Raglak ff- Tu Ki Jaane Pyaar Mera (Episode: 8 Yeh Dooriyaan)


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Coming to the story, let’s begin the journey which decides Raglak’s fate…..


I didn’t know for how many hours I had been sitting here. They had all been calling me non-stop. I had finally, out of frustration, picked up Sanskaar’s call and screamed at him to leave me alone. And now, I was again alone. Totally alone. Like I had always been before she came to my life.

Ragini. My wife. My beautiful wife Ragini. She had just waltzed into my life and filled it with colours. She changed me from Lucky, the arrogant spoilt brat to Lakshya, a responsible, loving man. She gave me a purpose, she gifted me my dream, she taught me to love and then………..she broke me. Betrayed me. Sometimes, I wonder if it was all a lie. These 4 months of our marriage, had they been a facade? Had she acted good all the time? I don’t know. Her eyes, they always told the truth. And I would like to believe that she did care for me. Cared for me enough to let me go.

I looked at the room I was in at my farmhouse. My ‘surprise’ for Ragini. I had decorated it myself. Every single thing. I had changed the sheets from blue to white and red, arranged the rose petals on it in a heart shape, arranged the flower arrangements on the tables, placed candles all over the room, placed a shallow pot filled with water and rose petals near the sofa and arranged for the white curtains. I had placed photos of Ragini and some of our moments on the wall facing the bed. I had done every single thing just for her. It had taken three hours but I had thought that it would be worth the effort when I carry Ragini into the bedroom, bridal style, and placed her on the bed and confess my love.

And here I was now, the flowers on the floor, the candles broken, the pot spilled and I myself, in a complete mess. My eyes were red and puffy and my hand was red with the dried blood. All because of her. Ragini.

I don’t get it. If she really loved me, wouldn’t she have told me herself? Let me go? Why did she do all this? What did she get? She spent four torturous months with me, being my wife but not really. It had been a namesake relationship. Till my realisation, I had basically friendzoned her. Did she do all that for this?

But what confused me more was how I was feeling. I should be angry, upset and cross that she snatched Swara from me. But I don’t feel that way. I am just……..hurt. Dejected. Because she wasn’t the Ragini I thought she is. We all had mistreated Swara and Sanskaar Bhai because of her lies. Swara had suffered hatred and taunts because of her. What happened to the love she had for Swara? Throughout these months, I thought that she DID care for Swara. Then what had happened? And my own feelings were confusing me. I was hurt, yes, but somewhere, there was something else too. Something I couldn’t get.

I wanted answers. I wanted to know why she did what she did. I wanted to know if she……………..YES! I finally got what I had been feeling. Pleasure. I was secretly pleased that Ragini fought for me. That she did all this just for me. I know that it is sick that I think this way, but hey, what is a guy who has been overlooked all his life supposed to do?

I decided that I wanted answers. I wanted to know whether she loved me or not. I wanted to know whether I could trust her or not. Because in all this madness, one thing was clear.

I love Ragini. And I CANNOT live without her. I would try and forgive her. I needed to go back home.


‘Yeh dooriyaan, in raaho Ki dooriyaan.
Nigaho Ki dooriyaan, humraho Ki dooriyaan……
Fanah ho sabhi dooriyaan.

Kyu Koi paas hai, door hai
Kyu Koi Jaane na, Koi yaha pe.
Aa raha paas ya, door main
Ja raha Jaanu na, main hoon kahan pe.

Ye dooriyaan……in raaho Ki dooriyaan
Nigaho Ki dooriyaan…… Humraho Ki dooriyaan…….
Fanaho sabhi dooriyaan…..’

I gave a sad smile. The song on the radio was perfect for my situation. I was back in Baadi after Papaji threw me out. Swara had accompanied me. No one here wanted to do anything with me. Except Swara. She was constantly supporting me. It amazed me. How Swara had no issues helping a woman who snatched her love from her, tried to kill her and then defamed her. She never left my side. Right now, she was sitting opposite to me in the room. Lost in thoughts.


‘Kabhi hua ye bhi khaali raaho pe bhi
Tu thha mere saath.
Kabhi tujhe mil ke Lauta Mera dil ye
Khaali, khaali haath.

Ye bhi hua kabhi, jaise hua abhi
Tujhko sabhi mein paa liya………

Tera mujhe, kar jaati hai dooriyaan
Satati hai dooriyaan, tarsati hai dooriyaan….fanah ho sabhi dooriyaan’

I smiled sadly. Such an apt song. Sanskaar had always stood by me even when I was alone. And yet every night, after spending the entire day with him, I was empty handed as far as his love was concerned.

