Raglak ff: Tu Ki Jaane Pyaar Mera (Episode :9 Muskaane Jhoothi Hain)

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Seriously, now the time has come to open up the next big truth. My story’s outline was about the infinite love Ragini had for Lakshya. Till now there have been these truths:
1. Ragini had been forced to do all this.
2. Someone from the family was doing this.
3. What will happen in this episode.

I swear, after this, there will only be romance and no suspense. Thank you all for staying with me till here. If someone wishes to ditch me after reading this, I am so sorry for disappointing you. But this was originally the plan and I won’t change it.

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Coming to the story, let’s begin the BIGGEST truth’s revelation and how it will affect Raglak’s lives…………..


“BECAUSE I LOVE YOU DAMN IT! I LOVE YOU. Bohot Pyaar karta hoon main tumse! I cannot live without you!

Lakshya shouted at the top of his lungs and I froze. I looked up at him. Time seemed to have stopped. No one existed anymore. Just him and I. Lakshya and Ragini.

To say that I was shocked would be an understatement. I was positively flabbergasted. Confused. In wonder. How could this happen? Lakshya, my Lakshya, loved me? Loved me a lot? Couldn’t live without me? What?

I must have heard wrong. He must hate me! After all, I snatched his love Swara from him. No, he must have said that he hates me.

Lakshya grabbed my shoulders and pushed me violently. The rose in my hand fell down. He started shouting again.

“It is true Ragini. I love you. I love you the most in this world. More than myself. I don’t know how,when, where and why. I just know it. You have no idea how I have been all this time away from you. It has been killing me. Please Ragini, tell me. Tell me that you love me too.” Lakshya whimpered at the end.

I wanted to cry. I wanted to run away, lock myself in my room alone, sit in one corner and just cry. This couldn’t be happening. My unrequited love was finally being reciprocated! Lakshya loved me! I wanted to cry. I wanted to thank my stars.

Suddenly, I was pulled into a fierce hug by Lakshya. He was almost squishing me, with the amount of force he was applying to ensure that I was in his arms. He hugged me tightly and was sobbing in my hair. I raised my hand to pat his back…………

“Go back to Lakshya!”

His voice reached my ears again. Damn him! I was at crossroads because of him. He had ruined my life completely. I pushed Lakshya away from me and stepped back.

With anger masking my features, I said, “What are you doing? Are you in your senses? Oh no, of course you aren’t! You are drunk and blabbering nonsense! Love? You? And that too, with me? Who are you trying to fool? I am not your type Lakshya. Men like you don’t fall for women like me. You have constantly played with my feelings. One day you wanted to marry me, the other day you didn’t. One day you love Swara and now you are saying you love me. You honestly think I will believe you? You never even liked me. ‘Zabardasti ki Mangetar’, remember? ”

I hated myself at that moment. I hated myself for saying such horrible things to him. I hated myself for the crestfallen expression on his face. I hated myself for breaking his heart. But I had no choice. I have always been helpless. From the time I was a child, I have always been helpless. I had never had a choice. I had no choice when Dadi Ma was dictating me terms, I had no choice when I was forced to stay at home and not work despite having a fantastic degree, I had no choice when my marriage was fixed, I had no choice when it was broken off, I had no choice when Swara and Lakshya were getting married and I had no choice when I was blackmailed. I never had a choice. And I hated myself for it.

Lakshya looked heartbroken. Tears were coming out of his eyes and he reached out to touch me but I flinched. He got angry.

“What? What did you just say? That I cannot fall in love? What do you mean by ‘men like me and women like you’ nonsense? You are making fun of me and my feelings Ragini. I Love You. I know I have hurted you a lot in the past. I know I have been a complete jerk and perhaps, even used you and played with your feelings. But my love is true. Just because you don’t believe it, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. And what are you being so arrogant about? You love me too. I am sure. Why did you do all that, then? You want to punish me for old times? Do so then. Hit me, scream at me, slap me. But please don’t leave me. I love you.” He said, shaking me by my shoulders.

I was looking into his eyes. Despite being drunk, for the first time, I could see clarity in his eyes. It made me happy that his love was true. And worried that it would be hard to let go of him now.

He continued. “Ragini, you did so many wrong things! So many. Yet, I am willing to overlook them and forgive you and start afresh. Is that not a proof of how much I love you? Can’t you see? You have always understood me before I understood myself. Can’t you understand now? I am giving you a chance Ragini. I am forgiving you! Then why can’t you forgive me for my past recklessness?”

I changed my expression into a cold one. Thank God he was drunk! If he had been sober, he could have seen my love for him in my eyes.

