Raglak ff- Tu Ki Jaane Pyaar Mera (Episode:3 Aur Pass)

Hi guys, Bela is back!!!!!

I realised that I have not justified my title. Tu Ki Jaane Pyaar Mera means ‘What do you know of my love?’. It was a phrase in the hit song Samjhaavan.
This ff is mainly in Ragini’s POV since it is her love which Lakshya is unable to understand.

Guys, I plan to keep it as a POV based ff but if anybody wants a general POV too, I will comply. Please comment and give constructive feedback as it is my first ff.

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Coming to the story, let’s begin Raglak’s special day………

“RAGINI!” my husband’s voice came. I sighed. This was about the 10th time he was calling me to do some thing or the other. I went to him and turned out, he couldn’t find his watch. As I handed it to him, I noticed that we quite matched today. I was wearing a pink sari with gold work on it and had my hair open with two side braids meeting at the back of my head. Lakshya was wearing a white shirt with black polka dots with a denim jeans and a pink blazer which matched with my dress. I looked at the mirror one last time and then dragged him downstairs so that we could make it on time.

As we walked through the corridor, we came upon Swara who was going in the opposite direction. Lakshya instantly stiffened and I too, stopped abruptly.

Swara gave both of us a look and asked, “Are you both going out somewhere?”

Lakshya coldly replied, “Yes. I am taking Ragini out for a movie. We were about to inform Maa that we may not be able to make it for lunch. Now that you know of it, please do tell her. We are already running late.” With this, he grabbed my hand and we went out.

I don’t know why, but I felt happy. And I could tell that I wasn’t alone. Lakshya smiled as soon we were out of Swara’s sight and exclaimed, “Phew…….It isn’t that hard to speak to her. I have no idea why I had been ignoring her.”

I gave a tight smile and we then went to the movie theatre. We reached about ten minutes early. As we were watching the second show of the day, we were waiting outside the hall when suddenly, the doors of the hall opposite to us opened and a man came out escorting another man on a wheelchair. The man on the wheelchair was pale and seemed in shock. Both of us looked at each other in confusion.

A young couple beside us chuckled, “He just came out after watching Conjuring 2. Poor guy seems to have been a bit affected.”

From the corner of my eye, I could see Lakshya pale slightly. He looked at me and then, in a feeble voice, asked if I was okay and not disturbed after seeing the man. I smirked and replied that I was about to ask him the same question. He scowled while I gave a laugh.

Lakshya, as a measure of safety, bought a tub of popcorn and 2 glasses of cold drinks so that he may focus on the food while a particularly scary scene came. As the movie started, I could feel him stiffen and clutch to the tub of popcorn. I giggled slightly. Who knew that ‘The Great Guy Lucky’ was afraid of horror movies?

Throughout the movie, he was never without a popcorn in his hand. Since I didn’t find the movie particularly scary, I was better entertained watching my husband squirm and yelp at some scenes. When the popcorn got over a few minutes before the interval, he tightly held my arm and snuck up close to me.

My heartbeat instantly started to increase. I could smell Lakshya’s cologne and it drove my senses wild. I had never been this close to a man. It was a funny feeling where I could feel butterflies in my stomach and I knew, rather than see, that I was blushing hard.

Suddenly the lights came on and the intermission was announced.

Snapping out of my thoughts, I looked at Lakshya who had his eyes shut tightly with a wince on his face, clutching my arm still. God! He looked so cute. I wanted to watch him till eternity. I chuckled slightly which prompted him to open one eye and check his surroundings. Resisting the urge to pinch his cheeks, I softly said, “The interval has started. You can bring more popcorn if you want. And you can even use the washroom.” I remarked with a giggle.

While I was busy at laughing at my joke, I did not notice Lakshya looking at me. When I stopped and turned to him, I saw him looking at me with a strange look in his eyes. We had an eye lock. His eyes, his beautiful black eyes, were looking at me and I could see a lot of emotions pass through them. And surprisingly, I couldn’t identify any of them.

The moment was broken by a man who was passing us holding a tray. We adjusted ourselves and it was then I realised what Lakshya was looking at.

While clutching to me, Lakshya had been so forceful that my blouse had slipped down a bit, exposing my shoulder. I turned red with this new bit of information and turned towards where Lakshya was and found that he had promptly disappeared!

Five minutes later, he came back holding a tray, this time containing Nachos and dip and some more cold drinks. He smiled awkwardly at me and I gave him a reassuring smile to indicate that everything was fine. He plopped down on the seat and gave me my cold drink and glued his eyes back to the screen. With a final glance, I tuned to watch the movie again.


I had no idea how this happened. It wasn’t intentional, it just happened. But what disturbed me wasn’t the entire episode itself but my reaction to it.

I had always known that Ragini was pretty. She had beautiful, large and expressive eyes, a cute nose, plump cheeks and rosy lips. She was certainly beautiful. But today, with her shoulder exposed and a beautiful smile on her face, she looked something else. She looked seductive, definitely. I couldn’t help but stare at her as she laughed at her own silly jokes, oblivious to the maddening effect she was having on me.