He was everywhere. This seperation was making me his, more and more. It was bringing me closer to him. Yes, it was hurting and troubling me, it made me pine for him more. I wanted it all to end. I wanted these dooriyaan to end.


‘Kaha bhi na Maine, nahi jeena Maine…….Tu Jo na mila.
Tujhe bhoole se bhi bola na main ye Ki
Chahun faasla.

Bas faasla rahe, ban ke kasak Jo kahe
Ho aur chahat, ye jawaan.
Teri meri, mit jaani hai dooriyaan.
Begaani hai dooriyaan, hat jaani hai dooriyaan………
Fanah ho sabhi dooriyaan

Ye dooriyaan……………..’

I had just parked my car and come. I saw Bhai sitting on the bench in the garden with the radio. It was playing this song. Sanskaar had a heartbroken look on his face and was singing along softly. I gave a painful look to the radio. It was just the song which described my situation.

I couldn’t live without Ragini. I never told her that I wanted to be separated from her. I never wanted that. I just wanted a bit of a separation which brought us closer. I will make sure that I erase all our problems and our dooriyaan……….

“Lucky, you are back! Thank God! We all had been so worried for you. ” Sanskaar’s voice broke the chain of my thoughts. I looked up at him. He had come in front of me. He was about to hug me but stopped and looked at me apprehensively. I smiled and pulled him and we hugged. After four long months, we were finally together. I and my Bhai.

“I am so sorry. I am sorry for everything. I had become so mad in my revenge that I forget that you are my little brother. I instigated Ragini who did so much. I tried to stop her Lucky. But I failed. And I am sorry for bringing Swara into the house. It must have been painful to you. But she wanted to fight for herself and she had a right to. I am so sorry for what happened last night.” Sanskaar was blabbering.

Something struck me. I asked him in a low tone, “Bhai, do you love Swara?”


I froze mid sentence. Lucky was asking me if I loved his ex. What was I supposed to say? Yes, I love her?

What if he still loved her? What if he wanted her back? What if Swara loved him too? What if she wanted him back? What would I do? What would Ragini do? Oh my god, what is happening?

“Bhai, answer me. Do you love her?” Lakshya asked again.

I looked at him. No anger. Just curiosity. I took a deep breath and in a whisper, replied, “Yes. I love her. I love Shona!”

Lakshya looked…………..happy. He smiled broadly at me and said, ” Did you tell her that? Does she love you too? Tell fast, I am dying of suspense!”

I shook my head to reply in negative. I told him that I never told her and that she never said so too. And now, she had gone back to the Baadi.

Lakshya looked disturbed. He held me by my shoulders, looked into my eyes and then said, “When are you going to meet her next? Tell her about it then. She deserves to know. She deserves to know that a man as good as you loves her. It is the best you can do for her.”

I was surprised. So he didn’t want Swara? Could I have a chance?

“What about you Lucky? Now, as all the misunderstandings are clear, do you not want to give yourself a chance with her? You two loved each other. Maybe it will be better…………..”

Lakshya gave me a shocked look. “Abbey tharki, bhabhi hai meri! She is my elder brother’s sister. Would you look at Ragini that way? No right? Who the hell do you think I am? I never loved Swara. It was a childish infatuation which I was bent on promoting to a marriage. And even Swara didn’t love me. Not really. Now that I know what love is like, I can guarantee she didn’t. And by the way, why would I want to try my luck with Swara when I love Rag…………” He stopped.

Now, I was shocked. He loved Ragini? He LOVED Ragini? As in, really love her? I had known that Lucky didn’t love Swara. He said so himself. He just liked her enough to marry her. And Swara too, had told me one night that she didn’t think she ever loved him. If Lucky, who knew then that he didn’t love Swara was now saying that he loved Ragini, then it must be true. He must really love her. Oh damn! Lucky had grown up! And fallen in love!

I smiled at him and congratulated him on his newfound love. He blushed like a new bride(and removed the tiniest doubts I had on his claims by that one single act!) and smiled and congratulated me too. I pulled his leg and he pulled mine. We then started laughing and punching each other in a brotherly way. We fought, shared our secrets, laughed and chased each other when the other teased us.
It was just like old times. Sanky and Lucky. Brothers for real. Brothers for life.

Everyone came out to see what the noise was all about and found us laughing together and trying to wrestle the other one on the ground. They smiled seeing us so happy and together after such a long time. And then, mom opened her mouth.

“Jiji…..I am so happy today! Our two sons are finally together. And so happy. Thank god jiji. It had all been because of those Swaragini sisters. Their entry in our lives had been so unlucky. Since the moment they entered our house, it had become a battlefield. There had been so much tension. Now that they are not here, I can finally heave a sigh of peace! No more tensions, no more fights. Just peace and harmony.”