“Did I ask for a chance? Did I? No! I just asked for forgiveness. You have granted me that. Thank you. But I have not asked for a chance. I don’t want one. Our lives are better off if we stay away from each other. It was a big mistake Lakshya. I don’t love you. I think I never did. It was just an obsession. I had accepted you as my husband and it was hard to see you with someone else. That’s it. No love Lakshya. None at all. And I am not so petty as to punish you for something which is in the past and is irrelevant now. In fact, your past behaviour has convinced me that it is best if we separate.” I replied, trying to be cold.

Lakshya froze. His face contorted into that of pain and he stepped back. My heart was bleeding. Still, I carried on. I knew it would ultimately benefit him. I did it for his sake.

Lakshya cupped my face and came close to me. I could smell his alcoholic breath and it made me disgusted. I tried to push away. But he wouldn’t budge and I couldn’t go back because I was pressed to his car. He pressed his nose with mine and then kissed both of my cheeks.

Those traitorous butterflies again started flying in my stomach. Even though I was upset with him for drinking too much, yet, the knowledge of his feelings and this position made the situation a bit romantic. I was getting carried away………..

“I can’t live without you Ragini. I cannot. If you don’t come with me out of your own free will, I will take you back forcefully! I don’t want to do this but you are forcing me. Please Ragini.”
Lakshya muttered into my ears.

I stood there in shock. This was too much. He was going mad. Must be the alcohol in his system, I thought. I had no idea that had he been sober, I would have been halfway down the way with him, tied to the car seat!

I freed myself and ran away. He ran after me. The wind had started blowing violently. I tripped on a stone and fell down. I cried out in pain as blood started coming from my hand which had already burnt this evening. Lakshya fell in his knees in front of me and pulled my hand to him. He started cursing and yelled at me. Then suddenly, he started crying.

It was painful to watch. His love was visible in his every action. It had been visible for a while now. I had been too blind to see it. And now, it was too late.

I yanked my hand out of his grasp and stood up. “JUST GO AWAY!” I yelled at him and then ran inside. Leaving him alone.

I ran inside the washroom and locked it. And then, the tears came out. I muffled my voice so as to not wake up Swara and cried hard. I cried for my lost love. I cried for hurting my best friend. I cried for my Lakshya.


She left me. She left me alone. “No love Lakshya. None at all.” Her words rang in my ears. No love. None at all. She didn’t love me. She didn’t want to be with me. I had lost her. I had lost her friendship and her love. I had lost everything.

Raanjhan, dhoondan main chaleya
Raanjhan mileya na ye…..
Jigraan vich….agan laga ke rabba
Lakeeraan vich likhdi…..judaai

I walked back slowly. Each step seemed like a burden. I reached my car. On the ground, was lying the rose which I had given to her. Withered and crushed. Like my heart. I picked it up. I had brought it from my farmhouse. It was the same rose I had planned to present to her when I declared my love. I smiled mockingly. It had been utilised.

Kho gaya, ghum ho gaya
Waqt se churaya thha Jo.
Apna banaya thha
Woh tera. Woh Mera
Swath nibhaya thha Jo
Apna banaya thha

Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Aankhein bhini re bhini re bhini
Yaadein jheeni re jheeni re jheeni

I sat in the car and drove at a high speed. I remembered my moments with Ragini before our marriage. Her innocent face, her large eyes which she never raised, her red nails which she used to put on her red lips to ask me to be quiet when I would talk too much. I remembered our moments after marriage. Her smile, her laugh, her sarcastic comments, her care. I remembered her tear stricken face when I had told her that I didn’t want to marry her. I remembered her face on our wedding night when I had called her as Swara in my drunken state. I remembered her face when we had shared our secrets. I remembered her face a few moments ago when she had pushed me. I drove faster.

Aisa bhi kya milna
Swath hoke tanha
Aisi kyun saza humne hai paayi
Raanjhana ve
Phir se mujhe hai jeena
Tujh pe hai marna
Phir se dil ne di hai ye duhaai, Saajnaa ve
Laqeeron pe likh di kyun judaai..

Gair sa hua khud se bhi, na koi mera
Dard se karle chal yaari, dil ye keh raha
Kholun jo baahein, bas gham ye simat rahe hain
Aankhon ke aage lamhe ye kyun ghat rahe hain
Jaane kaise koi sehta Judaaiyaan.

Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Aankhein bheeni re bheeni re bheeni
Yaadein jheeni re jheeni re jheeni

A truck was coming from the opposite side. I saw it and tried to steer the car towards the left. It happened too fast. The headlights of the truck blinded me and my car collided with the truck.

Raanjhan dhoondan main chaleya
Raanjhan mileya na re
Jigraan vich agan laga ke rabba
Laqeeran vich likhdi…….JUDAAI


It had been half an hour. I had cried a lot and the tears still hadn’t dried. I raised my hand to wipe my tears. As I passed it over my face, it stung badly. I yelped and looked at my hand. It was red with blood.

