’t you dare call me again after this!” He growls.

Lakshya’s face is seen getting soft again. He looks around confusedly. “Wasn’t I in the store just now? God! It is happening again! I need to go and see Dr. Sen again.” He says to himself. He then walks back to the store and submits the SIM.


Ragini is seen cleaning the bedroom. She adjusts the bedsheets and pillows and then starts to clear the documents kept on the bedside table. She opens Lakshya’s cupboard to keep them inside.

As she is about to close the drawer, she finds a small wooden box in a corner. Inside, she spots a green medical file with ‘Lakshya Maheshwari’ written on it. She takes it out and opens it.

Name : Lakshya Maheshwari
Age : 24 years
Gender : Male

More sleep, fatigue. Patient feels confused and doesn’t remember some short time periods in life. Reported behaviour of aggression and violence. Extreme mood swings. Suspected Bipolar disorder.

Dr. Shobhit Sen

Ragini frowns. Lakshya is seeing a psychiatrist? She never knew. She read the reports again and found most of it true. Why didn’t he tell her about it? Was it serious? Why were the reports hidden? She calls up the number given on the papers and takes an appointment for the evening.


Lakshya is seen driving his car. He mutters to himself, “Phew! That was close. Today, I was able to stop him from going to Dr. Sen. But I won’t be lucky all the time. I need to destroy those reports before Lakshya or any one else sees them!”

Lakshya’s phone rings. ‘Wifey Calling’ it reads. He smirks. He picks up the call and says in a cheery voice, “Missing me?”

His face is seen transforming. His eyes soften and he replies, “Okay Ragini. I will pick you up at 6. Okay. Bye!”

Lakshya smiles and scratches his head. Saturday was approaching. He needed to make new plans!


Ragini is seen sitting in a clinic with a doctor explaining something to her. She is in tears.

“Mrs. Maheshwari, I suspect your husband is suffering from a Split Personality Disorder. He has two people inside him. Two minds. One which is his normal self, while the other is his alter ego. When he had come six months earlier, I had suspected a bipolar disorder. But when I inspected his case further, his missing lapse of time pointed towards unconsciousness. But he functioned well. And although he is a mild man, there were reports of violence and aggression. I concluded that it must be Split Personality.” He says slowly.

Ragini is seen numb. The doctor shakes her and continues.

“Split Personality Syndrome is reported but is not an established mental disorder. There are doctors around the world who think that such a mental condition doesn’t exist because the foundation of this disorder is some trauma in the childhood. Physical, mental or emotional, anything. In India, many criminals use this as a way to lessen their punishments. But the fact is that it exists. I think your husband is suffering from it. But I don’t understand why he stopped coming or receiving my calls. He gave me this number. Is it his?”

Ragini looks at the number. It seems familiar. She notes it down and leaves.

She is seen crying miserably on the road. While she is waiting for Lakshya, she remembers her moments with him, his revelation of his traumatic past and when she found another SIM in his phone.

She freezes. She takes our the number she noted and compares it. It was the blackmailer’s number!

Ragini is seen sweating. This means that the real Lakshya had no idea that he was suffering from a mental ailment. His ‘alter ego’ knows of it though. And he is the one who was blackmailing her all along!


How was it? Please tell in your comments. The next update may take a week or more. Thank you all for all the love!

P.S. The previous episode had Swalak moments. The next one will have Ragsan! 😀

Credit to: Bela

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  1. Fouzarshi16

    Oh poor laksh. It was really fabulous promo dr. Ur rocked again.

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  2. killin it

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      Thanks Lisa 😀

  3. Amazing yar, please post next part ASAP

    1. Thanks lovely, I will try and be quick 😀

  4. Snehahari

    Split Personality Disorder ! wow superb promo dear and update soon

    1. Yep! Thank you Snehahari 😀

  5. Interesting

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  7. Awesome. Waiting for the next episode.

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  8. Varsha

    Aw dear it was a shocking promo, will wait till you update the next one but try to give one soon

    1. Thanks Varsha……….only a few more episodes left.

  9. A WEEK???????? ok i’m gonna search u out and hear the whole story from u thats easier that this wait yaar. u rock it and this ff is irresistible please upload next part as fast as u can

    1. Find me! 😀
      I guess it is almost done. Maybe till Thursday, I will be uploading 😀
      Thanks a lot 😀

  10. Maddy_02

    Awesome you rocked

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  11. Nami

    Te promo was super awesome. M so happy n M relived that at least ragini came to about laksh’s condition. Hope to see more raglak scene in next episode. Please try to update the next part soon.

    1. Thanks Nami……
      There will be Raglak+Raglak+Ragsan+Swaragini 😀

  12. Awwwww thanks so much for the promo Bela. Poor Laksh, he doesn’t even know he’s ill. Well it’s good Ragini knows now ??. Can’t wait to read the next part xx

    1. Lakshya bechara………….apne aap Ka maara 😛
      But Ragini to the rescue! 😀
      Thanks so much Fats 😀

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  15. Waiting to knw wat ragini ill do

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  16. Superb…. Now I m waiting for next part…. Awww my poor laksh

    1. Thanks Savi. I already posted it, though it doesn’t contain that scene 🙂

  17. Megha123

    Interesting promo eagerly waiting for nxt part to see how rags would react

    1. Thanks Megha. Although I must warn you that it doesn’t contain that scene. But I still hope you will like it 😀

  18. Omg….Bela….once again u came with such a fan promo…..looking ahead for next part…..

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  20. awesum promo
    now rags will get him out of dis trauma
    btw luv dis possessive lucky (split personality)
    waiting to see ragsan’s scene

    1. Even I love the alter ego. He is the most interesting character and I have a particular fondness for him since he is solely my creation. Thank you 😀

  21. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic promo
    Hope Ragini could do something about how she will face Laksh and the alter one
    U just nailed it again
    Waiting for the next one……….

    1. Thank you so much Spp….let’s see what happens. 😀

  22. Interesting promo

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  23. Ruhani

    Omg too shocking yr.. I can’t wait to read it… Felt really very bad for lakshya.. the mood swings he’s suffering frm is really very scary yr… I hope she makes him fine but it would be really very difficult as his alter ego is much smarter n evil..

    1. Yes, the alter ego is evil. But then, he is soft towards him. His ‘duty’ is to protect Lakshya so he won’t really try and harm him again. But he will try and replace him………………..
      Thank you Ruhani 😀

  24. Awesome promo waiting for the next update!!! Always a work of art

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