Badi Maa gave a sad look to mom and replied, “Keep quiet Sujata!”

I sensed Lakshya stiffening. I became angry. How could mom say such a thing? Didn’t she see how important Swara was to me?

“What do you mean that THEY aren’t here? I know that Swara left. But where is Ragini?” Lakshya asked in a deadly calm voice.

Shit! Lucky had no idea that Bade Papa had kicked Ragini out. He just knew that Swara had left. If he gets to know…………………

“Arrey Chorra, bhaisa threw that witch Ragini out! Thank god! Who wants such a dark shadow residing in their house? And that bengalan sister of hers, Swara, she left too. I am so happy that she left my son alone. Good riddance! ” Mom said.

I couldn’t tolerate it anymore. How can she say such mean things? Swara is my life. How can she be happy after seeing her son’s life walk out? I was about to argue with her but Lakshya beat me to it. And his words shocked everyone present.

“Did you just call my wife a witch? A dark shadow? Did you? HOW DARE YOU?” He shouted. Everyone looked at Lakshya shocked. They hadn’t expected it. I knew he would be angry. I felt bad for my mother but I was angry on her too so I didn’t say anything.

Lakshya continued, “With whose permission did you throw Ragini out? She is MY wife and the decision to keep her in my house will be MINE! And Papa, how could you do this? How could you just kick her out without asking for my opinion? And Maa…..you? How could you let this happen? Ragini is your bahu, how could you allow her to be treated thus? What is wrong with you all?”

He took a deep breath. Then said, “I am going to being her back. I am going to bring my Ragini back. I can’t live without her. She should be here, beside me. Not in the Baadi.” With that, he turned, took the car and drove away.

I explained to everyone about Lakshya’s feelings and my own. They were all shocked. No one had expected it. Except Badi Maa. She was very happy.

“Ji, I am so happy that our son is going to bring our bahu back! Ragini did mistakes, yes, but she is repenting for it. We had been wrong too. We had neglected her when we were arranging Swara and Lakshya’s marriage. Somewhere, it was our fault too. She loves Lakshya, Lakshya loves her then I think that it all would turn out fine! And Sanskaar, Sharmishtha Ji called to invite us for Durga Pooja celebrations tomorrow. We will take shagun for Swara. You talk to her while we talk to her family.” She said.

Mom tried to argue but Dad silenced her and declared that if I love Swara, and if she agrees, then he has no objection to our marriage. Bade Papa gave a serious look to Badi Maa and asked her if she thought that bringing Ragini back was a good idea. Badi Maa smiled at him and said that she was sure. Mom agreed to think about it reluctantly.


I was standing outside the Baadi(I had no wish to see the people who slapped my Ragini) and I called her on her mobile phone. After the fourth ring, she picked it up.

“Hello?” Her weak voice came to my ears. I sighed. That beautiful voice. She had been crying, I could make that out. Before I could reply, she said in a broken voice, “Lakshya?”

I wasn’t surprised. She knew me well. I had called her from a different number as my previous attempts to call her by my own number had been a fail. She had not picked them up. Even though she didn’t hear me speak, she knew I was her Lakshya. It was true. I was hers alone, forever and always. Whether she wanted me or not, I was always hers and I would remain so till my last breath.

“Come down. I am outside the Baadi, waiting for you. You don’t need to stay here. Let’s go back home.” I said.

“I am not coming anywhere with you Lakshya. I am sorry for what all I did. I have realised my mistake. We were never meant to be. It had been a forced relation and that is why it broke. I am sorry that I hurt you.” she replied in a broken voice.

I was seething with rage. It was a MISTAKE? A mistake? We weren’t meant to be? Had she lost her mind? She wasn’t coming with me? Why?

“Come down Ragini. We are going back. We will go back to our room, sit on our couch and we will discuss this. Now be a good girl and come. I am not going to budge from here till you come down.” I said madly, in an attempt to bring her out.

She disconnected the call and any further attempts made by me to contact her went waste. It was about to rain. But I was clear. I wasn’t going to go anywhere without seeing her. My eyes ached to see her, my hands ached to touch her and feel her. I wouldn’t move. She would have to come down. If my love was true, she would come down.


I woke up abruptly. I looked at my mobile phone. It was 2:30 a.m. Lakshya had called me 223 times! God! What was happening? It had been 6:00 pm when he called me first and in 8 and a half hours, he had called me 223 times. I looked out. It was raining heavily. He must have left by now. I walked over to the window. I loved the rain. It brought me memories of last night. When I and Lakshya had danced and been so close. Everything had been perfect. And now, a little more than 24 hours later, everything had changed.