I wiped my hand clean and applied the ointment. I recalled Lakshya applying the ointment some hours ago. The memory brought another fresh wave of tears. I splashed my face with water.

Lakshya. Why? Why did you have to fall in love with me? Why couldn’t you just hate me? It would be so much easier. And now you are drinking and………….Oh no! He was drunk! And I had left him alone. What if he did something to himself? What if he couldn’t drive properly? What if he was hurt?

I rushed out to see if he was there. He had left. I started panicking and then called him. It was unreachable. I grew desperate and then started running on the road. Praying to God that he would be okay.


I called up Boss to let him know that my hired man had done his work. In a few minutes, Lakshya Maheshwari would be in pieces.

Boss would be pleased. He had been paying me handsomely. I had no idea who he was and why he was after the Maheshwaris. But one thing was clear. He hated them. But he had a soft corner for Lakshya. And now he was obsessed with Ragini………….

I called him several times but his phone was out of reach. I frowned. He had given me instructions to call him only at night between 11 to 1a.m. to discuss our plans. And it had never happened that he was unavailabe. But today, his phone was unreachable.


The truck driver had left me there. Just like everyone. I gave a bitter laugh. I really was destined to be alone. I tried to come out of the car but it was locked. And overturned. My head was bleeding badly. My eyes started closing. All the incidents from my life started flashing before me. Maa holding me, Dad hitting me with his belt, Sanskaar and I playing, my friends taunting me for my stutter, my first girlfriend leaving me for my best friend, my transformation to Lucky. And then the happy ones. Completing my degree in designing, getting engaged to Ragini, breaking off the engagement, courting Swara, marrying Ragini, our dates, late night discussions, her laugh…………….

“Lakshya!” I heard her voice in a whisper close to my ear. I looked sideways and saw Ragini kneeling down in front of me. She touched my face. I smiled. I was dead. I was in heaven. Where else would I meet my love? I was happy. I was with her.

“LAKSHYA!” I heard a scream. It was Ragini. She was there. I was alive. I could feel a shooting pain in my head as I tried to speak to her. Suddenly, everything went black.


As I was running, I called Sanskaar. He picked it up after six rings and said in a groggy voice, “Who is it? What time is it? Are you nocturnal?”

I started crying and explained the situation to him. He told me that he was coming in a few minutes.

I ran and then abruptly stopped. My heart stopped beating. In front of me, on the road, was Lakshya’s overturned car. Petrol was leaking from it. It could explode any time. I ran faster and reached the car.

Lakshya was lying inside the car. His head was bleeding and he was muttering something. I leaned closer to hear.

“Ragini!” I heard. “Ragini, we will be together in some other life, for sure.”

My eyes watered. I whispered his name. Lakshya responded. I tried to pull him out of the car. He fainted.

With great difficulty, I pulled him out. I took him away from the car. I sat down and placed his head on my lap and started crying by placing my face on top of his. Within ten seconds, the car exploded. I looked at Lakshya and shook him.

I couldn’t breathe. There was so much blood! Oh God! If something happens to him, I would never forgive myself. I would kill myself………..

Sanskaar reached there and on seeing us, he panicked. We rushed Lakshya to the hospital. I held Lakshya all the while and whispered in his ears that it would all be okay. That I would never leave him. That he needed to return.

We reached the hospital and I shouted for the doctor. He was immediately taken to the Emergency Operation Theatre. I had trouble leaving his hand. As soon as he was taken inside, I fell to the floor. I looked at my hands by raising them to eye level. They were red. Red with blood. Lakshya’s blood. I started crying again by covering my face with those hands.

Everyone from Lakshya’s and my families came some time later. All were tensed. Maa was crying and Papaji looked sad. Adarsh Bhaiya had tears in his eyes and Pari bhabhi was trying to console him and was sobbing herself. Uttara was weeping. Sanskaar had his head placed on his mother’s lap and both were lying numb while Chachaji was walking outside the operation theatre tensedly.

Everyone from my family was shedding tears. I looked at everyone. I remembered my moments with Lakshya. When I first saw him on our engagement day, when he came to meet me later at my music academy. I had fallen in love with him at first sight. I still had with me his bracelet which had fallen off his wrist. I remembered breaking my engagement with him and his stay at our house. I recalled all my moments with him. Our marriage, our conversations, our silly fights, his blatant flirting, his love for food, working together at nights, and our Saturday dates.

The room was spinning. Blackness started creeping in. The last thing I remembered before fading into the darkness were his words just before fainting, “We will be together in another life, for sure.”


It had been three hours since Lakshya was taken into the ICU. Everyone was tensed. Badi Maa was inconsolable. But what troubled me was Ragini. She had been the one who had seen Lakshya first. Sanskaar told everyone how he had found Lakshya’s car on fire after the explosion and Ragini cradling Lakshya. It was clear that if Lakshya was alive, it was due to Ragini. Badi Maa had looked gratefully at her and had patted her head and thanked her. Ragini hadn’t responded. She hasn’t moved even a bit in the past two hours. It was worrying me. Had she become numb? I had tried to go to her once but Baba had stopped me. But now, I was getting worried.