Then when she turned and looked at me, we shared an eye lock. Her eyes, they were amazing dark pools of chocolate. They had an expression in them which I could easily identify as confusion. Yes! She was confused why I was acting weird. I knew that I needed to tell her about her clothes but somehow, those eyes of hers were so addictive, they were drowning me in them…………

Our moment was broken by a man who was passing us and I came back to my senses. I swiftly left my seat and went out before she could find out what had happened and question me about it.
I returned later with some nachos and cold drinks and tried to avoid her, even though she indicated that she was fine. I wanted to bang my head somewhere. Of course Ragini, you are fine. The problem is not with you though. It is with me. I am NOT fine. I am having some sensations. And while I like them, they are foreign to me and I have no idea how to understand them.


“The movie wasn’t so scary. Really, it has been hyped!” Lakshya said with a shrug of his shoulders.

I gave him an amused glance and then smiled sweetly at him. “No wonder you shrieked out loud when the ghost pulled the mother down into the water.” I replied.

Lakshya gave a huff and said, “Okay, fine. I admit I was a ‘bit’ scared. It was a horror film after all. We were meant to be scared. But I can’t say the same about you. You were hardly even stiffening. Are you even human?”

I turned towards him in a circular motion and blinked my eyes thrice and gave a creepy smile. “What do you think ?” I said in another voice.

Lakshya gulped and then started complaining that I was making fun of him and that I was very bad and he would complain about me to Maa. I gave a peal of laughter hearing him and he too joined me after a few seconds.

We stopped at the Haldiram store to have our lunch. Surprisingly, even after having more than half a tub of popcorn, 2 glasses of cold drink and a box of Nacho’s, Lakshya claimed that he was ‘starving’. He ordered a Chinese platter for himself while I ordered a Raj Kachouri. While we were waiting at the billing counter, Lakshya came across his friend Omi.

“Hey Omi, how are you man?” Lakshya asked him pleasantly.

“I am rocking as usual Lucky. You tell. What are you up to these days?” Omi said with a smile.

“Nothing much. I came to see a movie with my wife Ragini. Meet her. Ragini, this is my friend Omi and Omi, this is my wife Ragini.” Lakshya did the introductions.

I could see a surprised and confused look on Omi’s face. I knew about Omi. He, along with Swara and Lakshya, had helped in uniting Dadi and Nani due to which Shomi Ma and Papa had united. I had not met him then but Swara had and she had promptly declared him to be a featherbrain.

“Lucky, you know I had been out of the country for a while now. But still, I can’t understand this. Is this the same Ragini you were arranged to get married to and you broke it off later? Your friend, what was her name, Swara, yes! Swara’s sister? Your ‘Zabardasti Ki Mangetar’?”

The smile I had on my face vanished. This guy indeed had no brains. It wasn’t as if he was saying something new. I knew that Lakshya never had a serious intention of marrying me. But it still hurt to know that he had talked to his friend about me as a ‘Zabardasti Ki Mangetar’. Seriously, was I not even a friend? Was that all what I was to him?

“Hi Omi. I am Ragini. You must know that I have now been promoted. From being a ‘Zabardasti Ki mangetar’, I am now a ‘Zabardasti Ki Biwi’.

This was true. I had basically forced Lakshya into marrying me by doing a drama of suicide and by seperating him and Swara. Admitting it, although indirectly, gave me a sense of liberalism.

Lakshya gave me a horrified look while Omi burst out laughing, declaring me to be funny and cool. Lakshya gave him a deadly glare and quickly paid the bill and excused us with promises of meeting him later.

“You should never make promises that you can’t keep Lakshya. You may forget them but the person who has been promised to may not. It hurts a lot when you are promised many things but they never come true. Ask me, I have lived my whole life like this.” I said in a throaty whisper.

Lakshya gave me a tearful look and said with a catch in his voice, “I am sorry Ragini. I know I have hurt you a lot. I admit I said those words to Omi. But that was before we became friends. You are one of the most brilliant people I know. You are kind, beautiful, funny, sweet, caring and amazing. You are just perfect Ragini”

‘And yet you couldn’t love me’ I thought with sadness. However, I smiled and told him that I knew. I told him that it wasn’t his fault that Omi had his foot in his mouth. Lakshya gave a giggle at this and we ate our food, chatting all the while about everything and nothing. The day had had its ups and downs. But I had been with Lakshya. And I wouldn’t trade this day for any other.

Up Next: Raglak Heart to Heart Conversations.

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  1. Beautiful epi… U always justify all their emotions n i love that… Their theatre wala scenes were funny n romantic… Omg laksh adore ragini so much.. Can’t wait for the nxt epi…

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  3. I like laksh pov, ragini is awesome

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    1. Thank you for liking Laksh’s POV. This waswas consciously introduced to start the phase of Lakshya’s attraction to Ragini.
      Yes, I will try and keep some POVs of him. Keep reading!

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  11. A brilliant update once again Bela. The way you express Ragini’s thoughts is honestly perfect. I liked how there was Laksh’s POV in this update too. Anyways, the movie date was so nice, it was funny how Laksh was scared and he kept eating. Can’t wait for the next update ??.
    P.S: I love the title of this FF, it’s meaning is really nice ??

    1. Thank you so much fats…….. <3
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  12. PinkChocolate

    Awww! I’m seriously too much in love with your story???? I loved it sooooo very much Bela?? especially their movie seen?! And felt too bad when she said, from Zabardasti ki mangetar to Zabardasti Ki biwi?! Aww! Poor kid she is! But loving ur story too much??

  13. Yes Pinkchocolate…… I had been very angry when Lakshya had uttered those words in the serial. Wanted revenge which is why I added it 😛
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