I outstretched my hand to feel the raindrops. I smiled and looked at the street below. And promptly froze. My blood ran cold.

There, standing alone in the heavy rain, looking up at me was Lakshya Durgaprasad Maheshwari! My Lakshya.


There she was! Finally! After waiting for the past 8 hours or so and calling her numerous times, I finally saw her. She had her hand out of the window to feel the rain and was smiling beautifully. Looking at her, I smiled too. She looked beautiful. And then, that smile went away as she saw me. And then, she went away.

A few minutes later, I saw her coming towards me with a big umbrella. As she came towards me, a strong gust of wind flew by and her umbrella tore. Now, she was drenched in the rain like I was. She looked at me angrily and stomped her way towards me.

“Are you out of your senses? What are you doing here alone at night, in the rain? Didn’t I ask you to leave? What are you doing here?” She screamed at me.

I looked at her lovingly. I was seeing her after 1day, 3 hours and 34 minutes. I had been counting each moment I spent away from the love of my life. She looked ethereal. Her eyes were half closed as she looked up at me, to avoid the rain. She was screaming at me and giving me some lecture on listening to others and taking care of self. Then, she just tore off a piece of her dupatta and wrapped it around the wound on my hand. She then started crying.

“Why are you doing this? Please Lakshya. I know I was wrong. I am sorry. I have realised my mistake. I am sorry that I destroyed your life. Please forgive me. Please go away.” She cryingly told me.

I couldn’t handle it. She was crying and I could not do anything. She said she was sorry. Did that mean that she didn’t love me now? Had I lost her?

I found the thought painful. But I couldn’t be selfish. Not when Ragini was here in front of me, obviously distressed. So I just held her hand.

“I just wanted to make sure you were okay. You are my friend Ragini. Please, come with me. We will sort this out.” I said desperately.

She refused again. She told me that she had already hurt everyone with her actions. She didn’t want to hurt anyone anymore. She told me to go back home. She said that by tomorrow’s Durga Pooja function, she would reach a decision on what to do next. Till then, I was asked to leave her alone.

I wanted to argue. I wanted to tell her that I found it life-sucking to stay away from her. I wanted to tell her that I loved her a lot. But she asked me to swear on her name that I wouldn’t contact her till tomorrow’s function. I reluctantly agreed and left. At least I got to meet her once.


I wore my sherwani as I got ready to go to Baadi for today’s Durga Pooja function. That Ragini………she had double crossed me! How dare she! Lakshya had gone to bring her back and she refused. WTH? She had not completed the work I had given to her. She dared to disobey me! Tonight, I would make sure that she regrets it. After the Durga Pooja celebrations, we would be having Sanskaar’s roka. She would pay for it.

“Shall we leave Bhai? We are getting late.” Came Uttara’s voice. I quickly masked my features and gave a fake smile. I held her hand and came down and sat in the car.

Today would be brilliant.


“Had your romantic rain date with that buffoon and then left him? I have to admit Ragini, you are one strange woman! Why didn’t you go back?”

His words were ringing in my mind. I had not gone back because of HIM. It was the only way I could stop him from ruining the business. If I am not there, then he would not be able to use me to ruin Lakshya’s reputation and business.

But wait. How did he know that Lakshya came to fetch me? Oh God! It must be someone from the family!


We entered the Baadi. It was beautifully decorated with flowers and dhup. All the ladies were wearing Bengali-style sari(even my family) and we men were wearing sherwanis and salwars. There was a festive mood. Swara came down and greeted everyone.

Behind me, I heard Sanskaar sigh. Swara was wearing a red sari draped in a Bengali style and was looking beautiful. She was pleased to see everyone looking like Bengalis. Then, her eyes fell on Sanskaar and the smile vanished from her face. They seemed to be having a conversation with their eyes. I moved aside to give them space.

I saw Shekhar Papa and Shomi Ma. I took their blessings. Papa gave me an apologetic look. I took his meaning. It made me angry and I gave him a curt nod and walked ahead. Unfortunately, I saw her Dadi. She patted my head and gave me a sad look. I gave her a dark look in return and walked ahead. Goodness! If they were treating me with such pity, how would they be treating my Ragini? Speaking of her, where was she? I had been looking for her since I entered and she was nowhere to be found. I turned and went back to look for Swara and ask her.

While walking, I collided with a woman. The flowers in her hands flew and she shrieked. Her plate fell to the floor. I looked at her to apologise and then stopped mid way.

Ragini. She was looking stunning. She was wearing a red sari draped in Bengali style and her hair was open. She was wearing a large red bindi and and red lipstick. Her kohl-rimmed eyes looked at me in anger and then, seeing me, her eyes softened.