I walked over to where Ragini was hunched on the floor. I kept my hand on her shoulder. “Ragini, it would be okay. Lakshya would be fine.”

No response. I was about to shake her when suddenly, the doctor came out of the ICU.

Everyone rushed to him and started asking about Lakshya. He gave a grim look and said, “We can’t say. He has slipped into a coma like situation. He has many internal injuries, and isn’t responding to any of our treatments. He isn’t fighting. He is critical. I would suggest we wait for an hour or so. If something happens, only then we will be able to act on it. Till then, we will have to wait. Only your prayers can work now.”

Everyone was shocked. Badi Maa started bawling. She then looked at Ragini and said, “No. Nothing will happen to my son. He will surely listen to Ragini. He loves her a lot.”

She went to Ragini, ignoring the protests of my Baba and Dadi who were explaining to her that Lakshya had no feelings for Ragini. She brushed them off and touched Ragini’s head and kneeled down.

“Ragini beta, please go to your Lakshya and tell him to heal fast. Please. You love him a lot don’t you? He listens to you. Please tell him.”
She cryingly said.

Ragini didn’t respond. She didn’t look up or cry. She hadn’t uttered a single word when the doctor had come out. Badi Maa got angry. She shook Ragini violently shouting, “Ragini! Ask him to come back!”

To everybody’s horror, as Badi Maa pushed her, Ragini fell down on the floor. She had fainted! Everybody rushed towards her. I held Ragini close to me. She was cold. With trepidation, I held her wrist. And I went numb.

Maa shook me and asked in an alarmed voice, “What happened Shona? What happened? What happened to Ragu?”

I looked at her with tears in my eyes. I whispered in a broken voice, “Maa……..I can’t find Ragini’s pulse!”

I could hear the nurse shouting that the patient in the ICU was deteriorating. I could see Lakshya’s family getting alarmed. I heard a beep. Everyone started crying. Then everyone gasped. I heard Adarsh Bhaiya whispering, “The doctor is going to give him shocks.”

Everyone was scared for Lakshya. Everyone was crying for Lakshya. My own family was near the OT. All except Maa who had heard me. We looked at each other, our eyes full of tears. Ragini was as alone in death as she had been in life.

Lakshya wasn’t responding to the shocks. Everyone was crying. I smiled. He will never wake up. He won’t. He is going to Ragini. They will be together. Maybe after death. Maybe in some other life, they will be together.


I was walking along a dark path. I couldn’t see anything. It was scary. It was as they showed in movies. Horror movies. I gulped in fear and moved. I was alone.

Suddenly, I heard a noise. The tinkling of a payal. It was coming from the front. Someone was walking in front of me. A woman. I ran fast to keep up with her.

As I neared her, I saw a door. It was wide open and a white light was coming from it. The woman was walking towards it. I could see her silhouette.

She had long dark hair which reached her mid back. She was wearing a red sari draped in a Bengali style. She walked gracefully ahead. I had the feeling that I knew her. I called out, “Hey. Can you please wait! Who are you? Do I know you?”

She stopped and turned towards me slowly. I ran forward to meet her. I stopped in my tracks as I saw her face. Ragini.

She was looking beautiful like always. She was wearing the same clothes that she had worn to the Durga Pooja. She looked at me in surprise.

“You here? How? Didn’t you get alright?”

I got confused. What does she mean? Where were we exactly? What were we doing here? The last thing I remembered was getting hit by that truck………………..

Oh! I had died. I was on my way to the afterlife. How cool! But then I got confused again. I was dead. So I was here. But what was she doing here? Was she………….?

“I am dead too. I have been dead longer than you. Which is why I was ahead of you.” She smiled at me.

I was horrified. How did she die? Did she commit suicide? Oh no!

Ragini chuckled. “I didn’t commit suicide Lakshya. It was a case of broken heart. Your condition broke my heart. So I had a stroke and I died.” She said chirpily.

I frowned. So we both were dead. Them how were we talking to each other? It was so confusing!

“Don’t ask me! It is the first time I have died, just like you! So I have no idea.” She said. WTH? How did she always know what I was thinking about?

“Because you think aloud Lakshya!” She said in a laughing voice. I widened my eyes.

She laughed more. I smiled. She looked so good. No worries, no tensions. Laughing. I joined her.

We would both be together. In heaven. Yipee! I and Ragini were going on our last date together. After that, we would be together forever.