We were looking at each other. I was smiling at her while she was looking at me with a tender expression. Our eye lock was broken when suddenly Swara came(Bad timing!) and said in a chirpy voice, “Ohho! Something, something?”

I looked at her murderously while Ragini blushed a little and started collecting the flowers. She then walked away, without looking back.

“Don’t you have something else to do? Something more interesting than having fun at the expense of your sister and her husband?” I irritatingly asked her.

She gave me a devious smile and then faked a pout. I rolled my eyes and stormed off.


Ragini joined us outside some time later. Everyone except Swara, Sanskaar, Maa and I gave her the royal ignore. Her father’s and Chahchi’s faces turned sour the moment she came. My blood boiled seeing that. How can they treat her in such a manner? Couldn’t they see Ragini was hurt because of them?

Swara held Ragini’s hand and gave her a wide smile. Ragini smiled back. Swara then said in a challenging way, “Shall we have a competition Ragini? Who dances better?”

Ragini gave a shake of her head to indicate a no. I knew why she did that. Everyone was looking at her with disgust and she didn’t want to come out. I felt bad for her.

Beside me, Sanskaar said, “Oh god Swara! Why are you challenging her? Don’t you know that Ragini can’t dance? She would lose in seconds if you had a competition! ”

Hey, shut up. Ragini would definitely win. She was very talented. She can do anything. I gave a scowl to Sanskaar and he winked at me as if to say, ‘Wait and watch.’

Sanskaar’s words seemed to have an effect on Ragini. She looked at him angrily and immediately agreed to a face off. I smirked. Sanskaar had pushed the right buttons. Ego buttons.

Ragini and Swara went to the dance floor. Both took their positions and were handed their dhups. They were going to do a Dhunachi dance.

It is a risky dance form. It is normally done by Bengalis in Durga Pooja. The dancers hold an earthern open pot which has smoke coming out of it. If even a step goes wrong, the dancer may burn his or her hand. I was worried for Ragini. I knew she would manage well but somehow there was this intuition……………..

The song started playing.

Yeh dolaa… re…

Dola Re Dola Re Dola Re Dola
Haye Dola Dil Dola Mann Dola Re Dola

Ragini and Swara started dancing. There was a loud cheer from everyone.

Lag Jaane Do Najariya, Gir Jaane Do Bijuriya
Bijuriya, Bijuriya, Gir Jaane Do Aaj Bijuriya

Swara danced while Ragini stood and watched. Next was her turn.

Lag Jaane Do Najariya, Gir Jaane Do Bijuriya

Baandhke Main Ghunghroo
Pehenke Main Paayal

Ragini twirled, all the while balancing the dhup perfectly. I smiled. She looked great.

Oh, Baandhke Maein Ghunghroo
Pehenke Maein Paayal
Ho Jhoomke Naachoongi Ghoomke Naachoongi
Dola Re Dola Re Dola Re Dola…

Both Ragini and Swara danced together. Everyone was smiling seeing Swara, I was smiling seeing Ragini.

Dekho Ji Dekho Dekho Kaisi Yeh Jhankaar Hai
Inki Aankhon Mein Dekho Piyaji Ka Pyaar Hai
Inki Aawaaz Mein Haye Kaisi Thanadaar Hai
Piya Ki Yaadon Mein Yeh Jiya Beqaraar Hai

Swara looked at Sanskaar while dancing. He gave her a smile and she smiled back and twirled.

Maathe Ki Bindiya Mein Voh Hai

Swara looked at Ragini and pointed to her bindi.

Palkon Ki Nindiya Mein Voh Hai
Tere To Tan Mann Mein Voh Hai

Ragini batted her eyelids at Swara and then pointed to Sanskaar. Swara and Sankaar blushed while I smiled.

Teri Bhi Dhadkan Mein Voh Hai

Swara looked at Ragini and she looked back. They seemed to be having a conversation with their eyes. Wait. I am right here. Like Ragini, Swara should have pointed at me. But she didn’t. Who is in Ragini’s heartbeat then?

Choodi Ki Chhan Chhan Mein Voh Hai
Kangan Ki Khan Khan Mein Voh Hai

Both the sisters smiled at each other, seemingly satisfied with their eye to eye conversation. But I was far from satisfied. Could someone please answer? WHO THE HELL WAS IN MY WIFE’S HEARTBEAT?

Baandhke Maein Ghunghroo
Haan, Pehenke Maein Paayal
Ho Jhoomke Naachoongi Ghoomke Naachoongi

Swaragini again danced together and started twirling while holding the dhunachi. They looked amazing. Everyone was spellbound.