The door was closing. And behind us, I could hear voices. Maa’s voice came, “Lakshya. Wake up please. Please?”
I could hear Sanskaar crying and asking me to open my eyes. Swara’s broken voice reached our ears, “Ragini, are you with Lakshya? Are you happy?”
I could hear her Dadi’s voice, “What? My laado died? When? No! This can’t happen! She cannot leave me like this. No laado. NO!”

Ragini had tears in her eyes. “We can’t help them. I feel sorry for them. But we can’t wait. The door is closing. We need to go.”

I held her hand. “Can’t we go back Ragini? Can’t we just go back? If we go ahead, we will reach heaven. So if we go back, we may be alive!”

Ragini shook her head. “Do you want to go back? Do you want to make that journey? We can go back. But it will be difficult. It is so much easier if we go ahead.”

I smiled at her. “Remember, you told me once that just because it is easy, doesn’t mean that it is right? Now I am telling you that. They need us Ragini. They need us. We haven’t completed our goals. We have such a long life. It may be difficult to go back. But if we are together, we will do it.”

Ragini looked at me lovingly. She looked at the door. 3…..2…….1…….The door closed. And then, everything was black…………..


Beep. Beep. Beep. I opened my eyes. I was lying on a bed. I was in the hospital. I remembered my strange dream. Had it been true? Had I died and then come back?

Beside me, Swara stirred. I squeezed her hand to let her know that I was okay. She looked at me and them called for the doctor, all the while kissing me and telling me how she was happy that both Lakshya and I had revived.

So it was true! I had died and then come back! Great! That happened only in films. It was cheesy. But it had just turned true.

My entire family was beside me in a second. Everyone was fawning over me. Dadi and Papa were apologising for being upset and were promising me that they would never be like that again. Dadaji was sobbing and patting my head. Swara held my hand in hers and gave me a watery smile. Shomi Maa was beside her and had tears in her eyes. I looked around.

“Is Lakshya fine?” I whispered.

Papa shushed me and asked me to rest. He placed his hand on my shoulder and held my hand with his other hand. I smiled at him. He smiled back at me. He signed me with his eyes that Lakshya was fine. I gave a sigh of relief and closed my eyes, going into the land of dreams.


I was annoyed. Mightily annoyed. I had been asking everyone for Ragini but they were avoiding that particular topic. I wanted to know if she was fine. If she was…………back. Damn these drips! I was covered with bandages and my trip to the afterlife had made the doctors a bit more alert with me. It was so painful.

The nurse entered. I decided that I would ask her. I put my best smile on my face, showing my white teeth and asked her in a pleasant voice, “Hello dear! Do you happen to know about Ragini Maheshwari? She must be admitted here too. I wanted to know if she was fine………..?”

I stopped midway. My eyes widened. She was holding an injection. Injection! I hate them. They are so painful. No! I won’t get an injection.

I started thrashing and protesting. When it became a bit too much, she said, “I will tell you about this woman if you take it.”

I was in a dilemma. What to do? Can I sacrifice my comfort for Ragini? Obviously. But injection……….?
As I was thinking what to do, the nurse sneaked up behind me and injected me. I shrieked in pain and then glared at her. She gave a smirk and started leaving. I called out to her.

“Hey! Wait. You said that you would tell me about Ragini if I let you inject me. You have injected me. Then tell me about her.”

She told me that the deal would have been true if I had let her inject me. But she did it herself. So she wasn’t liable to answer me.

She left from there giggling as I seeped into unconsciousness, thinking about evil nurses and my wish to sue them…………..


“Lucky has been asking about Ragini continuously. What should we tell him? The doctor has told not to give him stress. We can’t tell him that just like him, Ragini has come back from the dead too. He would freak out. ” I said to Swara.

She gave me a smile and placed a finger on my lip. I stared at her. She looked beautiful. I removed her hand and held it in mine. We smiled at each other, happy.

Everyone was amazed at how connected Ragini and Lucky were. They found it so hard to believe that they both had died together and then came back together. It was a miracle. But Swara wasn’t surprised. She had always been sure. She knew Lucky wouldn’t come back if Ragini didn’t. And the same was true for Ragini as well. There was a connection between them that few had.


I opened my eyes. It smelled like……..phenyl. Ughh……..yuck!

I moved my eyes and then saw something which brought a smile on my face.

Ragini had lied down beside me on the hospital bed and was sleeping peacefully. And snoring. I smiled gleefully. It would be a good blackmail story. She was again sleep talking. I moved closer to her to hear.

“Lakshya…..I am Laado not laddoo! I am not edible. You can’t eat me. Laado, not laddoo. Say Laado. L-A-D-D-O. No Lakshya. You can’t eat my cheeks. You are a vegetarian. What would everyone say if they got to know that you ate my cheeks?”

I laughed. Gosh, this woman is crazy! But I love her all the same. I entwined my fingers with hers and closed my eyes. I was content.


I woke up some time later. Oh no! I had slept with Lakshya on the bed! I scrambled out of the bed. Or rather, tried to. I found myself in Lakshya’s grasp. He looked so cute and innocent. He had his one hand entwined with mine while the thumb of his other hand was in his mouth. He was sucking onto it. I smiled.

Lakshya fluttered his eyes open and looked at me. He smiled at me. We were back. Together.

“Do you need anything Lakshya? Anything at all?” I asked him.

He looked at me naughtily and then said, “Your cheeks! They look tasty.”

I widened my eyes. Oh my god! It had been a dream. How did he come to know? Had it happened in real?

Lakshya laughed while I hit him lightly on his face. He mock winced in pain and I started fawning over him, worrying for him and asking him if he was okay. He gave me a brilliant smile and I smiled in return. Everything was okay.

The nurse came with a food tray for Lakshya. He winced. I was confused. Lakshya wincing at food? Was he alright? Hadn’t he hit his head? Was everything fine?

When she left, Lakshya made a face at me and said, “Yuck! Ragini, have you had the good fortune of eating this food?” I shook my head in the negative.

He gave me a look and said, “Naam Mera lucky hai and you are the one who luck has favoured! It is absolutely horrible Ragini! Like…..blah!” He rolled out his tongue for special effect.

I rolled my eyes at him and reprimanded him. He opened the food tray had shoved in my mouth a spoon of soup. I drank it and grimaced.

Lakshya looked at me happily and gave me a ‘Mazza aaya? Ab bolo’ look.

“It REALLY is horrible Lakshya! It is so………….bland! And yucky!” I conceded.

Lakshya gave me a satisfied look and then ate the contents of the entire tray in less than a minute!


My son was back! He was alive! It was a miracle! And Ragini………the poor girl had died of a broken heart . And she was back too! Truly, Panditji had been right. Their kundlis were a perfect match. They were made for each other.

I had always liked Ragini. She was perfect for my son in every way. She was beautiful, traditional, respectful, sweet, intelligent and mature. Her nature made me confident that she would bring my son back to me.

Lakshya. He had always been a really sweet boy. Naughty, yes. But sweet. However his father didn’t like his mischief. I remember that night clearly. The night that had changed everything. Lakshya had been 15. He had gone to his school farewell party with Sanskaar. Some children had brought alcohol and were caught in a raid by the police. All the boys had been taken into custody, irrespective of their involvement. Sanskaar was saved as he had been out of the place at that time and was attending a call. But Lakshya was trapped.

His father had bailed him out using his influence. He was taken to the farmhouse. The next morning, Lakshya came home bruised. He had been beaten by his father with a belt.

I had been horrified. I had no idea what to do. That incident changed Lakshya and his relationship with us. He became withdrawn, used to get angry and was very depressed and sensitive. My efforts to help him were in vain as he never responded to me. It was as if I had lost my son. I was sure that Ragini would help him heal.

And I was proved right. Lakshya had become happy in these months. He was less angry, more open and more respectful. This was one reason why I supported Ragini’s return to our house. She had brought me my son back. I would bring her husband back to her too.


When I was discharged from the hospital, the first thing I did was call him. My enemy. His phone was unreachable. I huffed angrily.

I went to the mobile company and relayed some fake story about being stalked by someone and gave them his number. I asked them to tell me who it belonged to since it was not being traced by Truecaller. I was determined. I would know today who this devil was. I would meet him and I would not leave him! He dared to kill my Lakshya! He would pay.

While I was waiting, I recalled all our conversations. How he had known I loved Lakshya, how he had known that I was getting closer to him just after our accidental ‘kiss’. It could only be someone from the family. I braced myself. Whoever it was had crossed his limits this time.

Out of nowhere, the night of the Durga Pooja flashed iny mind. He had been close to Swara when he had called me. And other than Swara and Sanskaar, only one person had been missing…………

I froze. I remembered his words. “Had your rainy date with that buffoon and left him?” He had called me just a few hours after I had been exposed. Both Lakshya and I hadn’t had a chance to share this information with someone else.

We had been alone on the road that day. There was no question. I have sharp instincts. I would know if someone was watching me. No one had been there. That means that there were only two people in the world who had known about my rainy date by that time. One was I. And the other…………….

“Ma’am? We have checked our records and have been able to trace the owner of this number. This number is registered with someone named Lakshya Durgaprasad Maheshwari!”


*Ducks to save my head from the slippers and tomatoes and eggs being thrown by the readers*

Ouch! That was the truth! Now go back and start from the Maha episode. The first time it was shown that Ragini was being blackmailed. There was always a hint that someone very close to Ragini was involved. After her marriage, Ragini spent the maximum time with LAKSHYA. He was the one who knew that Ragini loved him because everyone said so. He knew that Ragini was easily manipulated as he had done it a lot. He knew that Ragini would do anything for Swara.