Dola Re Dola Re Dola Re Dola
Haye dola dil dola Mann dola re dola…………

While looking at Sanskaar and rotating, Swara slipped on her sari. As she tumbled, Sanskaar rushed forwards to hold her, lest she burn herself. Unfortunately, while tripping, Swara pushed Ragini who was dancing beside her. Ragini lost her balance too.

I grew alarmed and shouted her name and rushed forward to hold her. She held onto the dhunachi in her hand and fell backwards. I ran and sat on one knee and held her by her waist while she widened her arms so that I don’t get hurt by the dhunachi. I looked at her and we had an eye lock.

We stood there. I, on one knee on which Ragini was sprawled, holding her by her waist. She was lying on my thigh and had her arms wide apart. We looked at each other.

“Ragini, are you all right?” Swara’s voice came. We came back to our senses and I helped Ragini stand up again. I checked for any injuries and then blanched.

Ragini had burned her own hands while trying to save me. There were angry red gashes across her palms. What angered me however, was that Ragini was looking at MY hands to see if I was hurt or not.

I yanked her by her elbow and took her to a corner, shouting for first aid. Everyone rushed inside after me.


Lakshya had been giving me a long lecture on self preservation and care for the past fifteen minutes while applying the ointment on my burnt hands. It was endearing. His care, it made me feel closer to him. It was all that was left in my life actually. I had decided that I wouldn’t go back to him. For his safety. And he could do much better than me. We were friends, yes. But that didn’t necessarily mean that we had to be life partners.

Lakshya was handsome, kind, funny, cute(he would kill me if he comes to know I said that) and an amazing human being. He didn’t deserve to be tied down in a forceful relation. He deserved all the happiness in the world. And I am not enough.

Swara and Sanskaar had just walked in, hand in hand. Both had a huge smile on their faces. I understood. They had confessed to each other! They were together! Thank God!

I congratulated them while Lakshya gave a confused look to us all. Then he realised what was going on and his face broke into a wide grin. He hugged Sanskaar and then pulled Swara’s cheeks who pinched his cheeks in return. They both then started an argument.

I looked at both of them fondly. They were my most prized possessions. I loved them a lot. Maybe that is why I am in this situation right now. But it didn’t matter. If I have to shed a lifetime’s worth of tears to ensure smiles on their faces, I would do it. For them. For me.

Sanskaar sat beside me. He looked at me, stretched his hand and asked, “So, friends?”

I gave him a smile and nodded. He held my hand and squeezed it. We sat there, together, in a companionable silence. No words were needed. The friendship of past six years or so was still intact. We just sat there, my hand in his, watching the love of our lives quarrel about who was more of a moron between them.


It was pathetic. Swara and Sanskaar had confessed their love and both the families were now deciding on an engagement date with the Pandit. There, Ragini was looking very happy. It irritated me. Here, my plan has gone kaput and she is smiling as if everything is brilliant!

I called up my man and told him what to do. Ragini Maheshwari would pay. She would pay dearly. As I turned around, I saw Shekhar Gadodia in front of me.

“Arrey beta, why are you here alone? Come. Sit with us all. After all, we are all discussing your brother’s marriage.” he said smilingly.

I gave him a fake smile. Who wants to participate in this sham? Smile all you want. I would make sure that all of your faces would be tear stricken in a few hours’ time. I would have the last laugh here. I will win.

I went to Ragini. The poor girl had no idea that I was her enemy. She smiled up at me and I smiled back. We then started discussing random things. She was obviously thinking about Lakshya. And I was thinking about him too. Poor soul. Today would be his last day on the earth!!!


“Durgaprasad Ji, today is a shubh muhrat for the engagement. Their stars are aligned in such a way that if, in a few hours they get engaged, it will be beneficial for their upcoming life. They have a perfect kundli match. Almost as perfect as that of your younger son and his wife, who got married some months ago…….”

Panditji’s first part of the sentence brought a huge smile to everyone’s faces. And the last part brought a huge smile on mine.

I looked at Ragini who was lost in her thoughts. I shook her. She looked at me and then looked away. I frowned.

“Great! Let’s get them engaged right now! Sanskaar, Swara? You both have your old rings right? Use them for now. If you both wish, we will buy new rings later.” Maa said.

The engagement started. Everyone was looking at Sanskaar Bhai and Swara. I was looking at Ragini. Ragini was looking at the floor. Perfect!

When they exchanged rings, Swara gave a pretty smile to Sanskaar who gave one of his own in return. Great! My brother had become a schoolboy now! Applause! Everyone applauded because they had become engaged. I applauded because my brother had officially gone mad!

“Bhai, this is so boring! Why, you are getting engaged and there is no show or anything!” Uttara whined.

Sanskaar looked at me and said, “Why fear when I am here, my dear! Lakshya can sing for us, won’t you Lucky?” He gave me a cheeky smile.

Bhai Tu ghar pohoch. Tujhe to main dekhta hoon! Why me? It is your engagement. Sing yourself. But I couldn’t just say that. I like singing. But today, I was not feeling like it. I was depressed because Ragini was clearly avoiding me. I wanted to speak to her, to ask her about her decision. But due to everyone’s presence and her own avoidance, I wasn’t unable to approach her…………

“Lakshya beta, will you sing?” Shomi Ma’s voice came to my ears. I came out of my thoughts and looked around. Everyone was looking at me expectantly. And, hiding in one corner, Ragini was looking at me secretly. I looked at her directly and said, “Yes!”

I was handed Swara’s guitar and I walked up to the stage and sat on the stool. Everyone was looking at me. Everyone, but her. She was looking at her nails. I gave a sigh and announced, “Hello everyone! I am sure you all know me. I have stayed with you all for almost a month. Today is my brother’s engagement to the woman he loves. I congratulate the couple and wish them all the best. I would like to sing a song which I am sure they both would want to sing for each other. A song which I myself want to sing for someone special. So here it is.” With that, I started strumming the strings of the guitar.

Haanaanaan…….haan haan haan……..

Haan Hasi Ban Gaye
Haan Nami Ban Gaye
Tum mere aasma…..
Meri zameen ban gaye.

Haan Hasi ban gaye
Haan Nami Ban gaye
Tum mere aasma….
Meri zameen ban gaye

Ohho…..haan haan haan……..

Haan hum badalne lage
Girne sambhalne lage
Jabse hai jaana tumhe
Teri ore chalne lage

Haan hum badalne lage
Girne sambhalne lage
Jabse hai jaana tumhe
Teri ore chalne lage

I remebered my moments with Ragini. It was true. I think that I never really knew the real Ragini before we married and became best friends. It was when I ACTUALLY started to know her that I became drawn to her. I started changing and started to walk towards my dreams. I fell, I supported myself. With her help.

Har safar har jagah
Har kahin ban gaye
Maante the khuda
Aur haan wahi ban gaye

Haan Hasi ban gaye
Haan Nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasma
Meri zameen ban gaye

I looked at everyone. All the couples were holding hands. They were enjoying the song and each other’s support. Everyone except me. I was alone now. It was ironic how my song was bringing everyone closer to their loved ones but was doing nothing to alleviate my own suffering.
I strummed the guitar faster.

Pehechaante hi nahi
Ab log tanha mujhe
Meri nigahon mein bhi
Hai dhoondte wo tujhe

My family gave a grimace while I smiled. Even they knew that Lakshya and Ragini had become synonymous. I was unrecognisable without her. Yesterday, Maa told me that the way I spoke to Chachi, she couldn’t recognise that I was her son. Everyone knew who I was looking for. Ragini.

Pehechaante hi nahi
Ab log tanha mujhe
Meri nigaaho mein bhi
Hai dhoondte wo tujhe

Hum the dhoondte Jise
Wo kami ban gaye.
Tum mere ishq Ki
Sar…….zameen ban gaye

I looked at Ragini while saying the above lines. She is the void in my life right now. And only she can fill it. She is the sky and the ground of my love. The base and the surface. She was my everything. In just four months, she had become very important to me.

Ragini looked back at me as I sang with the pain evident in my voice and eyes. She looked pained too. Why Ragini? Why? If this separation is hurting you as much as it is hurting me, why are you away? Come to your Lakshya…….

Haan Hasi ban gaye
Haan Nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasma
Meri zameen ban gaye

Ohho…….haan haan……….

I started strumming the guitar crazily as the ending tune started. I looked up and gave a sad smile to Ragini. She was crying badly and seeing her cry, I couldn’t stop the tears coming from my own eyes.

Ragini rushed up to the stage. She flew at me and hugged me tightly. I held her in my arms, sobbing. And then………..

The crowd cheered. I came out of my dream and saw everyone praising my talent. They came up to talk to me. But my eyes were looking for her. Just her. I didn’t want these people praising me. I wanted her. Ragini. My Ragini.


He was here. The man who was blackmailing me was here. He had just called me and I could easily hear Swara’s voice in the background. She was laughing. I was alarmed. I looked for her everywhere and then, found her standing near the gate alone. I asked her who she had been with. She smiled shyly and replied that she was with Sanskaar. Then explained to me in great detail how Sanskaar held her hand, how they danced etc.

I waited patiently for her to stop. I then fired at her my question.

“Was anyone around when you both were here?” I asked.

Swara looked at me as if I had gone crazy.