That day when they were together in the bathroom, obviously, he knew that Ragini was getting closer to him. He knew that Ragini was allergic to potassium as he was her husband and they has become best friends. He knew about that dance in the restaurant and about the rain dance. And he knew that Ragini had refused to go back.

Another thing…….Ragini was mentally prepared that it was someone from the family. Then why was she thinking herself to be paranoid and stupid when she thought about who was missing from the dinner other than Swasan. It could only be someone who did not stand a chance. Lakshya.

And the blackmailer’s mobile phone went out of reach as soon as Lakshya’s accident happened.

Enough hints !

The question is, why is he doing this?

Up Next: Ragini starts her investigations, Lakshya’s purpose, Karwa Chauth, and a lot more………..

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  1. Yaar bela! I still can’t believe that laksh was the one ,who was blackmailing ragini!!I am really shocked and eagerly waiting for the reason behind his act! Please update the next episode as soon as possible!! I was a silent reader till now but after reading this update I couldn’t stop myself from commenting on it!!!love the story and the suspence!!!

    1. Thank you for commenting Kanthi……. I will try to update.

  2. Oh my goddddd belaaa…..d blackmailer is laksh???bt y he had done dat???ahhh…its reallly becomng interestng…plz post nxt part sooon plzzzz…eagerly watng for it…..

    1. Thanks fairy……… πŸ˜€

  3. Joona

    R u serious???… Laksh????
    Omg….I am totally confused… Laksh love Ragini right???then why????
    I think the number registered in wrong name….it won’t be laksh (I really wish…fingers crossed)
    Today’s episode was mind blowing…
    U gave me attack with ur shocking twist…
    I just loved it…keep rocking dear….
    And hw can I hate u dear…I just love u my sis…(I hope I can call u my sis)…for giving me such wonderful ff…( big Teddy hug from ur sis….)
    Keep writing…. Have a good day….

    1. Joona

      And eagerly waiting for your next update…

    2. Thank you so much Joona. And so sorry, it is Lakshya. I said that there are going to be no more suspenses now. It will be Lakshya only.

      And call me ‘Jiji’ in Sujata’s voice. I will love it! πŸ˜€

  4. I think laksh is having some split personality disorder..??(just a wild guess) i know its stupid.. Anyways gr8 episode

    1. Nah bro. Not stupid. Totally correct.
      #Genius πŸ˜€
      Thanks so much πŸ˜€

  5. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Oh my god Laksh but why
    U really made me curious to know
    Loved the epi and Raglak scenes
    Waiting for the next one…………………..

    1. Thanks Spp πŸ˜€
      Hero ban gaya villain πŸ˜›

  6. Sindhura

    Oh my god i dont belive it

    1. Ragini won’t believe it too initially. But then that is the truth πŸ™‚
      Thank you πŸ˜€

  7. OMG Outstanding twist Bela. I can’t believe that the blackmailer is Laksh. It’s very very very interesting story. I’m eagerly waiting for next episode. Plz update next part ASAP

    1. Thank you so much Ammu πŸ˜€
      Glad you find it interesting πŸ™‚

  8. Megha123

    Yeah yeah !! I guessed it true it was laksh itself BTW today’s epi was totally awsm
    & it was too filmy hope that u come with another part asap

    1. I liked the concept. Meeting even after death. Lakshya still excited and treating it as a date. His confusion. Ragini’s amusement. I tried to make it seem real by adding these elements but it still was filmy πŸ˜›

      And you guessed it right? Great, at least you won’t ditch me now πŸ˜›
      Thank you so much :D/

  9. Varsha

    oh dear, I am dumbstruck our Raglak had come back from death and everyone accepted it. A huge shock Lucky was the blackmailer, please update soon dear, dying to know why he did that

    1. Yep. Nobody cares where they came from. All they care is that they came back. And I found my suspense getting sad that it was being neglected in favour of a full POV describing everyone’s reactions. Apparently, my suspense knew it was in demand. So I decided to do it just give πŸ˜›
      Thanks so much πŸ˜€

  10. omg! really interesting twist but he tried to kill ragini aww;!! please post next part asap

    1. Burra bachcha Lakshya! Koi nahi, main uski mummy we shikayat karungi Ki usne hamari Ragu ko maarne Ki koshish Ki πŸ˜›
      Thanks so much πŸ˜€

  11. Ragz_teju

    Awesome twist can’t wait for the next one

    1. Thanks Rags_teju πŸ˜€

  12. Omg..laksh?? It is a total shock 4 me..but y?? Omg..i am 2 confused..plz bela..plz dear..update next part soon..plz plz plz

    1. I have updated. Thanks πŸ˜€

  13. Akshata

    after reading laksh’s name at the end i felt like, the ground beneath my feet, slips away!!! i mean why?? he knew everything, he did everything?? then why did he behave like as if he is the only innocent soul left in the world. but still this devil laksh loves her, wants her back. is he insane?, why did he arrange his own accident? we people thought that it was Adarsh or sanskar. my poor poor ragini, she was fighting with her own love, her husband. he poisoned her ? there are so many questions running in my mind and all the answers are with you.

    omg Bela, It has everything in it that a perfect story needs. swara’s love and care towards Ragini, laksh and ragini’s pure love ( laksh’s love is a mystery and has a big question mark?)and the air of mystery around the whole FF? wow!! this time come back soon or else i would faint due to anxiety and curiosity.

    1. Thank you SO much for your comment dear. Lakshya is really the most innocent guy here. You will realise in the upcoming episodes. πŸ˜€

  14. yaar bela, even i was a silent reader till now but now the question which arrived in my mind was really need an answer plssssssssssss tell if laksh have any problem like having dual personality disorder or something like that because on one side he claim that he loves ragini and on other side he blackmail her .why he blackmailed ragini to marry him when he loved swara. and now if he loved ragini then why he poisonedd her plsssssssssssssssssssssss update next part sooooooooooooooon otherrwise i will die ue to suspense.

    1. Oh he does have a split personality disorder. You will see his dangerous side in the coming episodes. Thank you so much πŸ˜€

  15. Bela dear, can i ask you something? Does laksh realy loves ragini? If he does then why did he mix potasium in her food? It may kil her na? If he loves her,then why did he tell her 2 stay away from him as a black mailor? If he loves her,then why did he force her 2 destroy his own family .bcz every one wil hate her na? Does laksh has some mental desorder? Iam soo confused nd a lot of questions are in my mind..plz bela.plz answer me nd plz update nxt part soon.if you can today itself

    1. Lakshya has mental issues. And he loves Ragini. I have updated the next part. Sorry for the delay. Thank you so much πŸ˜€

  16. I think he is taking revenge from his father by destroying his company,because the POV of Ap described how Laksh was beaten up by his father and then he stayed quiet and a bit secretive from his mother and father.Maybe he knew that Ragini loved him very much and could do anything for him,so he blackmailed Ragini.When the blackmailer was not revealed the POV said that he wanted to destroy Maheshwari empire.

    1. The POV of the man said that his boss had a soft corner for Laksh and he was obsessed with Ragini

      1. But if he wanted revenge from DP he would have directly married ragini what was the need of blackmailing

  17. Wat nooo way laksh yaar really it is very confusing really I am very excited for next episode

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  19. Ruhani

    Today’s epi was amazing splendid awesome…. But hw come the blackmailer is lakshya? I still can’t believe it’s him? Does he love her truly? I’m confused now, what’s wrong with him… If he really wanted to marry ragini then y did he blackmail her to those things with swara… Omg I’m so damn confused… The way he mixed pottasium in her food hw could he do that when he loves her… Moreover y did he blackmail her to destroy Maheshwari’s empire when all the fault will come at his side? How come he was heart broken when he came to know abt ragini’s truth… Seems like I have to wait for the nxt epi to know that.. Is he suffering frm some mental illness hehehe… Apart from this the way ragini n lakshya died for each other n then came back was amazing, it was so full of emotions.. Their love was visible in it… His confession was so heart touching.. Swara was always supportive towards ragini… U left us in this cliffhanger.. Plz update the nxt part soon soon.. I can’t handle this suspense anymore

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    1. Hey pinkie why are u not posting ur ff. Are you busy ? Well l m missing it and more than that l m missing you. Have got habit of talking to you.??

  23. I had many things to say about this chap but after reading that he was lakshya l lost all. Seriously he was lakshya,our cutie laksh.??hehe did he had split personality problem. ??
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  24. Rasha

    From last two episode I guessed wld b laksh & last episode u make laksh will b only but somewhere I got confused in where ragini started guess someone but last u shown laksh I guess that some split personality r his kind of revenge r it’s some kind of obsessing playing game with some life r feelings but later doing al this without his knowledge he too started loving her & blackmailing character is obsessed towards ragini..

  25. Sofia

    What A shocking episode.
    I am damn confused.
    I cant hold my suspense.
    Please update the next part ASAP
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    wat shud i say u made me speechless
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    dont know wat to say
    i m dumbstruck
    u r in 12th ???and u r from delhi,me too

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    no no this can’t happen. U must b kidding us. M totally shocked. Was it really lakshaya wo blackmailed N manipulated ragini. I dont think so I mean Y will he do so. Y would he try to harm himself n ragini. He is in love with ragini how can he do this to her. I hope he is not faking that he loves ragini. I hope he really loves ragini.
    I still can’t believe it Yaar. There r thousands of questions on my mind. Y lakshya did this.
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    And the last question, Have you written any daily soap? As you know how to keep your readers hooked with your ff by these unexpected revelations!! ?

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