“Ragini, if someone had been here, we wouldn’t have been romancing so freely. We aren’t like you and Lakshya. Kahin pe bhi shuru ho jaate ho tum log!” She said naughtily.

“Are you sure? No one was hiding in the shadows or somewhere?” I asked apprehensively.

Swara shook her head and asked me why I was asking her that. I smiled and said that if anyone had seen, she would be in a BIG trouble,hence my investigations! Swara pouted and then ran after me.

As I was running from her, I started thinking. Everyone from the two families had been inside with me when the call had come. I am only considering the two families because I know that someone amongst us is the culprit. Everyone had been inside, having dinner and chatting. Only Swara and Sanskaar had been missing. Sanskaar couldn’t have been the man as he was with Swara. Then who?

Wait. Not everyone had been there. Swara and Sanskaar were absent. And so was HE. Oh My God! No! That couldn’t be. I froze with shock. Goosebumps were visible all over my arms.

He had been missing too. I remember, Uttara had told me that he went out to have fresh air when I had been setting the dinner. But he couldn’t be the man. No. There was something else, surely?

I cannot believe this. No. Someone else was the culprit. I was being paranoid. And stupid.


It was so entertaining to speak to her. She had stuttered like a kitten. Ragini had been so scared. I loved it! I had warned her that tonight wasn’t going to be good. Poor girl, she couldn’t understand. But I am sure she will. She will understand when she will wear a white sari and will be termed as Lakshya’s widow.

Tch..tch Ragini. I never wanted to dirty my hands with someone’s blood. But you forced me. Tonight will be your last day as a suhaagan. Tonight will be the last day your husband breathes.

“Bhai…..let’s go. We are getting late.” Sanskaar’s voice came to my ears. I hid a smirk and wrapped an arm loosely around his neck. Then, giving a last look to Ragini, I walked away.


My mind was in a turmoil. I had been unable to remove his thought from my mind. I was scared. I AM scared. He is a dangerous man. Till a few days ago, he had been using somebody else to contact me. But now, he contacted me himself. Messaged me or called me. He is a clear psycho. I am worried.

My phone rang. Shivering, I looked at the screen. ‘Lakshya calling’ it read. I gave a sigh of relief. And that soon turned into unrest when I picked the call up.

“Ragini. Come down. Now! I want to meet you. You told me you would talk to me today.” Lakshya’s voice slurred.

Was he drunk? Oh God! I ran downstairs and as I had predicted, I saw a tipsy Lakshya struggling to maintain his balance. As he was about to trip, I ran forward to hold him.

I had been wrong. He wasn’t tipsy. He was dead drunk. He reeked of cheap alcohol and looked at me strangely. For the first time in my life, I felt real anger on him.

I screamed at him and asked him why he drank so much. He kept staring at me. Then slowly, he moved forwards. I stepped backwards and this continued till I hit his car. He trapped me by placing both of his hands on my either side. He then took out a withered rose from his pocket and gave it to me.

I didn’t take it. He shoved it at me wildly and I had to take it, lest he hurt himself. He smiled like a child and then kissed me on my cheek!

As I was reeling from the aftershock, he muttered into my ear, “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met.” I blushed. Then, remembering that he was drunk, I shoved him away and asked him angrily, “Why are you here Lakshya? At this time? Please go away. I don’t want to talk to you.”

I tried to leave but he held my wrist and yanked me towards him. My back collided with his chest. He Nuzzled my neck after removing my hair and moaned my name.

“Come back with me Ragini. Please?’ He said innocently.

I couldn’t melt in front of him. I couldn’t lose. So I decided to be rude.

“Why? Why should I come with you? Look at yourself Lakshya. You are drunk, you can’t even stand straight! Why should I come with you? Give me one reason to consider coming back to you. Just one……”

“You want a reason to stay with me? Why? Can’t you see? Don’t you have eyes? Shall I tell you why you should come with me?” Lakshya angrily spat.

“Yes. I want to know. Why are you after me Lakshya? You can do so much better. Why are you bent on taking me back? Find someone who loves you and who you love. Live a happy life. I am not worth it. Tell me Lakshya. Why are you so stubborn? Why aren’t you understanding? Don’t pity me. I will be okay. Why don’t you leave me alone?” I said helplessly.

“BECAUSE I LOVE YOU DAMN IT! I LOVE YOU. Bohot Pyaar karta hoon main tumse! I cannot live without you!


*Evil Laugh*

Cliffhanger. Ab aaya mazza. Please leave your comments. Let me know how you feel.

Up Next: Lakshya confesses his love to Ragini. Lakshya in ICU. Introduction of the Mystery Man.

Credit to: Bela

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